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by Aravind

[Scene 1]

(Los Angeles Central Jail - Canteen)

SERVER - There, take it.

CONSTABLE 1 - Sit down, no roaming about.

(Criminals sit about at the tables)

CONSTABLE 1 - (Notices someone trying to escape) Oi! (whacks him) Get in! be fat and be quiet!

(In one particular table)

VANS - (Brings his tray to the table) Damn, beans are cold today.

RAY - (Eating) True.

VANS - Pinheads don't bother heating them up.

RAY - (Eating) Yes.

VANS - What day is it today?

RAY - (Eating - Looks at the clock) Meet in the bathroom after the food.

VANS - Why?

(Ray finishes his last spoon and leaves)

VANS - Hey, why?

CONSTABLE 1 - (Stops Ray) Done with your food?

(Ray nods)

CONSTABLE 1 - Back inside.

RAY - Okay.

(Ray walks along the corridor - Constable watches him go)

[Scene 2]

(Vans goes to the bathroom)

VANS - What're you-

RAY - Shush, get in.

(Vans enters the bathroom before police could spot them)

VANS - What?

RAY - Shush (sticks out his palm which reveals the escape plan).

(Vans gives the thumbs up - Ray nods)

CONSTABLE 2 - Oi! how long is it taking?!

(Vans walks out)

CONSTABLE 2 - Get back in!

(Van leaves - after a while, Ray sneaks out)

[Scene 3]

(Jail boundaries are guarded securely)

CONSTABLE 3 - (Doing the rounds - walkie talkie) Yes, everyone's in place, yes. Ray? yes, he's also in place (eye contact with Ray).

RAY - Got it.

CONSTABLE 3 - Just checking (walkie talkie) He's fine (turns the lights off and leaves).

(Ray pushes a block from the cell walls and crawls out. He pushes the block back inside. Meanwhile, Vans too pushes a block and crawls out. He does the same)

VANS - (Whispers) I never knew the block could slip out.

RAY - Shush....the lights.

(They notice a tracking light from above and hide behind the bushes)

VANS - How?

RAY - Everyday, after breakfast and lunch, I chisel one block. Over time, it cracks open. That same day, I make the run.

VANS - Tools?

RAY - I break off the wooden bed stands.

VANS - Me?

RAY - No time for 20 Questions. Just follow my lead.

(Ray and Vans head for the main gate - guarded by two officers)

CONSTABLE 4 - (Sitting on Walkie Talkie) Weather's getting pretty bad, I'd say a chance of rain.

(Ray punches him blue and black and steals the gun)

CONSTABLE 5 - Oi!! (Walkie Talkie) Code Red! we've got a code red! Ray and Vans!!

(Vans punches him blue and black and steals the gun. they both open the door and run out)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Running outside) Run the siren!!

(Siren goes off, and lights go crazy)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) I repeat, we have a runaway. Ray!! Ray and Vans! get back up!!

VANS - Shit! what now?

(Ray sees someone parking a car)

DRIVER - Hey bud, what's up?

(Ray punches him and takes the car)

DRIVER - Yo! hey! what's your deal?!

RAY - Get in!!

(Ray and Vans drive off - Police Officers get in their car and go chase after them)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) Are you there?! come around! come around!

POLICE OFFICER 2 - (Walkie Talkie) I'm gaining on them, raise the barriers!

(Traffic police raises the barriers)

VANS - God damn it.

(Ray manages to tackle the barriers and escape - other police cars didn't make it)

RAY - Look out for them, are they there?!

VANS - Nah.

RAY - Good.

VANS - Where are we heading?

(Ray takes a strong turn)

[Scene 4]

(At Angeles National Forest)

VANS - The hell are we doing here?

RAY - (Gets out of the car) Hold on. Find a telephone booth.

(Vans looks for one and finds it)

VANS - Got it.

RAY - (Heads over and dials) Hello? Nicky? contact Bruce and the other ten guys. We're meeting up in Vegas tomorrow (cuts the call).

VANS - What're we doing in Vegas?

RAY - Cut it out, I'll explain everything tomorrow.

VANS - Won't the airport authorities be informed?

RAY - Who said we're flying?

(Ray and Vans end up driving to Las Vegas - Journey takes four hours)

(Sign says welcome to Las Vegas)

RAY - Wake up, Po.

VANS - We're here?

RAY - It's 5:30 in the morning. We check in, then we meet up with my peeps.

VANS - Right then.

[Scene 5]

(Cars drive in)

NICKY - We're here (on the phone) Yo Bruce, you there?

BRUCE - Be there in half an hour.

NICKY - Right, come quick (calls Ray) Ray, meet up at Trump Hotel. I'll finance.

(they reach Trump Hotel)

NICKY - Hey, my man (they shake hands).

RAY - That's how we do it.

NICKY - Broke out again, I see.

RAY - Just doing the usual.

VANS - I've been there 3 years, no one told me that.

RAY - Now you know.

NICKY - Bruce be coming in half an hour.

RAY - Right, I say we check in.

(Trump Hotel Lobby)

ASSISTANCE - Welcome to Trump Hotel! how may I help?

NICKY - One room.

ASSISTANCE - Right then, did you pre-book?

(Nicky places money on the plate)

ASSISTANCE - Okay key, 405.

[Scene 6]

(Room 405)

RAY - Anyone in the hallway?

VANS - Nah.

RAY - Close the door.

(Vans closes the door)

RAY - Right then, Nicky. We have you and your five guys, don't we?

NICKY - Sure do.

RAY - Right then, Vans. Take a seat.

(Vans is seated)

RAY - You know guys? I've had this crazy idea, for a while now.

NICKY - What's it about?

RAY - Tell me, how many thefts have you done?

ROGUE 1 - Probably some four or five, together as a group.

RAY - Is that right?

NICKY - Sure is.

RAY - And what about you?

VANS - Probably some two or three.

RAY - Me? I did some four or five, single handed.

NICKY - Oh snap.

RAY - You guys, what do you say, we create a black bank?

VANS - Black bank? what's that? some kind of booby trap?

NICKY - Not quite getting you there.

RAY - Listen. Country's full of police, so is the world, you agree?

NICKY - Sure, let's go with that.

RAY - We steal the money, the police get us, then they recover the money, am I right?


RAY - I say, go to hell to that idea. Why not, have us all steal whatever we steal, then put it in

(Nicky and Vans understand him now)

RAY - I'm saying, a bank, for just us bad asses. A bank where no damn police can get their hands on, a bank where no damn CIA, or FBI, or even DIA, can get their hands on. Boys, I say, we create a path to successful thefts.

ROGUE 2 - I get where this is going, but what if we get caught and they see us without the money? because everything would be in the bank by then.

RAY - Good question. It's why I have you all here. Now answering that question of yours: this black bank has a good feature. You not only deposit and withdraw, the stolen money. You can also, replace real with the fake.

NICKY - I'm not getting ya.

RAY - Say you steal some half a million from I don't know, some damn bank or something. You deposit the money in this bank, and you take out the counterfeit values. We trick the government in this scheme, and guess what? by the time they realize this is happening, this country better kiss their economy goodbye. You know what I'm saying?

NICKY - (Gets up and praises) Man! know you're talking! jeez, that's damn genius. Where did you come up with something like that?

RAY - I've had this thought for like five years so. Sure, I've robbed the banks in Mexico, and even in Brazil and Argentina. Shit gets worse when these guys catch you, and poof! goes all your hard work. Come on, like, I see people screw up at times, they don't lose everything they live for. Why us? I say, that's crap. If they want to play hard, we play rock hard. We make a bank! and I have just the right people to help me. Nicky! you and your gang are experts in thefts and counterfeit currency. You're going to help support each deposit with a counterfeit withdraw.

NICKY - I got you, bro!

RAY - Vans. You be helping me build the foundation.

VANS - Foundation?

(Bruce and his gang shows up)

BRUCE - Hey y'all! (shakes hands with Ray and the others).

RAY - How's it going? I want you meet, Vans. He's new in the plan.

BRUCE - Bruce.

VANS - Vans, good going.

NICKY - And him? what's he going to do?

RAY - Bruce. We be building a black bank, you know, a place for all of us bad asses to deposit the stolen money. Police can't do nothing about it then.

BRUCE - Now we're talking!

RAY - Nicky be making counterfeit money. We deposit real money, withdraw the counterfeit, trick the government when the catch us, economy dies.

BRUCE - That's a bad ass idea.

RAY - Now and your computer hackers. You be creating this black bank. It's a web server, that only us bad asses can access. Can't be open for outsiders.

BRUCE - Right, we can do that.

RAY - And guys, listen up. Last thing for sure I wanna say is that, we be telling every other criminal on this planet about our idea. Think about it, Day 1 America, Day 2 this continent, Day 3 the world! this is awesome shit, I tell you.

NICKY - This is going to be a sweet ride.

BRUCE - Indeed.

RAY - One more thing. In three days, we be getting this show on the road. By then, I want the bank created, running in perfect condition, monitored 24/7.

BRUCE - You got it.

RAY - You better find a good hideout to keep all the counterfeits.

NICKY - Oi, what about the real money? so what we steal them, what about getting rich ourselves?

RAY - There's a spot in the North Pole. Get in touch with Bjorn in Greenland. We be building up the main bank there. Next year, we expand to other parts like Alaska.

BRUCE - We travel that far for the money? we be talking about every single criminal on the planet.

RAY - Fine, we'll expand to Antarctica, the South Pole even. No one going to suspect those parts of the world. All everyone cares is whether you be stealing in the states, or some place like France or UK. Otherwise, no one gives a damn.

NICKY - Your contribution?

RAY - Just getting to that. Me and Vans, we be building the foundation of this bank. Vans?

VANS - Yes?

RAY - You be helping me, steal in the starting four countries.

VANS - Sure.

RAY - First, we begin in the US, then I take flight to Hong Kong, you head over to Australia. Finally, I land in India, and we're done.

NICKY - You kidding me? you're telling me you will go to these countries, confidently steal, and come back alive? bro, this is reality, not some messed up Michael Bay shit.

RAY - Bro, anything explodes in that area. If a duck ends up in Michael's Bay, it will explode.

ALL - Hahaha.

RAY - Nah, not that funny. I'm damn serious about what I say. I've got best mates in all these four countries. USA, I have Vans to come along with me. Vans?

VANS - Yes?

RAY - Go to Australia, there's a man called Troy there. I'll give his number, you inform him about what we're doing. He'll help you out.

BRUCE - Hong Kong? India?

RAY - I've got Daniel Lee, Hong Kong's most feared mafia leader. I've got his contact. India? I've got Vinay Rathod, an ordinary thief in Mumbai.

BRUCE - You're dead in India.

RAY - Bro, theft in India is natural. You seen the police there? look at the fit ones here, and the blobs over there! bro, no chance they can get me.

BRUCE - Just saying, bro. India has tough military and stuff, police is tightening up, I guess.

RAY - Whatever. I don't bother about that shit. It's never going to happen. By the time I finish, I'll be on my way to richville.

ALL - Hahahaha.

[Scene 7]

(Meanwhile in Los Angeles - CIA Agent enters)


AMY - Thanks for the call, I heard too.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - You know?

AMY - Apparently, it was not only Ray and Vans. Bruce and Nicky's gang are out of town too. I called in, Phoenix. They weren't there.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Look's like someone is ahead of plan.

AMY - I suspect they're grouping up to do something.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Let's not jump conclusions.

AMY - Sure, and before I carry on, meet Dwayne.

(CIA Agent Dwayne enters)

DWAYNE - Sorry, I was late. Good to see you all.

AMY - Specialist agent. We'll help in tracking them both.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - I Thank you for your help.

AMY - Information?

POLICE OFFICER 1 - It was reported that they both escaped last night, between 11:30 and midnight.

AMY - I see.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - I believe they even hijacked someone's car to escape.

AMY - Right.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - We lost them at the barriers.

DWAYNE - Ouch.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Any idea on tracking them?

AMY - They can be anywhere in LA, even roaming about the country.

DWAYNE - You remember his last heist in Mexico?

AMY - Yes, what about it?

DWAYNE - Just before he could escape, I managed to shoot him until he went weak.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - How come I don't know this? all I know is that we picked him up from the hospital.

DWAYNE - Yes, I know. Do you know why?

AMY - What?

DWAYNE - I took charge when he landed in Mexico, whilst you took charge in headquarters. When he was shot, I asked the doctors to insert a bug inside his body. That way, even when he escapes, we can trace him.

AMY - Nice move. You think he would've found out by now?

DWAYNE - Let's check and see.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - I'll get the room ready.

(they move into the tracking room)

DWAYNE - Here, pass me the tracker from my bag.

AMY - Here.

DWAYNE - Right then (enters the tracking code on the big screen computer).

(they wait for the tracking to happen)

DWAYNE - Aha! we got him.

AMY - He's in Vegas.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Damn sure? he could've tossed it over, so that it lies in the streets.

AMY - Not possible, but we'll check anyways. Zoom in.

(they zoom in)

AMY - Trump Hotel, they're in Trump Hotel. Movement is detected.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Right, so we head to Vegas.

AMY - Hold on. Ray knows all of you guys, right?

ALL - Yes.

AMY - I'm going in.

