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Well I'm 21, a mother of two (plus an adorable little pug.) I used to never write until I hit high school and it was usually only poetry. I stopped writing shortly after graduating back in 2010.

I just recently decided to try my hand at writing again. I plan on writing both poetry and novels. I'm working on my first novel and am really enjoying the process :)

I'm a stay at home by choice. My husband is perfectly fine with me staying home, actually he prefers that I do, and I'm not one to complain.

My hobbies and interests include: reading, writing, cooking, blogging, DIY projects.... The list is endless lol.


Reading, writing, playing video games etc.


Stay @ home momma :)

The simple truth is that authors like making people squirm. If this weren't the case, all novels would be filled completely with cute bunnies having birthday parties.
— Brandon Sanderson, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians