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The Journey to Elmyr

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Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:54 am
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Basil says...

The Journey to Elmyr

Peace is such a fragile concept, and generally never lasts long. Especially in a war torn kingdom like Avundr. The royal family has exhausted its coffers trying to pay for rebuilding and the mercenaries hired to fight for them. The neighbouring, also war torn kingdom of Elmyr is in the same boat. Yet neither kingdom will yield.
Until the princess of Avundr decrees a wedding to join the two kingdoms, and end the warring. Problem is, there is a great deal of land between the two castles, and no one likes the royal family of Avundr. Also the king and queen have no idea what their daughter is doing.

Princess Taeyrin, or Tae as her few friends call her, is the oldest of two, and has always been stubborn. With a will of fire and stone, she is a force to be reckoned with. She isn’t afraid of anyone, political or ruffian. And this lack of fear is what drives her to sneak out of the comforts of her castle, in search of the roughest, toughest, meanest brigands she can find.
And ask them very politely to escort her to Elmyr to broker a peace treaty with the offer of marriage.

That’s where you come in. Whether you’ve been enjoying what the war has offered or been trying to find a way to end it, you have a role to play in this. And when the feisty princess approaches you with her mad plan, you can’t help but leap at the prospect of adventure, or danger, of intrigue and maybe getting a little bit of damn recognition.
So you agree to escort the princess, and leave behind your old life.


You, amongst a band of criminals and ruffians, are escorting a princess across dangerous terrain. You’re going to come across all kinds of people and creatures, and whatever you expect, it’s always going to be unpredictable. All you have to do is make sure the princess gets to Elmyr in one piece. And you don’t kill your companions along the way.
Whether your intentions are for glory, gold or purely for the greater good, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has the same goal in mind.


Normal SB rules apply.
Keep cursing to a minimum. Be creative about it, bring some humour.
No Mary/Gary Sues please.
Any major plot changes need to be discussed with the group.
Gore is allowed but bare in mind not everyone has a stomach for it.
No detailed intimacy scenes.

Characters and Races:

Humans: These are cunning and snide creatures, with intense survival skills that help them adapt to any environment. Highly versatile with a destructive streak, they have the highest population in the kingdoms.
Spoiler! :
Human 2.jpg

Elves: Tall, beautiful, intelligent, magical. Elves are a superior race, and they know it. And flaunt it. They are quick learners, and have rather advanced ways of living, healing and working. They are slightly prejudiced against anyone not of pure elven decent, and sneer at half-elves openly. They trade regularly with humans, because humans are the most reliable race to trade with.
Spoiler! :

Halfbreeds: Typically half-elf, although this is anything obviously mixed with another race. They have a good gene mix from their parents most of the time. Not usually looked down upon in most places, except for half-elves in elven lands, they have free reign to go where they please, and most become merchants or travellers.
Spoiler! :

Nymphs: Creatures that thrive off of magic, nymphs are far crueller than humans. They tend to live near fresh water or in forests, very occasionally creeping into society to live amongst the locals. More volatile than faeries, these nymphs will lie and cheat their way into a fortunate situation. Wild nymphs will prey on anything, so long as it has a heart-beat.
Spoiler! :

Half-Nymphs: There are three types of half-nymphs, determined by the way the child was conceived. A willing partnership from both nymph and non-nymph results in a well balanced offspring that has the best and worst traits of both parents. They aren’t stronger or faster or better with magic than their nymph parent, and tend to be a little mediocre, with a sort of awkward beauty.
If the nymph is not willing in the partnership, the offspring come out with all the physical features of their nymph parent, but none of the magic or temperament. Instead, they are more like their non-nymph parent, with a predisposition to diseases and early deaths.
If the non-nymph is not willing in the partnership, the offspring come out with the physical features of their non-nymph parents, but have the magical and emotional tendencies of their nymph parents. Most of these half nymphs have some traits, like sparkling eyes and slightly pointed ears. These half-nymphs tend to be a lot stronger and more magically inclined. No one knows why this pairing produces stronger offspring.
Spoiler! :

Fae: Beautiful yet illusive. The fae aren’t very common, and aren’t really regarded as real. This is because they tend to be more distinguishable, unless they have the shapeshifting ability some very rare fae have. Prone to hiding in plain sight, the fae enjoy telling stories and encouraging youngsters to be more adventurous and bold. They use magic to tell their stories, which makes their eyes and skin glow with a faint sort of bioluminescence.
Spoiler! :

Nox: There are two sub-species of Nox. The first are more civil, and pleasantly social. The Grassland Nox have a wide range of skin and hair tones, although most have a darker shade of skin and hair. They have large ears that can move, like dog ears. Their eyes are large and usually a dark shade, with no visible sign of a pupil. They grow sharp teeth and claws but most Nox file them down, especially when they live in towns and cities. The second kind of Nox are a little more savage. The Mountain Nox, look just like their Grassland cousins, except for their darker skin tones and light, contrasting hair colours. They are less social, a little more withdrawn and tend to react more aggressively to situations when they’re uncomfortable or feel unsafe. They’re a little stronger than their cousins, and enjoy hunting their own food. Seldom do they venture into civilisation, preferring the mountains they call home, but some do venture into the outside world. They don’t usually file down their teeth, and usually get jobs that require a lot of physical exertion. Not immortal, but they seem to never age and can live for a long time.
Spoiler! :

Character sheet:

Spoiler! :
Code: Select all
[b]Race:[/b] (if crossbreed, what features of either parent do they have)
[b]Personality traits:[/b] (weaknesses included as well as strengths)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (picture is allowed but put a description in as well)
[b]Speciality:[/b] (What skills are you bringing to the table? What things can you do?)
[b]Reason for joining the group:[/b]
[b]History:[/b] (can be brief or long or “shrouded in mystery”)
[b]UFL?:[/b] (On the off chance y’know)
[b]Anything else:[/b]

The Team:

Princess: Taeryn Eshenyr of Avundr Human
Ruffian 1: Kilian Artavel Half-Elf (Lael)
Ruffian 2: Liu Half-Nymph (TinkerTwaggy)
Ruffian 3: Merea Bryn Human (AlyTheBookworm)
Ruffian 4: Grig Farrunner Half-Elf (XxXTheSwordsmanXxX)
Ruffian 5: Dhara Felique Nox (Basil)
Ruffian 6: enjoyinginsanity
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Dorian, are you the one adding all the spices to our food?
Of course I am.
Because frankly the food here tastes like poorly cooked sawdust. It genuinely tastes how Solas looks.

