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About Me

My pronouns are she/her, they/them and it/its <3

Most people here just call me Rev or Green! but I have lots of names that I like to go by- Rev, Kurt, Ernesto, Gunner, anything really!

I'm a 19 year old from England who's been writing since I was 3 years old. I mainly write short stories or the first few chapters of novels which I will never finish. My favourite genres to write are mystery, suspense, horror, spiritual and crime.

I'm a university student studying a joint BA in creative writing and film/tv studies!

You could probably find me in the library studying, or sat in a tree reading, or sat at my computer writing. Or at work. Oh, and I'll probably be obsessing over something.

At the moment it's the suicide squad; rick & harley specifically!!

My Wattpad is @gayboyscience (i lost the password so my new account is @daisyfrancesca)
My Instagram is @revisoriium
My Goodreads is @m4mischa
My spotify is ... f16e4c4441


Drumming, playing guitar, writing, reading, singing, witchcraft, the suicide squad!


Student studying creative writing and film


Never use your shield as a dinner plate, for that is when the enemy is most likely to attack.
— The KotGR Commander