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"Struggling Life of a Mother"

by Abysalyounglord

The life of a Mother, so filled with strife,

Her struggles from early morning 'til late in the night,

A young life she was meant to nurture,

A young life that left her no time for leisure.

The daily grind, it was never-ending,

A life of constant sacrifice, never pretending,

The weariness in her eyes revealed her plight,

But she never gave in, no matter how hard the fight.

Her tears that she cried were hidden from view,

And though she was tired, she made her way through,

For the sake of her children, she never gave up,

In her heart, she could never be corrupt.

She knew the struggles would never subside,

But the love for her children would always provide her strength,

The life of a mother, so filled with strife,

Her struggles never ending, throughout her life.

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Mon Feb 27, 2023 8:43 pm
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KocoCoko wrote a review...

Wow, this piece hurts, even if it's not exactly aimed for me. As daughter to a single dad, I feel like this works for any gender. How much a parent gives to their kids, how many sleepless nights they spend trying to keep monster away from our bed, etc etc...

This definately makes you think about how much someone has sacrificed for you and how much you'll ever know about them. Even now, it sometimes can feel like you barely know your parent since they try to keep everything happy for you.

Wonderful poem, bravo!

Abysalyounglord says...

Thanks for your kind words and understanding the message behind the poem.

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Mon Feb 27, 2023 3:15 am
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Snoink wrote a review...

Noooooo! This whole poem is painting motherhood as a type of martyrdom with only endless suffering. But that is absolutely not the case!

Being a mother is awesome, trust me. I have five kids, ranging from 8 years old to one years old, and they are AWESOME. Like, it's not always easy and there are struggles and sometimes I feel weary (my baby decided to stay up all night and finally fell asleep at 8 am the other night, lol) but like... the good moments are so, so much more in quantity than the bad moments.

Like, if this were about one mother who was really struggling, than maybe this overly grim portrait of being a mother might be true. After all, there are plenty of mothers who pose as the martyr.

But there is so much joy to be had a well!

Abysalyounglord says...

I understand that being a mother can be challenging, and it's important to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices they make. It's disheartening to see some people not valuing their mother's efforts, but I hope my words can bring awareness to the issue.

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