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12+ Language Mature Content


by Aravind

[Scene 1]

(In Singapore - During Summer Holidays)

MUM - Hey! Hey! where are you going?

JAI - I'm going out to get some fresh air. I'll be back.

MUM - Sure, have fun! be back by evening 7:30.

(Jai leaves)

MUM - (On the phone) Hello? when are you coming home today?

DAD - Late, sorry.

MUM - Again? a-any luck?

DAD - Sadly no. I'm still trying.

MUM - Well...tomorrow's a weekend, we'll go to the temple.

DAD - Okay, bye.

MUM - Bye (drops the call).

(the mother watches Jai playing outside and makes tea)

[Scene 2]

(Jai comes home)

JAI - Hey ma!

MUM - Hi! how was it outside?

JAI - Played some outdoor badminton with my friends.

MUM - O-Okay then....

JAI - What happened?

MUM - N-No nothing, j-just thinking about what to cook for breakfast tomorrow.

JAI - Okay, I'll freshen up.

MUM - Sure.

[Scene 3]

(At the dinner table - only Mum and Jai eating)

MUM - You like the Dal?

JAI - It's good, why did you put tomatoes in it?

MUM - Jai, they're small pieces, just swallow them.

JAI - Next time, make egg curry.

MUM - How many times, Jai? you know how expensive it is to buy egg around here.

JAI - But still, so are the other vegetables. You're the type who heads down to Cold Storage and buys grocery worth $100.

MUM - Hey, if we need the veggies, we need them.

JAI - Same with egg. High in Protein and essential fat.

MUM - Well that yolk's no good to us anyway.

JAI - Just buy it tomorrow.

MUM - Nowadays you seem to be poking your nose into my cooking.

JAI - Summer, ma. School's out.

MUM - Oh well, just two weeks left anyways. Then freedom for me.

JAI - You're so eager to see me go back to school, now.

MUM - Hey, every mother needs a break.

JAI - But I'm like your only trouble around here.

MUM - Wow, Jai, just eat up. You make such a fuss over food you don't like.

JAI - When is dad coming?

MUM - Hmm....he's coming late today.

JAI - Today also?

MUM - Listen, your father is busy with work. At times he has heavy workload, and sometimes there is less. We'll just have to deal with it.

JAI - But he's been doing the same for like four months already. What's gotten into him?

MUM - He's busy, alright?

JAI - But, we could never see him on the weekdays, only on weekends when he sleeps in.

MUM - Why don't you ask your father, I'm sure he'll tell you.

JAI - Maybe I will (eats and leaves the table).

MUM - No TV today?

JAI - Reading a book.

MUM - Sure, why not.

[Scene 4]

(While Jai is sleeping - Dad comes home)

MUM - Come, come, I have dinner ready for you.

DAD - Yes, please.

MUM - Oh god, this same old routine, and for how long?

DAD - I don't know. I have to keep trying.

MUM - Did your-

DAD - Is Jai asleep?

MUM - Yes.

DAD - Okay good. Tomorrow is a weekend, after going to the temple, I'll break it to Jai.

MUM - Why now? he'll be upset.

DAD - Jai is mature enough, he's 15. I'm sure he can handle this if I just tell him.

MUM - He has good memories here in Singapore.

DAD - We all do, don't talk rubbish.

MUM - Well....

DAD - I have an appointment with someone in Mumbai.

MUM - Is it regarding-

DAD - Yes, yes.

MUM - Company said you can go to Vietnam, China, or Delhi.

DAD - I have asthma. I don't want to tackle pollution there.

MUM - No luck here?

DAD - Nope.

MUM - Well, if it's for the best....

DAD - Book a ticket for monday morning. I'll be back next day itself.

MUM - Sure.

[Scene 5]

(Singapore - Outram Park Hindu Temple. The family did their prayers and are now eating food there)

DAD - How is the sweet?

JAI - It's good.

MUM - You had the pongal?

JAI - Only little, I'm not that hungry.

DAD - Eat well. You need the strength.

JAI - Sure.

[Scene 6]

(Back home - Jai is on his laptop)

DAD - Jai?

JAI - Yes, dad?

DAD - I need to talk to you.

JAI - What's it about?

DAD - Listen know that, for a while, I've been coming late, right?

JAI - Yes.

DAD - It can mean anything, a man has to work hard to earn. In this case, if a man has good job security, he may as well work half day or less than 12 hours each weekday.

JAI - (Disturbed) W-What?

DAD - I-I'm getting transferred.

(Jai is speechless)

DAD - This happened months ago. Boss is transferring me to either Vietnam, China, or Delhi.

JAI - Well? d-does that mean I have to start from scratch there?

DAD - Jai, listen, you know I won't do that. Considering my health conditions, places like China and Delhi won't suit me.

JAI - Okay, Vietnam?

DAD - I'm not taking anymore risks in an alien country. You're getting into your 10th Grade. This is an important lap for you, and I don't want you to mess this up.

JAI - You tried?

DAD - I tried for....many other jobs here. I couldn't get them.

JAI - (Sad) Well....

DAD - Don't feel down. Just understand this, alright. The world today is full of mysteries. You won't be comfortable in your own basket each day, in this century. Back in my days, when I lived in Chennai. My father remained in the same job, in the same company, from first day to last day. That was our situation there.

JAI - Okay.

DAD - You just have to accept this. You have to have a flexible mind, and most importantly, you need to be mobile. In today's world you get pushed around everywhere. You just have to be prepared, to face the unexpected. Last day of school, you thought you were staying here, didn't you?

JAI - Yes.

DAD - See what fate did to us. It's all a huge mystery, life's riddles as they always say. Don't worry, I don't want to take the chance at an alien planet, which is why I'm planning on finding one back home.

JAI - Living back in India again?

DAD - Why not? it'll be a comfortable environment, as soon as we adjust. We've paid visits back home in Chennai and Bangalore, haven't we? we know the people, we know the functioning of the country. We'll just have to adapt to the new environment.

JAI - Well....

DAD - I have an interview, in Mumbai. There's a high chance that I get the job, according to what the officials there, spoke. If you're looking for a percentage, there's a 75% chance we move back to India.

JAI - Fine.

DAD - Be prepared. I'm telling you this now so that you are mentally prepared to move out. Otherwise this will seem like rocket science to you on moving day. Understood?

JAI - Okay.

DAD - There's something else to this also. We all are green card holders here.

JAI - True.

DAD - Dependent pass, more like. Meaning you all are dependent on me, where ever your move.

JAI - Sure.

DAD - Suppose I get the job, I want you to think about this: either way, I will have to move to Mumbai by coming November, which is in 3 months. However, if you choose to, you can stay back here, comfortably finish your 10th Grade studies and come join me there.

(Jai is silent)

DAD - Choice is yours. I did my part, my fate is being tossed upon in India. Your decision will tell if we all move together, or just me.

(Mum interferes)

MUM - Jai, listen. My father always told me one thing, that is we jump into a well, we jump together.

DAD - Hey! stop influencing him! he's old enough, he can make these decisions. Jai, listen, think carefully, school is going to start soon, make use of these difficult times to come up with a convincing decision.

JAI - Okay.

[Scene 7]

(Time flies - Dad returns home from Mumbai)

MUM - Well?

DAD - (Smiling) I got the job.

MUM - That's so good.

JAI - (Emotionless) Okay.

DAD - You thought hard about it?

JAI - No, I thought smart.

DAD - Sounds good. What do you insist? together? or just me?

JAI - Together.

MUM - You sure, Jai? 10th Grade is a crucial lap in your life.

DAD - Be quiet. Tell me why?

JAI - I'm quite comfortable with my academics record. I don't see why I should face trouble there in India.

DAD - Sure. Social status? your friends here?

JAI - We live in a century where we can keep in touch through social media. It won't be a problem for me.

MUM - Environment wise? you've never lived in India. You've been entirely brought up in foreign. Only for summer holidays you've gone there.

DAD - That's a point. Apart from adjusting with school there, the people and environment is entirely different. Expect hard times there, it's not like here and Hong Kong.

MUM - But they do say Mumbai is like Hong Kong.

DAD - Still, it's not the same. You're strong with your decision?

JAI - Damn sure.

DAD - 100 percent? affirmative?

JAI - 101% sure.

DAD - (Smiles) Namaste India.

(the family are in a cheerful mood upon moving back to India)

[Scene 8]

(Moving day - Jai is on skype conference call)

JAI - So yes, I'm moving back home.

RICHARD - And you never even told us?!

JUSTINE - You never said this on the last day!

JAI - Calm down you guys.

ANGELA - School's opening soon, and you're not there. What?

JAI - Angela please.

YUVAL - Listen, we need to have a get together, one last time. When are you leaving?

JAI - In two days.

ALL - Two days?! are you kidding me?!

JAI - I was busy having skype interviews with my new school whole of last week.

SIWON - Wow, Jai.

DANIEL - And you never even told us this shit.

JAI - Calm down, we'll go to Siloso Beach tomorrow. Fine?

ALL - Yes!

(Jai drops the skype call)

MUM - Siloso Beach?!

JAI - Ma, just a last get together.

MUM - Come on, you didn't think about this last week?

JAI - I was busy with the school interviews.

MUM - When is it?

JAI - Tomorrow, maybe evening.

MUM - Okay. Have it from 4:30 to 8pm or something. Don't be late, though.

(Jai is typing up invites for tomorrow)

JAI - Got it.

MUM - And please, watch out for the clock. Don't come back to Vivo City at 11:30, MRT trains don't run properly in some places after 12 midnight.

JAI - Sure, sure, I get it.

MUM - Just making sure. How much money?

JAI - Some $100.

MUM - What?

JAI - Everyone is bring $100. Wood fire Pizza is expensive there. We're having them.

MUM - Okay then. Last day anyways, what could go wrong?

JAI - Just look at the positives, we're moving back home!

MUM - Sure, we are.

[Scene 9]

(Tomorrow - At Siloso Beach. Everyone is having a great time)

RICHARD - Yes, bro! great party!

JAI - Thanks, man.

JUSTINE - Where in India are you going?

JAI - Mumbai?

JUSTINE - Your hometown?

JAI - No, hometown is Chennai.

JUSTINE - I see, but you know how to speak Indian.

YUVAL - Hindi, the language is Hindi.

JUSTINE - Oh, sorry. Hindi, you know how to speak Hindi.

YUVAL - There are many languages in India.

JAI - I don't speak Hindi.

JUSTINE - What do you speak then?

JAI - Tamil.

JUSTINE - And that's a different Indian language.

JAI - Yes.

JUSTINE - Complicated (moves off).

YUVAL - It's weird if you think about it. Every other country has just one or three languages maximum. You have like 20 or something.

JAI - More, including the dialects.

YUVAL - Oh that too, right. Well, (pats him on the back) I'm going to miss you. Class is different without you.

JAI - They have you.

YUVAL - Yes, but there's only me and a couple of other smart and realist people.

JAI - We've just got to accept diversity as it is.

YUVAL - Still, it's amazing how animals to kill others of their own species. Apart from the fact they protect their own children.

JAI - That's us.

YUVAL - (Smiles) Going to miss you, bro.

(At the beach pizza bar - ordering wood fire pizzas)

ANGELA - Oh yes! pizza and fruit juice!

SIWON - Get me a fanta.

(they're all eating)

DANIEL - (Gets up) To Jai, guys.

ALL - To Jai! (they drink).

JAI - Thanks guys. I'm going to miss you all.

DANIEL - You better pay us a visit one day.

JAI - Sure, I will.

ANGELA - Give me your skype and number, we'll keep in touch together.

JAI - Yes, um...check my facebook profile.

JUSTINE - Got it.

[Scene 10]

(next day morning - Jai sleeps in)

MUM - Well?

JAI - (Wakes up) Too tired I guess. Sort of partied hard last night.

MUM - (Smiles) You keep in touch with these guys.

JAI - I got them all sorted.

MUM - Here, your dad's at work. When he comes back we head to the airport together.

JAI - Okay.

MUM - Have your breakfast and pack your hand luggage and suitcase.

JAI - The packers are done with their work?

MUM - They finished right before you came back last night. I told to leave a few clothes and stuff behind, for us to pack.

JAI - I see.

MUM - I'm ordering breakfast from McDonald's what do you want?

JAI - Anything.

MUM - Okay (leaves the room).

(the whole day Jai is seen packing his suitcase and hand luggage, eating outside food, and also talking over the phone to some friends)

[Scene 11]

(Evening - Dad comes home)

DAD - Well then, everything packed?

MUM - Yes.

DAD - Here, lock them. I'll call the cab.

MUM - Jai, check if all the windows and lights are off.

JAI - Got it.

(after which they all head to the airport and check in - now waiting for the flight)

DAD - Well, we made it (smiles).

ALL - Yes indeed.

DAD - Flight is in an hours time. If you guys want to eat or....

MUM - I'm fine, Jai?

JAI - I'll be at the internet cafe.

DAD - Yes. Be back before the hour. Flight is going to board by then.

JAI - Be right back.

(Jai uses the internet cafe to go check Facebook to speak with his friends)

JAI - (Types the following status on Facebook) Flight is in another hour. Thank you all for being there for me, supporting me throughout my endeavors. I'll really miss you all. Let's keep in touch. This is Jai signing off.

[Scene 12]

(Flight takes off - Jai's parents are sleeping, while Jai is listening to music and watching the view outside)

AIR HOSTESS 1 - Welcome on board Singapore Airlines, have you ordered any in-flight meals?

DAD - Yes, 3 vegetarian meals.

AIR HOSTESS 1 - Ah yes, I've got them checked. Enjoy your flight.

(Jai uses the flight TV service to watch films throughout the journey. Towards landing)

CAPTAIN - Passengers on board Singapore Airlines flight SQ 255, this is your captain speaking. We will arriving Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport shortly, please ensure your seat belts are fasten, tray tables are closed, and any hand luggage is tucked in below. Thank you for flying Singapore Airlines, and we hope to see you again.

(Jai looks out the window to see Mumbai)

MUM - Well?

JAI - I'm coming back home (smiles).

MUM - You'll love it here.

(flight lands in Mumbai)

DRIVER - Mr Balaji?

DAD - Yes, that's me.

DRIVER - (Shakes hands) Welcome to Mumbai, sir. Come (assists with the luggage).

(they head over to a service apartment)

[Scene 13]

(At the Service Apartment - Oakwood, Juhu)

DAD - Well, we're here!

(Jai peaks out of the window)

JAI - Wow! look at that celebration outside!

MUM - It's a happening place, Jai. What did I tell you? it must be a wedding of some sort.

JAI - This big?!

(they all look out the window)

ALL - Hehehehe.

[Scene 14]

(Joining day in Jai's new school)

HOMEROOM - Guys! I want you to meet, Jai. Our new student from Singapore.

ALL - Oho!

JAI - Hi, I'm Jai.

NATHAN - How was Singapore?

JAI - Good, very nice city.

ARMAAN - You like Bombay so far?

JAI - Looks good, so far.

ALL - Hehehe.

LAYLA - What do you miss about Singapore?

JAI - My friends and memories there.

ALL - Aw...

HOMEROOM - So yes, welcome to École Mondiale. Hope you enjoy your time here (smiles).

[Scene 15]

(Jai is having a blast in his new school)

NITISH - Hey! Jai, bro! come here na!

JAI - Yes?

NITISH - We'll do some shots upstairs?

JAI - Yes, why not?

(they play basketball upstairs and have a great time - now end of day)

MUM - Hi!

JAI - What're you doing in school, ma?

MUM - First day, right? came to see you.

JAI - It was fun (notices other students giving all their bags to the maids). You saw that?

MUM - What?

JAI - The students, giving all their load on the maid.

MUM - Yes, I know. It's an international school, Jai. Not like Singapore, because you'll find big shots around here.

JAI - You never told me about this.

MONICA - Bye, Jai! have fun here!

JAI - Bye.

MUM - Who's that?

JAI - Monica.

MUM - Monica? last name?

JAI - I think it's Lulla.

MUM - What did I just tell you? you have direct connection with big shots.

JAI - What?

MUM - That Monica's father owns Eros International, you know, this film company.

JAI - (Eyes wide open) Oh shit!

MUM - Did I really not tell you?

JAI - No, and please tell me more.

MUM - Actress Kajol's daughter studies here, and is two years younger than you.

JAI - We get to meet Kajil during Parents teacher meets?!

MUM - Quiet down, Jai. Things are like that here. Just make sure you don't get influenced by their habits.

JAI - Habits?

MUM - You'll know it.

[Scene 16]

(Next day in school)

MURALI - guy?

JAI - Yes, I'm Jai.

MURALI - I'm Murali.

JAI - Tamil?

MURALI - How did you know?

JAI - Your name.

MURALI - Yes, but, I don't speak it. I'm brought up here.

JAI - I see.

MURALI - Come with me.

(they attended classes together and were like good buddies)

MURALI - Stick with me if you want to succeed in life.

JAI - Why?

MURALI - It's not like where you're from. There people like us who want to succeed, then there are those who are ready to take over their parent's company.

JAI - Seriously.

MURALI - Take for example, Monica. Her father owns-

JAI - Eros International.

MURALI - Yes, but look at her. (Whispers) No offense, but I don't think she's ready to take over the family business.

JAI - Why?

MURALI - She's dumb as anything.

JAI - That's mean.

MURALI - Listen, I've had NRI friends before. What you call dumb over there is much less here.

JAI - I don't get it.

MURALI - I'll give you an analogy: there are the lazy ones, and then there are hardworking ones like us.

JAI - So, Monica's not intellect?

MURALI - She wants to become a film director, yet she's not committed to do the stuff. We had film project in IT last year, she slacked off and got a 2.

JAI - 2 on 7?!

MURALI - Calm down, you'll find at least 10 people of that sort here.

JAI - So...10 out of 35 get 2s here?

MURALI - We have intellects in this country, bro. Not so much in rich schools like this. If you go to public schools, or even better, South India, you find them.