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Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:35 am
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Basil says...

Taeryn of Avundr

She wasn’t sure what, exactly, had her getting out of bed with the rise of the sun. Whether it was because someone had forgotten to close the giant fabric curtains that swept across the large window normally, or the strange swirling of her gut, she couldn't say. Yet as she arose, sunlight pouring through the window, her stomach roiling, she didn't think too much of it as she dressed and called for breakfast.

It arrived within the hour, steaming pancakes with berries and whipped cream. Her favourite. Eating the food did nothing for her stomach, but definitely made the sunlight seem more bearable.

After breakfast, Taeryn made her way from her room, down the winding tower stairs, to the family hall. Servants scuttled about, cleaning and preparing for the day. No sign of her family. Sighing, she left the family hall in search of entertainment.

There wasn't any in the castle.

There was chatter in the stables. About the war. Taeryn was so tired of hearing about the war. It was such a tedious topic, and people didn’t seem to care that hundreds were dying out there on the battlefield.

She wanted to do something about it. Maybe today, she would.

Preparing a horse, Taeryn tried to act as casual as possible. She’d been studying the maps of the area for weeks now, forming sentences in her head, ways to convince, to persuade. She had been waiting for a moment where she could just slip away. That morning might be it. None of the servants seemed to put out that she prepared a horse of her own; she did it often enough now that she just nodded and smiled as they walked passed. She liked that, the lack of fumbling and grovelling from the servants that went about their day around her. It made her feel normal.

No one seemed too surprised that she was leaving the castle grounds. She frequently explored the outskirts of the forest around her home. Sometimes she’d go hunting with her father, sometimes it was casual strolls with her mother. Yet that day it felt different for Taeryn. She couldn’t understand why.


Taeryn had crossed the river an hour ago, her breath sharp in her throat, her horse almost annoyed that she hasn’t stopped yet. But, she can’t stop. Not when she knows what’s driving her. Today, today she has decided is the day. She’s going to make a difference, make a change. She will find a band of honorable people that will take her to Elmyr, and help her convince the royal family there that the war needs to stop.

The tavern seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Hidden amongst the trees, the wooden structure sat proudly, with a sturdy roof and stain-glass windows of yellows and reds. Vines crawled up the cobble walls, all the way to the second floor windows. Horses and carts sat stationed around the building, and loud music emanated from the door. It grew louder the closer Taeryn got.

Dismounting, she tied her horse to a tree, and made her way over to it. The music grew louder, and under it she could hear laughter and voices of all kinds, some deep, some high, some angry, some laughing. Without thinking too much about it, she walked in.

Heat and sound hit her like a sledgehammer. She didn’t know what to make of the crowd in the small space. The bench tops covered in mugs, every seat taken by someone, the bar swarmed by patrons after another drink. The small stage where a band of four instrumentalists played was surrounded by men and women alike, dancing to the music.

No one pays her any heed, so she walked in further. She glanced around for a quiet place to stand, because sitting wouldn’t happen any time soon.

Her gaze snagged on a table where a group of men were playing cards. One seemed to really stand out, with his giant frame and greenish complexion. He had a woman on his knee, her arms draped lazily over his shoulders, her body angled so that, should the man turn his head towards her, all he’ll see is cleavage. Sitting almost opposite him is a half elf, a determined expression on his face, his eyes trained on his cards and the tabletop piled high with coins. The green man grinned broadly and slammed his cards on the table, and the other four men groaned and looked away, except for the half elf. He just grinned at the greenish man, placing his cards down, and pulled the pile of coins in the centre of the table towards himself. The frown on the green man’s face had Taeryn rolling her eyes and looking away.

Closer to the dance floor, in deep conversation with two people wearing cloaks, stood a woman. There was nothing spectacular about her, her face being rather plain, as well as her attire. Yet she was in Taeryn’s direct line of sight, and Taeryn couldn’t look away. There was something about the woman that spoke “danger”.

As if noticing the princess’s gaze, the woman glanced her way, a frown on her lips, eyebrows furrowed. Taeryn quickly looked away, her eyes skimming the crowd until they landed on a tall half elf with a broody expression, his dark hair tied back from his face, his brown eyes skimming the crowd the same way Taeryn’s had been. He didn’t seem to look her way, didn’t seem to notice her at all, unlike the way the woman had looked at her. Shrugging, Taeryn continued to look around.

A dark skinned woman with large ears caught her attention, her bone white hair braided back, the thick coil hanging over a shoulder. She is sitting on top of the bar, feet placed firmly on a stool, her almost black eyes watching something, her body still. Taeryn tried to follow the woman’s gaze, spotting a man with skin aglow with silver, his delicate hands moving in intricate patterns in front of him as magic danced across his palms. His lips moved rapidly, the people watching completely entranced. They didn’t notice that tendrils of magic snaked through their belongings.

Gambling, thievery, conniving. What kind of place has she walked into?

“Oi, you!”

Taeryn turns to find the giant of a man standing over her, his eyebrows furrowed in an accusatory way, the people from the table behind him watching intently.

“Me?” Taeryn blanched.

“Yeah, who are you?” The man looked her over, a crude grin forming as his gaze traveled down, then up her body. “Thief, beggar, assassin? Merc?”

“Uhh, no,” Taeryn glanced around for some way to get out of the interaction. Maybe this wasn’t the right place to go. “I’m uh, from the castle.”

The man’s eyes widen at that, but instead of malice, he looked concerned. “This isn’t a place for you,” he said quietly.

As if to prove his point, somewhere in the crowd, a fight breaks out.

Enjoooy!! I hope this is enough for everyone to get something going. Sorry it took so long to write, work has been busy!
Dorian, are you the one adding all the spices to our food?
Of course I am.
Because frankly the food here tastes like poorly cooked sawdust. It genuinely tastes how Solas looks.

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Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:44 am
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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Grig Farrunner

Grig had been on a roll for the morning. Just loads of coin following hand after hand as he let his gruff features do the bluffing for him. Though he looked like a creature that belonged in a fairy tale, he genuinely was a good man to have around. His massive two handed battle axe leaned against the table.