DWAYNE - What're you going to do?

AMY - Just follow my lead. I'll tell you the plan once we reach Vegas.

[Scene 8]

(At Trump Hotel)

VANS - (On the phone) Yes, Troy. I'll be there in a week or so. I'll give you the ring once I'm reaching Melbourne. You get your guys on standby.

(Ray is playing Pool with Nicky and Bruce)

RAY - (Strikes the ball) Yikes, that was shit.

NICKY - You can say that again.

RAY - And you could do better.

BRUCE - Forget that, there are still two more days left. What do we do until then?

RAY - You guys better finish up your duties by the end of three days. I mean your men better finish up. We on the other hand? we're heading to Golden Nugget Casino tomorrow night.

BRUCE - Today?

RAY - We be chilling in this hotel. I got to say, Trump really outdid this one.

NICKY - That chap better be President.

RAY - Sure, bro.

ALL - Hahaha.

[Scene 9]

(Los Angeles Police Department Meeting Room)

COMMISSIONER - Right then, as usual, Ray has escaped. How many times has it been so far?

CONSTABLE 4 - Thrice.

COMMISSIONER - Look at you, smiling at the achievement. Sit down! never smile when you answer that! right then, what's the plan now?! normally he escapes, now he escaped with Vans. God knows what they're up to! by the time you try to see what they're doing, they're pretty much out of California!

DWAYNE - (Gets up) Sir! Dwayne from CIA.

COMMISSIONER - There's my man. Mexico case, right?

DWAYNE - That's me.

COMMISSIONER - Yes, yes. What do you insist on doing now? huh?

AMY - (Gets up) Actually sir. I have more information: Apparently Nicky and Bruce are out of Phoenix too.


AMY - Just a few moments after these guys broke out, Nicky and Bruce left Phoenix. I believe there's some connection.

COMMISSIONER - Either this is some crazy coincidence, or you know what you're dealing with. Whatever the hell it is, I'm giving you both enough power. Use your guns, do whatever the heck you want, but I want that rascal back in his cell. This time I'm not compromising, I'm getting those other damn rascals too, if they are together.

DWAYNE - Sure, sir.

COMMISSIONER - Remember how you got that bug in him?


COMMISSIONER - Don't be afraid to kill that guy. You're given the authority. Along with police backup.

DWAYNE - Thank you, sir.

(Dwayne and Amy look at each other - commencing the mission)

[Scene 10]

(Next day morning at Trump Hotel)

RAY - Vans, listen to me.

VANS - I'm listening.

RAY - Tomorrow morning, first thing, we're heading to the Bank of America.

VANS - I got it.

RAY - Quarter Billion Dollars.

VANS - What the hell?! you crazy?!

RAY - Look, we can practically swipe a million or more from the casino tonight.

VANS - You're crazy.

RAY - Look who's talking. The very guy who managed to steal five million from World Bank. If you managed to pull five million from World Bank, this ain't that hard for you. Trust me.

VANS - Fine. After this, I'm heading to Australia no matter what.

RAY - That's not a choice, that's part of the plan.

VANS - Still, but how do we deposit the amount?

RAY - We both head to Red Rock Canyon. Bruce will meet us there, collect the money and then head over to Bjorn for the deposit.

VANS - Counterfeit?

RAY - We get them from Nicky, we bring it here and fill room 405 with the money.

VANS - I must say-

RAY - No praise.

VANS - But-

RAY - Each guy in every other country will help fly to Alaska or Greenland for the deposit, while we keep stealing.

VANS - You really are bad ass.

RAY - Hahaha.

[Scene 11]

(Golden Nugget Casino - everyone's rushing in, playing casino games, enjoying the performances)

VANS - This place is hot.

RAY - You know it.

NICKY - What do you say we take some shots?

RAY - Just one.

BRUCE - I'm up for two.

RAY - Oi! not too much, you got to focus.

BRUCE - Got it!

(Meanwhile, Amy turns up for the next performance - as a performer)

VANS - You see that babe?

RAY - Yes, I see her.

VANS - I just want to-

RAY - Too late.

(Amy performs a sexy dance on stage with other dancers - Ray comes on stage)

AMY - Ehem....what're you doing?

RAY - (Checking her out) I see, you got all the right moves. It's not complete though.

AMY - (Touching his chest) You want to dance, babe?

RAY - Why else would I turn up?

(they both dance together in front of everyone)

NICKY - Holy cow, what's he doing up there?

VANS - How does he do that?

BRUCE - That's Ray. This one time, we were in Cape Town. Crazy shit went down there when he was dancing with a bar dancer.

VANS - Is he always like that?

BRUCE - Just something he would do when he's drunk or in a good mood.

(Ray and Amy are dancing with each other meanwhile - to the music. Crowd is loving this)

[Scene 12]

(After the performance in the casino - Amy moves off to cool down)

RAY - (Moves towards her) Well then, you got some good moves.

AMY - (Holding a drink in hand)'re not bad either.

RAY - Hmm....that's what they all say. Yo! give me a peg!

BARTENDER - Coming, sir.

RAY - (Hands out) Ray.

AMY - (Shakes hands) Amy.

RAY - You seem quite hot, you uh...go to beauty parlors?

AMY - Hehehe....nah.

RAY - be lying?

AMY - Nah.

RAY - So you really are a babe. (Whispers) There are so many babes like you in Vegas. Tell them to remove their make up and they look like something you see in horror movies.

(Amy is quite offended)

RAY - Hehehe...but you're not like that, which is good.

AMY - I see (drinking).

RAY - (Answers the phone) Hello? Oh! Vinay! (speaks in Hindi) Main Hoon, Ray.

AMY - (Mind Voice) He's speaking in Hindi, hmm.

RAY - (On the phone) Kidar hai na?

AMY - Hmm....

RAY - Haan, fine, fine (drops the call). A friend of mine.

AMY - I see....(in Hindi) Kaun hai?

(Ray is stunned)

RAY - Y-You speak Hindi?

AMY - (Smiles) Used to perform in Mumbai.

RAY - O-Okay, I see. I'll be in the washroom.

(Amy's eyes follow where he goes)

[Scene 13]

(In front of the mirror in the Men's washroom - Ray washes his face)

AMY - (Breaks into the washroom with her gun pointed at him) Freeze!

(Ray realizes that she's a cop of some sort and raises hands)

AMY - You're such a loser. Looks like all we needed was a shot of vodka and a babe like me.

RAY - Hehehe....(turns around to face her) how did you track me?

AMY - None of your business.

RAY - Tell me, and I'll gladly come with you.

(Dwayne enters the room)

DWAYNE - Oi!! don't move!!

RAY - Oh. You know Dwayne?

AMY - (Holding the gun) Colleague.

RAY - Not bad. I still remember that day when you got me.

DWAYNE - (Smiles) That was a fun ride, my friend.

RAY - was more like this! (takes out a gun from his back pocket and shoots rapidly).

DWAYNE - Ay! Ay! get down, Amy!!

(they both get down - Ray escapes and continues to rapidly fire)

AMY - Oi!! you have a bug in your body!!

(People in the casino panic all about)

RAY - (Turns to see her) Oh....(smiles) Thanks for helping me out (escapes with his mates).

AMY - Shit.

DWAYNE - Are you crazy?!

AMY - He said he would-

DWAYNE - That idiot will ask you anything. For crying out loud, you just got into this business! stick with me!!

AMY - Fine!

(They see Bruce, Nicky, and Vans running behind Ray)

DWAYNE - Turns out there was a connection between them. That's one thing you're right about.

(they both run after them)

[Scene 14]

(Outside the Casino - they all hijack a car and drive off)

RAY - Check!! Vans!! are they still there?!

VANS - No! I don't think they got out in time!

NICKY - Phew...

BRUCE - How did those pinheads trace us?!

RAY - (While driving) Call a medic.

BRUCE - Why?

RAY - Just do it, I don't have much time.

BRUCE - Where to?

RAY - Phoenix, we're heading to Phoenix.

(Meanwhile - Dwayne and Amy are in their cars)

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) Yes, they were at Golden Nugget Casino!! they're probably leaving Nevada!

AMY - (Walkie Talkie) Ensure state border security is in place.

(hours into the drive - Ray and the gang meet with the state borders)

VANS - Yo, there are police everywhere around here.


INSPECTOR 1 - Open the windows! nope, not you.

VANS - You think they'll get us?

NICKY - We wait, until they tell us to open the windows.

(Nicky loads his gun)

RAY - Bruce, take over.

BRUCE - Yes, sure.

RAY - If they see me driving, they'll follow us to Phoenix. No problem if you guys are driving though.

(Inspector moves to their car)

INSPECTOR 1 - Open the windows!

(Nicky opens the windows and shoots him)

BRUCE - Go! go!

(they manage to cut the line and forcibly pass the checkpoint)

RAY - Are they behind us?

BRUCE - Pretty much.

VANS - You just had to shoot that guy, didn't you.

NICKY - You numb skull, they would've gotten the better of us there itself.

VANS - Ah. They still behind us?

BRUCE - Yes.

(Ray sticks his head outside the car windows and shoots the police cars behind)

VANS - Yo! what're you doing?!

RAY - Just shut up and duck (Ray continues to shoot them).

(Now he manages to aim for the car engines and they blow up)

NICKY - Now that's taken care of.

RAY - (Heave breath relief) Hell with this.

(they continue to drive until they reach Phoenix)

[Scene 15]

(In Los Angeles)

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) So what? you got hold of them?

AMY - No sir.


AMY - Turns out, Ray teamed up with Vans, Nicky, and Bruce.

COMMISSIONER - What the hell?

AMY - They probably left Nevada by now.

COMMISSIONER - I'll inform Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, to tighten up the state boundaries. I can take care of California, easily.

AMY - I think Arizona and California needs special attention. They're the closest to Vegas.

COMMISSIONER - Well, sure. We'll do that (drops the call and informs Arizona) Yes, hello? anybody there?

INSPECTOR 2 - We have a huge accident on 93.


INSPECTOR 2 - 15 Officers are dead.

COMMISSIONER - God damn it. How? how did this happen?

[Scene 16]

(Bruce's hideout)

BRUCE - Well, here we are.

NICKY - When is he coming?

BRUCE - He'll be here in five minutes or so.

VANS - Can we trust him?

BRUCE - He's one of us. Get hit by a bullet or anything, he's the man.

VANS - Right.

(doctor knocks on the door)

ERIC - Hey, Bruce.

BRUCE - There's my man. Anyone follow you?

ERIC - Nah, we're safe.

BRUCE - Say uh...this is Ray.

(Eric and Ray shake hands)

BRUCE - He was the one who called.

ERIC - What's up with you?

RAY - Apparently, there's a bug inside me.

(everyone is stunned)

NICKY - You have a bug? and you never told us?!

RAY - I just found out, alright? god, they probably got this when I got hit by Dwayne in Mexico.

NICKY - That explains it.

ERIC - So you want like, a surgery of some sort?

RAY - Yes, please.

ERIC - Sure, just lay down.

VANS - You have all you need?

ERIC - If Bruce calls me, it's always a surgery. Whether it be a bullet in him, or what not. It's always surgery time.

VANS - Please hook me up with some of these dudes.

NICKY - Hehehe.

RAY - Wait, wait!! send someone to find a bug detector.

NICKY - Sure. Vans?

VANS - Fine.

(Vans leaves to get the bug detector)

[Scene 17]

(Meanwhile - between Amy and Dwayne)

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) Arizona! I repeat Arizona! got any evidence?

INSPECTOR 2 - We have an accident in 93.

DWAYNE - What? who?

INSPECTOR 2 - Some 15 Officers are dead.

AMY - Damn it.

DWAYNE - Here, we're coming there. Arranged for ambulance?

INSPECTOR 2 - They're on their way.

DWAYNE - Don't leave the scene, we're heading there in another half hour.

AMY - California?

DWAYNE - You know very well that Ray is dead if he turns back. I'm certain he's in Arizona right now.

[Scene 18]

(Bruce's hideout)

BRUCE - Say, what about the heist at Bank of America?

RAY - We carry on. There's one in Phoenix itself.

NICKY - Right.

(Vans turns up with the bug detector)

VANS - Here.

(tosses the detector over to Eric)

ERIC - Right then (turns it on).

(Bug alarm goes off)

NICKY - Woah, now that's serious.

ERIC - Shush....I can check to see where it exactly is, using this meter.

BRUCE - What?

ERIC- Intensity of bug activity.

BRUCE - Right.

(Ray recalls)

RAY - You know, when I got shot in Mexico, it was on my back. You know, around the right shoulder blade area. Check there.

(Eric directs the detector to the right shoulder blade area - Alarm goes crazy)

RAY - Well?

ERIC - It's there.

RAY - I thought so. They aren't stupid enough to create another scar on my body.

(Eric gives Ray anesthesia and conducts the surgery - Eric finds the bug and takes it out)

VANS - Woah.

ERIC - Designed in Germany. Once these things are inside you, you can't even feel it. They're almost like inserting pills into your body.

BRUCE - And that's how they managed to track us.

ERIC - Well, if that's the case, then (breaks the bug).

ALL - Hahaha.

[Scene 19]


DWAYNE - How about we just contact LA and ask where the bug is traveling?

