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And on this page, we were still children.

Photo of UFO

Close Encounter with a UFO

"You have been invaded, yes. But your discovery will not benefit you mister Mayfair. Do not yet believe that the battle is over. There are very sophisticated mechanisms being used in the invasion of your world. Why should we use pointed sticks against you human beings when we can convince them to sharpen sticks and use them against each other?

Can there be a more successful military campaign than the one in which no shot is fired and in which the conquered populace gladly and openly welcomes their enslaver? We have been programming your kind mentally and socially to accept us as saviors, not a conquering force..."

Writing is my deepest passion as well as my arch nemesis. My muse is beautiful and volatile. I go through long dry spells for weeks or months on end, then throw down 30 chapters in a weekend suddenly as if it were nothing.

Aside from writing I'm a very busy hands-on type individual with my fingers in several pies, so to speak. I've always got 5 or 6 projects going on at once, whether it be work, web architecture, music, art, cosplay, or any one of a hundred other things I dabble in.

I'm one of those types of people who picks up on things easily, learns quickly, and becomes skilled in things at a rate that mostly just pisses people off. It's more of a curse than a blessing, I assure you.

But aside from all that I'm just a normal guy doing what everyone else doing. Seeking that one, all powerful purpose that makes life worth living. To eat bacon, of course.


Art: painting, drawing Music: piano (20 years), Guitar (5 years), Violin (2 years) Video Games: Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear, Diablo, L4D, League, Mario Kart


“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents!”
— Little Women