A set of cards in one hand, as he looked over the men that currently sat around the table. The other was currently occupied being wrapped around his lady of the night, a lovely woman that was currently enthralled with getting a portion of the pot that was on the table. Though the pile of coins was large, so was the pile that he had in front of him. His eyes glancing over to get an eye-full of the bust that was currently pressed into his face. God he loved being the exotic lover.

Setting his cards down he grinned as the watched the men around the table groan and drop their hands. Their tells had given them away. He knew that, at least for most of them, he had the winning hand. That didn't stop his surprise as the man across from him set down a hand that beat his.

"You little, half breed," he grunted out, more as a friendly jab rather than an actual insult. "If you didn't have your sleeves rolled up, I would say you were stashing cards." The man smirked back and pulled the pile toward him. Grig still having a substantial amount. But he could sense that his luck had run out.

"Well, beauty. I think I'm done with the table here. How about you get me an ale...largest mug you can," he said giving her a few coins to pay with and pocket. He glanced over. his crimson eyes catching the sight of a very out of place woman. He wasn't sure what exactly about her was so out of place, but it was easy to see that she didn't belong here.

"Oi, you!" he boomed as he got up, the floor boards beneath his feet giving a groan of complaint from his shifting of weight.

"Me?" the woman asked. Her visage paling. It wasn't the first time that a woman lost her color when seeing him. He stood a full foot taller than most men and looked like an orc from the dark stories. It was a look that he had come to expect from most women.

"Yeah, who are you?" he asked,his crimson eyes trailing over her. Her form well defined and undoubtedly....tight. Though most everything was a tight fit for him now. A smirk on his grizzly features as the idea of getting this woman to one of the many beds in this tavern came to mind. "Thief? Beggar? Assassin? Merc?"

"Uhh, no," she stuttered, her eyes dancing around as if there would be some brave knight to save her from the big scary orc. "I'm uh, from the castle."

Griggs' eyes widened. This young woman was from a completely different world. A world were just the knowledge of that could have her yanked into a back room and kept there for all kinds of unspeakable things.

"This isn't a place for you," he said quietly. It was a warning. The people here would either take advantage or use her in any means they wished.

That was until the fight broke out. Yelling was heard. Fists were thrown. But like with any good tavern brawl, there was no real way to tell how it started. Men and women alike began tussling around one another.

Of course, it seemed that this gave one of the men at the table the perfect reason to pick up a chair and smash it against Griggs' back. He gave out a groan as he knew there were going to be some dark green bruises on his back now. But where a normal man would have dropped in pain, Griggs stood back up, his thicker skin absorbing the blow much more than one would expect, and turned his crimson eyes to the man that was still holding the legs of the now broken chair. Using the back of his off hand he struck the man sending him crashing to the ground. Prompting the other three of his buddies to stand up and make a move to defend their now prone comrade.

Turning back to the woman, there was a fire in his crimson eyes as he flashed her a smile. "You'll have to excuse me, fine beauty. But I've got some business to take care of," he said before he punched one fist into the palm of his other with a heavy blow, cracking his knuckles. "Alright, you lot. Let's see what you can do."

The trio moved to rush him. Dropping his shoulder and flipping the first over his back he bellowed out a hearty laugh. It had been a long while since he had had a good brawl. The second broke a mug over Griggs' forearm, setting a series of shallow cuts into his green skin, before the orcish man drove his head through a table.

The third came at him, swinging wildly, only letting Griggs lift the man over his head. He gave a wink to the woman that had entered the tavern at the wrong time and tossed the man across the room with a hefty grunt.

The first man got up and blindly looked for the nearest thing to hit, grabbing the woman by the arm and raising his fist up to deliver a blow. Though it never came. Griggs' massive hand swallowed up the man's, and with a sickening crunch the man gave out a scream of agony. His cry only silenced when Griggs' gripped him around the face and lifted him off his feet. "Didn't your mother tell you not to hit women?" he growled.

Tossing the man through another table, the monstrous man stayed perched beside the woman. deflecting any harmful patrons into the nearest post or table to intimately introduce them face to wood grain.

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Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:52 pm
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AlyTheBookworm says...

Merea Bryn

Merea absently tapped the tabletop as her two would-be clients stared back at her, their arms crossed across their chests in disbelief.

“I’m not an assassin,” she repeated, growing annoyed. “My skills are theft and espionage. That is all.”

His voice a growl, the larger of the two cloaked men spoke. “If it’s money that you-“

“It’s not.”

The man let out a sigh, then stood- gesturing for his companion to do the same. “If you change your mind, you know how to contact us.”

Merea stood as well.

“I won’t,” she said simply.

Six months ago, she would have taken up their offer in a heartbeat. The target was a wealthy merchant, known for being careless when it came to caution and security. This job would be a piece of cake- climb up to his bedroom window, slip in, slip out, and get paid a ridiculous amount of gold.

However, these days she couldn’t bring herself to take jobs that involved killing. She’d always been immune to her older brother’s wise words and disappointed looks while he was alive, but now that he was dead…

Ever since the burial, Darren’s voice had sat in the back of her mind like a second conscience. Or, well, a conscience. Merea had brutally murdered her first one.

Perhaps she was unconsciously trying to honor his memory. Either way, her brother’s spirit had been giving her the stink-eye all through the meeting, trying to guilt her into doing the right thing even after his death.

With one last glance, the men disappeared into the noisy crowd of the tavern. The musicians continued playing their cheery jig, dancers danced, ale flowed freely at the bar, and Merea idly tapped the blade of her dagger in time with the music.

Then she saw her.

A girl strolled into the tavern, head high and shoulders thrown back. Chestnut-colored hair rippled over her shoulders, and her amber eyes glinted in the multicolored light thrown by the tavern’s stained-glass windows. Despite the girl’s commoner garb, Merea recognized her immediately; she’d been employed by her parents in the past.

It was Princess Taeryn Eshenyr of Avundr.

Merea stared. A frown crept to her mouth as the girl met her gaze and turned away. The princess was alone, without her ever-present retinue of servants and royal guards. What is she doing here? The idiot’s going to get herself kidnapped and ransomed before she can list her own titles.

A giant green-skinned orc was the second to notice her. He left his card game and approached, looming some two feet over the girl as he looked her up and down with a grin.

Merea rolled her eyes. Just as she’d thought, it had barely been ten seconds since the princess arrived and she’d already drawn attention to herself.

She called the barmaid for an ale and took a seat to watch the show.

And that was when the fight broke out.

