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The Effectiveness of Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Suicidal Children in the United States

by AilahEvelynMae

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

*heyyyy everyone!! Ellie here with another school paper. This one is due tomorrow! I'd appreciate any help on anything! grammar or my wording or even just thoughts on my writing. BUT PLEASE KNOW: This paper is on the topic of child suicide and hospital treatment (im a sociology major and im focusing specifically on child sucide in the US this term... i know :( its a heavy topic). There is a statistic in this paper directly related to a way a person can die from suicide. PLEASE do not read if you know this will hurt you mentally or make you uncomfortable.*

(the project was to write a paper showing two different sides of an issue in two paragraphs and then to explain my position on the issue in the third paragraph.)

The Effectiveness of Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment for Suicidal Children in the United States

Psychiatric hospital treatment for children is often a last resort and only used when children are actively suicidal or involved in self-harm. It is proposed that this form of inpatient treatment is beneficial in treating suicidality in children. As stated on the website for a child psychiatric facility, "Some children also have issues with trauma or abuse. You can trust our pediatric experts to help you and your child"(Mental and behavioral health care). An article states, "Patients put their lives back together, picking up the pieces torn apart by such illnesses as depression…Patients may find hope in one another…discovering the comfort of shared experiences." (Morris, 2023) It is possible, that in psychiatric hospitals, children can find belonging and be in an environment that allows them to heal. The environment can allow them a safe space to be treated, meet with doctors, and connect with others who share similar struggles.

It is argued that psychiatric inpatient treatment for children can make mental health issues worse, resulting in more attempts of suicide and self-harm. A study shows us that "the postdischarge suicide rate was approximately 100 times the global suicide rate during the first 3 months after discharge" (Chung et al., 2017). It takes less than 5 minutes of pressure on the carotid arteries in the neck to result in death from lack of oxygen to the brain. "15-minute suicide watches tend to allow a patient sufficient time to commit suicide…Almost any article of clothing and any protruding object can be utilized for self-asphyxiation.” (James L. Knoll IV). It is argued that inpatient psychiatric facilities are not safe enough. They put the child in an environment surrounded by others who are also struggling with mental health challenges. Associated with this are issues of copying symptoms of other patients, as well as an increase in suicidality and depression. Hospitals tend to treat symptoms and do not focus on changing the person's environment outside of the hospital.

In my opinion, psychiatric hospitals are useful for the immediate stabilization of suicidal children. Hospital stays should be limited to short visits, which discharge happening immediately once the child is safe enough to return home and is cleared physically and mentally by a doctor. I do not believe that long-term psychiatric treatment is beneficial. We should not be focused on labeling patients and categorizing them by diagnosis. Instead, we should be actively involved in changing their environment. We need to figure out why they are suicidal and how their environment is contributing to their mental state. Keeping the child confined to a building, changing their medications every week, and writing more prescriptions that they can keep track of is not helpful. Hospitals are places where we can watch patients while they are actively suicidal. They are not homes or places where we should be living. The hospital environment will not heal or allow change.

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Mon Jun 05, 2023 9:45 am
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hi Ailah! I know you've already submitted this, so I'm not too sure how helpful my review is going to be at this point but I thought I would still pop by and offer some thoughts in case.

We were always taught the following at school, and I wonder if this can be of use:
P.E.A.C.E - Point, Evidence, Analyse, Comment, Explain (I don't know what it says about me that I didn't have to look this up at all literally ten years later...)
It always used to help me build a framework for a paper, so I'm sharing it in case it helps in the future!

Firstly, I think you've done a good job tackling a tricky topic and keeping it mostly factual. It's hard to cover off everything you'd actually want to put in an essay of this type when you're limited to three paragraphs, so I think this is well written, especially considering that limitation!

I would maybe think about some of your quotations in this though, and whether you really need them. For example the first one:

"Some children also have issues with trauma or abuse. You can trust our pediatric experts to help you and your child"(Mental and behavioral health care)

I don't really know what point you're trying to make by including this, and it reads as though it's kind of in there because you felt like you needed a certain number of quotes (we've definitely all been there). I find this sometimes happens when you make a point and then look for a quote to support it, rather than finding a quote and then making a point around it - perhaps something to consider in other essays you write.

I also think the second paragraph could be rethought a little, as it's unclear what exact point you're trying to make - there are two or three in there, and they seem a little confused which makes the whole section feel less impactful. I would maybe remove the section about 5 minutes of pressure on the carotid arteries as I don't think it really fits with the rest!

Overall though I think you've definitely fulfilled the criteria of the assignment - I hope you get the grade you're after from this :)


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Thu May 18, 2023 1:57 am
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alpacaboss wrote a review...

Hello! These are my comments. Please don't take anything to heart if some of them seem to be blunt. Hope they help :D

Overall Content Comments:
- You can include an explanatory sentence or two on inpatient (residential) treatment for the reader's benefit (like me, it's my first time hearing this term HAHAHA)
- If this paper (or at least the first two paragraphs) is supposed to be written like an academic paper, it would be best to avoid colloquialisms such as "not safe enough". A more formal replacement will suffice. For example, "It is argued that inpatient psychiatric facilities lack safety and security in terms of etc etc..."
- Side note: But if it doesn't need to be too formal you can ignore this comment :)
- Your opinion was written well. It clearly states your opinion and gives solutions to how this problem can be solved. Well done!

Personal Comments:
- I'm amazed at how objective and detailed your discussion of suicidal children is. Through your writing, I could clearly see that you gave the perspectives of both sides without any bias. As someone rarely hears about state of suicidal children, you were able to discuss the urgency of this problem and your opinions concerning this issue. My only comment is to expound on the definition of some terms, such as inpatient treatment and psychiatric hospital, to clear up any questions the readers may have on it. (E.g. what classifies as a psychiatric hospital? Can a psychiatric hospital for adults accommodate children? What is inpatient treatment and what is its goal?) Overall, I actually learned something new and I thank you for enlightening me about this problem. It made me want to research about the prevalence of this issue in my country as I am not from the US.

That's all for my review. I really really hope it helps. :D

AilahEvelynMae says...

Thank you so much!! I appreciate all of this feedback so much.

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