AMY - It's worth a shot.

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) Hello? yes, where's the bug?

CONSTABLE 3 - No connection, sir.

DWAYNE - What?

CONSTABLE 3 - We lost contact with it in Phoenix.

DWAYNE - Right then, thanks (drops the walkie talkie) they're in Phoenix.

AMY - I see.

[Scene 20]

(Ray recovers and has new stitches on his back now)

ERIC - Don't stress out too much. You're going to have to be at rest for the whole day.

RAY - God damn it.

VANS - They'll dig us out, by now right?

RAY - Can you not?

(gets up and begins to think)

NICKY - What now?

RAY - Where's the bug?

BRUCE - He broke it.

RAY - Hmm....they'll definitely come to Phoenix.

VANS - Then?

RAY - (Turns to them) Nicky, Bruce, we'll take it from here. Thanks!


RAY - Day 3 is coming, it's high time we jump into action.

VANS - Bro, you can't move too much for the entire day.

RAY - Who said we can't move on with our plan? (hands on Vans' shoulder) You my friend, are robbing the Bank of America for me.

VANS - The heck?! what about you?

RAY - I got your back. I'll keep contact, and work things with you.

VANS - Well-

RAY - Guys, Vans robbed World Bank.

ALL - Oh!!

RAY - How much?

VANS - F-Five million.

ALL - Oh!!

RAY - Don't bullshit, you're coming out with the quarter billion.

[Scene 21]

(Road Accident at 93)

INSPECTOR 2 - (Talking to ambulance driver) Right, that's the last of them!

(Ambulance driver heads off)

DWAYNE - How did this happen?

INSPECTOR 2 - Not quite sure. I only arrived after the scene.

AMY - Hmm....

INSPECTOR 2 - We're going to have guys come and clear the accident. You guys need anything more from me?

AMY - Can I investigate the accident?

INSPECTOR 2 - Sure, come in.

(they go to site of accident)

DWAYNE - Some explosion here, I see.

AMY - Right. What was going on in the state boundary?

INSPECTOR 2 - We received information from LA, about tracing quite some criminals.

AMY - I see...we press on.

DWAYNE - I know, I told you that earlier on.

AMY - This is just a site of distraction created by Ray.

DWAYNE - What?

AMY - Don't you get it? He's smart enough to realize that we're after him in Arizona. He could've simply drove off, against the control. Instead, he decides to distract us with this huge road accident so....

DWAYNE - (Realizes) Get in the car!! now!!!

(Amy and Dwayne get into their car)

[Scene 22]

(Outside Bank of America - Phoenix)

VANS - (Enters the building - mono bluetooth) Ray? come in.

RAY - (In the car, parked behind the building) I got you. Where are you?

VANS - I'm in the lobby.

RAY - I've done this before in Phoenix, so don't worry.

VANS - I know, bro.

RAY - Listen here. There is a vault in the basement. Find the elevator?

VANS - Yes.

RAY - Basement 3.

(Vans goes to Basement 3)

VANS - Right, I'm in.

RAY - You'll have do this trick stuff on your own now.

VANS - What?

RAY - Down the hallway, you need a pass to get by.

VANS - I got this.

(Vans looks out for the crew working here)

CLEANER 1 - (Cleaning the floors) Bub? what're you doing down here? Place is off limits.

VANS - I know, I know. Just came for a tour.

CLEANER 1 - Get out of here, you think this is Central Park or something?

VANS - Hehehe, nice one.

CLEANER 1 - Please move out, I got shit to do around here.

[Scene 23]

(Meanwhile in Phoenix)

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) Yes? Hello? give me the exact location, where the bug was last spotted.

CONSTABLE 3 - (Walkie Talkie) Last spotted in Norterra, Norterra Parkway.

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) Copy that (drives off).

(they reach Norterra Parkway)

AMY - This is where the bug was last spotted?

DWAYNE - Looks like.

AMY - (Wandering about) If I were a criminal....where would I have gone?

(Dwayne wanders a finds a hideout)

DWAYNE - Come in, Amy.

AMY - What was that?

(Dwayne breaks in)

DWAYNE - Woah.

AMY - I-Is this-

DWAYNE - This has got to be either Nicky's or Bruce's hideout now.

(Amy looks about the place and finds the damaged bug)

AMY - Look here (picks it up with a cloth).

DWAYNE - Sweet. Someone completely wrecked this.

AMY - Someone gave him surgery, and got it out.

DWAYNE - H-How did he know that it was in his back?

AMY - Did you shoot him there?


AMY - That's why. It's an easy clue for him.

[Scene 24]

(Bank of America - Basement 3)

CLEANER 1 - You kidding me?! get out of here!

VANS - (Whispers) I can't do this.

RAY - Check if there are any cameras.

VANS - There are two.

RAY - Take that dude to the elevator and do it.

(Vans brings up a conversation with the cleaner - towards elevator. He successfully swipes the ID card out and knocks him unconscious)

RAY - Be swift now. Don't let the camera catch your face or your uniform.

(Vans swiftly enters the new corridor)

RAY - There are three more doors till you reach the main vault. Remember, trainees don't have uniforms. Use that.

VANS - Got it.

(Vans moves in)

[Scene 25]

(The hideout)

DWAYNE - (After checking the files and cabinets) Nope, nothing about their plans together.

AMY - Either they don't have a plan....or they're just playing with us.

DWAYNE - If these guys team with Ray and Vans, we know it's a plan.

AMY - That's definite. What are they planning? that's the big question.

DWAYNE - Bruce, Bruce is a hacker. Nicky does fraud crimes like counterfeit currency and black ticket business. Vans and Ray....they're both thieves, intelligent ones: Criminals.

AMY - We have a hacker, a fraud, and two other criminals, planning something. What would it be?

DWAYNE - Something huge I guess....m-masterminded scheme of some sort.

AMY - No plan at all?

DWAYNE - Probably a huge party, I guess. Yet again, Bruce and Nicky haven't been up to anything over the past 10 months or so.

AMY - Would that mean, Vans and Ray run this plan, whichever they have in mind?

DWAYNE - That's what we'll have to go with. Or, you know, Bruce and Nicky strike back with something big to offer these two.

AMY - Hmm....that could work too.

[Scene 26]

(Basement 3 corridors in Bank of America)

VANS - Yo, I'm near the vault.

RAY - Anyone there?

VANS - Nah.

RAY - Check for laser alarms.

(Vans sprays to check for lasers)

VANS - We've got lasers.

RAY - Do the rest by yourself. Contact me when you need the code (types away on a laptop).

(Vans uses suction cups to climb his way past the laser alarms - and successfully makes it through in struggle)

VANS - Code?

RAY - 510 672

(Vans types and unlocks - Vans is stunned)

VANS - I-I-I got it.

RAY - Withdraw quarter billion, and get the hell out.

(Vans counts and clears - using suction cups he gets out)

SECURITY - (In the corridor, sees Vans walking out) Oi! what're you doing here?! (guns out).

VANS - No, no, no. Don't mind me, I'm a trainee. I just came to see the vault area.


VANS - Patrick.

SECURITY - You sure?

VANS - Bro, who do you think I am? some criminal?

SECURITY - Well...

VANS - Uncle Brian wants to hire me, and I just came to check his place out.

SECURITY - Your uncle's the company's CEO?!

VANS - Of course. Later on, you can go ahead ask him. Name's Patrick by the way. Next week I'm the Chief Analyst.

SECURITY - Well why didn't you say so. Carry on.

VANS - (Turns back) And really, if I were a criminal, you probably have lasers there, am I right?

SECURITY - T-That's right. How do you know?

VANS - Uncle.

SECURITY - Yes, you're right. An alarm would've gone off.

(Vans smiles and walks off)

[Scene 27]

(Meanwhile in LA)

COMMISSIONER - (Watching the News on TV) Well....

INSPECTOR 1 - Sir! we got information that Ray and his mates were in Phoenix.

COMMISSIONER - They were there? or are they still there?

INSPECTOR 1 - Well....

(Commissioner calls Amy)

AMY - (Answers the call) Hello?

COMMISSIONER - What're you doing? you know he was in Phoenix, but don't know where he is now?!

AMY - Sir, please. We don't even understand their plans, so far all we've done is identify one of their hideouts.


AMY - Damaged bug is found. Likewise, no evidence of plans through documents.

COMMISSIONER - You want to know something? Nicky and Bruce aren't even in Arizona anymore!

AMY - (Standing up) What? w-where are they?

COMMISSIONER - I don't know. Some officer at 40 found them at a glimpse, when crossing over to California. They're probably either in California or in Nevada again.

AMY - Well, okay then. We'll take it from here (cuts the call). Nicky and Bruce left Arizona.

DWAYNE - What?! t-they just got here.

AMY - Something big is happening. We either can't see it, or we're just too stupid to not see it.

[Scene 28]

(Meanwhile - Bruce is in the airport, about to fly to Greenland)

BRUCE - (Calls Ray) Yo, I'm at Vegas airport. When are you coming?....alright. Be quick, because the flight's in nine hours.

(On the other side - Red Rock Canyon)

NICKY - Is everything set?

ROGUE 1 - Yes.

NICKY - (Calls to reach Ray) Hello? Ray? we're ready with the counterfeit.....sure, I told Bruce to wait. He's already at the airport.

[Scene 29]

(Bank of America - Phoenix. CEO is spotted)

SECURITY - Oh sir.

CEO - Woah, hold it there.

SECURITY - Congratulations.

CEO - F-For what?


RAY - (While driving to Red Rock Canyon) The moment we hand over the real money to Nicky, we take the counterfeit, deposit the amount at Trump Hotel. Then fly off. You head to Melbourne.

VANS - Yes, I get it now.


CEO - Patrick?! who's Patrick?! I don't I have a relation named Patrick!

SECURITY - Wait so-

CEO - W-What did he do inside?

SECURITY - I uh....

CEO - You're coming with me (grabbing the guard's hand and heading over to the vault).

[Scene 30]

(At Vegas Airport)

BRUCE - (Sees a hot woman) Hey beautiful.

(She tries to ignore him)

BRUCE - Oi...oi. What's up?

WOMAN 1 - Stop pulling my hair.

BRUCE - Or else?

WOMAN 1 - I'm calling the police.

BRUCE - Hold up! hold up. Come on, why you got to be so rude. Where are you heading off to?

WOMAN 1 - Frankfurt.

BRUCE - You know where I'm heading to? Greenland. Heard of it?

WOMAN 1 - Sure, I have.

BRUCE - How come you've never been there?

WOMAN 1 - I uh...

BRUCE - You uh...single? dating? complicated?

WOMAN 1 - Leave me alone, please.

BRUCE - (Looks around) No one's here, babe. You got no one to be with, I can see that. You lucky, I have the heart to give you company.

WOMAN 1 - Well, I don't.

BRUCE - Suit yourself (begins chewing gum) want one?

WOMAN 1 - No.

BRUCE - Alright (continues chewing).

[Scene 31]


DWAYNE - Can you believe this shit? he's got pirated DVDs.

AMY - That's not what we're after.

(gets a call)

AMY - (answers the call) Hello? oh! oh!! w-we're coming immediately.

DWAYNE - What was that? Bank of America, let's go.

[Scene 32]

(At Bank of America - Police are investigating the vault and corridors)

CEO - God damn it...

(Amy and Dwayne show up)

AMY - Sir, Commissioner of LA got us here. What's up?

CEO - Don't ask me! look inside the vault! we've lost quarter billion dollars!

(they both check the vault)

DWAYNE - I think they're back into crime.

AMY - You suppose Ray did all of this?

DWAYNE - This would be the second time he's stolen money from this bank.

SECURITY 2 - That's not possible. It can't be Ray.

DWAYNE - What're you saying?

SECURITY 2 - Since the crime of 2009, we were all put in for high alert for Ray. He never came.

DWAYNE - Say that again?

SECURITY 2 - Every single staff in this company building, is aware of who Ray is, and how he looks like. We would've told you it was Ray, but it wasn't.

(Police Inspector gets information out of the cleaner)

SECURITY - He told me he was sir's nephew or something.

(Amy and Dwayne overhear and come to listen)


SECURITY - He was quite subtle with his body language and speech. It was as if he really was the nephew.

INSPECTOR 3 - Well then (walks off).

AMY - Information?

INSPECTOR 3 - Why do you ask?


INSPECTOR 3 - appears that some guy, who's not Ray, tricked his way out of the scene. He went by the name Patrick, the CEOs nephew or relation of some sort.

DWAYNE - I see....

INSPECTOR 3 - We lost a quarter billion dollars in the vault, and apart from that, we found a cleaner unconscious by the elevator.

DWAYNE - Hmm....

(they find the Cleaner who is being questioned as well)

CLEANER 1 - This guy was just hitting on me, as if he were a homosexual of some sort. He just wouldn't leave, even after I told him.


CLEANER 1 - He talked his way into a conversation with me, and beat me all black and blue. He probably swiped my ID pass to get into the vault. I-If that's what you were looking for.

AMY - (Comes in) H-How did he look like? any special facial features?

CLEANER 1 - Well uh...h-he was pretty white.

DWAYNE - (Sarcastic) That's good help.