Looking back, Merea wasn’t sure where or how it had started, only that it spread like wildfire. With shouts of glee, the farmers at the next table over jumped to their feet and joined the brawl. Fists flew, people shouted, and a musician smashed his lute across someone’s face. A few people took advantage of the chaos to snatch up whatever valuables they could find.

Well, there’s my cue to leave, Merea thought.

She was about to head for the back door when someone grabbed her arm. She instinctively ducked the woman’s blow and took her down a moment later with a well-placed kick. Another brawler swiftly took the fallen woman’s place, fists raised and a wide, gap-toothed grin plastered across his face.

Merea barely needed to dodge the man’s flailing punches. She easily evaded him, watching as he got angrier and angrier as each of his wild blows met empty air. Then, panting hard, he charged at her with a bellowing roar.

She gracefully stepped to the side and shoved him over, where he fell flat on his face next to the woman.

Merea shook her head in disdain. She enjoyed fighting, enjoyed successfully pulling off a clever trick or trap, but tavern brawls offered no challenge and quickly bored her.

Time to go, she thought.

Then another challenger stepped out of the fray.

The woman was a barefoot Nox- with dark skin, stark white hair, slanted green-black eyes, and a lithe body that matched Merea’s diminutive height almost exactly. Something about her expression was distinctly child-like, but she moved with a fighter’s fluid grace.

Merea felt a spark of excitement at the prospect of a challenge and a worthy opponent. As opposed to the other two brawlers- who had all the elegance and skill of newborn puppies- Merea could tell from just a glance that the Nox was a warrior.

A voice seemed to whisper at the back of her mind, telling her she was acting ridiculous. You aren’t actually thinking of joining this stupid fight, are you?

The part of her that was still reckless, immature, and loved a challenge brought a grin to her face and said, what the heck- why not?

Caught up in the energy of the room, Merea walked up to the woman and decked her. Or tried to.

The Nox blocked the punch faster than Merea could blink and stepped back, falling into a fighter’s stance as she did. She raised her fists, wearing a half-smile that screamed complete confidence.

You don’t want to mess with me, her expression said.

Merea took that as a challenge. She raised her own fists and moved forward. As she threw her next punch, she could almost hear Darren’s deep sigh- the disapproval evident in his voice. You’re always throwing yourself into risky situations without thinking of the consequences, but life isn’t a game, ‘Rea. Someday, you’ll bite off more than you can chew.

The Nox punched Merea in the gut, knocking all the air out of her. She gasped, staggering back as the other woman advanced. Merea had never been very strong- always relying on her agility and catlike reflexes to win, but this opponent was stronger and just as fast.

Merea barely got her arm up in time to block the next blow, still struggling for breath. Around the two of them, men and women alike were still fighting- and she was nearly barreled over by a man as he was shoved back.

The Nox moved forward, reaching to grab her, but Merea- finally spotting an opening- stepped forward, hooked her foot behind the woman’s ankle, and pushed her off-balance in one rapid motion. In that split moment, her opponent grasped at empty air before toppling to the floor.

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Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:01 am
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TinkerTwaggy says...

Liu – As his heart begins his beat,
Now breathes the gale of adventure

“...And as the moon kept on shinning down the golden-armored boy’s sword, he finally rose up, awakened by the sound of the powerful wind – for it was time for his journey to continue.”

Liu performed a graceful bow, soon accompanied by claps, cheers, and laughter. “Thank you, thank you. I am glad that you enjoyed this tale so much. Though, now, I would like if we attempted… another activity. Allow me to explain!” With a gentle smile, Liu moved his arms away from his teal-colored cloak, revealing one purse standing atop each of his opened palms. Then, two more purses appeared from behind his back, floating next to his face with a faint glow. The four humans in front of him let out surprised gasps as they recognized their belongings.

“My… companions and I took the liberty of relieving you of your money while you were listening to my tale.” Liu revealed. “Do not worry, however, you will get them back!” his smile turned slightly mischievous. “Provided you allow me to spar with you, that is. I am quite the battle-addict, you see, and I enjoy coming in places such as this one to fight against people such as you fine folks. If you do battle against me, you will get your money back – regardless of the outcome. So… who would like to be first?”

It didn’t take long for a challenger to suddenly rise from their chair, grab the said chair, then attempt to strike Liu with it. Fortunately, the latter merely needed to sidestep at the last second, then punish his attacker with a powerful kick to the gut that sent them flying several meters away, destroying the first table of the evening. Of course, the situation quickly degenerated into a full-scale brawl all around them, but Liu, of course, didn’t mind – how could he, when his heart soared with such passion in his chest?

“Cinder, dear,” Liu called. “Could you please bring this purse to the woman I just defeated? Oh, and take my bag with you, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, my Prince.”

Liu gazed at Cinder, ignoring the various burnt black marks that ruined her wonderful forest green skin to look straight into her morose brown eyes. “Please stop calling me that, dear.”

Cinder briefly gazed back. “I’ll… I will try.”

As she moved to the broken table, purse in one hand and shoulder bag in the other, Liu finally focused back on his hesitant audience and flashed another smile at them. “Sorry, gentlemen.” he apologized. “I merely needed to make sure we wouldn’t be interrupted. Shall we continue?”




Spoiler! :
A Merry Brawl for ruffians
phpBB [media]

Liu couldn’t help but wonder how much time he had spent dodging, blocking and kicking his opponents, but he could certainly tell that far more than the initial three had come his way for battle. It didn’t matter, of course, for Liu was exulting. Once again, the world around him had faded away: the only thing he needed to think about was the rush. The rush brought by his frail body put in constant danger. He was much more skilled than any of the foes he had encountered so far, but any of them could bring him to his knees with a single hit. But at the same time, all he needed to do with using one powerful kick, and any of them would be defeated with ease, provided he aimed well. It was a constant game of back and forth, and some members of the taverns even had enough will to get back on their feet and resume the game.
Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Liu dodged a series of punches, smiling at a new opponent as he approached him with rhythmic steps. Liu performed a quick feint on the right, then leaped atop a table on their left, using it as a platform to jump from and unleash a vicious kick at his adversary’s face. The poor man rolled on the floor as Liu landed back on the ground with relative ease, satisfied with the action. Then, he frowned as a new battle cry resounded somewhere above him. It was a group of thugs screaming at a lone figure that hadn’t budged from his seat, visibly uninterested by the merry conflict.