JAI - Hmm....

MURALI - You want to know one thing? this same Monica girl, had a crazy 15th birthday party last year. It was during the Easter break, when she called everyone to come to Goa.

JAI - Okay.

MURALI - You don't know what happens in Goa?

JAI - No idea.

MURALI - You go there to get drunk and to go clubbing.

JAI - Woah.

MURALI - I know what you're thinking. This shit doesn't happen in Singapore. Yes, it doesn't. Hey! welcome to India. Being an Indian, and kind of a realist, I admit we have severe loopholes. Which was why these guys all had hangovers in school.

JAI - Hangover?!

MURALI - You have a week's break, and she chose for everyone to drink heavily at her party the day before. You should've seen it. It was like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, meets Walking Dead.



JAI - Too much information.

MURALI - Just keeping you informed. Beware.

JAI - Well, o-okay. I'll have to mingle with these guys eventually.

MURALI - Mingle with them, that's fine. Don't be like them, that's my advice here. You're getting advice from a guy who's been sincere with hard work from Grade 1. I've seen these dudes from Day one, elementary. It's like-

JAI - I got it (walks off).


[Scene 17]

(Weekends - Jai and family tour around Mumbai)

DAD - Well? how are you liking school?

JAI - Good.

MUM - What happened? you seem dull.

JAI - It's nothing.

MUM - Tell us.

JAI - Fine. I have this friend called Murali in school.

DAD - Oh, Tamil?

JAI - Yes, but can't speak it.

DAD - Aw.

JAI - So yes, he advised me on this school's happening and all. Now I'm kind of skeptic about this shift.

MUM - Why?

JAI - He told me all about the behaviors of these guys, and events and all.

MUM - Listen, Jai. We knew this from the start. We didn't want you to distract yourself with all this nonsense.

DAD - Right. Your job is to succeed in life and do what's right for yourself. I don't know about rich students in India, but having studied in a Public school myself, I can tell you that all sorts of bullying and loots can happen.

MUM - We're not in the 1960s.

DAD - Okay, so bullying isn't an issue. Abuse and behavior can be the issue. It's those issues around peer pressure. You should be able to tackle it easily.

MUM - If someone offers you something, refuse.

DAD - Yes, please play safe. You don't know if they could be drugging you.

JAI - You never mentioned this disclaimer.

DAD - Jai, it's all a learning experience. It may not be in your school. But I've heard it still happens. In fact, my own father, I'm quite ashamed to admit it. He too was introduced to smoking by peer pressure back then.

MUM - Again, not ancient times.

DAD - Shut up, dear. Point is, be careful. If you think this Murali mouth is disturbing you, then by all means just stay away from him. He'll probably make you panic for everything.

MUM - It's nothing, Jai. India's a great place. Just because we're coming back here after a decade, we're being bombarded by all these safety procedures. Here, the Queen's Necklace.

(they see Queen's Necklace and tour around the area - they tour about South Bombay together)

[Scene 18]

(Next day morning)

DAD - I found a house.

MUM - Great, where?

DAD - A pent house in Oshiwara.

MUM - Andheri West, right?

DAD - Yes.

JAI - (Wakes up) Oh nice.

DAD - Pent house, Jai.

MUM - I guess all other houses are small.

JAI - India is the home to 1.3 billion people. That in mind, so we have smaller space for each person to live in.

DAD - Okay....quite insightful.

MUM - Today, we're going around North Bombay today.

JAI - Oh great.

MUM - I'll buy Bisleri Water, Jai. Don't drink water from the taps like Singapore.

JAI - Thanks for telling me, at late notice.

DAD - You drank from the taps?

JAI - It was an accident, I forgot.

DAD - Oh come on, Jai. Be sensible, alright? this is India, water isn't clean right out of the pipes. We get it from Bisleri or Aquafina.

JAI - Fine.

(they go touring around North Bombay - In places like Juhu, Andheri etc)

[Scene 19]

(Night time - Lokhandwala Market, at High Point restaurant)

DAD - Come, this is a good restaurant I heard.

WAITER - Order?

DAD - Dho plate, Masala Dosa. What do you want, Jai?

JAI - Same as you guys.

DAD - Theen plate, Masala Dosa.

WAITER - Okay (leaves).

MUM - That was a good tour today, right? Juhu and Andheri.

DAD - Highlight was Prithvi Theatre tour and the food court at Infiniti Mall.

JAI - Sure (thinking hard).

MUM - You okay, Jai? tired? you have school tomorrow. We'll have the driver ready to pick us up.

JAI - Sure.

DAD - Jai, tired?

JAI - Not really.

DAD - Then?

JAI - What's the gap?

DAD - Gap?

JAI - Yesterday we went to South Bombay, today North Bombay. Both parts of the city are so different.

DAD - How?

JAI - Look at how developed that part of the city is, and look at the North. Almost abandoned from development.

MUM - Jai, that's ridiculous. You know one thing? Actor Amitabh Bachchan lives in North Bombay. He's not a fool to live here if there's no development.

JAI - I mean, if you look at it. It's only the airport that's all nice and high-fi. The moment You move further into the city, it gets worse.

DAD - Well, it's not Singapore. India is still getting there, my friend.

JAI - Still?

MUM - Jai.

JAI - Look at the roads, infrastructure, quality of living in the south. Then look here, the roads are like bumpy, and full of gravel and construction sand here and there.

MUM - If a city is developing it has to be that way, Singapore didn't jump the entire lap. They had Lee Kuan Yew and all the other great people lead Singapore throughout. One of their phases was this.

JAI - But-

DAD - You mean to say North Bombay isn't proper?

JAI - Well, technically no.

DAD - Then?

JAI - I mean, India as a whole. It's the same everywhere in this country. That day we went to Jaipur, only the first few sections of land were developed - the rest?

DAD - It's a marketing technique, Jai.

JAI - Explain.

DAD - See, people want to feel welcome when they arrive anywhere in this country, for example. For that, they use the power of aesthetics to make the airport area very pleasing for people. Then, there's us, who are still working on developing other parts of the city.

JAI - Why not develop land for those who are already living, then for those who are yet to arrive?

DAD - Well....

WAITER - (Places their food) Dosa (leaves).

(Jai picks up the glass of water on the table)

DAD - No, don't.

(Jai puts down the cup)

DAD - Drink Mineral Water. Don't rely on this.

JAI - Still, there's one thing I can't get straight. If we already many smart people in this country, what's holding us back?

MUM - How does this relate? eat your Dosa, Jai. You're probably hungry.

JAI - (Eating Dosa) I don't understand. If education is the solution to solving problems and putting an end to the bad, what's holding us back?

DAD - No, no. Education can't always be the solution. What you just said is controversial. You can be someone uneducated and still bring about a change.

JAI - Well....did it? I'm hearing all sorts of news in papers about school toppers getting perfect 500/500, or even acheiving top grades and all. Great! it's been happening in my times, even in your times, and dad you're one of them. Still, if news like this is so common, then why haven't we solved problems like these quickly?


JAI - I mean, sure, this country is getting better by the time. India wasn't the same as it was when I was born. At times, I just feel things are pretty slow, and sometimes feel we're lazy.

DAD - Eat up, Jai. You're hungry, and that's making you cranky. We've had a long day today.

JAI - Dad, come on.

DAD - You have school tomorrow. We can pick this up tomorrow.

(Finishes his Dosa)

DAD - Why?

JAI - What?

DAD - You think the nation is quite lazy?

JAI - Sure.

DAD - Why?

JAI - Let me give you an analogy. Everyday you see me, but you can't tell the rate at which I'm growing day by day. Yet, our grandparents, we visit once every year. They are comfortably able to say that we've grown significantly. Why is that? Someone whom I've lived with most of my life, yet someone I visit once a year, can point out the difference. Likewise the same this.

MUM - You're really philosophical.

JAI - Can someone please explain how?

MUM - How what?

JAI - If we have the potential to launch a rocket to Mars, then why can't we develop our country's standard of living?

DAD - That's a good question. Whatever the answer is, I believe it's due to opportunities elsewhere.

JAI - Tell me more.

DAD - Why do you think I left for Hong Kong and Singapore? I could've stayed put in Chennai. I had a better opportunity overseas, standard of living, education, everything. It was pitch perfect for me and the family.

JAI - Makes sense.

DAD - Tell me, if you were a Scientist, would you want to live in the same harsh conditions? or in a place that has the canvas set for you?

(Jai is silent)

DAD - Something you might want to think about. Let's go, it's getting late.

(Jai and the family leave for home)

[Scene 20]

(At School - Before Geography Class Begins)

JAI - And....I just couldn't get my head around this issue. I mean, why didn't you leave for abroad?

MURALI - Me? Why me?

JAI - You're dad has the same status as mine. Why couldn't you guys move elsewhere if choices are better?

MURALI - Well, that was our choice. We have a family here in Mumbai, apart from that, we don't want to lose contact with the rich culture and heritage here. It's something you won't get when you go elsewhere like the US, even Singapore.

JAI - True.

MURALI - I bet you couldn't even celebrate Diwali there.

JAI - We did, but we're restricted to only burst crackers.

MURALI - You see? Though opportunities are better elsewhere, you'll be missing out on culture and family. Our family values work, as well as culture and famil equally. It's why we didn't move.

JAI - I see.

MURALI - Problem is, you just don't know what it's like to be an Indian like me. Sure I'm kind of a realist, but regardless of that I have a strong background of an ideal Indian. I celebrate festivals, watch cricket every now and then, travel to places like Ladakh and Kerala, I even speak the dominant language: Hindi.

JAI - I don't get why Hindi is a dominant language.

MURALI - The capital is Delhi. People speak Hindi there, therefore it's Hindi. Apart from that, majority of the states speak Hindi. That's majority against the languages which have only one state speaking it. Even here, people speak Hindi as well as Marathi.

JAI - It doesn't happen back in Tamil Nadu though.

MURALI - I've read the headlines a couple of times about how our home state had attempts on getting rid of Hindi. Something on the lines of being "Anti-Hindi Speaking" State.

JAI - I see.

(Geography Teacher walks in)

MS. OYNDRILLA - Hello class, how's everyone doing? Jai, new student. You adjusted to our school?

JAI - Yes, miss.

MS. OYNDRILLA - That's good to hear. Today, we'll be continuing with the topic Population and Migration. Where did we last leave off?

ARMAAN - Miss, about push and pull factors about MEDCs and LEDCs.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes. So let's review (drawing a table on the whiteboard) Let's do push and pull factors of MEDCs first. Armaan, name one pull factor.

ARMAAN - Miss, better opportunities.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, more and better opportunities. Simran?

SIMRAN - Better Standard of Living.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, so in terms of quality of living, food, and other basic necessities, good. Shyla?

SHYLA - Better income?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, as the economy is great in MEDCs compared to LEDCs. Jai? give it a go?

(Jai remembers all that his father mentioned last night)


MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, for schooling and university. That can come under opportunities too.

JAI - Okay.

(Jai realizes that this lesson might solve his questions)

MS. OYNDRILLA - Okay, and now the push factors. What are the problems of moving into MEDCs? Let's look at this in the context of people from LEDCs moving into MEDCs.

MURALI - Language Problems, miss.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, language could be a problem, thus restricting some knowledgable immigrants from getting top-notch jobs. Anyone else?

VATSAN - Miss, Racism?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, Racism is another factor. We can say that this could lead to cultural conflicts too, right?


MS. OYNDRILLA - Good, Aarav?

AARAV - Huh?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Give me another push factor.

AARAV - Um....(not paying attention as he was playing games on his MacBook)

MS. OYNDRILLA - Were you paying attention?

(everyone draws attention towards Aarav)

AARAV - I was, miss.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Then? why do you have your laptop open? this is discussion time. Close your laptop.

(Aarav closes his laptop)

MS. OYNDRILLA - Tell me.

AARAV - I don't know.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Pay attention, Aarav. This is the tenth time this semester. I'll call up your parents if you distract yourself with these gadgets. This is a warning to everyone else as well. No distractions while class time. Only do so when instructed.

MURALI - (Whispers) What did I tell you?

JAI - Shush.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Well then, another push factor?

JAI - Miss, could this lead to religious conflict as well?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, definitely. This is a good point. We can connect this with cultural conflicts and Racism as they're all related. Good, any other points?

(Class is silent)

MS. OYNDRILLA - That's good. Now then, I'll move on to the "Brain Drain" Phenomena. This is a phenomena by which there is net movement of educated people moving out of their home country, and off to developed countries.

(Jai is very much interested in this discussion)

MS. OYNDRILLA - What we've just discussed, the push and pull factors, they are all in relation to this phenomena. Can anyone name which type of countries will be greatly affected?

JAI - Miss, LEDCs?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Correct. LEDC countries are mostly affected.

(Jai remembers his dad's example about the scientist - last night)

MS. OYNDRILLA - This phenomena has greatly affected countries like India.

(Jai is even more interested)

MS. OYNDRILLA - Can anyone tell me why?

MURALI - Miss, better opportunities abroad. As in, the pull factors of MEDCs.

MS. OYNDRILLA - That's a good way to summarise it. This is basically to do with everything mentioned about the pull factors of MEDCs. Let's move into the cause and effects of the "Brain Drain" phenomena.

ARMAAN - Loss of educated people could mean reduced productivity.

MS. OYNDRILLA - That is true, as the very educated have moved abroad for better opportunities. Anything else?

SIMRAN - Economic Growth.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, if many people move abroad then there'll be less people working. If not, then this will mean many people with fewer skills being employed.

JAI - But, isn't that raising employment rate of the country? because of the net migration of skilled people, this would open opportunities for the others.

MS. OYNDRILLA - True, but many of those won't fit under the criteria for attaining the job posts. Say we have many software engineers leave India to USA, and this is true as it has happened. Can we have people who are not properly qualified to take up those jobs?

JAI - No.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Yes, so it puts burden on the productivity and economic growth. If more people leave a country, it means the remaining workforce have to work even harded to satisfy the country's growth. Otherwise, many factors such as value of currency, products, and so on, they will become higher. Jai!

JAI - Yes, miss?

MS. OYNDRILLA - You came from Singapore, right? what is the exchange rate of Singapore dollars to Indian rupees?

JAI - Miss, I believe 1 dollar is 50 rupees.

MS. OYNDRILLA - Keeping in mind the exchange rate told by Jai. If suppose we lose even more skilled workers in this country, the existing workforce will have to work even harder to satisfy the country's growth. It's a challenging task, and if they can't, then 1 Singapore Dollar could equal 55 rupees, or 60 rupees, and it can keep going.

VATSAN - Say there's a possible solution to this, what would it be?

MS. OYNDRILLA - Possible solutions would be to open up better opportunities in fields such as education and jobs for people. That way, more people can be given access to education, and by doing so they can comfortably work in their home country.

(Jai understands the concept clear in his head, and leaves the class happy about learning the answer to his queries)

[Scene 21]

(At their new home in Oshiwara - eating dinner)

MUM - Finally, this day took forever. The packers have been unloading the furniture from morning. They just left two hours ago.

DAD - That long?

MUM - Well, our bed and the extendable sofa took long. It didn't fit in the elevator so they had to bring it up the steps.

JAI - They carried them up fourteen floors?!

MUM - Well yes, and you were busy doing homework to even realize this. Not to mention we had to have them remove the covering, and place the furniture in its place.

DAD - I see.

MUM - Although, they did have a small tea break in he afternoon, but that was it.

JAI - I found the answer.

DAD - Answer to what?

JAI - What you told me last night, at the restaurant. It makes perfect sense.

DAD - I told you to think about it, not come up with an answer.

JAI - It was during Geography class, we were learning about Population and Migration. Ms. Oyndrilla talked about this phenomena called "Brain Drain". It's about net migration of skilled people from home country to developed countries.

DAD - I see.

JAI - Now I'm just glad I took up Geography instead of History.

MUM - Yes, because what are you going to do, learning about old stuff?

JAI - Just saying, my initial choice was History.

DAD - You're into thinking about tomorrow, not fixing the path of yesterday.

JAI - Nice reference!

DAD - Get to the point. What's the solution?

JAI - If a country loses skilled people, it puts pressure on existing workforce in the country to work harded. Otherwise, the value of currency can go higher. Existing people can't take up very skilled jobs like software engineering, unless they are qualified. That puts pressure on unemployment.

DAD - I see.

JAI - It all makes perfect sense. You as Actuary, demand more income, and for that you go off to places like Hong Kong and Singapore, where value of currency is good because of great economic growth.

(Dad just sips his water - amused over Jai's conclusions)

JAI - Standard of living though too. Stuff like proper roads, proper food and water, housing. It all makes perfect sense.

DAD - Ehem....solution?

JAI - We just have to make sure education and better opportunities are offered here. That way, more people get access to proepr education, and can consider a job here in this country.

DAD - Well then, (gets up) good lesson that was (leaves).

JAI - What's with, dad?

MUM - I've told you many times to not talk about a man's earnings. They're very personal.

JAI - I was just stating the facts, he was the one who asked for details.

MUM - Jai, there are certain things you don't ask or discuss. Never talk to students about their percentages, never talk to women about their age and weight, and never talk to men about the earnings (leaves the table).

JAI - Mum! Mum!

MUM - Are you going to finish that biriyani?

JAI - Yes, I'm really hungry.

MUM - Just be careful. It's outside food, and looks too orange.

JAI - Mum, these guys would've been sued by now for delivering poison to everyone's doorsteps.

MUM - Well, you never know. You're the guy who drank tap water when you got here.

(Jai continues to eat)

[Scene 22]

(At School - during break)

MURALI - You got your answer didn't you.

JAI - Yes, I'm glad I attended that class.

MURALI - I told you about that Aarav.

JAI - Murali, please. Stuff like this happens at times.

MURALI - Not when you do it for the tenth time this semester. More specifically, this first month of the academic year.

JAI - Oh wow (feels his stomach churning badly).

MURALI - Well?

JAI - I-I'll be back.

