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A Quick Roleplay Guide

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Fri Jan 29, 2021 8:34 pm
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Vincian says...

Welcome to the brand-new Roleplay Section!

If you have any questions, please drop them in the Roleplay Lounge by creating a new thread or asking in the Ask a Question thread. You can also message any of the Roleplay Crew. Our current staff members are:

Roleplay Crew

Roleplay Section Rules

Roleplay Forums

Acronym Glossary

  • RP = Roleplay
      A form of writing; collaborating with other writers on this form of writing; the name of the section in which roleplaying occurs.
  • SB = Storybook
      A form of roleplay with emphasis on longer, novel-style writing with collaboration.
  • PM/DM = Private Message/Direct Message
      A form of messaging on YWS.
  • WFP = WriterFeed Pad
      A collaborative writing platform that is hosted by YWS.
  • OOC = Out-of-character
      Any communication that is not in-character/in-story; a forum in the Roleplay Section that houses all OOC discussion.
  • DT = Discussion Thread
      An outdated term for OOC discussion that you might still see.
  • CT = Character Template
      An outline to create and describe a character. Often used interchangibly with CP.
  • CP = Character Profile
      A Character Template that has been completed and submitted for all writers to view.
  • DM/GM = Dungeon Master/Game Master
      Often used interchangibly with the Roleplay Creator, this person created the roleplay and guides the plot.
  • OC = Original Character
      A character created just for the story/only by the writer; a character not based off any characters in published fiction.
  • MC = Main Character
      A focus of the story/plot.
  • PC = Playable/Player Character
      Character(s) written by writers.
  • NPC = Non-Playable/Player Character
      Character(s) in the story but whose perspective is not written by writers; side characters.
  • OP = Over-powered
      A term that indicates something or someone is too powerful to be appropriate for the plot.

Want to learn more? Visit the Roleplay Hub for more in-depth information and links for everything roleplay related.
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