CLEANER 1 - Oh wait! h-he has slick brown hair. Almost like Elvis Presley's hairstyle. He's quite fit in shape too, and sort of my height.

DWAYNE - (Looks at Amy) Vans, that's Vans.

AMY - (Wanders about with Dwayne) We found them in the casino.....they made a run for it...altogether. We probably disturbed their plan, or else it would've been different.

DWAYNE - How do you say?

AMY - These guys are teamed up together. We found them in the casino and they ran. They probably had some other plan in mind....but then, I revealed that there was a bug in him. With the help of someone in Phoenix, he managed to get it out. Some medic, hospital, clinic?

DWAYNE - Could be.

AMY - But wait....he chose Phoenix specifically, because it was closest from Vegas. He could've gone to any other place, if we haven't alerted the state boundaries. This would be our interruption.

DWAYNE - Makes sense.

AMY - He probably decided to rob in Phoenix, than in the place he had in mind before. But why didn't he do this robbery? Why Vans?

DWAYNE - Staff say that they know when Ray is here, and when he's not.

AMY - But Ray should've had this worked out himself. He probably studied well beforehand, when the staff have their change in shifts in this basement. Putting Vans in place, that too leaving behind a clue via the security involved...

DWAYNE - Doesn't really fit together.

AMY - Then again, you've had bullets in you during your previous missions. What do the doctors say?

DWAYNE - They always tell me not to move for an entire day.

AMY - Hmm.....

DWAYNE - Well?

AMY - Removing a bug, would be same as removing a bullet. Right?

DWAYNE - Sure.

AMY - Doctor must have informed Ray about this. Yet again, Ray is daring to push himself. If he didn't go for this, then it means that he's plotting more to come. Meaning, he can't let his future plots go in flaw.

DWAYNE - Master plan?

AMY - I'm making myself clear that this is some master plan. He sends over the man who robbed World Bank, giving instructions to him, then...they move off.

(moment of silence here)

AMY - This is not going to be the only crime. He has other ideas in mind.

DWAYNE - (Walkie Talkie) you copy? tighten up the state boundaries of New Mexico, Nevada, and California, ASAP.

[Scene 33]

(Red Rock Canyon)

NICKY - Hey, my man.

VANS - Here's the cash. I assume you head over to Vegas to give it to Bruce.

NICKY - Sure thing (gives him the counterfeit amount).

VANS - Good business.

(Nicky smiles and drives off - meanwhile, in the car with Ray)

RAY - We head to Vegas as well, just ten minutes after he's off.

[Scene 34]

(In LA Police Station)

NEWS - Latest Headlines report a robbery of $250 Million at the Bank of America, in Phoenix.

(Commissioner and police staff are in shock)

NEWS - Rumors on criminal Ray and Vans' involvement are going about, the state of Arizona.

(Commissioner turns off the TV)

COMMISSIONER - This is ridiculous! what do we have so far?

POLICE OFFICER 3 - Sir, officers have been shot at 40.

COMMISSIONER - What? state boundaries?

POLICE OFFICER 3 - Yes, California state boundary. Their cars were also involved in the same accident as the 93 accident.

COMMISSIONER - Damn (answers the call) Hello?

DWAYNE - Sir, we've tightened up all the state boundaries nearby,

COMMISSIONER - And for what?! so he can simply kill his way out of everyone?

DWAYNE - Sir, first of all, it was Vans who robbed the banks, not Ray.


DWAYNE - Ray's clever enough to know that the bank will get him, as he robbed there last time. So he probably set Vans up to do the job.

COMMISSIONER - Well then, we're getting something now.

DWAYNE - All we know as of now, is that they have more stuff to take care of. I think we have something big on our hands.

COMMISSIONER - Well then, if that's the case. I would like to receive more information about their plans. You have full authority now to take charge on all four suspects: Nicky, Bruce, Vans, and Ray.

DWAYNE - Yes, sir. Thank you.

COMMISSIONER - Right then.

[Scene 35]

(Night time in Vegas - as Ray and the others reach)

RAY - (On the phone) Hello? Duncan? get those planes ready, thanks (drops the call).

VANS - Who's Duncan?

RAY - Another friend of mine, he be getting our flights ready for Australia and Hong Kong.

VANS - Well then.

(Ray and Vans reach Trump Hotel - Front Desk)

ASSISTANT - Hi sir, how may I help you?

RAY - Yes um...we booked Room 405, and checked out, under the name of Nicky.

ASSISTANT - (Checks for them) Yes, yes. About that?

RAY - You see, I left something behind in that room. It's really important.


RAY - It'll be quick, I'll be down back in five minutes.

ASSISTANT - Okay, just five minutes.

RAY - Thank you.

(A staff member assists them)

[Scene 36]

(Meanwhile - Vegas Airport)

NICKY - Yo, Bruce.

BRUCE - (Wakes up) Yo.

NICKY - Here, just stuff the bag inside your luggage.

BRUCE - I know, I know. I got some books to cover this up.

NICKY - See you later.

(Bruce heads in)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Ladies and Gentlemen! may I have your kind attention. Air Greenland, flight GL 497 to Pituffik: Check in counters are now open.

(Bruce heads for the check in)

[Scene 37]

(Trump Hotel Room - Staff member waits in the room)

VANS - Hmm...I think it was in the bathroom.

RAY - Yes, I feel the same too.

(they go inside and place the bag full of counterfeit money in the bathtub - closing the sheets on their way out)

RAY - (Takes out his cell phone) Ah! found it. Oh god....I thought I lost my phone. Thank you so much.

STAFF - You're welcome sir.

(they leave)

[Scene 38]

COMMISSIONER - (On conference call) Yes, you hear me? Bruce, Nicky, Vans, and Ray. Find them in any part of this country, and report back, this is urgent.

(He informs every state in the country - but Bruce has already boarded the flight)

PILOT - (Air Greenland) Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome on board Air Greenland...

(Bruce is comfortable in his seat - meanwhile, Ray and Vans are at the airport)

VANS - How does this Duncan guy look like?

RAY - Not a criminal. Just a mate of mine. Allegiant Air manager. He'll get us on a private jet.

VANS - I see.

(they notice the police asking for Ray and Vans)

RAY - Oh shit! get behind (they hide behind Lost and Found area).

VANS - Police?

RAY - (On the phone) Yo Duncan, we're behind lost and found.

(Duncan walks and finds them)

DUNCAN - Hey, what're you guys doing here?

VANS - Police are outside.

DUNCAN - Oh wait. (To the police) Hey guys! who are you looking for again?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Ray and Vans, you know them?

DUNCAN - What're you doing here?! oh my god guys! they're near Wells Fargo Bank! go!

(some officers run)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Wait! you sure about this?

DUNCAN - Yes! two white guys, one with Elvis hairstyle and the other with a normal. They're about to head for the terminal!

(the officers run)

DUNCAN - Done, I cleared the air. Follow me.

(they head for the hanger)

DUNCAN - This is probably the third time you've told me to do this.

RAY - But hey, if I need it, I need it.

DUNCAN - Your plane is at Hanger 2, pilot's waiting. Your plane is at Hanger 5, same as his. Go quickly, there's an empty air strip nearby.

(Vans throws his SIM Card away - then they fly off)

[Scene 39]

(Amy and Dwayne arrive)

AMY - Where are they?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Some guy told me he was at Wells Fargo Bank. They're not, I think we lost them.

AMY - Why would he be at a bank? that too at the airport?

DWAYNE - The commissioner informed the country right?

AMY - He sure did.

DWAYNE - Still, the police and security around here is tighter than anywhere else so....

AMY - So?

DWAYNE - Yo! who gave you this false information?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - It was some official.

DWAYNE - Where was he?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - By Allegiant Air Office.

(they head over to the office areas and search about)

DWAYNE - This official has helped Ray and Vans into doing something.

AMY - Get out of the country?

DWAYNE - (Sharp turn at her) Damn it!!!

AMY - Quiet down, don't drag attention.

(Duncan is seen coming back from Starbucks)

AMY - Some official (notices Duncan).

DWAYNE - What?

AMY - Go get us something from Wendy's, just around the corner.

DWAYNE - Sure (he heads off).

(Amy walks towards Duncan)

AMY - Sir?

DUNCAN - I'm sorry, who are you?

AMY - Amy (lends her hand).

DUNCAN - (Shakes hand) Duncan. How may I help you?

AMY - CIA Agent, actually.

DUNCAN - Oh (gets tensed up).

AMY - What happened?

DUNCAN - Oh, nothing, nothing.

AMY - I just came to check the working conditions of your planes. We've had quite some passengers complain about engine failures at times.

DUNCAN - I-I've never heard of-

AMY - It's something your employers won't reveal, I know. Take me to your flights.

DUNCAN - S-Sure.

(Amy and Duncan at Allegiant Air base - flights everywhere)

AMY - Hmm....any flight took off recently?

DUNCAN - No, no. We just had one take off at 5:30pm. After Only tomorrow morning, if that's what you're looking for.

AMY - I see (checks the working conditions to make her act believable).

DUNCAN - Engines are intact, ma'am. We had an engineer come and check it just this afternoon.

AMY - (Notices the flight hangers behind) Those are your jets?


AMY - Mind if I check it out?

DUNCAN - Not a problem.

(at the flight hanger)

AMY - What're the jets used for?

DUNCAN - At times we have some government officials fly off. It's a side business, apart from Allegiant Air.

AMY - You mostly cover for the jets, than Allegiant Air?

DUNCAN - I'm just the Manager for the planes here in Vegas. Apart from that, I mostly help arrange trips for higher officials such as VIPs.

AMY - Hmm....(notices two hangers without jets) you had two VIPs on trips lately?

DUNCAN - Why so?

AMY - Two flight hangers without jets.

DUNCAN - Oh that um....we had the Mayor fly off to Chicago recently. He'll be back in a week or so. Likewise, I don't recall actually, I think maybe a Casino lottery winner won a trip on a jet, so...

(Amy checks the empty hanger areas thoroughly)

DUNCAN -'am? you said only checking working conditions of planes.

AMY - Yes, true. I haven't really seen a flight hanger (notices a SIM card on the floor and picks it up).

DUNCAN - What's that?

AMY - Oh, just a nickel.

DUNCAN - Sure, hehehe...just a nickel!

AMY - Hehehe....well. I think we're done here. Thank you.

DUNCAN - You're very welcome.

[Scene 40]

(At Police Department in Las Vegas)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - I see you're back.

AMY - Computer room please, check who's SIM Card this is.

DWAYNE - (Eating a Wendy's burger) What for?

(Officer checks and reveals)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Woah....y-you found Vans' SIM Card?

DWAYNE - Oh shit!

AMY - They left the country.


AMY - They have other plans I guess.

DWAYNE - It's going to be like the one in Mexico. That dude literally went down south from Mexico to Brazil and all.

AMY - Well, what do you know. Security gets tightened, he finds the loophole and runs away.

(Answers the phone call)

AMY - Hello?

INSPECTOR 2 - Is this CIA Agent, Amy?

AMY - Yes, why?

INSPECTOR 2 - We found the quarter billion dollars.

AMY - What?!

DWAYNE - What happened?

AMY - How?!

INSPECTOR - Trump Hotel, Room 405.

AMY - (Cuts the call) We're going to Trump Hotel, now!

[Scene 41]

(Meanwhile in Pituffik - Bruce arrives)

BJORN - (Looking for Bruce) Hmm....

(Bruce notices Bjorn and walks right to him)

BRUCE - (Shakes hands) Bruce.

BJORN - Bruce, you the money?

BRUCE - Let's go.

(they drive further north towards the North Pole)

BRUCE - (On the phone) Hello? Nicky? Yes, I'm in Greenland. How did it go there? alright....that's great (drops the call).

BJORN - Friend?

BRUCE - You know it.

BJORN - Hehehe....

[Scene 42]

(Trump Hotel - Room 405)

POLICE OFFICER - Alright! Alright! move to the side!

(victims - a husband and a wife)

HUSBAND - I'm telling you for the last time, this is not our money.

WIFE - We don't know how it got here!

INSPECTOR 2 - Oh boy....

(Amy and Dwayne show up)

DWAYNE - What's up?

INSPECTOR 2 - The money's right here.

AMY - Show me to it.

(they find the money from the suitcase and check over it)

AMY - It's a quarter billion.

DWAYNE - What?! I-I thought they-

AMY - Listen, listen. Let's not go off-task. We know for sure that these people aren't responsible.

HUSBAND - Exactly!!

DWAYNE - Quiet, please.

AMY - Wait....(to the couple) Where did you find the money?

WIFE - I-It was in a bag, and in the bathroom.

AMY - And?

WIFE - W-We didn't understand at first. We would've used this at the casino, but before we could, the cleaners found out and alerted the hotel staff.

AMY - Hmm....

DWAYNE - Well?

AMY - When we began to track the bug in Ray, it read Trump Hotel.

DWAYNE - Okay....

AMY - The situation is already too big here. Going from California, to Nevada, then to Arizona, and all over the place, then out of the country.....they couldn't have just left it like this.

DWAYNE - Is the money even real?

AMY - (Looks at Dwayne) Nicky! Nicky is a part of their group!

DWAYNE - (Whispering voice) T-They steal the money, replace it with counterfeit currency, and frame someone else....