(Runs to the bathroom - and has diarrhea)

JAI - (Leaving the bathroom) That was not good.

MURALI - Well?

JAI - You're waiting outside the entire time? that's creepy.

MURALI - Well, I don't play basketball like those gorillas.

JAI - You need to learn to stop exxagerating about everything.

MURALI - Hey, when you're bombared by shit, you just have to tell.

(In English Class)

MS. ELAINE - Now then, moving on to the court scene. This is a debatable argument: was the court scene a fair trial? and was justice served to Shylock?

(Jai feels uneasy and asks to be excused - he vomits outside class)

CLEANER - Hey, hey, bathroom hai na?

JAI - Y-Yes, I'll go.

(He goes to the bathroom and vomits)

JAI - That's not good, either.

[Scene 23]

(At the nurse's room - Jai is lying in bed)

MUM - (Arrives) Where's Jai?

NURSE - Jai's mother?

MUM - Yes, Jai?

(goes to see Jai)

MUM - Now, why did you call me? shouldn't you be in class?

JAI - I told you I don't feel well.

MUM - Stomach ache right?

JAI - Diarrhea too.

MUM - Hmm....I told you not to eat the Biriyani completely.

JAI - You ate the same food too.

MUM - Come on, we didn't drink tap water.

JAI - Please just help me, I want to go home. I can't bear the pain.

MUM - Alright, alright. You finish your last two classes for the day. It's lunch time now, I'll buy you some yoghurt and plain rice from the canteen. Eat up and finish the day off.

JAI - But-

MUM - Jai, listen.

[Scene 24]

(After attending the last two classes he is at home resting with fever)

MUM - Fever, right?

(Doctor has come home to see Jai)

DOCTOR - Yes, that too High Fever. Do you feel any shivering?

JAI - No.

DOCTOR - Body pain?

JAI - Yes.

DOCTOR - Vomiting sensation?

JAI - Yes, w-whenever I eat.

DOCTOR -'s your stool?

JAI - I think Diarrhea.

DOCTOR - Give him Paracetamol, along with the indigestion tablets. Don't give him any fizzy drinks. I recommend Minute Maid juice.

MUM - How about his diet?

DOCTOR - For now, no spicy food. His digestive system seems to be malfunctioning of some sort.

MUM - Okay.

DOCTOR - That's all from my side.

MUM - Thank you. How much is the fee?

DOCTOR - 2000 Rupees, consultation fee.

(Mum pays up)

MUM - Thank you, doctor. (Turns to Jai) Headache? Drowsiness?

JAI - (Soft voice) Yes.

MUM - Don't take rest just yet, it's 6pm. I have to light a lamp for Goddess Lakshmi.

JAI - Mum, I think Goddess Lakshmi better understand that my health is not fine.

MUM - Stay awake, and she'll promise speedy recovery. These are just some rules you'll have to follow.

[Scene 25]

(At the Dinner table)

DAD - Feeling good, Jai?

JAI - (Sick) No.

DAD - What happened all of a sudden?

MUM - It's the biriyani, the tap water, all put together.

DAD - You need to careful, Jai.

JAI - Yes, but I don't see why the biriyani. They would've been sued by now if-

DAD - Jai, remember what you told about standard of living last night? it's not that great like Singapore here. You need to be careful. This was our first lesson here. Now onwards, be careful. 10th Grade now, you can't afford to take too many leaves.

JAI - Sure (after finishing his meal he rushes to the bathroom to vomit).

MUM - Oh dear.

JAI - (Returns) That was my dinner, I vomitted everything I just ate.

DAD - I'm not liking where this is going.

JAI - Applying my Biology knowledge, I just lost all the energy I obtained. I'm basically relying on the carbohydrates and fats I consumed from lunch time in school.

MUM - Here, I'll prepare a herbal mix for you to drink. You'll get better.

JAI - Thanks.

MUM - Meanwhile, do some steaming. To help relieve you of your headache and all.

JAI - Sure.

[Scene 26]

(Next day Morning - Jai is found shivering very badly)

MUM - (Crying) Jai, Jai! please stop shivering!! what're you doing?! i-it's 34ºC! please stop.

JAI - (Weak and Shivering) I-I can't ma, it's health.

MUM - Here, here (crying) have this third blanket on you.

(Jai is still shivering)

MUM - Don't shiver, Jai. You're scaring me.

(Jai is still shivering)

MUM - (Crying) Jai! Jai! no!! (picks up the intercom phone and calls neighbour) Hello? Shashi? can you come over? I'm really scared.

(Neighbour Shashi shows up)

SHASHI - What happened, dear?

MUM - It's Jai, look, he won't stop shivering. It's his third layer of blanket.

SHASHI - (Checks his temperature and all) Hmm....I see.

MUM - I don't know where to go now. I-Is it Malaria?

SHASHI - Shouldn't be the problem, they're fogging here once every week.

MUM - (Crying) Well, h-he did eat bad food and water.

SHASHI - Was he vomiting his food out after consuming?

MUM - Yes, yes.

SHASHI - That's the problem, he's quite weak. The food he ate, he immediately vomited it out. He has little or no energy. So he's shivering to preserve body heat.

MUM - (Tears) I see. What should I do now?

SHASHI - Have you seen Dr. Gopalan?

MUM - Yes, yes we have.

SHASHI - It looks quite serious here. Better take him to Ambani hospital.

MUM - S-Sure.

[Scene 27]

(Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital)

DOCTOR 1 - Hmm....

DAD - What's the result?

DOCTOR 1 - Temperature is not looking good, it's 104ºF. Health is in bad condition, we have to rush him into ICU.

MUM - (Tears) Oh no.

DAD - Anything else, doctor?

DOCTOR 1 - We'll give you further details about his health once we conduct ECG, X Ray, and so on other tests.

[Scene 28]

(ICU Room - Next day morning)

NURSE 1 - Good morning, Jai.

JAI - Morning.

(Nurse takes blood sample from each arm and leaves)

JAI - Where are my mum and dad?

NURSE 1 - They'll be here soon.

JAI - Wow, feels like 7 in the evening.

NURSE 1 - It's 9 in the morning.

JAI - Woah.

NURSE 2 - Here, your breakfast.

(Jai couldn't manage to eat them all)

[Scene 29]

(Mum walks in)

JAI - Mum!! you're here! finally!

MUM - Why? what happened?

JAI - I'm so lonely. I know it's ICU, but sometimes I feel like I'm in a box. There are no windows here to tell you what time of the day it is.

MUM - I see.

JAI - Oh, someone's here.

DR. SHETTY - Hello Jai, I'm Dr. Shetty. You're personal doctor.

MUM - Hi, I'm Jai's mum.

DR. SHETTY - Hi, very nice to meet you.

MUM - How's his tests going on?

DR. SHETTY - We had the blood samples taken in the morning. After his lunch we'll have the X Ray and ECG tests.

MUM - What do the blood reports say?

DR. SHETTY - Haemoglobin level is abnormal, he has less of those in his blood. Likewise same case with lymphocytes.

MUM - I see.

DR. SHETTY - We're still wondering what kind of case he has. We believe it's on the lines of Typhoid.

MUM - Okay.

JAI - Typhoid?

DR. SHETTY - Waterborne disease, Jai. Did you consume bad food and water?

JAI - Sort of.

DR. SHETTY - Then there we have it. But we'll confirm this in another two days or so.

MUM - Okay.

(Dr Shetty checks his pulse rate and leaves)

MUM - Ate your breakfast?

JAI - Not fully though, only half.

MUM - Jai, you need to eat properly.

JAI - Yes, I know. I can't though.

MUM - Well that's not going to help. You're eating less than you actually need.

JAI - But hey! good news! I'm not vomiting after my meals anymore.

MUM - That's a start.

[Scene 30]

(After a couple of days)


JAI - Yes, doctor?

DR. SHETTY - How are you feeling?

JAI - Feeling quite the same, but a bit better.

DR. SHETTY - We've just finished analysing your case. It turns out that you do have Typhoid.

JAI - I do? well...

DR. SHETTY - But, it's quite a complicated case. You kidneys are malfunctioning as well.

JAI - I it bad?

DR. SHETTY - Well, as of now, I'm just letting you know the facts. But we can sort this issue out. Now that we've confirmed your case, you can move into the Ward tonight.

JAI - Thank you, doctor

DR. SHETTY - And um...we'll be giving you a shot of Methylpred, for your recovery purposes.

JAI - Methylpred that, a type of drug?

DR. SHETTY - A steroid. We'll be giving you a steroid for your recovery purpose. Nothing to worry about. We're just letting you know, in case you experience weird thought processes and such.

JAI - Well, I-I'm fine, if it's for the best.

DR. SHETTY - (Smiles) Take care, Jai. I'll see you tomorrow.

[Scene 31]

(Jai is now moved into the Ward and parents can now come in and see him properly)

MUM - There, there, you finally made it.

JAI - How long have I been here?

MUM - You're being hospitalized for a week.

JAI - So, in another three days, I'm discharged?

MUM - Looks like, if results are good.

JAI - Finally, I'm getting bored. You know what's good about the Ward?

MUM - What?

JAI - I can now keep track of time because of the window next to me.

MUM - Hehehe.

(Jai turns on the TV and switches to Times Now - Debate is going on)

REPORTER - Now then, we're talking about the current floods in Chennai. Chennai is seeing the worst of floods till date. Alongside me on the panel we have Tamil Nadu ministers such as Transport ministers, resources minister, and the system management minister. So tell us, why is this the worst flood event?

SM. MINISTER - I would say, root problem is because of heavy rain, obviously but-

REPORTER - Let's recap, one of the biggest causes of floods are due to urbanisation and poor drainage management. Being minister of these systems, what is your take on the issue?

SM. MINISTER - I agree on your part about how maintanence was not conducted properly, but at the same time, traffic congestion and political party rallies have made it difficult to maintain these systems.

REPORTER - You've had since the start of independence to ensure that these systems are up and running. Even before, when population of Tamil Nadu was not too much, you folks had the time to take all precautions. Now what seems to have happened is due to poor flood management.

(Debate argument is taking place - Jai is gaining interest in this)

JAI - (Narration) If someone like me who just entered the nation, gets bombarded by life-threatening diseases as such. Then what about the rest of the population? India makes up 1.3 billion people, there's certainly a high rate of disease occurence as such. From that day on, I made up mind to serve as the country's backbone. I believe we can bring the nation up, and get rid of all this "Chalta Hain" attitude. It's all a matter of a few people like us, having a strong idea, and the adrenaline rush to take us to new heights.

[Scene 32]

(Flight from Toronto reaches Mumbai)

JAI - (Narration) It's been nearly 15 years since that day I was admitted in hospital for Typhoid. My friend, Murali took interest in the vision I had and joined me on this journey. We both went abroad and studied at a university in Toronto. Now we're back with three more NRI's who take interest in this mission. Having graduated at the age of 23, we all spent the next 7 years building up our own foundation called "Lite Foundation". A foundation with a strong goal of giving back to society, more specifically, our homeland.

(At TEDx Presentation in South Bombay)

HOST - Alright everyone! welcome to TEDx! w'ere very glad to have you all here.

(everyone applauds)

HOST - We're happy to say that we have our Honourable Prime Minister as well as Chief Minister of Maharashtra join us today. Thank you for taking part.

(Crowd goes wild)

HOST - We have three TED Talks today. We have one from Karthik Ganesan, a selfmade Businessman in Mumbai. Next we have Sawan Bhandhari, sharing his experience of learning music and teaching children about this art. In the end, we have "Lite Foundation" who will be doing a complete analysis of India's strength's and weaknesses. Thank you everyone, and enjoy!

(applause and presentations go at a run - now it's finally Jai's foundation's turn)

JAI - For all those who don't know me, I'm Jai. Me, my high school friend Murali, and a couple of other mates from college are here as well. We are members of "Lite Foundation". You may have not heard about us on the news, but over the past seven years, apart from mainstream research, we've been helping regions around India with sanitation and resources issues.

Till date, we've managed to solve issues on hygiene and sanitation in places like Maharashtra and West Bengal. This was done by building more than 100 thousand toilets.

(everyone applauds)

JAI - In summer seasons, when temperatures are simply unbearable, we've lent a hand to farmers in need in Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and even Punjab. We've donated money as well as helped enrole their children into schools and provide alternate seeds for farming.

(everyone applauds)

JAI - But, that's not why I'm here today. By now, I'm sure most of you have an idea about our mission. Which is changing the lives of millions of Indians. Now we wanted to take this to the next level. As a child personally, I lived most of my life outside of India, in Hong Kong and Singapore. Upon coming back to live in my homeland, as NRI's, we were bombarded by countless problems. Before anyone tries to stop me from making further comments, let me further elaborate. When I meant problems, I meant even the smallest of tasks taking a hassle.

We rented out a wonderful pent house in Oshiwara. I won't mention to house owner's or the name of the property. But yes, it was a lovely apartment. Once we agreed to rent the place, the owners came in from Qatar to meet us. Now we thought, yes, that's very nice of them for doing so. Later on only, did we realize that they haven't maintained their place properly. Yes, this is a problem for many people. In our case, these owners haven't checked if the A/C conditions were proper, likewise whether or not the doorbell will catch fire if pressed continuously. So yes, this was quite a disappointment for us.

Why am I saying this to you all? I know some people are now thinking to themselves, "yes I experience the same problems too". Then there are others who are quite comfortable in the upper class so, "No problem". Then again, there are also people saying, "He's new to the country, so he's simply complaining". Yes, I am complaining. What you've got to understand is that I'm not so pessmistic about my homeland. I was actually very happy to come back. That was because of the rich diversity this country has. Leaving Singapore out of the picture, we have a homeland of those speaking many languages, split by many religions and cultures, food variety, everything. We're very diverse, and where ever you travel around this country, it is a good experience. It will be the same as leaving the country to travel else where, so-

(everyone applauds)

JAI - But, yet again. Everything has it's pros and cons. India is a perfect place to be at this point of time, because places like Mumbai, are growing at a fast pace. Technology, access to internet and such, it's all happening at this point, which is why it's great to be in India at this point. I want to emphasize on what we're doing wrong. Let me give you an analogy, to make things crisp: we're giving more internet access, but hunger and water crisis is still on the rise. More international brands are coming in, but housing still becomes a problem with the growing population.

You're probably wondering why I'm picking my nose into the issues. Here's another analogy: as a parent, you won't know the rate at which your child is growing. It's only every once in year when you visit your other relatives, they say that the child has grown. How come the parents don't know that? Having living with their child since ages? it's the same here. We don't know our mistakes until someone else comes in and tells us. Being an NRI at that point, I wasn't completely Indian, because of my mannerisms and person at that time. Keeping that in mind, I was able to easily point out what was going well and what was not. I can very well tell right now that India is a much better place for family recreation, travel, and festivals compared to Singapore. In terms of development, we're dragging behind. My point is, we shouldn't be like Singapore. We should be growing at the style we like. In fact, places like Singapore look a lot like the west, and it's a problem because more expats are getting better jobs than the locals.

Moving on, what are the key problems of India? Well, the problems I'm going to discuss are the problems which are sort of padlocking this country's rate of development. Firstly, we have a brain drain. Brain Drain is this phenomena, when there are net movement of skilled workers migrating to developed countries for better opportunities. What's the burden? since more skilled people move off, the rich countries get richer, while we remain more poorer. If skilled software engineers are moving to the US, when can't replace their jobs in India unless there are skilled people like them. Eventually, they too might head over to places like the US. We have brilliant people in this country. Head of Google, Adobe, and Microsoft are Indians. Here's a joke I heard from a friend of mine in Canada - the Indians are good at stealing jobs abroad.

(everyone laughs)

JAI - You see? that's our potential. We're intellect enough to steal jobs from abroad. Some interviews in foreign papers have stated that we as a country are a good supply of capital - in terms of intellect people. This brain drain issue has got out of hand, in fact this country is #1 in Brain Drain. I'm sure honourable Prime Minister won't object me on this but, there has been a time when so many medical students from India, left to work abroad. Previous prime ministers had to set a policy for these students to return back and work here. Sure, that's a good start. In the student's point of view, it's somewhat like being forced into work.

My dad told me this when I moved back here. He said, "If I were a scientist, would I want to work in a place where simple matter like paying taxes and such are still problems?" He asked me this one question. I thought about it, the average Indian faces problems from work stress, to dealing with those who clean our cars outside. I mean, if even the tiniest of matter are problems, then how do we function properly?

It's only if our base is strong, we can work our way up and build the top. This leads to the second issue, which is area of focus. Coming back to the analogy I made about the internet and food crisis. We need to sort out our priorities. If millions of people are still struggling with access to basic necessities, then it is almost impossible to ensure the all important internet and technology factors will be strong here.

See, we can launch a rocket to Mars. I'm happy for it, because it took the US more than one attempt for a successful launch to Mars, whereas we did it one go. Looking back at things though, we are able to further develop our technology and launch rockets, but we can't easily solve problems relating to basic necessities.

I suffered from Typhoid, months after settling into this country. Not making this personal, but if if someone like me gets affected by a life-threatening disease, then what about millions of other people? Think about it.

Now, the next issue, which is decision making. This next point may land me up in receiving FIRs from politicians and all. The people need to know this, because someone once said "For the people, To the people, and By the people". The people need a good understanding of those who are working to improve their lives. I'm sure ministers won't object me, but apart from hard-working and well qualified politicians, there are those of the total opposite.

I know some of you already know from comments on Social Media and such, but it's true. I've done some inside research and been all about the country. I've helped MLA's, they mayors, the ministers even. What I've taken into account is that some of these people, running a town or even a village and city, they haven't even crossed the 12th Grade.

Don't get me wrong on this. It's true that qualification doesn't have to mean anything. I mean, famous drop outs like Mark Zuckerberg built an empire out of Facebook. Edison didn't have schooling, yet he invented the ligh bulb. Here though, it means quite a lot because though these guys aren't properly qualified, they have no idea what they're doing. I spoke to quite some MLAs and Mayor's in places liek Tamil Nadu and Haryana. There are those who've studied till the 10th Grade, and those who've been till the 8th Grade. I mean, it's horrendous.

