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Don't Worry, Europa's Actually Writing

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Fri Oct 23, 2020 2:38 am
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Europa says...

So here you have it, Europa's looking to get published! This is partly to share my journey through manuscripting, editing etc. and partly to keep my goals in mind and keep on track, especially with NaNoWriMo coming up! I'll try to update frequently, at least every week or two, but we'll see!

The Advanced Trilogy, Book One: Shadows

Advanced. Mysterious creatures with powerful and diverse abilities. No one knows where they came from, they are almost indescernable from a normal human being, and most importantly they are the most dangerous creatures you'll never hope to meet. The only way to ensure the safety of humanity is to wipe them from existence. That's what the government says.

Marble, Quinn and Char have been running for as long as they can remember. For years, they'd been living a tenuous life deep in Delphir's southern marshlands, desprate to avoid the government's bloody campaign to put an end to their kind. When tragedy tears them from their home, the three are sent on a desprate hunt for a safe haven.

Writer's log!
Status: Outlined and written three chapters, outlined and writing chapter four
Word Count: 11,582
Estimated Chapter Count: 20
Chapters Written: 3
Estimated Pages: 140
Pages Written: 30

Spoiler! :
Bonus Silly Thought: I've been writing what I affectionately call "version zero" of this since middle school. I call it version zero because pretty much none of it made it into the official first draft unchanged.

Always happy to talk story, so if you have any thoughts or questions just ask!

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45 Reviews

Gender: Female
Points: 529
Reviews: 45
Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:09 pm
Europa says...

Writer's Log!
Status: Four chapters completed, Chapter three outlined
Word count: 12,931
Estimated Chapter count: 20
Chapters Written: 4
Estimated pages: 140
Pages Written: 34

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