AMY - Yes, yes...

DWAYNE - (Whispering voice) T-Then, this is a plan for distracting us, w-while they're up to something else.

AMY - There we go. Inspector! did you check the thumb prints on the suitcase?

INSPECTOR 2 - (At the couple) Did you guys touch the bag?

HUSBAND - W-Well, technically-

INSPECTOR 2 - Where?

HUSBAND - T-The zip, and the handle.

INSPECTOR 2 - Not the face of the bag?


(they conduct a test for thumb prints on the bag)

INSPECTOR 2 - Results are positive. Bag was handled by Ray.

AMY - There we go.

DWAYNE - Where to now?

AMY - We track their flight.

[Scene 43]

(At their destination, Alert - place in Northern Greenland)

BJORN - Well, here we are.

BRUCE - Hmm....

BJORN - The boys finished building the secret warehouse two days back.

BRUCE - I see.

BJORN - Here, give me the money.

(Bruce hands over the money)

BRUCE - Safe, right?

BJORN - Of course. Listen, if anybody comes here, I kill them.

BRUCE - Hehehe.

BJORN - I tell you, this is Greenland. Moreover, Northern Greenland, no ass can come over.

BRUCE - Just keep some four guys guarding here.

BJORN - Sure, sure.

BRUCE - You'll get calls from people in Australia, Hong Kong, and India. You get them here, the same you did with me.

BJORN - Fine by me.

BRUCE - (Smiles) Good business, my man.

BJORN - (Smiles) Hey, hey, something clever like this: I love to be a part of.

[Scene 44]

(Las Vegas Airport Control Tower)

DWAYNE - Trace these two jets, please.

NAVIGATOR 1 - Ah I see, Allegiant Air jets.

AMY - But he said they were a side business.

NAVIGATOR 1 - The boss sold Duncan the Allegiant Air jets, for VIPs and other important guys.

DWAYNE - Well....

NAVIGATOR - Flight's in these two hangers are flights 566 and 579 (types away to track the flights) Hmm...

AMY - Well?

NAVIGATOR - Both planes are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

DWAYNE - Already?

NAVIGATOR - different directions.

AMY - What do you mean?

NAVIGATOR - One seems to be heading for Australia or New Zealand, while the other is heading for South east Asia.

AMY - Hmm....

DWAYNE - Ray and Vans could be in flight 566 or 579.

AMY - Or....traveling separately?

DWAYNE - What?

AMY - Vans probably set us up, to confuse us. He maybe wants us to think that they're both in one jet. They could be in different jets.

DWAYNE - Or....this Vans is just a train-wreck, who could land his ass in jail once more.

AMY - (Smirks) Maybe....maybe not. Sir, you have our number (gives her visiting card). Contact us to inform where these jets are definitely heading towards.


[Scene 45]

(In LA Police Department)

COMMISSIONER - (Speaker phone) Well? any luck?

DWAYNE - They've gone international, sir.


DWAYNE - We suspect them either heading towards Oceania, or South east Asia.

COMMISSIONER - Any more action needed from my side?

DWAYNE - Yes, I would like for you to alert the authorities in these two regions.

COMMISSIONER - Yes, will do.

DWAYNE - Make sure security is tighter in Oceania than South east Asia.

COMMISSIONER - W-Why is that? that's too risky.

DWAYNE - They're on a jet. That jet can't travel that far. You can reach anywhere in South east Asia from Vegas, 2 to 3 hours less than that to Oceania.

COMMISSIONER - That's still risky! what if they reach South east Asia instead and carry on?!

DWAYNE - Either way we'll still get them. Priority is on Oceania because they may take pit stops. From then they may enter either Australia or something.

COMMISSIONER - That makes much better sense. When do you insist on making a move?

DWAYNE - We are putting full trust on these foreign authorities. Once we get information from them via you, we'll take action.

COMMISSIONER - That'll be too late. Flight duration will take nearly 15 to 17 hours from Vegas.

DWAYNE - I say we make a move when the control tower navigators inform us about their actual destinations.

COMMISSIONER - Sure. Good luck with that.

[Scene 46]

(Ray and Vans are approaching their destinations)

AMY - (Answers the call) Hello?


AMY - Yes, who is this?

NAVIGATOR 1 - Airport Navigator here. Yes, apparently one flight is well into reaching Hong Kong.

AMY - Oh!

(Dwayne wonders what's going on)

AMY - Sure about this?

NAVIGATOR 1 - Affirmative. The jet is at low levels in the area. Destination is Hong Kong.

AMY - (To Dwayne) Dwayne, pack your bags! you're heading to Hong Kong.

DWAYNE - Got it.

(Dwayne gets ready)

AMY - The other jet?

NAVIGATOR 1 - Well that jet seems to be heading for Brisbane, Australia.

AMY - Oh I see. Thank you so much.

NAVIGATOR 1 - My pleasure.

(To the Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - (Answers the call) Hello?

AMY - It's Amy, tight security needed in both Brisbane and Hong Kong.


AMY - The moment we identify where they both are, we get them.

COMMISSIONER - You know if they're together on one jet, or separate?

AMY - That's what we'll be doing. We'll send pictures of Ray and Vans to these authorities so they can check if Ray and Vans are on board.

COMMISSIONER - Sounds good to me.

[Scene 47]

(In Hong Kong - Ray's jet lands)

PILOT 1 - We reached.

RAY - That's good.

(they get down - ground crew officers notice Ray)

GROUND STAFF 1 - 他是Ray吗?

GROUND STAFF 2 - (Checks the picture) 是的。

GROUND STAFF 1 - 我去机场。


(Ray walks along and is on the phone)

RAY - (On the phone) Hello? Daniel? 我在香港机场.....好了,好的(drops the call).

GROUND STAFF 2 - (Mind Voice) Wah, 他说中文。

(Ray is walking towards the back of the airport)

GROUND STAFF 2 - Wei!! (holding a gun behind Ray).

(Ray holds hands up and turns around - he sees some 7 people behind him)

RAY - Hmm....not bad. Looks like they are clever after all.


RAY - Hey, hey. 我说中文。你是我的好朋友。好了吗?

GROUND STAFF 4 - (Holding gun) 为什么你说中文?

RAY - (Holding hands up) Hehehe, 因为....(strikes out a gun and shoots a couple of the staff members).

GROUND STAFF 7 - Oi! Oi!! (runs after him).

(Ray hijacks an airport car and drives off around and back into his jet)

RAY - Yo! Pilot!! fly! get us out of here!

(The pilot manages to take off somehow)

GROUND STAFF 10 - (Walkie Talkie) Ay! 他现在坐飞机!!

[Scene 48]

(Hong Kong Police Department - Meeting Room)

MR. WANG - 现在Ray在香港。

(room is silent)

MR. WANG - 但是,他坐飞机了。到了....我不知道。你们都知道了吗?

(room is silent)

MR. WANG - 好了。Derek Chong!

DEREK - Sir (salutes to him)。

MR. WANG - 我需要你去看Ray。好了吗?

DEREK - 是的。

(Incoming phone call - Commissioner Mr. Wang puts it on speaker)

MR. WANG - 是?


MR. WANG - 我知道。飞机后?

POLICE OFFICER 3 - 我想打去Repulse Bay Beach。

MR. WANG - 为什么?!

POLICE OFFICER 3 - 我不知道。但是,我们都现在去Repulse Bay。

MR. WANG - 好了,谢谢。Derek! 你需要去Repulse Bay。

DEREK - 是! (turns around and runs to catch Ray).

[Scene 49]

(Ray's jet is current heading for Repulse Bay Beach)

RAY - Yo! slow it down! got them parachutes?

PILOT - Under your seat!

RAY - (Takes them out) Got it!

PILOT - I think we have them choppers coming after.

(Ray notices a helicopter following them)

RAY - God damn it (gets ready for the jump).

(Ray opens the door and is about to jump)

RAY - See ya! (jumps)

(Ray safely lands on the beach - people are watching him)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - 他来了! 他来了!

RAY - God damn it (notices a jet skii and gets on to it).

(Ray is now cruising through Repulse Bay - some three police officers chase at the back of him using a boat. Meanwhile the helicopter is also after them)

DEREK - (On the boat following Ray - walkie talkie) 来了吗?!

(Ray and Derek Chong are now in a cat and mouse chase at Repulse Bay. Ray manages to dodge some bullets and shoot some of his own)

RAY - This isn't going to get us anywhere (notices the back engine of their boat) I got this.

(He shoots the back engine of their boat causing an explosion to occur - Ray smiles and jet skii's towards the end of the bay - at the pier)

[Scene 50]

(Hong Kong Police Department)

COMMISSIONER - (Phone on speaker) Derek, 你身体好吗?(no answer) Derek? 你说了吗?(no answer again).

(Police department is tensed up)

COMMISSIONER - (Calls another officer in Repulse Bay) 你好,Derek 来了吗?



INSPECTOR - 你知道了吗?不好看 (sobs).

COMMISSIONER - Oi! (stands up) 为什么?说!

(Inspector cuts the call)


COMMISSIONER - 我们需要去Repulse Bay.

[Scene 51]

(Meanwhile - Vans lands in Brisbane Airport)

PILOT - Here we are.

VANS - Thanks (gets down from his jet) wait, this isn't Melbourne!

PILOT - Look, don't get down. We don't have enough fuel. I'll fill this baby up and be right back.

VANS - Come quick (gets back into the jet).

(Meanwhile in the control tower)

OFFICER CLARKE - Any flight landed recently?

NAVIGATOR 2 - Hmm....yes, we just had a jet land here. (Checks it out) Hmm....that's strange, this wasn't given landing permission.


NAVIGATOR 2 - We only gave Qantas flight, from Singapore, the landing permission. This is rather fishy.

OFFICER CLARKE - Where is it?

NAVIGATOR 2 - It's stalling towards the south.


[Scene 52]

(Vans is inside his Jet, playing on his phone - someone is refueling the jet)

OFFICER CLARKE - (On the phone) Hello? Commissioner? I think we have our man.

COMMISSIONER - Are you sure?

OFFICER CLARKE - A jet here wasn't given landing permission. I'm on my way to identify this flight.

COMMISSIONER - Where are you?

OFFICER CLARKE - Airport runway. Heading south to find this jet.

COMMISSIONER - Listen, I'm sending a couple other guys over there, to secure the perimeter of the airport.

OFFICER CLARKE - That'll be great, cheers (drops the call).

[Scene 53]

(Officer Clarke reaches Airport South - identifies a flight)

OFFICER CLARKE - That's strange.....we have any Allegiant air around here?

CONSTABLE 1 - No, sir.

OFFICER CLARKE - Mind searching up this Allegiant air?

CONSTABLE 1 - Sure, (searches up Allegiant Air) Sir, it's a domestic flight in the US.

OFFICER CLARKE - Shush, hide behind, there's someone in the jet.

(they identify Vans)

OFFICER CLARKE - Is that the guy?

(Constable checks the picture)

CONSTABLE 1 - That's him.

OFFICER CLARKE - Get the others to go around. I'll deal with this sack.

(all of a sudden, Vans doesn't hear the plane being refueled)

VANS - Hmm....I see we're ready.

(outside the door)

PILOT - Open the door, Vans.

VANS - Coming (opens the door).

(Officer Clarke is seen - holding the pilot in one hand)

VANS - What?!

OFFICER CLARKE - What're you doing down under, mate?

VANS - Heh? (tries to run).

OFFICER CLARKE - Oi! come here.

(Vans whips out his gun)

VANS - (Panicking) D-D-Don't move!! don't move!!! I-I'll kill you!!

OFFICER CLARKE - Put the gun down.

VANS - Make me!!

OFFICER CLARKE - Mate, put the damn gun down.

VANS - Don't move!

OFFICER CLARKE - Punk, you don't say that down here (punches Vans).

(Gun slips from Vans' hands - Vans tries to make a run for it. He runs out of the jet, and onto the runway)

OFFICER CLARKE - Oi! surround him!

(officers surround Vans - Vans realizes and is panicking even more)

VANS - Ey...Ey!....Ey!!! (monstrous).

OFFICER CLARKE - (Steps forward) Stop yelling, you ass. You're coming with us.

VANS - No....No!!! (laughing like a psycho) You think?! huh?!! you think you got me?! just because your circle me?!! ha!!! hahaha!!!

(officers are silent)

VANS - I thought so! your bloody Aussie ass you can't get me.

OFFICER CLARKE - Talk about me, not my bloody heartbeat.

VANS - Ha!! sensitive I see! hahaha!! you are 20 people, and I'm only me! turns out you need 20 to beat me?! cowards.

(One constable tries to move forward - Officer Clarke prevents this)

OFFICER CLARKE - (On the phone) Hello? Commissioner?

VANS - Hahaha!!

OFFICER CLARKE - Yes, I've got him. Yes, I was wondering why they told me to use it. Got it (drops the call) turns out I can't kill you.

VANS - Heh!! you can't!! why?! I'm the king!! try me!!

(comes towards Officer Clarke)

VANS - Look at you, and your uniform, and your badges. Ha! I don't need to show any of that. Trying to get the ladies I see....

OFFICER CLARKE - (Takes out a cigarette) Say, care for a durry?