“That won’t do,” Liu whispered to himself as he activated his magic. Two of the bugs hidden inside his cloak moved to a specific spot below his boots, and he jumped. The bugs quickly expanded to form living platforms, which Liu used to jump again in mid-air, as the bugs came back to their normal size. Arriving on the tavern’s first floor, Liu landed next to the spotted conflict and promptly kicked the first thug away from the untouched table. The second one, too surprised to move, was greeted by a powerful knee to the gut. He fell on the ground without a scream.

“You could’ve used the stairs.”

Liu looked at the man sitting by the table, noticing for the first time that he was most certainly a half-breed – a tall one, too. Liu smiled at him as his magic-infused body took its pale green color once more. “I could have, but by then, you would have gotten up to fight them,” he replied. “You did not wish that, so I chose to intervene. I enjoy senseless violence, but a person that is clearly unwilling to battle would not create much entertainment. Best to let those watch the show.”

“Yet you force people to fight by stealing their belongings?”

Liu let out a short giggle. “It would be dishonest of me to dismiss the strangeness of both my logic and my behavior, yes. I suppose that my curse is at work. Rest assured, however – I did not truly force them.”

The man raised an eyebrow. “Curse?”

Liu nodded. “Yes. I enjoy senseless violence. It is much worse than it sounds – but maybe you will get to see how much, one day. For now, though, I must return to the trouble I caused. Have a good evening, okay?” Liu gazed at the man one last time. “And if you do end up joining the conflict, I hope that we can spar.”

With that said, Liu leaped above the guard-rail, activated his magic to leap in mid-air and landed softly on the ground, only to witness…

Liu froze. His being, his breathing, his world, everything froze as he witnessed beauty in its rawest form evolve in front of his eyes.
A white-haired behemoth, laughing to his heart’s content as his hands gripped and dropped body after body, almost literally wiping the floor with the foolish fighters that attempted to attack him. His darkened, dull green skin shone by the various lamps’ glow, showing off the impossibly thick muscles animated with each movement of the marvelous, marvelous body. Best of all, behind his back rested a giant, double-headed ax that certainly looked powerful enough to cleave a tree in two in a single swing.

Liu carefully moved forward, effortlessly dodging any trouble that came his way. His feet danced on their own, eager yet patient. His breathing came back, light and happy. His world came back, too, but it had narrowed to focus on the body that he had, somehow, already reached. Instinctively, Liu removed one of his white gloves and placed his fingers on the moving muscles.

“And who might you be?”

Liu gazed upward, to meet the gaze of the beloved behemoth.

“Hmm, it’s harder to tell from up close.” he continued, frowning. “Man or woman?”

“Such a difficult question,” Liu replied with a hungry smile. “If the former, I get to fight you. If the latter… What happens, if the latter?”

“You get to be my lady of the night - if that’s what you’re into.”

With regret, Liu removed his fingers, only to turn back and kick an approaching fool – and for the first time in a long time, he had struck more out of exasperation than actual enjoyment.

“Man it is.” Liu declared, turning to face the giant. “Though I have no doubt that making love with you would be utter bliss, it is not where my interest lies. May I have your name?”

“Why? You probably won’t remember it, after I’m done with you.”

“Because you’re beautiful, dear, and beautiful creatures deserve identities to be remembered with.”

The man’s eyebrows raised with visible astonishment. Then, he laughed again. “That’s a new one. Okay, you get a free hit! Let’s see what you can do. And I’m Grigg.”

Liu caressed the giant’s figure with his eyes. “Grigg...” he whispered to himself. “I am Ladraliu Kartalune. You may call me Liu. Tell me, Grigg – if I manage to move you with this next hit, would you be so kind as to swing your ax at me?”

“Confident one! I like that. Well, that’ll depend if you can move me or not. No offense, you just don’t look like you can.”

“None taken, dear,” Liu smirked. “I really don’t.” his skin slowly turned silver as an increasing amount of magic gathered around him. “I hope you don’t consider this cheating.” he continued. “After all, it did take an effort to practice my skill, so it counts about as much as my physical strength.”

“No worries there.” a cynical grin appeared on Grigg’s face. “I think my entire body is technically cheating.”

Liu’s smirk grew larger. “Then I thank whatever came to create it with all my heart.” Liu leaped forward, put a foot on the ground to twirl midway through his movement and used the momentum to perform a devastating sidekick with his other leg, striking Grigg’s belly with all his might. Immediately, Grigg staggered on his feet and his eyes widened as he took a single step backward to properly absorb the impact. In front of him, Liu was already back on his feet, standing with his arms hidden by his cloak.

“...Huh.” Grigg commented.

“I only used enough magic to enhance my momentum.” Liu said. “The physical power you felt… is my own.” He revealed one of his hands as a green light grew from its tip until it formed the shape of a decorated, dark green staff. “Though now, I would very much like to feel yours.” Liu’s breathing quickened as he silently observed Grigg put a hand behind his back to pull out his two-handed battle ax. He felt slight disappointment at the fact that Grigg evidently intended to swing it with only one arm, but it didn’t matter. Liu had no guarantee to survive if Grigg used both of his arms, so he didn’t insist.
Cinder would appear from somewhere and tell him to stop for his own safety, anyway.

“My Prince.”

Liu let out a heavy sigh. So, jinxes did exist even outside of the Fairy world?

“Cinder, dear,” Liu began in a subtly imploring tone as Cinder appeared in his line of sight alongside another woman. “Can you… Can this wait? Please, tell me this can wait.”

“It relates to… my problem.”

Liu closed his eyes. For a cruel moment, his lust for battle shouted for him to ignore her entirely and resume his lovely conflict. But, duty was duty, and Ladraliu Kartalune was a man of duty. With that in mind, he let his staff disappear as the bug that formed it flew back in its bottle. Then, he took a few steps forward, gazing at Grigg. “It seems that my servant is in need, and it would be of terrible taste for me not to attend to it. Can we put our confrontation on hold, with the certainty to continue it later?”

Grigg shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t mind.”

Liu nodded. “Thank you, Grigg.” as the giant put away his weapon and began a search for a nearby drink, Liu turned towards Cinder and the woman next to her. “So, what happened?”

“I was escorting this woman away from the brawl.” Cinder began. “She didn’t seem very battle-savvy, so it was best if she didn’t get in the way. She then told me about her purpose, and I told her about mine.”

