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  • Mageheart
    May 7, 2021

    I know you haven't been on YWS in a few years, but happy birthday! I hope it's a good one~ 🎂

  • destinydragon12
    Aug 15, 2018

    Hi. I'm an old friend from Scratch and I was wondering how you were doing? I hope you're okay since you disappeared from there a long time ago and don't seem to be really active anywhere.

    Pentavalence @destinydragon12
    oh my gosh hello!! i'm doing great actually! i'm mostly on tumblr & twitter now (@Avi-burton-writing and @Avi_why, respectively). a lot has changed for me (like my entire gender lol, who knew) but it's mostly positive!!

    i've branched out from roleplaying & i actually wrote a whole entire novel that i'm currently querying agents for, so that's cool. i also literally just got some poetry published online :D

    i'm also in high school now, so...yeah that's about what you'd expect.

    thanks for checking in! what have you been up to?

    Sep 3, 2018

  • Mageheart
    May 7, 2018

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Wow I haven’t been here in ages. I’m querying my manuscript now!

    Mea That's crazy! Let us know how it goes.
    Apr 28, 2018

    PrincessInk Good luck with your manuscript!
    Apr 28, 2018

  • *Waves* Hello! :D

  • Hooo boy I have got to be more active on here

    IzzyIsHappy Anddddd you should message me and we should catch up!
    Jan 17, 2018

  • IT'S YOUR CAKE DAY!!! O.O Happy YWS-adversary!!


    Pentavalence Thank you!!
    Dec 27, 2017

  • What is Cake Day what’s going on help

    TheBlueCat It's the anniversary of when you first joined yws! So your yws birthday or cake day.
    Dec 27, 2017

    Pentavalence Oh, thank you!
    Dec 27, 2017

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  • Happy Cake Day!!!!

  • Happy cake day!

  • Happy cake day! :D


  • sheysse
    Dec 27, 2017

    Happy cake day! ^·^

  • Writing/Reading Discord server
    Looking to find another writing/reading/word-related community? (because really, you always need more)

    Check out this server I made!


    I’m looking for beta readers for my novel, To Bet Your Life. It’s a YA fantasy novel centered around a world where you can literally bet your life. (Hence the title.)

    Here’s a quick summary–

    Evin is orphaned. Sorren wishes he was. Pyrra is running away. Lye is stuck in one place. And yet somehow, they all end up at the Scarlet Helix House of Games. Each of them bet their lives in a game, but they didn’t count on the rules being changed. Now they’re trapped in an enormous underground arena, forced to face their fears— literally— while a vengeful audience watches. But is something more sinister going on? How did people with such different pasts find themselves tangled up in each other’s future?

    Someone has been watching them from afar. Someone knows the thing that will destroy each of them. Someone has plans for them. Can Evin, Sorren, Pyrra and Lye figure out who and why before they reach checkmate?

    Sound interesting? More information in the link.

    To Bet Your Life - Calling all beta readers - Calling all beta readers

  • KaiRyu
    Oct 1, 2017

    *Waves* HoI!!!! :D

    Pentavalence Ahhhh sorry I didn't see this! Hi!!
    Oct 19, 2017

    KaiRyu It's okay. ^-^ How are you? :D
    Oct 19, 2017

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