VANS - Ah, now you're talking, mate! lighter?

OFFICER CLARKE - Sure, (takes out a drugged needle and stabs him).

VANS - Ah!! (in pain) You....bastard.

OFFICER CLARKE - Okay guys, I say we take this dipstick back to Brizzie Police.

[Scene 54]

(LA Police Department)

COMMISSIONER - Speak up (on the phone speaker).

A. COMMISSIONER - Mate, we got Vans.

COMMISSIONER - Oh that's nice to hear. Where did you find him?

A. COMMISSIONER - We got 'em at Brizzie airport.

COMMISSIONER - Ah I see, Brizzie?

A. COMMISSIONER - Mate, that means Brisbane.

COMMISSIONER - Ah I see, found Ray?

A. COMMISSIONER - He wasn't on that jet.


A. COMMISSIONER - We've got him right here. What next?

COMMISSIONER - Get him to reveal the plans.

A. COMMISSIONER - We've given him a shot with the needle you suggested.

COMMISSIONER - That'll get him to spit it out. If it doesn't work, I bet you already know what to do.

A. COMMISSIONER - Fine with us, cheers mate (drops the call).

[Scene 55]

(Hong Kong - Repulse Bay)

COMMISSIONER - Ay! Derek 在那里?


(they see the site of explosion and notice how Derek wouldn't have survived)

DEPUTY COMMISSIONER - (Tears and turns to his left) Woah! 他是谁?



(Inspector goes to check who the man is - lying on the bay at the end)

DEREK - (Gets up and walks towards them) Ay!! Ay!!!

INSPECTOR - Derek! 他是Derek!

COMMISSIONER - 好了(happy).

(Once Derek heads over to them)


DEREK - 好的。但是有头疼.


DEREK - 我不知道。我想,他在香港city.

COMMISSIONER - Hmm....谢谢,Derek. 你明天回来。你需要吃健康的食物。

DEREK - 好了。再见 (leaves).





COMMISSIONER - 我现在没想了。明天见.

[Scene 56]

(Holiday Inn Kowloon, Hong Kong)

RAY - (Checks in and in his room now - now on the phone) Daniel?我来了Holiday Inn。你现在到Holiday Inn (cuts the call).

(Meanwhile in Brisbane Police Station)

OFFICER CLARKE - (Slaps Vans) Answer now, will you?

VANS - (High on the drugs from needle) O-Okay, sure.

OFFICER CLARKE - (To the constable) Connect with LA Commissioner.

(LA Commissioner is connected via speaker phone)

OFFICER CLARKE - (Sitting in front of Vans, who is tied up in his chair) Tell us, what are your plans?

VANS - Well um....there's me, then there's Nicky, and um...Bruce, t-that was his name, boy!


VANS - Oh, I see you know that slate chap.


VANS - Oh yes, s-so Ray goes on and on about this crazy plan he had in mind.

(LA Commissioner is mind blown over hearing their plans)

COMMISSIONER - Shit (hand on head).

VANS - That's basically it bro, you got any more of them durry?

OFFICER CLARKE - (To the constable) If this dipstick is a hassle, I don't mind if we make him sit at the long drop.


[Scene 57]

(At Holiday Inn - Ray's Room)

RAY - We steal at HSBC bank together.

DANIEL - 好了.

RAY - 但是,Police,very tough.

DANIEL - Hahaha,我知道了. 现在,Inspector Derek die?

RAY - 我不知道,我想了. HSBC Headquarters在那里?

DANIEL - 在Central。你知道了吗?在Queens Road Central.

RAY - 好了(gives him the instruction paper).

DANIEL - (Goes over it) Wah! 非常好!

RAY - Hehehe....明天见.

(Daniel leaves - Ray looks out at the view from his Balcony)

[Scene 58]

(Dwayne and Amy land in their respective place - Brisbane and Hong Kong)

AMY - (At Brisbane) Hello Officer.


AMY - Yes, that's me.

OFFICER CLARKE - We have that ass back in the slabs.

(at Brisbane Police Station)

AMY - Where is he?

OFFICER CLARKE - These guys have a hell of plan.

(Officer Clarke reveals their plans to her)

AMY - Wow, not bad a plan.

OFFICER CLARKE - Clever chaps. But, we got 'em at Brizzie Airport.

AMY - Nicely done.

(Goes inside the interrogation room to see Vans)

AMY - (Splashes water on Vans' face) Wake up.

VANS - (Wakes up and is in shock) Woah.

(Vans is no longer high)

AMY - Sweet plan, partner.

(Vans is silent)

AMY - (Looking elsewhere) You're probably wondering how I got here.

(Vans is silent)

AMY - (Whips out his SIM Card) Very clever of you. Just when things went well for you, you left behind such a big clue.

VANS - God....damn it!!! to hell with you assholes!!

AMY - Two way plan you guys have, meaning while you make money, our economy crashes. Clever.

VANS - You think it's over?! huh?! just because I opened my mouth! you think it's all over?!! good luck getting your hands on Ray!

(Amy is silent)

VANS - My man, Ray! he's got this all under control. That bad ass is going to swipe all that green, before you get your ugly hands on him.

(Amy is silent)

VANS - What do you say? huh?! you want to bet on it?! huh?!

(Amy is silent)

VANS - Come on...CIA Agent!! are you a man!

(Amy's is getting angry)

VANS - Or a mouse!!!

(Amy whips out her gun and shoots Vans on the head)

VANS - Hup! (falls to the ground while on his chair - dead).

AMY - (Kneels down to get face to face with Vans) I'd rather keep my identity to myself. Good night...and don't let the bed bugs bite.

(Amy gets up and leaves the room)

OFFICER CLARKE - Wow, baby, you really bugged him off.

AMY - Gum?

(Officer Clarke gives her some gum)

AMY - Thanks (tosses the gum in her mouth and winks at the officer).


[Scene 59]

(Hong Kong Police Department - Meeting Room)


DEREK - Hmm....

COMMISSIONER - 美国Commissioner说了.

DEREK - 好了.


DEREK - Sir.


DEREK - Hmm (nods and leaves the room).

[Scene 60]

(HSBC Headquarters - Hong Kong Central. Daniel Lee is in his black car, that is parked outside the Headquarters)

DANIEL - (Walkie Talkie) 我来了. 汽车在HSBC的北边.

(HSBC Bank Manager arrives at the Lobby - from upstairs)


MANAGER - 今天,我们需要一个Check up.

RECEPTIONIST - 为什么?我们需要去医院吗?

MANAGER - 不是. 我们需要Vault Check up. Police说,Criminal Ray打算打这个地方. 所以,我们需要Vault Check up.

RECEPTIONIST - 好的. 现在我打电话.

[Scene 61]

(HSBC Bank Vault - staff members have assembled)

MANAGER - Criminal Ray,知道了吗?

ALL - 是的.

MANAGER - 很好. 他打算打这个地方.

ALL - (Worried) Eh? wah.

MANAGER - 听说. 现在我们做Vault Check Up.

ALL - 好的.

(One staff member opens up the vault)

MANAGER - 好了吗?


MANAGER - 好. 这个地方需要五个人.

(everyone nods their heads)

MANAGER - (answers the call) 说....好,对对, 好 (drops the call). 现在你们需要去吃蛋糕.

ALL - 为什么?

MANAGER - Hehehe....现在是我爸爸的生日. 今年他七十岁.

STAFF MEMBER 3 - 好的, 谢谢.

(they leave)

MANAGER - 中午后,五个人回来!

[Scene 62]

(Outside the Headquarters)

DEREK - (Walkie Talkie) 我在HSBC Headquarters.


DEREK - (Searching around) 没来了.


(Derek drops the walkie talkie call - HSBC Bank Manager Walks Out)

DEREK - (Approaches the Manager) Sir.

MANAGER - Wah! Inspector Derek?

DEREK - 是的.


DEREK - 是的. 从早上,我们在这个地方.


DEREK - 你好了吗?

MANAGER - 为什么?

DEREK - 因为,你没来公司.

MANAGER - Oh. 今天是我爸爸的生日.


MANAGER - 他今年七十岁. 所以我去看他. 书包有蛋糕.

DEREK - 好了. 再见.

MANAGER - 再见 (leaves).

[Scene 63]

(HSBC Headquarters)

STAFF MEMBER 1 - 蛋糕很好吃.


(they see the Bank Manager)

STAFF MEMBER 1 - Sir. 蛋糕很好吃.


STAFF MEMBER 2 - 爸爸的生日?

[Scene 64]

(Hong Kong Police Department - Dwayne arrives)



DWAYNE - Dwayne, CIA Agent.

COMMISSIONER - I am, Commissioner.

DWAYNE - Pleasure to meet you, sir. I heard from US about Ray's plans.

COMMISSIONER - I also heard.

DWAYNE - How is HSBC now?

COMMISSIONER - I sent Derek Chong, and other police, to guard the building.

DWAYNE - Okay. Anything from me?

COMMISSIONER - I don't think, because, no we know plan. We will catch Ray, and hand over to you.

DWAYNE - Will do, sir. In terms of assistance?

COMMISSIONER - We will let you know, if needed. I think we are fine.

(phone rings)

COMMISSIONER - 说.....huh? 为什么?! (drops the call).

DWAYNE - What happened?

COMMISSIONER - You go to HSBC Headquarters immediately.

DWAYNE - Got it.

[Scene 65]

(Crime scene at HSBC Headquarters)

MANAGER - No! No!!

DEREK - Sir,听说.

(Dwayne arrives)

DWAYNE - What happened?

DEREK - 你是谁?

DWAYNE - CIA Agent, Dwayne.

DEREK - 好. 我是Derek, Derek Chong.

(they shake hands)

DEREK - Money gone.

DWAYNE - What?!

(they rush to check the vault - they find it empty)

DWAYNE - Oh shit.

DEREK - 但是,我们知道. 他打算打这个地方,为什么?

DWAYNE - That's what I don't understand.

(Staff Members are being questioned)

STAFF MEMBER 1 - Manager给我们,蛋糕.

MANAGER - Ay! Ay!!

DEREK - Oi! 为什么?今天是爸爸的生日,你说了.


MANAGER - Eh?! 早上我在10th floor. 今天我没来vault!

DEREK - 爸爸的生日?

MANAGER - 他的生日八月十二号. 今天六月.

DEREK - 所以.....(realizes). Dwayne! come!!

[Scene 66]

(Meanwhile - Daniel and Ray are driving off)

RAY - (Takes off his manager disguise) Hahahaha!

(they high five)

DANIEL - 非常好!

RAY - Hahaha!

DANIEL - 现在你想去哪里?

RAY - 去Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn后,去坐火车.

DANIEL - (Smiles) 好了.

[Scene 67]

(Amy in Brisbane, and Commissioner in LA hear about this)

COMMISSIONER - God darn it!!

AMY - Shit!

COMMISSIONER - (Speaker Phone) Amy?

AMY - Yes, sir?

COMMISSIONER - Be on stand by in Mumbai. We're not risking anything more. The moment he reaches Indian soil, he is going to die for good.

AMY - Sure.

COMMISSIONER - Contact every possible transport authority there. He's not going to miss out this time.

AMY - Got it.

[Scene 68]

(HSBC Headquarters - Security Camera View)

DWAYNE - Show views around the headquarter boundaries.

(Cameras show views of headquarter boundaries only)

DEREK - 十点半,北边.

(Camera shows views of headquarter entrance at 10:30 am)

DEREK - Hmm....

(Camera shows the conversation with Ray and Derek)

DEREK - 他是Ray.

DWAYNE - I see, follow his movements.

(they trace and find him entering a black car)

DWAYNE - Where is the car going?

DEREK - (Checks the traffic boards - after enhancing image) Traveling by Admiralty. Heading on the bridge to Kowloon, maybe.

DWAYNE - Okay.

[Scene 69]

(Ray clears out from his hotel room and heads for the black car with Daniel)

RAY - Done,去坐火车.

DANIEL - 去哪里?

RAY - Shenzhen.

(now at the Railway Station)

RAY - Daniel.


RAY - 在Shenzhen, 你去机场. 坐飞机去Greenland. 我的朋友,他叫Bjorn.

DANIEL - 好了.

RAY - 我的美国朋友也在Greenland. 你给他money, 他给我fake money. 给后,你回来.

DANIEL - (Smiles) 好,谢谢.

(they get on board the trains - Railway constable notices Ray)

[Scene 70]

(Hong Kong Police Department)

COMMISSIONER - (Phone speaker) 说.

CONSTABLE 3 - 我看Ray!


CONSTABLE 3 - 他坐火车.

COMMISSIONER - Heh?! 坐火车?!

CONSTABLE 3 - 他和Daniel Lee坐火车.

COMMISSIONER - Daniel...Lee...wah. 他们去哪里?

CONSTABLE 3 - Shenzhen.


[Scene 71]

(At Brisbane Airport)

AMY - (On the phone) Dwayne?


AMY - I'm on my way to Mumbai.

DWAYNE - Okay, great. I got information from Hong Kong commissioner that Ray's heading for Shenzhen.

AMY - He's aware that Hong Kong authorities are well informed.

DWAYNE - Some railway officer found him and Daniel Lee get on a train.

AMY - Daniel Lee?