Liu nodded, then gazed at the woman. No marks, no scars, a delicate face with fair skin and fierce amber eyes. She was of nobility, for certain – either that or a peasant who knew of noble customs and hygiene. “That purpose being…?”

“To stop the war tearing apart both Avundr and Elmyr.” she immediately replied.

Liu raised an eyebrow. “That is quite noble of you, Lady...”


“Of Avundr?”

“The very same.”

“That explains a lot. And how do you plan on helping my servant?”

“Cinder told me she was looking for a safe place to make her new home. Well, I need a group of people to escort me to Elmyr. If she and you agree to be a part of this group, then I can help you find the kind of soil you’d need for Cinder to thrive.”

Liu stared into Taeryn’s fiery gaze. Her speech pattern had changed during her declaration as if she was both trying to sound noble, and sound like herself.

“Though the proposition is certainly interesting,” Liu replied, “what guarantee do we have of your project to succeed? We don’t know if you will actually be able to provide a better soil for Cinder.”

“Under my care, I can certainly provide a better soil for her than if you tried to look for it by yourself.” Taeryn countered. “I do live in a castle, after all, and can use my influence to get whatever you want. Few people would like to mess with a lost Nymph – that alone should convince them, even if my quest is a failure. Then, if it does succeed, I will gain access to privileged relationships with both Avundr and Elmyr. With that, making a specialized place for Cinder to reside in will be child’s play.”

Liu nodded, letting a gentle smile decorate his face. “As for me, well...”

Taeryn’s smile mirrored his as she completed: “...Clearly, fighting is your payment.”

Liu let out a melodious laugh. “Congratulations, Princess Taeryn. You have masterfully rallied two people to your cause, and it was a pleasure to be a part of the experience. Now, then! You’ve certainly noticed a significant lack of noise compared to a few minutes ago. Most of the wonderful people of this establishment have either disappeared or been knocked out, so let us see if any of the surviving ones would be willing to listen to you. Cinder?”

“My Prince?”

“Stay close to the Princess at all times – at least as long as we’re here.”

“Of course.”

“Now, then...” Liu once again directed his eyes towards the oh so noticeable figure of a drinking Grigg, standing next to the maid that had, somehow, not budged from her place and still served drinks to the rare people that still asked for them.

“...After you, Princess.” Liu continued. “With this handsome fellow, it would be best if you did the talking.”

Taeryn couldn’t help but frown. “Um… Handsome?”

“Battle-bound perspective, dear.” Liu specified with a chuckle. “One look at muscles like that would make many want to exercise, while others would prefer to feel them for themselves.”

Taeryn raised an eyebrow. “And I suppose you’re in the second category?”

“Please... I am in both categories.”
"Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I've gone too far?
And why did I spend my life savings on sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answer... to these questions."

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Lael says...

Kilian Artavel

As soon as the fight started, Kilian stepped away from the wall and skirted around the brawlers to search for a place to wait for the action to die down. His usual spot was taken by a horde of lowlifes tussling on top of what used to be a table and chairs, so he bypassed that corner, sidestepping a few flying fists with little effort as his eyes kept roving the tavern for a quiet area. Although his height could sometimes serve as a weakness, he had learned long ago how to keep it from hindering him in fights.

Ah, there was a spot. Miraculously, there was a table with its chairs still intact, with not many fighters in close range; no one was seated there, in fact, much to Kilian's appreciation. With a slight sigh, he sat, crossing one leg over the other and folding his arms. But one hand remained close to his belt, where his daggers were strapped, in case he needed to end things quickly if some brawlers got too excited and came after him next.

It was not that Kilian was afraid of combat or could not fight. Most who had sparred with him would have wished that they had never crossed paths. There was no joy to be gained from the exchange of blows or feeling someone's lifeblood flowing out of their bodies beneath his hands--it was just work, without any feelings attached. To fight or kill without proper payment was meaningless.

Besides, he knew Ena wouldn't look him straight in the eyes if he went home with bruises or wounds that night.

It would have been foolish not to simply defend himself, anyways. Kilian had been prepared to stab each of the drunken thugs in the eye--or perhaps just the leg or arm--when they tried to surround him, but then that bewildering, violence-hungry half-nymph had suddenly appeared and accosted them all. As if Kilian had needed saving from being forced to attack them. How demeaning.

But Kilian's attention was soon drawn to a young woman about Ena's age standing off to the side of the fray, unsure of what to do. And perhaps afraid as well. There was something familiar about her, though Kilian couldn't yet pin a finger on the reason why. She had a noble bearing, though. It was obvious she didn't belong here.

For a moment, the lone figure screamed of his sister in his mind. He had gotten to his feet in an instant as the violence surrounding her grew worse, even though he knew it couldn't be Ena. She would never find out about this tavern, not if he could help it. It was a place he'd never want her to step a foot inside, for fear of what could happen to her...

Because of men like that giant brute who looked like an orc out of old folk tales. Kilian couldn't stop his lips from curling down in distaste at the sight of the other manhandling his attackers in a way that seemed to ask for the young woman, who was practically still a girl, to be impressed by his strength. No doubt he'd already eyed her all over and was planning something improper and disrespectful, like he often did at the tavern.

Disrespect . . . oh, that's right. Kilian made a small humming noise in his throat and muttered, "No wonder." It was Princess Taeryn of Avundr. Most people hated the Eshenyrs, so it was surprising that the princess had gotten out this far, seemingly alone.

When the 'cursed' half-nymph began sparring with the orc-man, only for the fight to be broken up by the princess and a nymph who appeared to be a servant, Kilian raised an eyebrow and walked closer. How interesting. They seemed to be negotiating something.

Perhaps there was a hefty reward involved. Nihil knew he needed that.

By now, most of the guests of the tavern were unconscious on the ground, so he picked his way through the bodies and debris to get closer, only to hear the half-nymph suggest that Taeryn approach the orc. Kilian had the impression that she wanted a big group of people, so it was unlikely that she wouldn't ask the now-drinking hulk to join.

But a job was a job. Princesses, in theory, paid well for services rendered. Whatever she wanted, Kilian could probably provide.

Before Taeryn could take a step over to the counter, he stopped a little distance away and said, "Excuse me, Your Highness." When she turned to look at him, he gave a small nod. "I believe you're hiring people for a mission of some sort?"

"Yes," she replied after a moment, glancing up at him. By now, she probably wasn't surprised that people knew her identity. "I need an escort to Elmyr."

