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  • I've decided to leave Young Writer's Society. I simply don't have the time for it anymore. Thank you to everyone who followed me and reviewed my works. Good luck and farewell to all of my fellow young writers! :)

    Mea Farewell! Best of luck with life and future writing. :)
    Oct 21, 2017

  • Atticus
    May 13, 2017

    Sorry I haven't followed you until now! I didn't realize you were following me, but thanks :)

  • maisewriting
    Mar 26, 2017

    congratulations on your next star! i can't believe how fast you can review!

    RoseTulipLily Thanks. I am shocked by my own speed too sometimes. Sorry if that sounded at all arrogant
    Mar 26, 2017

  • amelie
    Mar 26, 2017

    Awesome job on your first star! You're like a reviewing machine I cannot even.
    I suggest you check out a few of these- I pull one of these out ever once and awhile when I need a bit of help with a review:)

    Reviewing Writers More Skilled Than You

    A Rundown on Reviewing

    RoseTulipLily Thanks!
    Mar 26, 2017

  • Wow, you have done so many reviews this month! o-O Keep it up!!

    RoseTulipLily Thanks I'll try :)
    Mar 25, 2017

  • writerkitty
    Mar 21, 2017

    Thank you for the wonderful review and the follow!! ^-^

    RoseTulipLily You're very welcome :)
    Mar 21, 2017

  • Lily708
    Mar 15, 2017

    Congos on ya second star.;)

    P.S-I admit I did exaggerate it hell a lot :P:P

    RoseTulipLily Thanks your comment made me smile
    Mar 15, 2017

    Lily708 :)
    Mar 16, 2017

  • Mageheart
    Mar 7, 2017

    Congratulations on getting your second review star! ☆

    RoseTulipLily Thank you :)
    Mar 7, 2017

  • PrincessInk
    Mar 5, 2017

    Congrats, @RoseTulipLily!

    RoseTulipLily Thanks :)
    Mar 5, 2017

    PrincessInk You're welcome :)
    Mar 5, 2017

  • Mageheart
    Mar 5, 2017

    Congratulations on getting your first review star! ☆

    RoseTulipLily Thanks ;)
    Mar 5, 2017

    Mageheart You're welcome!
    Mar 5, 2017

  • Mageheart
    Feb 3, 2017

    Hi and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage! If you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me! ☆

    Here's some helpful parts of YWS that can help you understand how things work on the site:

    Welcome Mat
    Knowledge Base - YWS
    FAQ For New Users
    YWS Critique Sandwich

    If I can't answer your questions, or I'm not on when you have one, you can always ask the users whose names are in green (moderators) or red (administrators). Other users would be happy to help as well! ☆

    What type of things do you like to write? I write fantasy novels that are sometimes also mysteries, and enjoy writing realistic fiction short stories.

    Also, since this is always a fun question to ask, what is your favorite book or book series?


    RoseTulipLily Thank you very much! I enjoy fantasy and mystery/crime novels in both reading and writing. My favorite authors would probably be George RR Martin and Sarah J Maas.
    Feb 3, 2017

    Mageheart You're welcome! I've heard of both of those authors, though I've never read either of their stories. But it's cool that we both like fantasy and mystery novels!
    Feb 4, 2017

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  • sheysse
    Feb 2, 2017

    Welcome to the site!

    RoseTulipLily Thank you!
    Feb 2, 2017

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— Dr. Seuss