We as a nation are in a situation where anyone can become a politician, and that's an issue here. People are not understanding the value of politics, and I'm talking about retired film stars and retired sports players too for that matter. These are people who believe they can enter politics because they have a huge fan base and have enlightened people in their career in film or sport. Using that power, they have them support thme in politics.

(everyone is mumbling in the crowd)

JAI - I see, you're all mentioning quite a few of them already. But yes, it's absolutely true. I don't mind film and sport stars entering politics with good background knowledge of how and what to do in the field. In the case of those who have no idea and just do it for the fun and the power, they're the ones who are slowing us down. I recently read a news about a cricketer who entered politics in Kerala. It's a true story, and this cricketer has been involved in match-fixing and such, and even gone to jail. Despite all this, he's promoted to becoming one in politics. How? What is the logic behind all this?

Everyday there is always someone complaining about the Chief Minister, the President, or even the Prime Minister, about their roads not being proper, or political rallies taking place and such. Sure, why not? Problem is you're targeting the wrong people. You're mentioning the ministers who are actually trying to bring about a good change in the country. In fact, they are those who are under-qualified, have no idea, and are just coming into politics for the fun and power.

Let me openly reveal one thing: every Chief Minister in India is properly qualified and has an idea of what they're doing. Yet again, there are also still those who are still qualified and have no idea. It's true with what I'm saying - even today, there are people entering politics as a family business, and not mentioning any names in particular but, you get the idea.

(crowd is both laughing and mumbling about)

JAI - Last issue with this country. This is aimed directly at you, the people, the ones who make up majority of the country. Let's leave out the politicians, and focus on the ones we see everyday outside. As a nation, don't get me wrong on this, we have an attitude called "Chalta Hain". I'm sure you're all aware of it. For those who don't know, let me give you the analogy. This attitude is basically about assuming everything is fine when things are not. It's not only about accepting the reality of things, but also in terms of breaking rules.

You go to a party in Juhu for example, drink heavily and go for a drive. Some friend will say, you can't drive. Then what do you say? You say "Chalta hain, Chalta hain". That just means you're implying that breaking such rules are alright. As much as political conduct matters, it's us who ensure how welcoming we are to tourists, how helpful we are to each other, how we care for one another and being considerate. Spitting on the sidewalk or on the road where others can see you, it's just bringing up a wrong idea to the rest of the people.

What we're trying to say is in the end all this, it's that there is no particular person to target at. We're all at fault, in the same as we are all responsible for each other's happiness and such. To conclude let me just say that, change doesn't necessarily need to begin with leaders, but also the majority who make up the population. Thank you.

(everyone gets up to give him a standing ovation)

HOST - Thank you, so let me just throw some questions. What we've done is have some people from the audience write up some questions before the start of the event. First question, is from Saakshi, and she has asked "What are your future plans for the foundation?".

JAI - Well, just as I've mentioned. Using the research we've done, we've decided to take this to the next level and possibly help out officials such as Mayors, MLAs, and possibly even respectable ministers in this country. Like I said, I will be helping the officials straighten up their game, but you too have to do your part.

HOST - Next question is from Pooja, who has asked "Who is sponsoring your initiative?".

JAI - We have quite a few groups from Canada and in India. We have the Give foundation in India who's been of good help. Likewise we have quite a few NGOs in Canada doing the same. We would announce our projects and have them funding the initiative for us.

HOST - Alright then, that's all we have for today. Thanks to all the speakers in taking part. Thank you for attending TEDx this evening, have a good night.

(everyone applauds - Prime Minister)

PM - Hmm....

(Chief Minister)

CM - Good.

[Scene 33]

MURALI - Very good presentation you gave.

VENKAT - I hope it worked.

JAI - That's what we can all hope for.

MANISH - I still can't believe the Prime Minister was present.

SURAJ - I know, it must've been nerve-wrecking for you out there.

JAI - It sure was, but we've given countless presentations like these in Canada. I believe it's the thought of having respected VIPs attend your talks.

MANISH - Sure is.

(phone rings)

JAI - (Answers the call) Hello? Sir?! oh my god, I-I can't believe it. Yes, yes, definitely, I-I'll be there. Thank you (drops the call).

MURALI - What happened?

JAI - It was the Prime Minister.

ALL - What?!

JAI - H-He wants to personally meet us.

SURAJ - Wow.

[Scene 34]

(At the Parliament Meeting Room - Jai and his team walk in)

JAI - Sir.

PM - Hehehe, come in, come in. Thank you for joining us.

VENKAT - (Whispers) There are quite some ministers and mayors here. Hope you didn't target them.

JAI - (Whispers) Thank you, Venkat. Now I'm scared.

PM - Have a seat. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, "Lite Foundation". An initiative powered by Jai.

(everyone applauds)

PM - Now then, myself and CM of Maharashtra were pleased with your talk. I thank you very much for your team's detailed analysis of the nation.

VENKAT - Sir um...we hope we didn't offend any particular person.

PM - What? no, no, no. In fact, you should be pleased with your bravery of stating the facts. Part of our job is be open to feedback as such, then only we can improve. As someone once said, "No one is perfect". What you did was right, because the people deserve to know the state of those who run the land.

MANISH - Correct, sir.

PM - Which is why I've brought you all here. You see, you all seem to be on the right track with your work. You improved lives of those in parts of this country. Being somewhat an outsider, you're able to easily identify problems around here. I like that very much.

SURAJ - What help do you seek from us, sir?

PM - After your presentation. I took the time to confirm the facts and figures you were providing. After quite a while, I confirmed them as to being true and decided to have you here help me in my very own initiative. I hope you're all aware of it.

MURALI - Clean India, Development Projects and so on.

PM - Yes. Let me give it to you straight. I would really like if you could be my secretariats.

(Jai and his team are in shock)

PM - I could really use advisers like you all to help me. You know, personal secretariats. That way, we both can work out what we're doing right and wrong, to help this country.

JAI - Wow.

PM - It would be great if you could be a part of us. If not, it's fine, as you too have your own separate vision.

JAI - No sir, this would be an honour for us. After all, we did want to assist ministers with their work. We would love to help.

PM - Thank you very much.

(Prime Minister gets up and shakes hands with the team - others applaud)

[Scene 35]

(On the newspaper and News Channel Headlines)

NEWSPAPER 1 - (Top Story) Prime Minister, now under assistance of "Lite Foundation".

NEWSPAPER 2 - (Top Story) Prime Minister to do it the "Lite" way.


[Scene 36]

(Parliament Meeting Room - politicians, VIPs are all present)

PM - We have, joining us, my secretariats, who are none other than "Lite Foundation". They will be helping us along this mission. Please proceed.

JAI - Our idea is pretty simple. Let's me start off by introducing a theory. How many of you have heard of Maslow's Hierarchy?

(half the room raise their hands)

JAI - You all must've heard this from your humanities, social studies class. (Shows the presentation) What does this heirarchy show? It shows the requirements of a person, to have a good life.

(everyone is wondering what he's on about)

MURALI - When running a government as such, the responsiblity, wherever you are in the world, whichever country, your job is to look after the people and ensure development and peace is kept. There seems to be a confusion in what we are doing in this case. Reference to what Jai said in the TED talk, we're launching rockets to Mars, but food and water crisis is still on the rise here.

VENKAT - And that's when we refer to the hierarchy. After all, this is a pyramid, by which we need to move step by step in. We need to first ensure that our basement is strong. As in, ensuring that basic necessities are abundant for our people.

SURAJ - We mean making everything in this first section, abundant. Be it food, water, sleep, sex, that all should be abundant.

MINISTER 1 - You're saying we should make sex abundant? Our population is so huge. You want to keep going with that?

MANISH - We don't mean that, you're thinking of this literally. Think of this hierarchy as a basis for what every country is following. Some countries have less population, and choose to gives sex more priority. Some like China, who've introduced "One Child Policy" they sort of tightened up laws for that.

MINISTER 2 - Well, what're you getting us into now?

JAI - I'll give you an example of a developed country and link with how the country has fared accordingly to this hierarchy. Here we have Singapore. Singapore being a nodal point, makes it ideal for trade. Trade is a huge business in the country, therefore they don't rely on cultivating crops themselves. In fact, almost every food product is being imported into the country. Trade is a big business there, like I said earlier. So they used it to their advantage, to give their people abundant supply of imported food - and possibly even products which they get from their own small farms like eggs.

PM - Hmm...

JAI - Water. Singapore has multiple sources for meeting their water supply. Firstly, they are reliant with neighbouring country, Malaysia, for meeting water demands. Secondly, Desalination process.

MINISTER 3 - That's a very expensive process. We need enough capital to set it up, and we only have a few in places like Rameswaram.

JAI - True, but we're going to need more of that. We can't compare how Singapore does it, because they're just one city, a country. We're much larger than Singapore, therefore we may as well raise enough capital for setting up more desalination plants. It's a great opportunity for opening jobs in coastal areas like Mumbai and Chennai.

PM - Hmm...

MURALI - Then we have reservoirs. A form of rainwater harvesting is also being used here. The country has several reservoirs in the island - reservoirs like MacRitchie Reservoir, Fort Canning etc. This is purely prior to the location of the island. It's located in the proper tropics, just few degrees off the equator. Southeast Asia being a giant Rainforest, the island expects lots of rainfall. For this, the country used it to their advantage for rainwater harvesting.

VENKAT - Reservoirs will be an ideal solution for us. We have a handful of locations in this country, where heavy rainfall is definite.

MANISH - Mumbai monsoon is a notable time. This season can bring opportunities for abundant water supply.

SURAJ - Cherrapunji, in Meghalaya state. It is the wettest place on earth, with definite rainfall all throughout the year. Setting up two or three reservoirs there itself is enough to give the country abundant water supply.

JAI - Drought problems for farmers won't be the issue, because places like Cherrapunji are providing us with abundant supplies of water. In fact, honourable Prime Minister, we may even make a surplus.

PM - Is that so? How?

JAI - Let's look at Evian. A Water Supply Company that is solely reliant on the melt freshwater from glaciers in the Alps. They manage to supply water all over the world, and this is helping France make money, thus improving the economy.

PM - I see where you're going with this.

JAI - One day, we will make a surplus, I just know that if we set up reservoirs in Cherrapunji. We will make a surplus, and soon be able to supply water to other parts of the world. Who knows, we can help places like Central Asia, Australia, maybe even the west. By doing this, we will be making money, thus helping the local economy.

MURALI - The idea behind this is simple. If more and more people buy Indian products, that itself is enough in helping the economy grow. A Sprite bottle which is 60 Rupees today, will become 5 Rupees tomorrow. All this by just having more people buy Indian products.

MINISTER 4 - I love your idea, executing this might be a pain.

MINISTER 5 - What are your plans for food production? You gave idea for water, what about food?

MANISH - It's all directly proportional to water supply. If we have enough water supply, we can grow more crops, that too of good quality. No more burden on farmers during peak summer seasons.

VENKAT - We have ideas for introducing more machinery for farmers to use. With 1.3 billion people in this country, there'll be high demands for food. With machinery we can make farming more efficient.

MINISTER 1 - Mechanisation has its good and bads too. If more machines are helping out on the farm, what about labour?

MINISTER 2 - Honourable sir mentioned about you speaking high about unemployment that day. If more machines are used in farms, how will labour do? They'll remain unemployed still, but this time things would be worse.

SURAJ - We've run the calculations. This is only the problem if machines are incorporated in a large farm. We're already doing intensive subsistence farming, what we'll do is divide the size of farmlands even more. Such that now even new labour can farm and use machinery.

MINISTER 3 - Suppose we have limited supply? I mean we can only supply enough machinery for farmers.

MURALI - In that case we give experienced farmers the machinery, and new farmers a go at doing things manually. Say for example we divide a plot of farmland, you know 10x10 km of land, into two 5x10 km of land. We have an experienced farmer using machinery, just one farmer on that land and productivity is at its best. Likewise on the other side, we have 3 to 5 farmers doing it manually. Either way, machinery will help, and unemployment will slowly be extinct.

MINISTER 2 - What do you think?

PM - Hmm....idea, idea is good. Problem is execution...

MANISH - I see.

PM - We can plan out hundred ideas, and they can as perfect as it can be. You'll have to look into whether or not this plan can be suitable for the local community there. They may have their own laws and orders with the agriculture business. Some even incorporate culture into this, where in children will inherit the land after their parents, and they won't be willing to divide the lands.

You have the green signal from me, meaning you have been given permission to proceed with the first stage of our plan. I say we first focus on the Cherrapunji project first, then move on to food production plans.

SURAJ - Okay sir.

PM - Like you guys said, tell the person concerned to have constructions of three reservoirs in the area. Like you say, Jai, this project will open up job opportunities in Cherrapunji, won't it?

JAI - It sure will.

PM - Yes, because we need people involved in transporting the water, maintain the reservoirs and such. Good work so far.

JAI - Thank you, sir.

PM - Once constructions go on the floors, report back and we'll discuss food production. In the mean time, what do you suggest we take care of? Any further matters to be discussed?

JAI - I'll send Murali and Venkat to travel to Meghalaya, for the Reservoir Project.


JAI - While construction is happening, I want you all to get in touch with transport agencies and markets across the country.

VENKAT - Okay.

JAI - That means even suppliers in small towns and villages.

VENKAT - Okay.

(Venkat and Murali leave)

JAI - While they're at it, planning water distribution and so on. I was hoping for us to plan our next approach, which is in food production.

SURAJ - India is known to produce two main crops, which are rice and wheat. Apart from that we have pulses and corn being grown.

MANISH - We plan on introducing High Yield Variety Crops.

MINISTER 1 - The Green Revolution took off with these crops, and there were successes and failures already. Why do it over again?

MANISH - Right now, we've already planned on having mechanisation of farming methods. Next in line, is introducing cultivation of other crops. We personally feel that more variety should be added into the diet of our people.

SURAJ - Apart from producing the necessary rice and wheat crops, we hope to slowly shift towards producing other crops.

JAI - India is one of the largest exporters of Spices such as Turmeric and Cinnamon. We're doing a good business in that. This time, by incorporating more crop varieties in farming - we could be soon using new essential ingredients in our foods.

MANISH - Some of these High Yield Variety crops could have essential health benefits for our people. Maybe not a lot, but it could possibly help raise our country's life expectancy.

MINISTER 3 - Our country already has a high population. By increasing life expectancy even more, won't that put us at risk?

JAI - Not necessarily. High population and this have nothing in common, it's all a matter of giving people access to education, especially more women. I'll move on to that subject after food production. Now we have tons of water coming in for our farmers across the country, more crops and of good quality are being cultivated, we can effectively feed our population, mechanisation and manual methoda are both incorporated so unemployment and productivity is improved. Now there you have it....effective food production.

PM - Hmm....this, this is quite impressive. How long have you been planning this?

JAI - We've done this project over the course of seven years. Doing practical field work and so on. These solutions are implemented based on actual statistics and readings taken by us over the years.

PM - Very nice. This is a good idea. I feel just as how water surplus can make money, so can these HYV crops.

SURAJ - Yes, why not? Because currently almost every part of the world has gotten exposure to foreign cuisines. If we produce surplus of HYV crops, countries like China won't have to rely on exports from Europe and US, they can just ask us and we would be supplying places like them. In fact, why not Asia? We could be one of the key suppliers of HYV crops, an alternative to western export.

PM - Sounds great, but I feel we should bear in mind that first we satisfy our people's hunger, then the others.

JAI - Yes, that is our top priority. Suraj and Manish will be keeping up with statistics of starving people in the country.

PM - Any other aspect of food to focus on?

JAI - Yes. Now we've cleared food production, now I want to raise another issue. Where's the health promotion board? Not trying to offend anyone, but Health Minister!


JAI - We need you and your department to help go around the country, rating every food and drink establishment.

H. MINISTER - What was that?

JAI - This is a problem these days. Listen, in a country where water is an issue, you don't know whether people use proper water for cooking and so on. I myself, suffered from Typhoid. In fact, India is one of the top five countries, consisting of many people suffering from waterborne diseases. If we look at the key route of this, it's due to the quality of foods. Back in Singapore-

H. MINISTER - Listen, we can't keep doing things like Singapore.

JAI - Listen to me. You need to make sure the people make right choices about where they eat. Street food in places like Paris is different here, you can never be confident about eating good street food. It's a situation a paranoid person would think up, which is checking their kitchens to see if they use proper ingredients and water.

All you need to do is simple. That is simply inspect the food and drink establishments all around the country. Taste their food and drinks, see the working conditions there, see the aesthetics of the place, check their ingredients and utensils, and give a grade. If the restaurant gets an A Grade, people are more then welcome to stay seated and enjoy their meal, without worrying about vomiting or catching diarrhea the next day. If the grading is below borderline C, you better close their businesses, because they're not helping satisfy people's hunger.

H. MINISTER - I see what you mean.

JAI - See, this isn't like a school project where you have a deadline. All we ask is of you and your department to do good, qualitative analysis of each establishment. Take 2 years or more, that doesn't matter. What matters is that you are constantly inspecting if people meet their food and water requirements properly. This too is a benefit, because as soon as we harvest enough rainwater from Cherrapunji, maybe those same close establishments, can re-open. This time, using clean water and equipment in their cooking.

H. MINISTER - Yes, that sounds like a plan.

PM - Very well spotted, Jai.

JAI - I recommend you tell your staff to start inspections from tomorrow itself. There's nothing worse, than having the public accusing you for not taking action for so long.

PM - That's right, we can't deal with the media and the public eye in such circumstances. It'll just delay the project. You inform your staff to head off to do their inspections.

