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Well I'm 21, a mother of two (plus an adorable little pug.) I used to never write until I hit high school and it was usually only poetry. I stopped writing shortly after graduating back in 2010.

I just recently decided to try my hand at writing again. I plan on writing both poetry and novels. I'm working on my first novel and am really enjoying the process :)

I'm a stay at home by choice. My husband is perfectly fine with me staying home, actually he prefers that I do, and I'm not one to complain.

My hobbies and interests include: reading, writing, cooking, blogging, DIY projects.... The list is endless lol.


Reading, writing, playing video games etc.


Stay @ home momma :)

I think the best thing about making it into the quote generator is when nobody tells you, so one day you're just scrolling and voila, some phenomenally inane thing that crawled out of your dying synapses and immediately regretted being born the second it made contact with the air has been archived for all time. Or worse, a remark of only average inanity. Never tell me when you've put me in the generator. Pride-tinged regret just doesn't taste the same without the spice of surprise.
— SirenCymbaline