DWAYNE - Local criminal.

AMY - I see. What did he do?

DWAYNE - We've informed Shenzhen Railways to keep an eye out for him.

AMY - Inform the whole of Shenzhen as well.

DWAYNE - Got it.

AMY - I'm going to speak with Mumbai police about this case. Either way we'll be on standby.

DWAYNE - Fine.

AMY - If you get him in China, that's great. If not, you come and back me up in India.

DWAYNE - Okay, got it.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Dear Passengers, may I have your attention please, Singapore Airlines flight SQ 458 to Singapore is ready for boarding.

AMY - Okay, I got to go. I'll be on my way to Singapore. Send me a mail if there's anything urgent.

DWAYNE - Got it.

[Scene 72]

(Shenzhen Railway Station)

STAFF MEMBER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) 好了, 好了.

STAFF MEMBER 2 - Ay, 你想喝茶吗?


STAFF MEMBER 2 - (Calling out to someone else) Ay! 一杯茶!

(meanwhile on board the train)

ANNOUNCEMENT - 您好, 十分钟我们来Shenzhen. 现在Shenzhen天气暖和了,二十九度.

DANIEL - Shenzhen (nods his head).

RAY - 你需要买飞机票, 去孟买.

DANIEL - 好的.

(train arrives at Shenzhen - Passengers get off the train)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Ay, 你看他了吗?(shows picture of Ray).

PASSENGER 1 - 我不知道.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Oi, 你看他了吗?(shows picture of Ray).

PASSENGER 2 - 我没看.

RAY - Shit.

DANIEL - 为什么?

RAY - 你看.

(Daniel sees the police asking for Ray)

DANIEL - Oh, hmm....

(last passengers sees Ray before getting down)

DANIEL - 来, 来.

(Ray follows him towards the captain's room)

POLICE OFFICER 3 - 你看他了吗?(shows picture of Ray).

PASSENGER 50 - Oh. 我知道了. 他在火车.


(all the police come to get on the train, but the train takes off from the station)


(Police try to get on the train before it leaves but couldn't - Ray and Daniel are in Captain's seat)

RAY - (Steering the train) 他们在火车吗?

DANIEL - (Checks the train interiors) 他们没来了.

RAY - (Smiles) 很好.

(Captain tries to wake up - from being beaten up by Ray and Daniel)

DANIEL - Oi! (picks him up and throws him off the train).

CAPTAIN - Ah!!! (hits the ground with full impact).

(Meanwhile at Shezhen Railway Station)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) 是的,他们开火车.

[Scene 73]

(Hong Kong Police Department - Meeting Room)

COMMISSIONER - I have the bad news.

DWAYNE - What happened?

COMMISSIONER - Ray escaped from Shenzhen.

DWAYNE - (Shocked) What?!

COMMISSIONER - Don't tell me what! I don't know what do now. Ray and now Daniel Lee.

DWAYNE - Yes, I know.

COMMISSIONER - They driving the train to somewhere, I don't know.

DWAYNE - I see.

COMMISSIONER - Try and stop, if you can.

DWAYNE - Will do, sir.

COMMISSIONER - Please, I'm contacting authorities in Shenzhen to keep eye out.

DWAYNE - Fine.

[Scene 74]

(On the train)

DANIEL - 现在我们去哪里?

RAY - 你给我中国地图.

(Daniel gives him the map, he holds it out for him)

RAY - Hmm....(steers the train).

DANIEL - Hmm....

RAY - 我们去Guangzhou.

DANIEL - Guangzhou?

RAY - 是的.

[Scene 75]

(Amy reaches Singapore, hop-over destination before reaching Mumbai)

AMY - (Goes over to Coffee Bean for a cup of coffee) Thank you.

(She takes her coffee with her to the internet cafe - upon checking the email from Dwayne she sends a reply)

AMY - (Her email replay is as follows) Dear Dwayne, I'm currently at Changi Airport, at the Transit Check-in area. I'll get back to you later. I foresee myself having to get in on the action in India. With regards to this, do keep an eye on where they are traveling about the country. He has to get on a flight to India.

(Upon writing the reply email, she heads over to take a seat at the transit check-in area)

[Scene 76]

(Meanwhile - in the train, they're 15 minutes away from final destination)

RAY - Daniel. Guaanzhou的Police知道了吗?


RAY - 我们, 他们知道了吗?

DANIEL - 我不知道. 我想他们不知道.

RAY - 为什么?

DANIEL - 中国很大. 从Shenzhen, 我们打算去很多个地方. 比如Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou. 我觉得他们想我们去Dongguan.

RAY - Hmm....

(eventually they reach Guangzhou - they get off at the station)

RAY - Quick, 我们需要买票.

(they quickly hustle so they don't draw attention)

[Scene 77]

(Hong Kong Police Department)

COMMISSIONER - (Speaker Phone) 你们看他了吗?

POLICE OFFICER 5 - 不看. 我们想他去Dongguan.


POLICE OFFICER 5 - 因为火车去西边, Shenzhen西边有Dongguan和Guangzhou.

COMMISSIONER - 所以你想他去Dongguan.


COMMISSIONER - Hmm....(drops the call).

DEREK - 我想他没去Dongguan.


DEREK - Hmm....

COMMISSIONER - 今天晚上你去孟买.

DEREK - 为什么?

COMMISSIONER - Ray打算去孟买. 你和印度Police看Ray.

DEREK - 好的 (leaves to book flight tickets).

[Scene 78]

(In Mumbai - Police Department, Meeting Room)

COMMISSIONER - American Commissioner. Ray, international criminal. He's coming to Bombay.

(Police are all hearing this in the meeting)

COMMISSIONER - We have Amy, from CIA.

(Amy walks in to address the meeting)

AMY - Ray plans to come to Mumbai, to rob ICICI Bank Headquarters.

ALL - Oh god, what? (mumbling about).

AMY - The moment he reaches Indian soil, we are catching him.

COMMISSIONER - Madam, alive or dead?

AMY - (Looks at everyone) Have it your way (smiles and leaves).

COMMISSIONER - Okay? you heard? Deputy Commissioner Ajay!

(Deputy Commissioner Ajay shows up)

COMMISSIONER - You're in charge.

AJAY - Mar Gaya?

COMMISSIONER - Yes, kill him.

(Ajay smiles and leaves)

[Scene 79]

(At Guangzhou Airport)

RAY - 买飞机票去Greenland. 好了吗?

DANIEL - 好了 (thumbs up).

RAY - (Looks around) 谢谢 (leaves).

(Daniel leaves as well - Ray Checks in and heads for Departure)

POLICE OFFICER 4 - (Walkie Talkie) 说.

COMMISSIONER - Ray, 你看她了吗?

(Commissioner sent a picture of Ray to him)

POLICE OFFICER 4 - 我觉得去看他.


(Police Officer heads over to the office rooms to get print outs of Ray's photo - he informs the police to keep an eye out for him)

RAY - (Just crossing Immigration) 谢谢 (he walks over to get some coffee).

(Officers meanwhile are busy posting pictures of him about the airport - Ray is wearing a hooded shirt)

RAY - (Gets coffee from Starbuck's) 谢谢 (drinks and notices the police sticking up posters).

(Ray checks out the posters and realizes)

RAY - God damn it.

(He tries to sneak past the police with his hooded shirt, he travels passively on the travelator to his flight area)

ANNOUNCEMENT - 您好, Air India flight 五九三到孟买, now open for boarding.

(Police are alerted by this and see if they can head over to the area - Ray manages to clear his boarding pass and enter the flight before they catch him)

POLICE OFFICER 7 - Oi! 你看他了吗? (shows picture of Ray).

(More passengers come in to check off their boarding passes)

STAFF MEMBER 1 - (Clearing the boarding passes) Hmm....我觉得看他. 但是, 我不知道.


(The officer enters the plane to check if he's already there - Ray covers his face with hood and tightens the covering up)


STAFF MEMBER 2 - Hmm....是的. 他在这个飞机.

POLICE OFFICER 5 - Hmm....(rushes to check over everyone).

(Ray tenses up and passes out asleep in his seat - with face covered up by tightened hood. The officer approaches Ray's row)

POLICE OFFICER 5 - (Asks passenger next to him) 他是你的家人吗?


POLICE OFFICER 5 - Hmm...他睡觉了吗?


(Police slowly opens up his hood - finds out that it isn't Ray)

RAY - (Wearing a spare professional face mask disguise for his many thefts) 为什么? 我睡觉了.

POLICE OFFICER 5 - Sorry (he moves on).

(Ray slowly removes his fake mask and slips it in his bag - he smiles. The Officer leaves the flight, and so the flight takes off)

[Scene 80]

(In Mumbai, India - Costa Coffee in Phoenix Mall)

AMY - Well, thank you for joining us.

DEREK - My pleasure (drinks coffee).

AMY - What did you manage to find out from your team in Hong Kong and China?

DEREK - Ray had teamed with Daniel Lee, a criminal in Hong Kong.

AMY - Hmm....

DEREK - I lost track when the car went towards Admiralty and Kowloon. They said he took train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. From there, he hijack the train to somewhere else.

AMY - Wow.

DEREK - We come up with many possibilities. Closest he can reach to come to India, was Dongguan, because train left for that direction.

AMY - I see.

DEREK - We told authorities in Dongguan and even Guangzhou, unfortunately he was gone. We had no luck.

AMY - Hmm....

DEREK - But, he will come to India, because his plan is like that.

AMY - Yes, yes.

DEREK - Did you inform Mumbai authorities?

AMY - Yes, all transport authorities are informed. He'll be captured upon reaching India.

DEREK - That is great. Hopefully, we can catch him this time.

[Scene 81]

(Air India flight arrives in Mumbai - Ray is seen heading over to the immigration)

OFFICER 1 - (Checking Passports for Immigration) Thank you, next!

(Ray heads over)

OFFICER 1 - (Checking the passports) Sir, name?

RAY - Ray.

OFFICER 1 - Okay (holds the stamp and pauses for a moment).

(awkward silence gap - the officer lifts his head up)

OFFICER 1 - (Whispers) Trying to mess up India?!

(Ray realizes that he knows about him)

OFFICER 1 - Oi! police come!! he's here!

RAY - Damn it.

(Ray makes a run for it by force)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) Haan, block the entrances.

(Officers block the entrances - Ray is being surrounded by police at the airport)

INSPECTOR 1 - (Checks his luggage tag) Hmm...naam kya hai?

RAY - Mera Naam Ray.

INSPECTOR 1 - Oh! hindi bolte hein! (smiles). You think you can escape? India, very big country, police will murder you.

RAY - (Smiles) Hehehe....

INSPECTOR 1 - Eh? what you're laughing? you think I'm funny man.

RAY - (Laughs like a psycho) Hahahaha!!

(Police step back from him - widening the circle)

RAY - Come at me.

(Ray is having a fight sequence with the officers - bullets went off too. He manages to beat up everyone, except for some 7 officers)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - (Shoots him in the arm) Ha!

RAY - Ah! (covers his arm).

POLICE OFFICER 3 - Ay! catch him now, na!

(Ray runs out of the exit with officers chasing him - he manages to get into an auto)

AUTO DRIVER - Sir? hai na?

RAY - Marine Drive.

(Auto drives off)


(Officers get into their cars to follow the auto)

[Scene 82]

(Renaissance Hotel, Powai - Mumbai)

AMY - (Answers the call) Hello? Oh...Oh! I'm coming right away (drops the call)

(Amy leaves her hotel room - Simultaneously Derek Chong leaves next door hotel room)

DEREK - Let's kill that guy.

AMY - (Smiles) Sure.

[Scene 83]

(Deputy Commissioner Ajay while driving)

AJAY - (Walkie Talkie) Where is he going?!

POLICE OFFICER 3 - Passing by Dharavi.

AJAY - Got it (accelerates his vehicle).

(Upon crossing Dharavi)

RAY - (Turns back - now to the auto driver) Stop, stop.

AUTO DRIVER - Sir, Marine Drive?

RAY - Here (gives him 50 Rupees fare and catches another auto).

POLICE OFFICER 2 - (Walkie Talkie) I recorded the auto number! MH 02 CI 2914.

(All officers have it recorded)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Sir I got him!

AJAY - (Walkie Talkie) You do?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Auto is struck in traffic at Shivaji Nagar.

AJAY - Nab that ass.

(They surround the auto)

AUTO DRIVER - (Scared and hands up) Kya?! meh hoon?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Heh? Ray kidar hai?


POLICE OFFICER 2 - Passenger, kidar hai?

AUTO DRIVER - Gone yaar.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - (Turns back) Shit.

AJAY - Got him?

POLICE OFFICER 2 - No, he took a different vehicle.

AJAY - Fine (calls Amy and Derek).

AMY/DEREK - (Answers the call) Yes?

AJAY - I want you guys to mark areas Worli and Lower Parel. Have police keep a firm mark at the road junctions. We're killing him.

(the team moves on to mark the two areas)

[Scene 84]

(Ray now in a different auto)

RAY - (On the phone) Hello? Rathod? I'm coming to your place...okay, police following me, yaar.

(Ray checks to see if police are still after him)

AMY - (At Lower Parel) Guys, keep your eyes open. He's traveling in an auto.