H. MINISTER - Yes, I'll inform them immediately.

[Scene 37]

(News Channels all around India)

NDTV REPORTER - News Headlines, Health Minister has ordered for complete inspections of food and drink establishments in the country. He's proceeding with the hopes that people will hereon make better decisions in choosing the right places to eat. He furthermore adds that a newly introduced grading system will be implemented, to help the people understand food and drink qualities.

(Press Meet with Health Minister)

H. MINISTER - It is important, that people, our country, make good decisions in terms of food and drink choices. Statistics clearly show, that we're in top five countries, having most patients affected by waterborne diseases. I feel, if we can fix the habits of cooking in some of the establishments, people's health won't be at great risk.

(People watching this on TV)

PERSON 1 - Finally yaar....

PERSON 2 - I got Delhi Belly years ago, now they take action. This is just great.

PERSON 3 - Bro, where did you buy the Pani Puri from? Good shop na?

[Scene 38]

NDTV REPORTER - Latest Headlines for today, Larsen and Toubro have built ties with Lite Foundation. Together they'll be collaborating with the government to first set up reservoirs in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya State. According to the team, this idea is being executed for the purpose of increasing the country's water supply.

(People watching this on TV)

PERSON 4 - What's so special about Cherrapunji? Put them in Mumbai na? City has so many people.

PERSON 5 - Wettest place on earth, that's why.

PERSON 6 - Continuous Rainfall throughout the year, I heard.

PERSON 4 - But why in the middle of nowhere? People from China or Bangladesh will find out.

[Scene 39]

(In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya)

VENKAT - We need three reservoirs, 500m apart from each other.


SUPERVISOR - Make sure you don't cause harm the environment.

LT SUPERVISOR - Sustainable construction will be in the process, sir. No worries...

SUPERVISOR - When's the deadline?

LT SUPERVISOR - In 2 to 3 years, we can have this up and running.

SUPERVISOR - Sounds like a plan.

MURALI - You have a list of transport and market agencies?

SUPERVISOR - Yes, come. Only for those nearby like West Bengal and so on.

MURALI - That will do. We'll go back to Delhi and ask for more information.

[Scene 40]

(Opposing Political Party in their Estate)

O. MINISTER 1 - What's happening, man? They're up and building reservoirs. What're you people doing?

O. LEADER - Get me information about this project. How did they get permission for all this? Lite Foundation is an NGO, how could they possibly tie up with government for a project?

ALL - Yes, very true. It's not possible.

O. LEADER - Exactly, it's not possible. On one side, total health inspection is happening, other side this? Ridiculous.

O. MINISTER 2 - This Jai, head of Lite Foundation. He's from Chennai, now dealing with Government in Delhi. His hometown's government itself is slightly corrupt, and he's bringing that.

O. LEADER - In which states have we won seats?

O. MINISTER 3 - Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab, and West Bengal.

O. LEADER - I don't want them messing with my places. As of now, I want you all to inquire about their plans. If they enter these states, they should be restricted from taking any action. That means health inspection too, because we know what we're doing.

[Scene 41]

(Parliament Meeting Room)

JAI - I want to address Sex, as the next topic in the given hierarchy. Physiological needs are necessary in order for us to move on. We've covered food and water, now sex, because that too is equally important. I recall one of you ministers mentioning how our population is too big. Yes, it is, it's too big. This is putting pressure on matters such as housing, access to food and water, pressure on agriculture, education and jobs even. Competition is too heavy in India, and I'm not saying it's bad. When the competition involves restricting access to necessities for so many people, then it becomes a problem.

We have the ability to take this country to a whole new level, the only problem is that we have too many people. Here's an analogy - A professor one day teachers five students, and the other day he teaches 100 students. During exam time, which batch is more likely to have more successes?

PM - Well, technically, the first batch.

MINISTER 2 - Nevertheless, having more people in the second batch, there'll be more successful people from there too.

JAI - In terms of percentage? The first batch will do great, because this professor put in enough effort and had time to help each and every student. Will the same professor do the same with a hundred students? That's India right now....too many people, and that's we most of us can't do our jobs properly.

Treating everyone with medicine and in hospitals can be a hassle, a company dealing with everyone's network and broadand connections could bring headaches, and so on. Surely, we've started controlling our population. Contraceptives, that's one solution. You've started promotion of contraceptives like condoms, lately.

It's all a marketing strategy. We need enough supply of contraceptives, that too at affordable prices.

MINISTER 4 - Where do we get the capital from? We'll have to buy tons of these contraceptives for 1.3 billion people here.

JAI - Investment and build ties too. We have popular companies like Kohinoor and Kama Sutra manufacturing these contraceptives. It's all upto them to produce enough supply, and at cheaper prices.

MINISTER 5 - They all go for the foreign brands like Durex. What will we do then?

JAI - Indian companies will have to market their products much better. It's all a matter of marketing and making them cheaper, and of good quality. If more people can afford good quality contraceptives as such, then we can expect a decline in our birth rates.

MINISTER 6 - Suppose we don't follow this route? What's our alternative?

JAI - Apart from condoms, we must do the same with other products such as contraceptive pills, and even Sterilization.

MINISTER 5 - Sterilization is done in hospitals. It requires much money for those treatments.

JAI - For that, I say we use the help of medical centres and hospitals to promote usage of contraceptions. Make the sterilization treatments cheaper, that way more people will go for it. If not, no one will do it. Let's face it, cheap and good quality is all we want.

PM - True.

JAI - So, in the case of Sex. Heavy promotion of contraceptions are needed, for that I'll be heading over personally to place ties with the following companies.

PM - Sure.

JAI - What's your take on this action plan?

PM - It seems like a plan. I'm wondering whether or not these companies would gladly collaborate with us.

JAI - If the Government could sponsor this initiative, I'm sure they'll be into this too.

PM - Sure, we can do that. Talk through the plans for them and report back. I'm hoping to see more of these sold in the coming months and years.

[Scene 42]

(Murali and Venkat reach Kolkata - Brilliance Marketing Centre)

VENKAT - We're having reservoirs built in Meghalaya. We want you to help distribute the water supply across West Bengal.

MANAGER - What deal are we talking about here?

MURALI - Distribution in every city, ever town, every village, every hamlet in this state. If possible maybe neighbouring states as well. We're talking 20 Crores business.

MANAGER - Only 20 Crores?

VENKAT - Oh my....what? What're you expecting?

MANAGER - 25 Crores.

VENKAT - This is a Government initiative. Unless you have limited labour to do the work....

MANAGER - We have the labour.

VENKAT - Deal is 20 Crores, you take it or leave it. We can't simply deal 25 Crores with every state in this country. You want the deal or not?

MURALI - We have a high chance of making a surplus, and in ten years time this same business can go international.

MANAGER - 20 Crores, and that's final.

VENKAT - And please, make sure you deliver on time to every household and citizen in this state. We'll come and valuate every home in the country, 6 years later. Everyone better have water supply.

MANAGER - Yes, yes, we'll do that. That's our job.

MURALI - Government is getting tighter with its laws. We don't mean to target anyone, but we're simply warning you about our plans. No mishaps this time.


VENKAT - Thank you.

MANAGER - When can we start the distributions?

MURALI - In an other two to three years time. We've come early to make the best reservations.

MANAGER - Fine, fine. I'll wait.

[Scene 43]

(Opposing Political Party in their Estate)

O. LEADER - (On the phone) I see (drops the call).

O. MINISTER 1 - What is happening?

O. LEADER - They're looking into distributing water supply in West Bengal.

O. MINISTER 2 - This is atrocity!! When we have control of the state, how can they simply come in and take over?! What are we for then?

O. LEADER - Call them in. We need to talk.

[Scene 44]

(West Bengal Government Building)

MURALI - Here, sir. Our distribution plans, and tax.

OFFICER 1 - Hmm....seems alright. Pay 10 Crores extra.

VENKAT - What? Why?

OFFICER 1 - Tax. You're about to run a big water distribution business in the state, tax is 10 Crore.

MURALI - Business deal is only 20 Crore. You're asking for this much?

OFFICER 1 - You want them in the cities, in the villages, in the towns, even in hamlets. That requires tax.

VENKAT - Sir, this is not good business. How can such business ask for so much money as tax? What? Bribe?

OFFICER 1 - This is not my decision, this is the ruling party's decision (shows picture of Opposing Party's leader - behind him). You're in West Bengal, control is under his power. You'll have to be under his rule now, in order to do good business.

MURALI - I'll contact the main Government in Delhi and report you all. We're in ties with them.

OFFICER 1 - Go for it. Do whatever you want. Ultimately, they too will tell you the same. If you want, talk to our sir, himself.

[Scene 45]

(Opposing Political Party Leader's Office)

O. LEADER - Water Distribution Business? In West Bengal? What're you talking. If you had the idea, why didn't you approach us? You fixed he deal with the government in Haryana. This is West Bengal. If you want things to go smoothly, you approach us first, and we'll take the action.

MURALI - Well, s-sorry about that.

O. LEADER - That's okay. That's fact, I myself was hoping you would tie up with us. It's all fate, what can we say. Leave that aside, you said you objected to pay 10 Crore Tax? Why is that?

VENKAT - Price is so high. Who would want to do that?

O. LEADER - Political Pressure is high here. The Chief Minister is facing problems on all sides now with business as such. We'll have to raise taxes to maintain the balance.

MURALI - I'll speak with the Chief Minister then-

O. LEADER - Hey! I'm the big boss. Chief Minister is only running West Bengal. I'm running four or more other states here.

VENKAT - What do you suggest now?

O. LEADER - 10 Crores Tax, or say goodbye to your deals. I could've had you speak with the finance ministers in this building. You should be glad, you're speaking directly with me. I'm telling you now, there's no way out. Pay up, or bye-bye water.

MURALI - W-We'll just pay up.

(Leader smiles)

VENKAT - Y-You'll receive the amount by tomorrow.

O. LEADER - See? That's not so hard. You're partnered up with the Main Government. You have enough capital, right? This is your only plan.

MURALI - We actually have, more plans to execute. We're trying to be cost efficient, and don't want to give away so much for the projects. Where else are you in rule?

O. LEADER - Bihar, Karnataka, and Punjab.

MURALI - Okay. We'll be careful next time.

(they leave)

O. LEADER - Careful is always good!

[Scene 46]

(Food places in Andheri West)


OWNER 1 - Yes?

H. INSPECTOR - Health Inspection here. (To his men) Check the kitchens.

OWNER 1 - Wait, wait, wait! What happened? All of a sudden? Who gave you permission to-

H. INSPECTOR - Check the kitchens!

(the men check the kitchen - they find the kitchen in bad condition)

STAFF 1 - Not good, sir.

STAFF 2 - Why are the cockroaches running here and there, yaar?

OWNER 1 - Hmm....

H. INSPECTOR - (Writes down his notes) What water are you using?

OWNER 1 - That um....

STAFF 3 - Corporation water.

H. INSPECTOR - (Writes down his notes) This unacceptable.

OWNER 1 - Sir, sir please! w-we can't afford Bisleri water.

H. INSPECTOR - Shush! You're establishment gets a "D Grade". You're clearing out from here, today itsefl.

OWNER 1 - Sir, sir! (holds Rs 10 000 in hand for him).

H. INSPECTOR - Bribe? For me?

OWNER 1 - (Whispers) Listen, I'll get things sorted by end of this month. Let me keep going until then.

H. INSPECTOR - (Slaps him) Buffoon. Get out!

[Scene 47]

NDTV REPORTER - This is just in, 54 food and drink establishments have been closed down in Mumbai over the past days. Health Inspectors reveal that the following establishments have had an average "D Grade". Health Departments have taken serious actions in places such as Andheri West and Ghatkopar. Over the next few weeks they'll be clearing these establishment areas, fixing drainage and pest problems too.

(People watching this news on TV)

PERSON 6 - Shit bought Biryani for lunch from Ghatkopar only no?

PERSON 7 - How do I know if it was a good shop?

[Scene 48]

(Opposing Political Party's Estate)

O. MINISTER 4 - Ay! Look man!

O. MINISTER 3 - I know, I'm not blind!

O. LEADER - Be Quiet!

O. MINISTER 2 - He came to West Bengal, and you've given them permission instead of stopping them. What're you thinking?

O. LEADER - Can you shut up? I made them pay 10 Crore Tax.

O. MINISTER 1 - So much?!

O. LEADER - The teams seem quite confident. Let them proceed, I'll take care of this. They'll be coming into our other three states too.

O. MINISTER 4 - You'll damage them there?

O. LEADER - Slow and Steady. Here's the catch, he'll be on my team in these four states. Election will do good for us at that time, we can use their efforts.

O. MINISTER 3 - So what? Sabotage or not?

O. LEADER - Let them proceed with ease in our place. If we want to be back in power, that other Government should collapse. First tell me an idea for that...

[Scene 49]

(Farmlands in Maharashtra)


SUPERVISOR - Tell me...

MANISH - How many farmers in this area?

SUPERVISOR - Some 70 farmers altogether.

SURAJ - Land?

SUPERVISOR - 11 plots of farmland in this area.

SURAJ - Divide them and make it 22 plots of land.

MANISH - (To the farmers) We're dividing your plots of land into halves. Now you'll have 22 plots of land!! New Farmers stand to the left, and others to the right!

(30 Farmers to the left and 40 to the right)

SURAJ - Seems about right.

MANISH - Yes. (To the farmers) Experienced Farmers! 3 farmers per divided plot of land. The remaining farmer, can choose to be the fourth member of any divided plot. You'll work much more better! in years time you'll receive enough water supply! Until then! we're providing Aqua-Guard Water Filter Machines for your homes. BMC has agreed to provide water supply to you all, after which you can use the machines to filter out the water!

SURAJ - In a year's time, we'll have greenhouse farming implemented here. So from then, don't need to use pesticides and herbicides! Staff members have brought in tractors and extra machinery for your farms to make things easier!

(Experiences Farmers are satisfied)

MANISH - We're providing a cash bonus of 10 Lakhs to all farmers! A Sponsored initiative by our Government. No need to worry! Insurance Claims will be ready for you all in peak summer seasons and monsoon!

FARMERS - Thank you! Thank you!

(Manish hands out the Cash Bonuses to Experienced Farmers First)

SURAJ - New Farmers! You'll all use the other half of divided land! You won't be receiving machinery in this time round! Wait a couple more years for it to be more available. Meanwhile, we'll give you the same cash bonus! Apart from that, we're introducing new seeds for you all. You'll be growing new crops, and will also be paid equally as the other farmers!

(New Farmers are satisfied and receive their starting packs)

SUPERVISOR - Thank you so much. Now about the greenhouses you mentioned-

SURAJ - L&T Staff are collaborating with us. They'll soon help in construction of Green Houses for Experienced Farmers. Here, we're giving your the LIC Insurance Claim Papers. In case of any problems, make sure you cover them for the farmers. BMC will make the attempt of bringing clean water. If not corporation water, for which the Aqua Guard can be used.

SUPERVISOR - When will they come?

MANISH - Thrice a week, on weekdays. Make sure every farmer household get proper wages and necessities.


SURAJ - Please report back if something is not going properly. We'll help take action.

[Scene 50]

(Kama Sutra Company Headquarters)

JAI - The plan is we want more Contraceptives to be produced by you all. I don't mind who you collaborate with, how you market this. In the end, I want you to produce enough for every person in India, to use twice. If there are 1.3 billion people here, then aim to produce twice that. Get in contacts with markets in cities, villages, and towns. Everyone needs access to this, make the prices cheaper. If you require any assistance, please contact us. Keep in mind, it's a government sponsored initiative. We'll equally help fund for this.

(Everyone claps)

EXECUTIVE 1 - Idea sounds good. We plan on having models from US to help advertise these products. Is it fine?

JAI - If it means the sales will go higher, then yes, please do it. Apart from Condoms and Body Spray, we want you to collaborate with doctors in producing Contraceptive Pills too.

EXECUTIVE 2 - We can't be dishonest to our profession. We can only produce condoms, not medical pills as such.

JAI - Listen, hospitals and medical centres are going to have other projects to take care of. Meanwhile, your customers will be more satisfied if you produce these pills too. A couple doesn't have to buy it at pharmacies or medical centres and clinics. They can just buy it off you. Keep in touch with the Medical institutes. Some ten doctors will come over to help.

MANAGER - This is going to be one of the only times, where a government and private companies contribute. Do you foresee any trouble? Who will be getting the profits?

JAI - We call for 25% from profits made. You keep the rest. This is government! We have enough capital. You make most of it.

MANAGER - I like it.

JAI - In fact. We'll be getting our hands on black money accounts any time sooner. Not that we're targeting you all, but the bureaucrats in particular. Tons of black money, and tons of orders to give out. You keep most of the profits.

MANAGER - Thank you.

JAI - If you need anymore help, please contact us.

MANAGER - In terms of supplies?

JAI - You have our capital. End of this quarter, I expect to see the products hit all markets in India. Let alone international markets.

MANAGER - What if we only focus on every single market in India?

JAI - You want more? As of now, I'm letting you keep 75% of all profits made. If things get better by the end of the year, we'll reconsider lowering taxes for companies like yours.

[Scene 51]

NDTV REPORTER - Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu have been visited by government officials, including the likes of Lite Foundation. They have introduced the initiatives of dividing farmland plots even more to allow for better productivity of food production, as well as getting rid of unemployment.

(Opposing Political Party Views this)

O. MINISTER 2 - He's already setting up big things, when are you jumping in?

O. LEADER - Wait for it, yaar. So impatient.

O. MINISTER 1 - (Drops the call) Just got a call, saying that there's a problem with the IPL this year.

O. LEADER - Why?

O. MINISTER 1 - Problem is in Maharashtra and Telangana. Droughts have hit farmlands, and meanwhile they're using water for the cricket pitches.

O. LEADER - (Smiles) I've already taken action.

[Scene 52]

NDTV REPORTER - Droughts have hit Maharashtra and Telangana this year. It is reported to be one of the worst in India, and monsoon will be coming in late in places like Mumbai. Agencies report Monsoon to strike in the midst of June.

