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My journey down the artistic path has been confused, messy, and most often, embarrassing. In other words, its been my whole life. I've always been a performer and a music lover, but I wasn't at all interested in reading or writing until nine. When I read the Percy Jackson series. That series pretty much changed my life. I started writing a novel in third grade. It wasn't really that great, but come on, I was in third grade. What would you expect? Even then, writing was more of a hobby. As I got older, my interest grew and I began do it more. But really I started throwing myself into this world when I was just entering my teen/pre-teen years when I went through a difficult and emotionally trying time in my life. Writing became my only real escape from the real world. And yeah, it was worth it. I'm now working to become a published author. Even now, in happier times, Writing is one of my favorite pass-times and passions. And also, I have eight siblings, and my house is loud all day. I love my family, really. But when your a teen and your having one of those days where you need silence and space, your eye starts to twitch. All in all, my siblings have learned not to interrupt me or bother me while my headphones are on, because A: I'd be totally oblivious and unable to hear them over my headphones that are always blasting near full volume and B: Interrupting my work + Forcing me to remove my headphones=Doom, death, and destruction. The three powerful D's, people. Don't do it.


Acting, Anime, Writing, Reading (When I'm not working on my own stuff), Art, Singing, Talking, (And talking....and talking...), Alt Rock (And just about anything else that isn't country.), (Parentheses).


Student, Writer (Novelist, more specifically.), Dreamer, Certified Nerd, That ONE Friend You Can't Take Anywhere, But Love Anyway.

I am and always will be optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes, the dreamer of improbable dreams.
— 11th Doctor