"Ah," said Kilian. The journey to Elmyr's capital was rather a long one. There was no way he could bring his sister with him on such a dangerous route, but he didn't like the idea of her being alone in Avundr. "I see."

"It's you again!" exclaimed the half-nymph with a smile. "I see you managed to come out unscathed."

Kilian nodded again. "So you're a part of the entourage?" he said, even though he wasn't one for small talk.

"Of course," replied the half-nymph. "I'm Liu, this is my servant, Cinder. The gracious princess has promised both of us a worthy payment for our efforts."

"Then, Your Highness, would you have enough gold worth the entire royal stable to pay me?" asked Kilian, his face serious without even a hint of a smile. Perhaps that's too much to ask. "Or--"

"That depends, but I promise you'll be well rewarded," said Taeryn, her expression neutral at the mention of that much money. "We can continue to negotiate a price later."

Business was slow recently. This was the best shot at getting a large sum quickly, especially since time was running out to pay the last of his debt and ensure that he and his sister weren't separated. Not that anyone needed to know that.

"I'll take you at your word, princess," he replied. Ena would understand, wouldn't she? "In that case, Kilian Artavel is at your service."

There was a pause. "Artavel, as in that elven family?"

"Yes," said Kilian flatly, waving a hand dismissively. He brushed an unconscious man out of a chair to the side and took his seat. "I'm sure there are others to be recruited, so go on now."

Nothing would come out of being so curious, anyways.
In God I Trust

"as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death."
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Basil says...

Dhara Felique

The tavern is alive with sound, with moving bodies, with chairs and weapons being swung around. The second the fight broke out, I knew it was my time to leave. Tavern fights aren't exactly my scene. I've been run out of towns and cities enough times because of them.

Not necessarily starting them. Mostly finishing them.

Skipping through the bustling crowd of fighting people, I look around for an exit. Spotting a wooden door that hopefully leads to outside, I skirt around a scuffling couple and rush for the exit. I keep my eye on the people around me as I try to push through to the door, hoping no one pays enough attention to notice I'm not really fighting.

Without warning, a woman propels herself from the crowd, her fist swinging for my face. So fast, almost too fast for my brain to comprehend. But not that fast. My instincts kick in the second I notice the movement, my arm lancing out to deflect the swing. The woman moves out of reach just as I lower myself into a defencive stance, a small smile spreading across my face as she blinks in surprise. The surprise is replaced, very quickly, with a grin as the woman moves forward again. I dodge her next swing, and punch her in the stomach. She wheezes and moves back, but I don't let up. I swing a few more punches her way, most of which she deflects, her cheeks puffed out as she tries to regain her breath.

A man stumbles backwards, hitting my opponent in the side. She stumbles a step, being knocked off guard and almost off her feet. Without thinking, I reach out to right her, and she takes advantage of it.

One second my hand is reaching for the woman that dragged me into the fight, the next I'm flat on my back, hands grasping at nothing. I look at the woman, blinking. She grins and launches at me, and something inside me snaps.

My hands shoot up and grip her arms, my foot lifting to her stomach. Using her momentum against her, I push her over my body and roll away as she crashes to the ground. I watch her roll forward instead of landing in a crumpled heap, and get to her feet swiftly. Her eyes are aflame with the rush of the fight, but I can also see another sort of flame. The prospect of a real fight against a real opponent. Grinning wide, I bare my teeth and leap forward. The woman dodges and parries as I attack, her feet skidding backwards across the floorboards, narrowly missing puddles of bodily fluids and actual bodies.

This woman is good.

I continue to gain ground, angling the woman towards a corner near the bar, where I might swiftly end the encounter, but only when I know she can't get an advantage over me.

Noticing my intentions, my opponent tries to get out of my path, but I don't let her .I've hunted deer in the mountains that have sometimes leapt right over me to escape, this woman has no chance.

She doesn't seem to accept it.

She leaps to the right, and I follow, moving forward to swing my fist towards her side, but she's gone. Her feint has me surprised, and I quickly scramble across the floorboards to make up for the distance she gained.

This offers her an attack advantage, and she takes it. Leaping off of a toppled over table, she swings her fist at the last second, knuckles hitting my jaw, sending us both flying. We roll away from each other and rise to our feet. My ears flick back as she sizes me up, her face a mask of concentration. I hiss low, my foot sliding across the floor, my hands flexing, ready to grab a blade. My jaw stings from the hit, and I know I'm going to have a bruise from it.

From near the bar, someone starts clapping. My ears flick up and I turn to look. A group of people are standing around the bar, watching us, but whoever was clapping has stopped. Frowning, I shake my head and turn to look at my opponent just as she leaps forward. Snarling, I let her tackle me to the ground, rolling so that I'm sitting on her navel, fists clenched and ready to beat her –

"Take your clothes off!" Someone yells.

I leap off my opponent, cheeks aflame, and cast a glare towards the small group gathered around the bar. The tallest, a muscular man with greenish skin is leaning against the bar, his grin wide, his eyes skimming over our bodies with a glint that I don't like.

"Well I guess that ends that," my opponent mutters darkly, a look of disapproval on her face as she stares down the green man.

"Next time, then," I hold my hand out to her. She looks at me, smiles, and shakes my hand. "Dhara Felique, in case you decide to look for me."

"I don't think I will, but until next time," she nods. "Merea Bryn."

With a finaly nod and a smile, I turn and start walking away. I'd like to get out of the tavern and maybe skip to another town. Or even city. I haven't been North yet, maybe I could head that way. I think there are mountains in the Elmyr territory.

"Hey, wait!" A beautiful, feminine voice echos across the tavern, and light footsteps approach.

Still caught up in the rush of the fight, I spin around and knock whoever is behind me over with the sweep of a foot, my ears back, fists up. A slender woman dressed in well made but rather plain clothes falls to the ground, making a small sound of pain as she lands. She stares up at me with wide, frightened eyes, mouth slightly open as if she's about to say something.

This woman is not a fighter. Not in the physical sense at least.

Frowning, I offer her my hand. "I'm sorry about that," I mutter, cheeks growing hot again, knowing the group by the bar is watching.

"It's alright, I probably would have done the same thing in your shoes," she glances at my feet as I pull her up. "Well, not shoes but, you get what I mean."

I lift a brow, staring at the woman.

"Right yes," she holds a delicate hand out in such a way that tells me she's not used to shaking hands with people. "My name is Princess Taeryn. I'm travelling to Elmyr to stop the war. Would you like to join my group?"