(meanwhile farmers are crying over their crops)

FARMER 1 - W-Where is our water?!

SUPERVISOR - Wait! Wait! Wait!

(Parliament side in Delhi)

JAI - (On the phone) Hello? Oh god! Wait! Wait! I'll inform my guys.

(Manish and Suraj arrive at the site)

MANISH - What's happening here?

SUPERVISOR - Crops are dying here for them, we have little water supply.

MANISH - Oh god. Where? Where's the Water Supply Transport? They were supposed to come.

SUPERVISOR - They came on time for the first few weeks. Now they're coming once a week, and sometimes not at all.

SURAJ - (On the phone) Hello? What're you thinking in mind?! Playing with lives of farmers and their crops is child's play for you?! You're bringing water here everyday! Not thrice a week! You heard me! Get the water here soon, or I'll prepare your suspension orders! (drops the call) We've given them a warning.

MANISH - What's happening in their side?

SURAJ - Someone told them to stop delivery.

MANISH - (Checks the temperature of the area) 45ºC.

SURAJ - It's scorching. Supervisor, they're coming soon with the water, if they don't come by the end of the day, inform us. We'll take serious action.

[Scene 53]

(Parliament House - Meeting Room)

NDTV REPORTER - Days after the worst droughts struck parts of Maharashtra and Telangana, we're finding farmer suicides coincide as well. It was reported by supervisors in these areas that the suppliers received orders from a third party to stop the distributions.

PM - (Turns off the TV) Jai. We did what you suggested, now look....we're already seeing farmer suicides and crops dying off. What's happening?

JAI - Sir, I-I checked with Manish and Suraj. They just checked Maharashtra farmland the news informed. Some third party is interfering in our plans.

PA - Sir? Press are here.

PM - I'll be back. Take care of it...

(Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture set off)

[Scene 54]

(Opposing Political Party Estate)

O. LEADER - I stopped the suppliers, and paid them to let go.

O. MINISTER 4 - It seems they've scolded them badly. They better deliver by end of today in Maharashtra and Telangana.

O. LEADER - They won't.

O. MINISTER 3 - How?

O. LEADER - Their Income Tax record is in my hand. Will they still do it?

O. MINISTER 2 - We'll see. Eventually they'll make us participate in that Times Now Debate.

O. LEADER - Can you shut up and mind your business?

[Scene 55]

SUPERVISOR - (On the phone) Hello? Suraj? Yes, w-we didn't receive the water supplies yet. What's happening?

(Supplier Office - Suraj and Manish barge in)

MANAGER - Hey! Hey! What're you doing?! Get out I say? We're in the middle of something here!

MANISH - (Slaps him) What did I tell you to do, and what are you doing right now?

C. MANAGER - What's happening here? We're talking deals for the IPL matches, and you just barge in? Wait for your turn!

SURAJ - What?! I-IPL matches?! What's wrong with you people?! People are dying out there, you're talking deals to satisfy entertainment of the people?!

MANAGER - Look! Look! I-I was forced into this deal, no big harm.

SURAJ - What? What big harm? Farmer Suicides are happening! You're nonsense deal is causing people to suffer. You think cricket league is more important than people's basic necessities?

C. MANAGER - Sir, we'll talk later. Your clients I think are getting emotional (they leave the room).

MANAGER - Look, political pressure. I can't supply the water.


MANAGER - IPL is facing hard times now. No one seems to be interested after kicking out two teams.

MANISH - To hell with the cricket league. People are dying now! In time of need, this is not our primary focus! Do you hear me?

SURAJ - I'm calling for a suspension order, on behalf of the government.

MANAGER - Hey stop! stop! Even if you do we can't deliver even now. There's road traffic about inner Maharashtra.

MANISH - Then inform suppliers in Telangana to do it there! What're you waiting for?

MANAGER - There's a farmer's strike in Telangana. Likewise, here a Rally is taking place.

SURAJ - Rally?

MANAGER - Rathod Minister, conducting a rally.

MANISH - H-He doesn't control Maharashtra. He's controlling other places. For what reason has he come?

[Scene 56]

(PM and Agriculture Minister Press Meet broadcasted on Television)

MINISTER 1 - My heart goes out to affected farmers in the drought. To let you all know, we are doing are best, on behalf of the government, to supply water to not only Maharashtra and Telangana, but other parts of India as well. We seem to be experiencing difficulty in doing so.

REPORTER 1 - Prime Minister sir, what is this difficulty that holds you back?

PM - our minister mentioned. We are facing hard times with our suppliers. Due to their tough times, we're finding it hard to deliver at the right times. We are doing all we can to bring the water to the farmers. Our hearts go out to the farmers, who have sacrificed their lives, for not being able to meet with their demands. It truly is a sad event, I want to take this time acknowledge families....

(People watching this on TV)

PERSON 2 - Waste, what a waste. What's the point in supplying?!

PERSON 3 - They'll keep saying the same nonsense. The media you know, they'll make a big fake news out of their visits to farmlands. Now look, people are dying.

PERSON 4 - Hey! What if he's right? He has other shit to look after. Suppliers na? Always sleeping on the job these days.

PERSON 3 - They're always sleeping, yaar. When have they delivered on time and done work properly? Tell me? So much for installing Aqua-Guard for them.

[Scene 57]

(The opposing political party leader is conducting a rally in farmlands in Maharashtra)

O. LEADER - (On the mic) Listen to me! We are doing our best to help give you the water supply. They said what not, about supplying water and setting up Aqua-Guard fro you all. Tell me....did you really think they would pull something like that off? Look at who's helping the government, an NGO! They're not supposed to work for anyone. They're doing illegal business with you, therefore they just came to divide the lands for you all even further to make it hard for you all!

(Famers go mad about in support of his speech - Rally is being telecasted by the media)

JAI - (Arrives on site with Manish and Suraj) You check in with Telangana, Suraj. Manish and me will take care of this.

O. LEADER - I'm telling you! You should be extra careful during elections! They'll tell you about their plans! In the end they just want your votes!

(Jai walks on stage)

O. LEADER - Look here! They've come here!

(Bodyguards try to pull them off)

O. LEADER - Wait yaar, let them come here and speak.

JAI - (On the mic) Listen, d-don't listen to what he's saying. W-We're doing whatever we can to help you get the water you need.

(Farmers have gone mad over him talking and throwing slippers)

MANISH - Jai....d-don't-

JAI - We're coming here to help you! I'm leaving you now, with one message. Before you vote, think if they're coming to help you out, or point fingers on others (looks at the leader: Rathod)

(After Rally gets over)

O. LEADER - (Approaches Jai) Listen, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. What's your qualification? You're an NGO, how can you simply work for the government like this?

JAI - Can I tell you something? I didn't study in Princeton like you did, yet I've actually done something in a short amount of time. Someone like you, who's been in power for over 10 years. Why does it hurt you so much?

O. LEADER - Ay! AY!-

JAI - Stop. Listen, I don't have time for dirty politics. I know very well you don't fare well in politics anyway.

O. LEADER - How dare you!

JAI - It's because of people like you, we're growing naive and stupid. No offense, but if your strong point is Cinema, then why move over to politics? Just because you're all powerful in Cinema? You bring your fanbase over to politics and wave your power like a magician's wand?

O. LEADER - You-

JAI - Don't get me wrong. I can't run a country, but I can sure help out. You studied in Princeton, you're well educated, and eventually entered Cinema. It's not showing understand?

O. LEADER - I don't have time for your nonsense. Complain all you want about who I am. Farmers are dying (to his ears) What are you going to do?

JAI - I'll do what I'll have to. The real question is, how many more finger-pointing do you have left to do?

O. LEADER - Excuse me?

JAI - You only have 10 fingers. 20 if you count your toes too. Listen, you point fingers however you want. If that's what you entered politics for, then believe me, you have done PhD on this.

O. LEADER - Listen-

JAI - I may have been in and out of the country, but I've kept track of all the people you've acused. You acused our own Prime Minister for his qualification didn't you? Since when did you become Prime Minister? I know for a fact he's doing something. What're your plans? What do you want in life?

O. LEADER - Shut...Up!!! Now!! No one! No one has ever spoke to me like that!! You're speaking to a very key figure in this country! You can count my white hairs! Just one flick of my wrist, and I'll end your career! Mind it!

JAI - I'm glad you mentioned that, I have other stuff to take care of. You're just being a time pass for me.

O. LEADER - T-Time pass?!-

JAI - Point as many fingers as you want on others. I just need one to shut you up (slides a middle finger across his face).

O. LEADER - You!!

JAI - Mama! Mama! Get out....find another job, or keep quiet. Places like Bihar are depending on you. Go help them out, and we'll do our stuff meanwhile. Mind it, if I find you meddling with our projects hereafter, I'm not afraid to have an Income Tax raid in your house.

O. LEADER - You wouldn't!-

JAI - Black money is a problem in this country my man! Bureaucrats, businessman! They all have them. I know for a fact you top the list. (Smiles) Swiss Bank account, right? Tell me beta.....850 Crores? That's all due to the government, bachcha! Now leave us alone, or I'll end your career with one phone call to the Prime Minister.

O. LEADER - How?! H-How do you know about my financial state?!

JAI - You pointed fingers right? (Slides the middle finger across his face again) I did this to you when you were on TV, in my teens. Clear the area, do whatever you can to help this country, try your luck to get back in power, and if not....please retire. You're of no use to us.

(Walks off - Leader takes a car back to his estate)

MANISH - Long conversation with him....what did you do?

JAI - I simply spat venom.

[Scene 58]

(In the next two days - Water supply has reached Maharashtra and Telangana on time)

NDTV REPORTER - This is just in, suppliers have finally met with the deadlines for supplying water. Mass insurance claims have been given out by LIC to the farmers in Maharashtra and Telangana. Supervisors have reported that they'll temporarily be supplying water everyday until the end of this month, to cover for the crops and lives of farmers.

PERSON 6 - Glad they reacted immediately.

PERSON 7 - I remember years back. Similar situation, they had to call for a debate on Times Now. Ridiculous event that was, the problem took weeks to solve. This one luckily took five days.

[Scene 59]

(Parliament Meeting Room)

PM - Well, Jai. You've proved yourself and your team very well. Telangana and Maharashtra farmers have received insurance claims and water supplies. What did this all take?

JAI - When you meet face to face with the culprit, you don't emphasize on his doings on the spot. You reflect on who he is and what he's been doing. To top it off, the power of blackmailing.

PM - Blackmailing? Who?

JAI - No worries, just some small problem, it's all taken care of.

PM - Now then, about contraceptives. All done?

JAI - (Smiles) Everything is back on track.

[Scene 60]

(Opposing Political Party Leader meets with the Chairman of the Party)

CHAIRMAN - Wow, somebody finally came to shut you up.

O. LEADER - Please, stop! H-He pointed the middle finger at me....twice!!

CHAIRMAN - No footage?

O. LEADER - You think I'm the media or something? He's questioning my position with work and all.

CHAIRMAN - Hmm....

O. LEADER - What should we do now? My Income Tax Record is in his hands!

CHAIRMAN - Hmm....

O. LEADER - What hmm?? Always giving me the same response. Now I can't conduct rallies in other states.

CHAIRMAN - Do it here, no?

O. LEADER - What's the point? If we want to be back in power, then we need other people.

CHAIRMAN - Let me give you an idea. My Grandfather formed this party under certain conditions, and he wanted this to carry on. Let me be clear, for the final time....listen to what that Jai said.

O. LEADER - What? You too? Since when did you turn into my wife?

CHAIRMAN - (Slaps him) Idiot! You know how painful it is for me to watch what you're doing?!

O. LEADER - Oh! And you couldn't fire me!

CHAIRMAN - Pressure, yaar. The people wanted you, and you only. Now I'm telling you, stay as the leader, and listen to what he said. Mend your ways. You're simply ruining the state of our party and the ruling states.

O. LEADER - Hmm.....

CHAIRMAN - Just recently, there was a cheat scandal in a school in Bihar. You know that? This student cheated and topped the exams.

O. LEADER - I see...

CHAIRMAN - No, no. You don't see, because at that time you were busy accusing our Prime Minister about his qualifications. What's your problem yaar? He building latrines and what not in this country, you're pointing fingers on others? That other day, you gave a speech about his plans not working well, in a college. Half the auditorium screamed at you and said it was working. What are you thinking?

O. LEADER - It's the situation with the glass being half empty and half full.

CHAIRMAN - What do you want in life? Now I'm asking you the same question he did? What do you want? You used your power as a cinema star and entered politics. You think you can fly like you did in your action films? Do some proper work, yaar. Look, this scandal is hinting out the progress of education in our country. Focus on that. Places like America and all are looking at us, thinking we're smart and all. This student who cheated and topped 12th Grade can't tell the relation between NaCl and common salt! Go fix that, man!

So what, we have four states in our hands. Fix those places for god sake!

O. LEADER - (Feeling sad) Hmm....

CHAIRMAN - (Gets up and drink water) Listen, if my grandfather was still alive, he'd have kicked you out by now. He won't even think about people's desires for you. You're lucky you're still here. This is your last chance, Rathod. Do your part properly, here onwards, or you'll get the boot.

[Scene 61]

(Cherrapunji Construction Site)

LT WORKER 1 - Sir! Materials!


MURALI - How's everything going here?

SUPERVISOR - Going at full swing. Monsoon is coming late, this year.

VENKAT - It's raining all time here.

ALL - Hahaha.

SUPERVISOR - I mean in other parts, like Maharashtra. Rajasthan hit 52ºC.

MURALI - sad.

VENKAT - Progress report?

SUPERVISOR - Foundation is almost ready for the first reservoir. We'll be receiving the concrete sooner or later.

VENKAT - That's fine.

(Income Tax Officers reach the site)

MURALI - Yes, can I help you?

OFFICER 2 - Papers from West Bengal Income Tax Department.

MURALI - Yes, what about it? We're covering them properly till date.

OFFICER 2 - Income Tax Refund. 8 Crores is being refunded.

MURALI - What? Why?

OFFICER 2 - The office mentioned it as a mishap. Here's the refund form.

MURALI - T-Thank you.

VENKAT - What happened?

MURALI - We got refund from Government of West Bengal.


MURALI - They charged us too much for the taxes, remember?

VENKAT - Oh yes, yes. I remember now....I knew that was too much.

[Scene 62]

(Parliament - Jai's Office. Minister Rathod enters)

JAI - Ehem?

O. LEADER - No, no, please (sits down).

JAI - (To his PA) Two glasses of water!

O. LEADER - I-I uh....thought about, what you said that day.

JAI - I see.

O. LEADER - Y-You probably know already that....before if someone did this to me, I-I would've caused a protest by now, hahaha.

JAI - Oh, I see.

O. LEADER - See? I-I can be controlled.

JAI - You need a medal for that?

O. LEADER - I've flown down all the way from Bihar to see you. Stop making this uncomfortable. Y-You don't believe me?

JAI - As a 15 year old, personally. We've been exposed to current events. Not one day have I seen this happening. Surely, many have pointed fingers at you, and others. Whether they be religious fundamentalists, or nationalists, and what not. I'm not convinced, I sense a trap. Tell me you've already started a riot somewhere in this country?

O. LEADER - That? O-Oh no, no. I-I'm taking my game seriously this time. M-Moreover, y-you have control of my Income Tax Record.

JAI - (Smiles) Oh, I see.

O. LEADER - Masters Degree in Economics. That's me, from Princeton University.

JAI - Okay.

O. LEADER - Yes, I thought I could just enter politics with what I had in Cinema. It's not the same.

JAI - It's not.

O. LEADER - It's just that, n-no one has spoken to me like that. Y-You're much younger, how could you possibly-

JAI - Born in the year 2000. The age where technology took a dramatic turn. I look back at those days and notice how a child such as me, at the age of 7 or 8, watching news, more frequent than you did in your childhood. Age 13? Got access to social media. Soon as you follow news pages, you are bombarded by harsh news.

One side will talk about a poor girl being raped in Delhi, while the other will talk about a brutal murder in Gurgaon. Then on the other side, I'll see news about you guys, either working towards something, or working towards proving someone wrong. Winning is not about proving others wrong, it's about getting together and making it right.

O. LEADER - Chivas.

JAI - Those are profound truths. But yes, as a child at that age, I could catch on more about current events. From the age of 10 or 11, we're beginning to understand current events and find patterns.

I have a cousin. Aged 9 when I was 12. So fond of aircrafts he was. He's a part of Singapore Airlines today. Back to the point, he was able to investigate through why flights would crash. If someone like him at that age could investigate patterns. Then, I'm more than ready today to face the world. I just waited for the liberty to be given to me.

O. LEADER - I see.

JAI - My curiosity about the downside of this country has drove me into investigating patterns of the functionality of this place. The reason, you're seeing more variety of crops being grown, seeing satisfied farmers with Aqua-Guard and water, and what not. It's all because of curiosity, acting as an engine for us. Sure, I know what to do, but I can't run a country. I'm not fond of politics. I'm fond of problem solving.

O. LEADER - Why not? Be like me, you can do much more.

JAI - I feel, we humans don't need a title to do something. This is stereotyping. People believe you can change the world or course of country with politicians, when you should really be looking into the backyards of suburban homes. You find geniuses from toddlers to adults problem solving independently. It's just like mathematics. While you all were doing the math on the spot, we solved them as a child and are doing it.

Look today. If it wasn't without your act of sabotage. Farmers are happy now.

O. LEADER - I see it. I-I'm sorry, and I'm totally over the whole, middle finger thing.

JAI - That's fine, and if I offended you, I apologize. I should've been more responsible that time. In that point of time, where farmers were dying because of you, that action became my reflex.

O. LEADER - I'll do my best to help the states I control. If you could also be partnered with us, it'll be fine.

JAI - We'll gladly help. First redeem yourself to the people, after which you seek my help.