(Police at Lower Parel are alerted and patrolling the area)

AMY - (Notices Ray as she patrols Lower Parel - Walkie Talkie) Guys, I got him, I'm sure. No sudden action, I'm going to take a direct shot (gets her gun ready and shoots Ray on the same arm).

RAY - Ah! (notices Amy) Amy....(runs out of the auto and now on the road).

AMY - (Walkie Talkie) He's on the road, get ready!

(Ray is running across the roads - through heavy traffic, he notices the police ready to shoot him)

RAY - (On the phone while running) Hey!! send me a vehicle at Worli. I'm coming from there to your place! (drops the call - he manages to tackle the police through heavy traffic).

AMY - (Walkie Talkie) Derek? Ajay? He's heading for Worli. Keep firm, and steady.

AJAY/DEREK - Got it.

[Scene 85]

(Ray runs until he reaches Worli - he's panting and stops)

RAY - (Looks up and sees Ajay and Derek in positions) God damn this!! (runs for it).

(Ajay and Derek are trying to shoot him from this distance, the miss due to heavy traffic in between)

AJAY - (Walkie Talkie) Kasturba Quarters, he's heading for Kasturba Quarters!

(Upon reaching Kasturba Quarters - Ray gets a call)

RAY - (Answering the call) Hello? Cool Cabs vehicle? (notices the vehicle) I-I got you.

(gets into the cab and goes off)

RAY - Thank you so much.

(Rathod - Petty thief partner of Ray)


RAY - Rathod?

RATHOD - Come on yaar, you do this in China and all, Bombay easy na?

RAY - Shut up drive.

(the police cars are chasing after them)

RATHOD - Still following?

RAY - (Checks behind) Yes, go fast!

RATHOD - Bombay traffic na! so slow.

RAY - Do something, yaar!

(Evening time now)

RAY - Go go! green light! fast fast!!

(Vehicles back glasses get shattered by bullets)

RAY - Damn it! they saw me get in the car!!

RATHOD - I'm going fast!!

AJAY - (Walkie Talkie) I need men at Chowpatty Beach. Knock the car down at the spot.

(Upon by-passing Chowpatty Beach - police shoot the vehicle down)

RAY/RATHOD - (Run out of the car) Ah!!! (they land on the beach).

(Police surround them - Amy, Derek Chong, and Ajay arrive)

AJAY - (Steps forward) Wow (checking Ray out) USA, Hong Kong, and now India? what a man (pats him on the back).

(Ray is not pleased with himself)

AJAY - Tried to run? where to? Colaba? to head towards the middle east?

DEREK - (Steps forward) I like you. Very intelligent. Faking HSBC manager's face and stealing money. But, you must die.

AMY - (Steps forward) Forget that. (Looks at Ray) Now you know why I told you about your bug.

(Ray realizes why)

AMY - Teaming up with Vans was your worst move. I got the ass in Brisbane.

RAY - W-What?

AMY - (Whips out his SIM Card) Found this in Vegas.

RAY - That son of a-

AMY - All I need was your bug, and his SIM Card. Now you're going to die (smiles).

(Ajay puts handcuffs on Ray and knocks his knees so he's kneeling on the ground)

AMY - (Takes out her gun and points at his forehead) Well....Game Master, looks like your game is over. You lost one life with the bug, second life with SIM card, now your last life....(loads her gun).

RAY - (Smiles) Heh.

RATHOD - D-Dah! (running away).

(Amy shoots him dead and goes back to Ray)

RAY - Shit.

AMY - (Smirks) Any requests?

RAY - Only I decide, when this game is over. Only I decide, how I want to end this game.

AMY - Well?

RAY - Beat me to death.

AMY - How?

RAY - You, Mr. India, and Mr. Hong Kong.


(They all beat him up - Ray is helpless. Ajay gives his final punch and Ray is gone)

DEREK - Nice.

AJAY - What now?

AMY - We don't need him. Toss him in the Arabian sea.

(Ajay and Derek smile and do so)

DEREK - Done.

(Everyone leaves the scene)

[Scene 86]

(LA Police Department - Meeting Room)

COMMISSIONER - Dear all, I thank you all for cooperating with us. It has been a very difficult task for us all. It's confirmed that Ray and Vans have died, and we've received their death certificate and reports too.

(Hong Kong Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - It is my pleasure, sir. Thank you, on behalf of Hong Kong and China Police Departments.

(Brisbane Police Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - Cheers, mate. Thankfully we stopped those dipsticks.

(Mumbai Police Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - Thank you for involving us in this mission.

(Amy and Dwayne exchange smirks - Now LA Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - And the CIA agents. Thank you for helping take charge in this mission.

DWAYNE - My pleasure, sir.

AMY - Thank you.

[Scene 87]

(At the Road Junction outside LA Police)

AMY - Where are you off to?

DWAYNE - Subway, you coming?

AMY - That would be great.

(traffic light is green and they cross the road - someone behind them is crossing the road at a distance. It is Ray, with his hooded jacket on)

RAY - (Smiles as he crosses the road - whispering to himself) Only I decide, when the game is over.

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380 Reviews

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Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:42 am
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Dreamy wrote a review...


I took my time in reviewing this, didn’t I? Well, here I am! So, this was so long, like too long. But it’s a script, that’s how scripts are, they are tiring and long and you feel like you’re overhearing a conversation the entire time, until the end and then you are left with yourself and your feelings. You can now judge the lives of the strangers whose conversation you were overhearing, how entertaining is that? This is what I feel about scripts anyway.

This is a desi story with foreign actors, now people could get on a debate with me for calling it desi because for some odd reasons we find “desi” offensive, but no, it’s how we are, desi is our guilty pleasure. No matter how many “art” films we watch from all around the world, when we are watching our movies, we don’t want our heroes to die; we want our heroes to fight the twenty men single-handedly, we want our heroes to marry the heroine even if she’s just a minor. We applaud and whistle when our favourite hero breaks the law and this story is everything about that, except the heroine part. ;)

The story had a good flow; there isn’t much to comment on the characters, they just did what Ray asked them to do, which means they either trusted Ray fully, or you just wanted it to be a hero-centred movie.

Technically speaking, (I’m still learning my stuff around so if I’m wrong please correct me) the beginning of the script was handed better, I think. I, as a reader, got the sense of the jail environment they were in, pretty nicely. The tight ambience, the crowd, the platters, everything the camera can shoot. But as the story got intense it seemed like you forgot to set the ambiance. You just mention the scene number and the place it takes place, oh, also, when the scene is set indoors, you have to mention it so. As in,

[Scene 1]

(Los Angeles Central Jail - Canteen)


INT(meaning: Interior)
Central Jail- A huge hall, walls painted blue, rows & rows of tables and chairs laid out, crowded with inmates… so on and so forth

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should mention everything in the jail, but set a premise of what you want in your shot, be it the compound wall, the barb wires or the police men, if he’s stout or physically well-built, something that our eyes would pick up immediately when are sent in to a room or something that we’d see/feel in person.

There were few places where the characters say “hehe” it felt like they were exaggerating the laugh, if that’s the case then it’s fine, if not, then a big no. If they are laughing say they laughed, smiling say they did that. Nobody laughs “hehe” ly unless or until they are trying to be psychotic or playful but sadly, I didn’t feel the characters were being playful except for that scene in the airport where Bruce strikes a conversation with a woman by offering a chewing gum. I loved it! It made me giggle, so A+ for light-hearted humour.

Also, do translate the Chinese, I had to skip the parts because I can’t read Chinese and that’s just sad.

I don’t know how I feel about the end though. Administratively speaking (lol), I don’t think that the police would just beat the guy and put him in the sea, I mean he’s not an innocent who saw these police taking bribe, shot the action on his mobile and threatened/blackmailed them. He’s a wanted criminal internationally; their higher officials would want to see his body, let alone the Human rights NGOs. They could beat him to death for the kick/challenge of it, but drop him at the sea and produce a medical certificate that says “he is indeed dead”? Hm, you decide.

Anyway, this was entertaining. PM me if you have want to anything.

Keep writing!


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Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:03 pm
Abhipsa says...

Hey, Abhipsa here for a review :)

Before starting, I want to tell you whatever I write are solely my own perceptions and you don't need to be too serious about them.

It was a wonderful script, full of action and drama. You have done an awesome job, I must say. First of all the idea was great. Next the sequence of events and the description was also amazing. And the third thing is that I want to congratulate you with a 'hats off' for the research work you probably had to do before making it up.

Coming to the cons (unfortunately, one cannot avoid that) - it is too long. One tends to lose interest as one proceeds. Its not that the script is not interesting, but it feels like its never going to end. I would suggest you to break it into parts.

Then the Hindi at some places is grammatically incorrect. And when we come to Mumbai, you have mentioned the Chowpatty beach. There is no such beach in Mumbai. In the native tongue Chowpatty means beach and it is Zuhu Chowappty meaning Zuhu beach in Mumbai.

At the end you have given it a nice ending. But the thing is that it looks as if there is another chase coming up. This isn't bad at all and many authors do it so as to give a twist at the end. But here it doesn't seem to work out well, though. It gives an unfinished end to the script. You also haven't mentioned Nicky and Bruce getting caught, so its like you will be brewing up another chase - a second part. If that's whats on your mind, then its a great idea. If not, then it would really be a proper ending if you mentioned who was the man that the police killed at the beach and what were Ray's plans next.

Other nitpicks Eros and Demigod have framed out and I have already spoken much.
It would be nice if you translated all that Chinese soon.

At last, again I congratulate you for such a great work!

Keep writing and delighting your readers!

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39 Reviews

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Reviews: 39

Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:02 pm
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Abhipsa wrote a review...

Hey, Abhipsa here for a review :)

Before starting, I want to tell you whatever I write are solely my own perceptions and you don't need to be too serious about them.

It was a wonderful script, full of action and drama. You have done an awesome job, I must say. First of all the idea was great. Next the sequence of events and the description was also amazing. And the third thing is that I want to congratulate you with a 'hats off' for the research work you probably had to do before making it up.

Coming to the cons (unfortunately, one cannot avoid that) - it is too long. One tends to lose interest as one proceeds. Its not that the script is not interesting, but it feels like its never going to end. I would suggest you to break it into parts.

Then the Hindi at some places is grammatically incorrect. And when we come to Mumbai, you have mentioned the Chowpatty beach. There is no such beach in Mumbai. In the native tongue Chowpatty means beach and it is Zuhu Chowappty meaning Zuhu beach in Mumbai.

At the end you have given it a nice ending. But the thing is that it looks as if there is another chase coming up. This isn't bad at all and many authors do it so as to give a twist at the end. But here it doesn't seem to work out well, though. It gives an unfinished end to the script. You also haven't mentioned Nicky and Bruce getting caught, so its like you will be brewing up another chase - a second part. If that's whats on your mind, then its a great idea. If not, then it would really be a proper ending if you mentioned who was the man that the police killed at the beach and what were Ray's plans next.

Other nitpicks Eros and Demigod have framed out and I have already spoken much.
It would be nice if you translated all that Chinese soon.

At last, again I congratulate you for such a great work!

Keep writing and delighting your readers!

Aravind says...

Thank you so much. This a very constructive review of my work. I'll make sure I work towards making my writing better. Yes, I'm thinking about writing the second part because of the line famously recited by Ray, "Game ends when I say so". I'm still building up the plot for that one.

Abhipsa says...

Good luck for that. Will look forward to it. :)

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Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:10 pm
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DivergentDemigod wrote a review...

wow! that was crazy ((good crazy)) and dude where did you get those chinese texting from eh? it would be awesome if you translate them!

and since @Eros already did the nitpicking here... i will not do it again and make myself look like a moron...
though i would say i like the way you used "oi" seriosly i know its a ridiulous thing to comment on...but hey i do what i like!

but anyways this was a hit for me! 4.6/5


Aravind says...

Thank you! :) :)

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Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:53 pm
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Eros wrote a review...

Heya, Aravind!!

This is Eros here to write a review for this beautiful piece of work!!

Phew. It was really long. But it was just so AWESOME! Only thing is that I couldn't understand the ching chong language you have used. Rest it was superbly designed.
I remembered the lesson, "Evans tries an O level" when I was reading this. Of course, it was entirely diiferent from what you have written.

I appriciate this piece. Wonderful ending too. The criminals get caught by Ajay, Amy, and Derek.
It was all basically how the four criminals, Nicky, Bruce, Vans and Ray follows a masterplan made by Ray to rob the whole world by creating a black bank and exchanging the money with the counterfeit money. It was desiged very beautifully. It was an interesting play.

I liked the script too. Everyone was smarter than the other. Good. Very well done!

A nit-picky thing though.
I noticed that you didn't capitalise the first lett after you put an exclamation mark.
Like for example:

Get in! Be fat and be quiet!

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) Are you there?! Come around! Come around!

ASSISTANCE - Welcome to Trump Hotel! How may I help?

Ignore this if it is your style.
But it was really beautiful piece!
Keep writing...
Never cease...
Because we all love to keep reading such AWESOME works like this one!
Have a great day/night/evening!!

Aravind says...

Hi Eros,

Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to hear about my concept working out. Yes, I'll make sure I translate the chinese dialogues, as well as capitalizations.

Eros says...

WelC! :D

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