I blink for a second, at the princess, at her hand, still held confidently between us, then at the group by the bar. Merea is standing off to the side, tapping her fingers on the bar top, probably waiting for a drink.

"Well," I drag my gaze back to the Princess, and give her a smile. "I was heading that way anyway. I don't see why I can't tag along."

Princess Taeryn beams at me as I shake her hand. She beckons me to join her and her group, and I follow her over to meet the people I'll be working with for who knows how long.

"This is Liu," Princess Taeryn indicates a half nymph. "He and Cinder," I glance at a full blooded nymph standing nearby, her eyes roaming the tavern aimlessly, "are on their own journey while they join us. This is Grig," she indicates the greenish man, who looks me over, eyes grazing my figure a little too long. At least he makes it obvious when it comes to what's on his mind. Dragging my gaze from Grig, I look at the half elf Princess Taeryn is now indicating. "This is Kilian."

Everyone nods and offers their greeting.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to get your name," Princess Taeryn smiles at me. She didn't forget, she wanted me to introduce myself. Smart woman.

"My name is Dhara Felique, but please just call me Dhara. I don't usually respond to my full name because it reminds me of my parents," I inform them.

"You're a mountain Nox," Kilian observes.

"Yeah, I am," I give him a stern look.

"Is your kind as savage in bed as you are in the mountains?" Grig asks, that obvious look on his face.

"Want to find out how savage I can be?" I snarl, ears going back.

He just smiles.

"Are you a hunter or a tracker?" Kilian asks me.

I look at him, ears flicking forward. "Huh?" I ask.

"Are you a hunter or a tracker?" He repeats his question. "Mountain Nox are exceptional at either, or both."

"I'm more of a ... Surviving kinda person, I guess," I shrug. "Maybe more of a hunter."

He nods, but doesn't ask more. I wonder what he has up his sleeves? Actually, I wonder what everyone here has up their sleeves. Aside from the obvious things like magic and fighting, since they all survived the brawl. Alas, I shall find out what my future companions have on offer later on.

"Well, I have some errands to run," I turn to the princess. "Where are we meeting up? Will it be tonight? Tomorrow?"

Princess Taeryn frowns, then turns to face the group fully. "Tomorrow morning, before the sun rises, we all meet here. But not inside the tavern. Near the treeline. Sound good?" She gives all of us a calculating look.

Everyone nods in agreeance, seeming to like the idea.

"Great," Princess Taeryn grins wide.

"I'd also recommend having a chat to that lovely lady over there," I indicate Merea, who looks like she's about to leave. "She would be worth having in this group."

Princess Taeryn looks over at the woman, and nods, studying her.

Without another word, I nod to my new found companions, and walk away.

This time, I actually get to leave the tavern without being interrupted.

Spoiler! :
Hope I got everyone's characters right! Let me know if you want me to change anything. Sorry it took so long to post!
Dorian, are you the one adding all the spices to our food?
Of course I am.
Because frankly the food here tastes like poorly cooked sawdust. It genuinely tastes how Solas looks.

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XxXTheSwordsmanXxX says...

Grig Farrunner

"Tomorrow morning, before the sun rises, we all meet here. But not inside the tavern. Near the treeline. Sound good?" The princess said giving everyone a calculating look.

Each of them nodded in turn before they began going off in their own ways. Grig found this group rather interesting. Of course, Dhara had an interesting air to her. But she made it intensely clear that she was not up for his wooing. Though that wouldn't stop his flirting.

With their meet up being the next day, Grigs felt like that meant a last night of celebration was in order. A grin on his face as he found the woman that had once occupied his lap earlier before the brawl. She had the large mug in hand now, filled to the brim with ale. Beside her was a woman looking him up and down her interest peaked by the murmur of his size from the other.

"It seems that I will be leaving in the morning. What do you say to sending me off the right way?" he grinned, taking the mug from the woman. Both of them gave an alluring nod before he wrapped an arm around each of them and marched up to his room in the tavern.

As he did in most places where he had a woman in his bed, he made sure that everyone in tavern knew what was happening, and how much the women enjoyed it. By the morning, both women were exhausted and his white hair was only slightly disheveled. Dressing himself in his rather large clothing, he set his axe to his back and headed out. Paying his tab he trekked out to the treeline where they would meet.

He did not find it too surprising that Liu was there waiting before all the others. "Well if it isn't Liu. Starting any other brawls while I was away?" he jeered.

"Not currently. Though if you weren't involved it wouldn't be worth it to begin with," Liu smirked looking over Grig as he would usually look over a beautiful woman. Grig wasn't sure if he should feel uncomfortable or flattered.

"Speaking of didn't get that swing that you earned," Grig said reaching back to lift the heavy axe from his back bringing it around with one hand. "Even if it's late...would you like to have it now? I always keep my word, unless something forces me to do otherwise."

Liu's eyes lit up with excitement. His hand flicking up to call up the staff from before and get himself ready.

"My Prince! This is not a good idea!" the little woman.

"First, I told you to stop calling me that, and second, I'm sure he knows what he's doing. You don't get to look as marvelous as that without knowing how to control your power."

"Don't worry, little beauty," Grig assured her as he stepped closer. "I won't put him in too much danger. I'll only be using one hand, just to be safe. I've broken staves before when I use two hands."

Liu eagerly set his staff to parry as Grig took a center grip on his axe. Hefting it back he grinned as he swung, putting his full weight into it, striking the heft of his axe against the wood of the staff. The two groaning from the force but remaining strong. Grig hadn't put enough force in it to lift Liu off the ground, but the Fae was driven back a good foot and a half, leaving drag marks in the earth.

Liu's eyes were aflame with excitement and an almost lust-like glimmer to them. "Oh yes...Grig. I think I'm in love."

"If you were a woman I might be more willing to exploit that," Grigs chuckled before setting the axe to his back again. "But I'm sure we will have more than enough time for a proper spar between here and Elmyr. It looks like the rest of our company is on the way."

Crimson eyes turned to the small group of bodies that were making their way from the tavern to them. "Well...Did everyone get a good sleep? And for those that didn't...I hope your lady of pleasure helped you feel invigorated. Nothing better than a belly of good food, a cup full of good wine, and bed warmed by a good woman."

Spoiler! :
@TinkerTwaggy I hope that I wrote Liu in the right way. Let me know if there is anything that I need to change.

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