O. LEADER - Definitely.

JAI - One more thing, no harm to your Income Tax Records. I know it's a serious crime. Once you redeem yourself, we'll look into dealing with your taxes.

O. LEADER - Okay.

JAI - (Smiles) Jai Hind.

[Scene 63]

NDTV REPORTER - Some 32 Ministers, who are MLAs and othr ministers, they have have been suspended for failing to show development of their ruling districts and states. These are ministers of 8th and 10th Grade qualifications, showing influences of ideas such as communism. Large percentage of the suspended MLAs were found to be religious fundamentalists, involved in the cause of riots and problems between communities such as the Muslims and Hindus and parts of this country.

PERSON 8 - Finally, man! We're actually doing something!

PERSON 6 - Hey! Those Hindus were cursing us.

PERSON 7 - Nonsense, it was infleunce over their MLA. Their MLA is a strong Hindu believer, and was prejudice against us. He used the power to form a riot between us.

PERSON 5 - Yes, it's true. If you read the editorials, it clearly states rumours of MLAs being behind this. Now that they're gone, things will settle down.

PERSON 6 - Wait for them to apologize.

[Scene 64]

(Parliament Meeting)

JAI - Next issue in hand is Cleanliness. I've heard about your project of building latrines, which is good for solving issues such as "open defecation".

MINISTER 2 - It's still there?

JAI - It happens in inner cities and villages. There are no public bathrooms for these people. Moreover, the trash cans (shows a picture of existing trash bins) these are ridiculous. They don't look appealing, and second of all they're so small. We're 1.3 billion people, two small trash bins like these, every 500m isn't helping. We need bins every 10 to 20 metres, more like. We need them to be standing, and not on wooden stands like them. We need open bins, not lids on them. People will not take risk of opening dirty bins. Discard the lids of the tall bins and have them placed 10 to 20 metres in cities especially. Littering is a problem in cities, mainly.

MINISTER 5 - Villages and towns? Despite learning the "3 R's" in school and what not, they still toss trash wherever they wish to.

JAI - For that, we'll not only have proper bins in this country. We'll have to have effective promotions about "3 R's" and sustainability. It's a known fact that there are more plastic objects in the oceans and seas than there are of fish.

PM - Oh wow.

JAI - Yes. Ganga River, it is considered as a holy river for Hindus. Let alone that fact, it's also a source of drinking water, coming from melt glacier from Himalayas. I don't mind cremation, but let's limit it.

MINISTER 3 - You're attacking the Hindu community here, be careful.

JAI - I mean what I say. I myself am a Hindu. Listen, if God intends for us to not kill and consume animals, then what to say about cremation? You're making lives harder for aquatic creatures.

MINISTER 2 - What aquatic creatures in rivers? There can't be.

JAI - Eventually they'll end up in the seas and oceans, na? Then these fish will suffocate. Already we're trying to solve water problems, and this is making things work.

PM - Jai. I understand your intentions. Let me remind you that culture and diversity is the sole base of our country. Development is a different aspect, but culture and diversity is something we excel at. Your idea for the Ganga river will cause cultural and religious conflict. I'm fine with a clean-up of the river, because I too agree: there are rubbish in the river. Cremation is something we'll have to think about later. In fact, the same river runs through Bangladesh. Eventually we'll have more desalination plants all around the country's coastlines.

When that's taken care of, I say it won't be a problem.

JAI - But sir-

PM - Jai, it's a controversial topic. On one hand, you decide to do it for conservation of the natural environment, which is good. On the other hand, you can break the cultural harmony of the country. Right now, our sole purpose is improving standards for the country and its people. It's developed nations like Norway and Iceland, who are more focused into matters like you mentioned.

For that, don't think we won't take cleanliness seriously. It will be, because it's important, and satisfies the agenda for both our people and the environment.

JAI - Okay then.

PM - Larsen and Toubro will help?

JAI - Yes, yes.

PM - Okay. We'll have a mass clean up. It will take time, as there are those who compromise with our plans, while others don't.

JAI - Sure.

[Scene 65]

NDTV REPORTER - Latest headlines, Minister Rathod has stepped in to give his input on the cheating scandal in Bihar. We take you live, in Bihar now....

(Live Press Meet - Minister Rathod)

O. LEADER - The cheating scandal, it's definitely an act of crime. Recalling what Albert Einstein once famously said, "Education is not learning the facts, but training of the mind". What has happened recently, is training us into finding more loopholes in the constitution. Let us all bear in mind that the fault is not solely that of the student, but also the examiners and parents for not checking on them properly. Teachers too, if I had to add an extra point.

Not only India, but every country around the world will strongly condemn acts of cheating. In the end ultimately, it's the nation which will years to come, i-if they don't learn from us, and o-our past mistakes.

(People watching this on TV)

PERSON 10 - Oh my god! He admit it!

PERSON 11 - Since when has this Rathod guy admit his mistakes? Always covering his tracks somehow.

PERSON 12 - That's why he's not ruling the majority, yaar!

PERSON 11 - He probably did meditation in the Himalayas.

[Scene 66]

(Meanwhile in places nearby the Ganga River - Heavy clean up is happening)

S. MEMBER 1 - Pass me the bag!

S. MEMBER 2 - Take this!

(they are cleaning up the rivers)

GURU - Brother? How is it going?

S. MEMBER 3 - Going good, Swami ji.

GURU - I'm happy to see you take up this initiative. May god bless you.

S. MEMBER 3 - Thank you.

GURU - There might be some rubbish on the river bed. You will check that too, na?

S. MEMBER 3 - We'll try. It's running water so....

GURU - Yes, yes, it'll be dangerous.

(One man from the distance throws newspaper on the floor, near the river)

S. MEMBER 5 - Ay! Ay! Pick it up! You think we fools?!

MAN 1 - There's no bin here!

S. MEMBER 5 - For that? You'll dump in the river? Go! We've set up trash cans outside the temple areas! Go!

MAN 1 - (Picks it up and leaves) Fools are cleaning up these days...

(Meanwhile in parts of South India like Chennai and Bangalore - Staff members are painting the walls, cleaning the underpasses, and setting up trash cans)

[Scene 67]

(Parliament Meeting Room)

JAI - I've just got a call from the staff members working on the clean up, by Ganga River. They say they're half way through. It'll take another week or so to finish up.

MINISTER 6 - This is good news.

JAI - Very true...

PM - I'm surprised, Jai. I really am, because so much is happening, and not one riot or strike has happened. Normally I would see Rathod's party conducting these rallies and all, I've only seen one rally take place, and that was in Maharashtra. It's really strange, too strange in fact.

JAI - Well, what can I say. I guess they had more important business to take care of.

PM - Very true. I mean, it perplexes me to find out that only one strike and rally has happened. We've helped with water, food, contraceptives, now cleanliness....not one finger has come out.

JAI - That's good to hear. Now we can comfortably proceed with our business. Next on the agenda, it's not that serious. We'll just have to carry on with the Prime Minister's initiative of setting up latrines and public toilets in the country. I mentioned earlier how ''open defecation'' is still a problem in some villages and inner cities here.

This can help solve hygiene and sanitation problems for our people. I've called up Larsen and Toubro, so far we have them helping with the Reservoir constructions. Meanwhile, they're busy designing proper trash cans and setting them up, with help of our own government staff. They say they can multi-task with us on this other project too.

MINISTER 1 - Okay, so now we'll have latrines and public toilets.

JAI - Yes. Goal is for every household, whether bungalow or hut, they should all have proper toilets. Larsen and Toubro have the materials, they say they are ready to begin production of these toilets and latrines once we give the green signal.

PM - Sure, let's begin.

JAI - (Smiles) Thank you, sir.

PM - Still, I'm perplexed about the progress we're making. Are you sure the public think we're doing good?

JAI - I think they've heard more good news every week, than usual.

PM - (Smiles) You're great, Jai.

(Jai receives a phone call)

JAI - (On the phone) Hello? Oh Hi! How're things going from your side? Oh...okay, wow that's great. That's really great! Keep it up (drops the call). Kama Sutra Company have hit their products in markets across India.

PM - Including villages and towns?

JAI - Yes.

PM - Well? What's the result?

JAI - They successfully advertised their products using both Indian and Amercian models. With help of doctors, they manufactures contraceptive pills. Condoms, which they excel at, they've made it a lot better. 5 Million sales in cities like Chennai and Mumbai itself.

PM - Oh great.

[Scene 68]

NDTV REPORTER - It's just in, Farmers have started producing High Yield Variety Crops. An Initiative put up by the government to add other foods to our diet. The Minister of Agriculture personally feels these crops can bring beneficial health points for us.

(Live Press Meet)

A. MINISTER - We believe, apart from production of crops such as wheat and rice, that we should slowly shift towards producing more variety of crops. These seeds are patented by Monsanto and parts of Canada and US.

NDTV REPORTER - Coinciding with production of HYV Crops, increased productivity in farms has lead to more livestock products and crops entering the market quickly. It was reported that parts of Mumbai such as Dharavi are receiving both fresh food from farms at affordable prices, as well as left-over meals from Dabba-Wala.

Dabba-Wala reportedly began an initiative called "Share my Dabba" where customers can share their left-overs with hungry children in rural areas of Mumbai. Government statistics reportedly show a 2% decrease in starvation for our country.

With Monsoon, just passing by, farmers believe they can make a surplus of farm products.

(Live interview with Farmers in Tamil Nadu)

FARMER 1 - Actually the, the government start giving us Insurance claim policy and starting pack of 10 Lakhs. They divide farmland, I farm for more than 30 years. So I got tractor and other machines. My sons, just started, are doing farming with hands.

They are growing some foreign crops. We tried one time, it was fine, somewhat fine. Best of all, more crops can grow with machines, because it's very quick. So no problem, no need to be tired. When sometimes cyclone, or heavy rain come, we do aqua-culture, which is farming with fish. We still make the money for the family.

FARMER 2 - Government staff one day, come to tell, they build a glass house for our divided farm land. They say, no need this pesticide and herbicide. The say, this glass house, better for farming. Next week, this engineers all come to build glass house for us. I am happy with my farm and crops.

[Scene 69]

(Construction supervisors are in the midst of building public toilets in cities, towns, and villages - A man is about to urinate on the walls)

C. SUPERVISOR 1 - Ay! Ay! Come here! one toilet is built! Do it here and go.

MAN 2 - Oh, building toilet for us?

C. SUPERVISOR 1 - Yes, come, come.

(He does his business and goes off)

C. SUPERVISOR 1 - Good, na?

MAN 2 - Much better.

[Scene 70]

(End of the Year - Parliament Meeting Room. Public and Press are present)

PM - Good Morning, Press, Citizens. This year, has been one of our most productive years. I want to take this opportunity to Acknowledge a team for helping us throughout this year: Lite Foundation.

(Jai and his team assemble on stage)

PM - They recently joined as my secretariats. They are doing a splendid job for improving the lives of us. It is pretty unusual, seeing an NGO team up with the government. What's important, is that we both had a common goal, that is what matter most.

With the help of Jai and his team, we're strengthening the base of our country more better. I'll review what we've been upto this year.

(Powerpoint Presentation Screen)

PM - This year, instead of focusing more into building military deals and so on. We've moved a step back, to ensure every Indian has access to basic necessities. It's essential that we have these, in order to move on. As Jai described, we have patches in our development, and they are left untreated. We've treated them this year, and we'll still continue to do so in the years coming.


PM - First, we began constructions of reservoirs in Meghalaya. Places like Cherrapunji are having reservoirs being constructed. The water crisis, is still a problem for us, therefore we've used places like Cherrapunji to our advantage. It is the wettest place on earth, with continuous rainfall throughout the year.

Rainwater harvesting systems can help in producing a large supply of clean drinking water for us. Larsen and Toubro, an acclaimed company, they're helping us in the constructions. As of today, the foundations of the systems have been constructed. We'll be looking into opening this in another year or so.


PM - Next, we moved into focus on Agriculture. Food crisis is another problem this country faces. With the help of Jai and his team, we came up with effective plans for making farming more productive and so on.

We've managed to achieve this in such a way that factors of unemployment and food production doesn't go the downside. We've introduced machinery in farming, starting packs and insurance claims have been made more available to our farmers.

I'm happy to say, the number of farmer suicides this year have gone down significantly, by 65%


PM - We've installed Aqua-Guards in all farmers households in this country. This will be for the time being, until the reservoir is up and running. Apart from that, we've introduced HYV crops to add more foods to our diet. Some of these new crops can bring health benefits for us.


PM - In case you haven't noticed, we've done side business with Kama Sutra Company. It's our initiative to control our country's population growth. It has been a challenging task in this sector because we have to have contraceptive products such as pills and condoms available and affordable everywhere in this country. Village, towns, cities, you name them.

We've dealt with some small fights regarding cultural issues. I'm sure you're aware that some cultures and religions encourage large families, meaning more children. For some, we've given them permission to carry on, for some we've helped them compromise with the plans. I'm happy to say, our Birth Rate has dropped from 20.2/1000 of population to 17.7/1000 of population.


PM - Cleanliness is another factor. Many of us have tried executing this in the past. In the end, we have those who compromise with us, and those who don't. Just a message to those who don't: You are allowed to believe and do whatever you want, but if you're beliefs and actions are harming others, then it's a threat. Cleanliness might not be similar to terrorism, but in a way it's causing difficulty for other people in this country.

We've done our best in setting up public toilets, latrines, and cleaner trash bins around the country. We've made them more accessible to people. So I strongly recommend you all make use of these facilities. It's absolutely free, and you don't need to pay for using it.


PM - Any Questions?

REPORTER 1 - Sir, what do you intend to focus on in the coming years?

PM - Now that we've solved issues for basic necessities. We now want to look into strenghtening our nation's safety and security. It's important in order for nation to be intact.

Only after fixing safety and security, will we further move on into economic growth strategies and so on.

[Scene 71]

(Parliament Meeting Room - After Press Meet)

JAI - I just received the reports from Murali. The reservoir is coming in good shape. We can have it up and running, possibly by end of this year, December.

MINISTER 1 - Great.

JAI - Now then. We've moved up one step in the pyramid. Now it's all about safety and security, like our Prime Minister had mentioned. Safety and Security is essential for everyone. Unless everyone in this country is given the liberty to lift their heads up, then only can we press on.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but what's with "Gurugram"? Can anyone tell me that?

(Everyone is confused)

JAI - This happened when I was about 16 years old, and it's still the same. So you changed the name of Gurgaon to Gurugram, and everything is still kept the same.

MINISTER 3 - They changed the name of your own hometown, from Madras to Chennai.

MINISTER 4 - Even Bangalore to Bengaluru.

MINISTER 5 - Bombay to Mumbai.

JAI - Why Gurgaon to Gurugram? It makes no sense. They still mean the same thing! I mean come on guys, like for what reason does Gurgaon get a name change? Surely there are tons of Company Headquarters and Buildings there. The other extreme though, with homicides and rape. What's going on here?

(Everyone is silent)

JAI - I read this as a teenager and was very unhappy. I mean, surely, anyone of that nature, like an angry young-adult would feel the same way. But come on, it's still the same, what are we doing? There's this annual event on my Social Media Newsfeed, which is called "Rape Count".

It's where on average I find news about rape each month, in this country. So you change Gurgaon's name to something else, and not re-image it?

MINISTER 2 - W-We didn't really find it that fascinating, you know, about all the homicides and rape. I mean, police are at times sleeping on the job. What do we do?

JAI - What do you do? You're asking me? I'm sorry Prime Minister, sir. You mind if I attack?

PM - Proceed.

JAI - In case you haven't wondered, there's almost no sense of gender equality now. There are two extremes in places like Gurgaon. There are men, who think they are superior, and women, who's dreams are crushed because of such people.

We're talking about gangs who live in these places and rape for the fun of it. I mean, these are the same guys who can bribe the police and get out in a matter of 3 hours. What? And now you're asking me what to do? People! We are so greedy! If you want me to be vulgar about it, then yes! We are disgusting Tharkis!

PM - Jai, watch your language.

JAI - Sorry, sir. But it's true, I mean, let alone those rapists. Everyone, almost every man is into this! Whether it be raping women, misbehaving of some other sort, or even going after porn. It's all happening.

What we're trying to achieve in the end, is have Indians from abroad, maybe een foreigners move into this place. This is our goal. Right now, the situation stands where my school mates, in Singapore. They are both girls actually. They are scared to moved back to Delhi, because of all that's happening there.

That's not good, people! Not good at all.

PM - That's pretty clear to us.

JAI - We have a sincere police force, and we have lazy ones. We have problem solving policemen, and we have greedy ones. We need police who work for the people, and not for money. We need police who are fit, and not those who can't run! No offense, but, I see policemen who are old, drunk, and obese too. Seriously? No wonder people get away with it, here.

[Scene 72]

MURALI - How's our progress?

SUPERVISOR - Yes, everything is going good. Filter materials will be coming in 6 months time.

MURALI - I see. Is it okay if I let you take over until construction ends?

SUPERVISOR - Yes, that would be great. I think we're fine.

MURALI - Okay. Venkat!


MURALI - I want us to start housing constructions soon. Jai gave us the green signal from the government yesterday. Inform the authorities all over the country. Larsen and Toubro are helping us.

VENKAT - Yes sure.

[Scene 73]

O. LEADER - (On the phone) Yes? Of course! Yes, I'll take care of it. Thank you! (drops the call).


O. LEADER - Jai has handed over the housing contruction projects over to me. I'll be involved in housing projects in the four states.

CHAIRMAN - (Smiles) You're doing us proud, Rathod. Keep it up!

O. LEADER - Thank you (heads off).

(Jai's Office)

JAI - (On the phone) Hello?

CHAIRMAN - Hi, this is the Chairman of Rathod's Party.

JAI - Oh, hello sir. What would you like?

CHAIRMAN - I would like to congratulate you, for uplifting our party.

JAI - Party? What did I do

CHAIRMAN - You handed over a project for us to take care of.

JAI - Well, sure. It's your duty right?

CHAIRMAN - You're so confident to hand something like this over to another party. How do you do it?

JAI - I want nothing to do with Politics, sir. All I care about is making this place better than it was before. A politician however would strive to do all good, and block the other opposing parties. That way his party succeeds. I don't look at it that way, because ultimately while we fight over such things, our country is growing weaker.

I mean, you all are politicians for a reason. You're meant to serve the people and make the nation better, not fight over who does what and who's better than who. This country has grown weaker since those fights took off.

CHAIRMAN - I see. Your philosophy is good, and I hear you're young too.

JAI - Age is nothing today. We're living in a world where a toddler can get access to current events and problem solve maybe. I started when I was a child. It's plain curiosity.

CHAIRMAN - I thank you, for what you are doing. It's good, and I see that it doesn't matter who does what. As long as we are there for the people, that is what matters most.

JAI - You catch on good.

CHAIRMAN - I mean, you've won over us, and we're second most powerful in this country. What about those state governments?

JAI - I'm sure they're learning from us. We're already getting rid of politicians who don't qualify or do well in the field.

CHAIRMAN - Now, you'll have to put many in jail.

JAI - I can forgive a man who's trying and not qualified. A man who's not qualified and making a ruckuss has to simply stop.

CHAIRMAN - Well, good talking to you.

JAI - You as well.

[Scene 74]

(Ministers fly over to Gurgaon - Police Department)

MINISTER 1 - I'm going to make myself clear. This area is prone to homicides and rape. What are you doing to stop?

OFFICER 2 - We're doing our best, and they keepy getting out.

MINISTER 1 - This is a government order now. Anyone caught being involved with bribe, working secretly with gangs, unfit to do the job, you all will be suspended. I don't lazy loafers and drunkards working for this department, because people are dying out there.

OFFICER 1 - Gangs are all over here and India. If we throw one in jail, their gang members will come in to get them out. They all have pipes and other weapons in hand. They'll bloody kill us.

MINISTER 1 - Use that gun in your pocket, alright. That's a tool for you all, not a museum display. Just kill them! Don't care how powerful they are. You're the police, and you protect the people. Anyone messes with you or the people, use your power to the fullest.

If you can eliminate a total gang, then good for you. Living in fear of these gangs, while wearing Khakis, that's not good. I mean it, you all have done your IAS and IPS exams for a reason. Abide the law and do as it says. If it means saving an innocent life then sure! Break the rule! If you're doing good, then breaking a law is fine.

You're hearing this from a minister. Commissioner! Choose the best men, please. I don't want to see the obese, the old, the drunk, and gang members in this department. Don't take this as a joke, because we're damn serious. Suspension forms are all printed out, and we're not afraid to list your names. Put your head in the game!

ALL - Yes!!

[Scene 75]

(Gang in Delhi)

ROWDY 1 - Hey! Saw that girl?

ROWDY 2 - I'll get the car.

(they drive and kidnap the girl)

GIRL - Ay! Ay!! Stop!!!

ROWDY 1 - Shut up!! (punches her).

ROWDY 2 - She's stamping on my foot!! Tie her up!!

(Meanwhile the girl's friend has called the police)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - (Walkie Talkie) I got this. You noted down the licence plate number?


(they follow the car into a warehouse - rowdies throw the girl on the ground)

ROWDY 1 - Look, man!

ALL - Hahahaha!

GIRL - Stop!! I-I'll call the police!! M-My friend I think called the police!!

ROWDY 3 - Eh? Police? Oh! I'm so scared!! Lay her down!

(Rowdies hold her down)

GIRL - No! No!!!! (crying)

(Power goes out)

ROWDY 2 - What yaar?! Turn on the lights, na?!

(lights on - Police Officers come around)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Get them!

ROWDY 3 - Saale! Try us!

(Rowdies attempt to make a move on the victim)

GIRL - AH!! Please stop!!!

(Officer shoots the rowdy)

ROWDY 2 - Ay! Ay! You killed him! You know who we are?! You know who our boss is, na?! Your station will burn tomorrow!

(Officers shoot them all)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Bastards.

(Girl comes hugging the officer)

GIRL - T-Thank you....

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Leave no trail. Burn the warehouse down.

(The police burn the warehouse down)

[Scene 76]

NDTV REPORTER - Rape Victim was found in an abandoned warehouse. She was found kidnapped by a gang in Delhi. Police Officers managed to recover. The twist here is that she hasn't been raped.

(Going Live)

GIRL - T-They were about to do it. T-Then police came and killed them. T-They burnt the warehouse even.

NDTV REPORTER - The key gang leader, Zahan, is reported to be traced and arrested. Officers report to plan on having him in Bihar Jail.

(Zahan is watching this)

ZAHAN - (Watching this) Ay!! T-They're coming after me!! Close! Close the gates!!

(Police come from the back gate)


ZAHAN - (Raises hands) Bhai! You know you can't kill me.

(No response)

ZAHAN - I have dozen of my men behind me. They'll finish you...

(His men all have weapons)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - How many women have you guys raped?

ZAHAN - Hahahaha!!! Stupid question, yaar! I don't count. I just have fun. This is all a sport of some sort. Historic reference, Kama Sutra is ours know? We are embracing it. That's all!

POLICE OFFICER 2 - At what cost?

ZAHAN - Minister refused to let out my man, so I ordered my men to rape her daughter. This other day, a sailor refused the drug deal with me, we gang raped his wife. Basically, do as I say, and no one gets raped. That's the whole idea.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Saale!! (Shoots Zahan).

ZAHAN - Ay!! B-Bastard.

(Police from behind shoot everyone else present)

POLICE OFFICER 2 - We killed one gang. Now what about this huge estate?

[Scene 77]

(Parliament Meeting Room)

PM - Status Report?

JAI - I've just learnt that these homicides and rape attacks are Organized Crimes.

PM - How you say?

JAI - Some are for no reason. Most of them are prior to conflicts. There was conflict between the Hindu and Muslim Community one time. Mass homicide took place during that period of time. The victim one day is a Muslim, the other day it's a Hindu. Then Rape, we have gangs who go out of control and just do it.

Otherwise, they're working for a gang leader, who's involved in drug business and such. If someone doesn't agree to their plans and such, it's Rape on their immediate family members. It's why one day, we saw a poor sailor crying over his wife. He refused to accept the drug deal.

PM - My god.

JAI - Your ministers have done good, over this course of time. I can see good action taking place in these three months. We've hired much fitter and proactive policemen. I see improvement.

PM - Learning about the deep dirty sections of my own nation disturbs me.

JAI - Just as we dig deep for oil and coal, we dig deep to solve these problems.

PM - I don't know about you, but this has certainly become a learning experience for me.

JAI - I heard housing constructions are in full swing too.

PM - Yes, yes. It's unusual, because Rathod's party is supporting this initiative. I never expected Indian politics to take such a turn.

JAI - Change is inevitable.

PM - Very true. Who knows, I think he got enlightened.

JAI - After this, I just have one more area to cover. After which, you'll take over.

PM - Wait, so you'll leave?

JAI - Yes.

PM - But why? Why can't you always be here for us?

JAI - I believe it's just one more area I have to cover. After this, my work is done.

PM - What is that one area?

JAI - Suspense.

PM - Okay. I still don't understand why you and your team want to resign. We're doing great, better than ever.

JAI - Until a point, we have to hand it over to you. We can help fix the patches of an air balloon. It's your job to help the air balloon fly after that. We just repair the patches...

PM - Hmm....

JAI - You'll know what I mean. This last patch is a big one.

[Scene 78]

(Towards the end of the year - Everyone has received housing and protection. Everyone is present for the meeting to All of India)

NDTV REPORTER - Prime Minister is hosting an "All India" Press Meet for everyone in the country to turn to. He says this is absolutely necessary for all to hear out. For this purpose, all channels will play this one Press Meet. He concluded by saying, this will be an hour's event.

(People on TV)

PERSON 6 - Come on yaar! Christmas is closing in!

[Scene 79]

(Prime Minister on Stage)

PM - Greetings to all. On behalf of the Government, I thank you all, 1.3 billion of you, for tuning in to hear this. This is an important idea, that our Government wanted to raise. Over these two years, we've done our best to ensure a great standard of living, for all the people in India.

We've basically set up the landscape for you all. We've cleaned areas, we've set up trash cans, improved food and drink services and production, introducing new sources of water, just recently we've helped improvethe safety and security of our people. We've terminated big gangs all over the country.


PM - Housing has been provided. Our final step is economic development, that means us moving from where we are: BRIC to MEDC.


PM - This is the last, and very final idea we want to get through you all. Many Prime Ministers and Influential people have mentioned this in the past. I'm going to make myself clear and really stress this out to you all. We have everything set for you all! All basic necessities, housing, even safety and security. We've set everything up for you all. We're going to hand this over to you all, as it's your duty, as an Indian, to help us reach the peak. I repeat, this will be a glorious mission, and it will be noted in Indian history.

Get rid of this "Chalta Hain" attitude. Let me tell you this, even if you try this afterwards, our police and the law are much tighter now. Loopholes are now the size of an ant's tooth. This constitution is built for the people, to the people, and by the people. It's time now, that this constitution, this nation, becomes further strengthened, by the people of India!

We have the brains, but we're supplying the developed nations. This is by far our only good capital. We're better than that. I don't mean to accuse the developed, but they're already eating the fruit of victory. We're helping them enjoy it more. We ourselves need to taste the fruit, then only can we do such things. There are understandable circumstances, like better opportunities and such overseas. Well, now we've worked hard to bring it all here. We made the base stronger than ever. I can guarantee now, that any NRI who comes back here, will love India, just as much as where he or she stays at overseas.


PM - My advice to the youth of India. You all are going to take this coutry to places. I advice you, to follow your dreams. If you wish to be an astronaut, be an astronaut. Parents, I strongly advice you, to not clip your child's wings. In the past, the strive to becoming either a Doctor or Engineer was terrible. I don't mean to say its a bad idea, but if that's what you don't want to be, then don't do it. The truth is, simply be what you want to be, be whatever your skills tell you to become. That way only, we can all do our jobs properly in the future.

I strongly advise the parents to constantly support their child in their endeavors. If your complaining about your carpenter not doing his work properly, or screaming at a bank for not doing their job properly. You only have yourselves to blame, because you're stuck with the working generation of those who's parents clipped their child's wings. The children today, who are working, they're mostly not doing what they like to do. If you like what you were doing, then there would be no reason for us to complain about our jobs not getting done quickly.

Apart from that, I encourage you to think out of the box. Today's young generation is fortunate enough to get access to current events on the news and social media, and internet. It's not my aim to make everyone problem solve, but it's my aim to encourage everyone, including adults, to think out of the box (looks at Jai) because only those ones, can really bring about a change.

I refuse to name the man. But a common man, living amongst 1.3 billion of you all, it was the man's one idea which has brought India to where it is today. This is the power of an idea, of a man who thought outside the box. With 1.3 billion people who can think outside the box, we can simply go places.

I'm going to leave you all with one note. The price of laziness is huge. If you can't do something properly, then don't do it. You're making life harder for others around you. In the end, some realize they can't do anything properly, and it's all due to the factors of laziness and life choice. Mr Abdul Kalam, he was born into a family that was struggling financially. He delivered newspapers, and a man such as him, has rose to such power. It's great, and it was because of his determination. He didn't accept the life of living in struggle, he took the oath and became a prominent figure of this country. Do the same, because one day if you're finding yourselves complaining about services not working properly. You'll only have yourselves to blame, for not putting in the effort to work smart at it.

That's right. Work smart, not hard. Thank you!


[Scene 80]

(Parliament - Prime Minister's Office. A letter from Jai is on his desk. Prime Minister picks it up and reads)

JAI - (Narrating the Content of the letter) Honourable Prime Minister. I thank you for giving me this opportunity, to assist you in helping the country. I told you this last idea is a big one. Maybe not today, or in a couple days, but I assure in a couple months, we will see people get on their feet. I forgot to mention about the improved drainage system. I worked on that as well, so in the future no need to worry about floods. Electric wires and cables here and there are being dealt with at the moment.

Anyways back to the point, what you just told the people today, isn't something that will spark in our minds for a moment. It is rather something that people will go home and reflect upon. There are no winners or losers here. There is only an idea, and an idea can cause conflict, it can bring peace and harmony.

I need not take any credibility as I simply acted as the people's mic. You need not look for me. Me and my team are now back home, strolling by the long sands of the Bay of Bengal. Yours Sincerely, Jai.

PM - (Smiles) Marina Beach.

"An idea is just as powerful as nature. It can cause conflict, it can bring peace and harmony. Nonetheless, it can even change our perspectives of the world around us. All we have to do, is stay curious."

- Aravind Raju

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Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:21 pm
Casanova wrote a review...

Hey, Aravind! Casanova here to review!
First off... I'm no used to reading and reviewing plays XD. I guess I'll go about it like I would a story or novel or something, but curve it slightly!
Okay, well first off, and I don't say this often, I like this play. I'm not normally a big fan of plays, but this was really good.
As far as grammatical errors... I found little, and none that haven't already been mentioned.
I like the flow of it, and the subject is really good. The whole thing is wonderful
Anyway.. I really don't know what to say. I really like it XD.
I hope you continue to write, and I look forward to seeing more from you! I'll be watching!
Sincerely and happily- Matthew Casanova Aaron

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Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:43 pm
DivergentDemigod wrote a review...

hey Aravind.. its just Rashi dropping by for a quick review... (well i wont trouble with much since nwakaemechinonso12 already did that for you...but hey i gotta appreciate what i like right?)

okay so you basically described my situation in the first part up there (yes my dad got a transfer and i'm in the 10th which leaves the choice on me weather i would like to move or not) so consedering that i really connected well to Jai.

the only problem ( well not exactly a problem, more of a suggestion)

JAI - Today also?

"today also" just dosent seems right, may be you could re-phrase it or something...

overall it was a good read(even if long) , i like the way you described Jai's situation
so yeah i would probably give it 7.6/10


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Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:16 pm
nwakaemechinonso12 wrote a review...

Scriptwriting is my field and i would be telling you about it.

First and foremost, you did a good job, i must really confess.

Whether it’s a work of fiction, a poem, or the narrative of a soul, good writing pulls the reader into the reality of its words and imprints an experience in the mind’s eye as real as any staged play.

i discovered that you did not identify the kind of script you are writing - is it drama or movie script. any of the two requires a stage directions

In a script, there should be cues given to the actors as to how they should say their line:

[Sadly], [Hesitating], [While toppling off the desk].

Sometimes we need to tell our readers how to “hear” the lines we are delivering. In casual writing, this usually involves things like bolds, italics, CAPS — em dashes — or ellipses…

These tools, like the tweaks in grammar, aid in a sense of timing or emphasis, which in turn help convey the intended mood.

That said, we can overuse these tools easily. We should write the first draft without all the doodads, and then read it aloud to find out where the natural words of emphasis are.

Are they obvious? Or could someone logically punch up a different word, and thereby change the meaning? If so, add the cue.

But if it is 99% likely that the average reader will interpret the sentence the same way you do, then leave out the markers. It gets too visually busy and pulls away from the import of the words that do receive special font treatment.

When writing, you need to be aware of the adrenaline levels of your readers. Are they up? Are they metaphorically on the edge of their seats, wanting more? Good. Time to end the chapter. (your script is too long for my liking).

Scene Heading
Indent: Left: 0.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 6.0"

A scene heading is a one-line description of the location and time of day of a scene, also known as a "slugline." It should always be in CAPS.

Example: EXT. WRITERS STORE - DAY reveals that the action takes place outside The Writers Store during the daytime.

Indent: Left: 0.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 6.0"

When a new scene heading is not necessary, but some distinction needs to be made in the action, you can use a subheader. But be sure to use these sparingly, as a script full of subheaders is generally frowned upon. A good example is when there are a series of quick cuts between two locations, you would use the term INTERCUT and the scene locations.

Indent: Left: 0.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 6.0"

The narrative description of the events of a scene, written in the present tense. Also less commonly known as direction, visual exposition, blackstuff, description or scene direction.

Remember - only things that can be seen and heard should be included in the action.

Indent: Left: 2.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 4.0"

When a character is introduced, his name should be capitalized within the action. For example: The door opens and in walks LIAM, a thirty-something hipster with attitude to spare.

A character's name is CAPPED and always listed above his lines of dialogue. Minor characters may be listed without names, for example "TAXI DRIVER" or "CUSTOMER."

Indent: Left: 1.0" Right: 1.5" Width: 3.5"

Lines of speech for each character. Dialogue format is used anytime a character is heard speaking, even for off-screen and voice-overs.

Indent: Left: 1.5" Right: 2.0" Width: 2.5"

A parenthetical is direction for the character, that is either attitude or action-oriented. With roots in the playwriting genre, today, parentheticals are used very rarely, and only if absolutely necessary. Why? Two reasons. First, if you need to use a parenthetical to convey what's going on with your dialogue, then it probably just needs a good re-write. Second, it's the director's job to instruct an actor on how to deliver a line, and everyone knows not to encroach on the director's turf!

Placed after the character's name, in parentheses

An abbreviated technical note placed after the character's name to indicate how the voice will be heard onscreen, for example, if the character is speaking as a voice-over, it would appear as LIAM (V.O.).

Indent: Left: 4.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 2.0"

Transitions are film editing instructions, and generally only appear in a shooting script. Transition verbiage includes:


As a spec script writer, you should avoid using a transition unless there is no other way to indicate a story element. For example, you might need to use DISSOLVE TO: to indicate that a large amount of time has passed.

Indent: Left: 0.0" Right: 0.0" Width: 6.0"

A shot tells the reader the focal point within a scene has changed. Like a transition, there's rarely a time when a spec screenwriter should insert shot directions. Once again, that's the director's job.

Examples of Shots:


take note of these in your scripts.

Keeping writing - dont give up.

I am your friend

You must believe in free will; there is no choice.
— Isaac Bashevis Singer