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  • Okay so how do these two things even coexist?
    1. "Redheads" (though I personally dislike the word. It's the name of a duck, not a person!) are the cutest people and their hair is so enviable!

    2. Stereotypical redheaded characters with freckles are often bullies, lazy, and/or fat. Maybe it's just in the stories I've read though. Idk.

    khushi17bansal What about Harry Potter? Lot of people with red hair over there. Ohh and Anne of Green Gables? Even Brandon Sanderson's book series Way of Kings has a main character with red hair - Shallan.

    I don't think these characters fit into the stereotype

    Jun 17, 2024

    RavenAkuma Lots of cool redhead LotR and Hobbit characters too ~
    Jun 17, 2024

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  • *cough* *cough* Well, I took the inspiration air plane when it came to my city, but I think it was the wrong flight because it took me to the wrong airport. I think I'll book the flight that'll take me back where I started. That journey seemed to actually be headed somewhere.

    Okay that's the positive way of saying I came up with a bad idea, worked on it for a while, and then realized that it won't work. So now I'm back where I started. Writing something as complex as I Knew is always an adventure. XD

  • Tip for mystery writers:
    When your trying to plan dialogue/character thoughts between clues in the mystery try writing this:

    What they know:
    What they question:

    Really helps get things organized!

    Coffeewriter Ooh that’s a great tip!!
    Jun 17, 2024

  • Spoiler! :
    When people ask me about what I'm studying...
    And I'm like I'm a nursing student...
    And they talk to me like I'm 16...

    When one of my classmates turns in her work on time
    *Applause, cheers, congratulations*
    When I turn my work in on time
    "She doesn't count. She always turns her work in on time"

    When a classmate takes a mental health break from college...
    "Are you okay?"
    When I walk into class after battling to even get out of bed to face the day...
    No one even notices...

    Dear people, you have clue how much misery I go through absolutely every day. Just because I show up to class every day at least 10 minutes early, just because I get my work done on time, just because I smile at you and say good morning, just because I did all those things, doesn't mean they weren't hard for me. I ask for one thing, and only one thing; Give me the respect I deserve. I know I look like I'm 16 and life is easy, but if you were in my shoes you would realize the incredible mental battle I have faced to be that girl who seems to have it altogether. You would realize the incredible sacrifices I have made to turn my work in on time and get up every morning to be at school on time.

    But it's okay because I realize what I have pulled myself through. And I am proud to be counted as one of the 6 best students remaining.You will never see the accomplishment I have made. But that does not discredit what I have done over these past 9.5 months. And I am proud of myself for that.

    LadyMysterio that is one of the hardest things to do. I get it, I didnt go through this on the same level. But I get it. <333 and thats so so so amazing that you've made it so far and kept this consistent. Keep pulling yourself out of bed, keep turning on your work on time. You. Will. Be. Rewarded. for your good work. Your gonna be the best nurse out there kaia. I am so glad you reconize what you've done <33
    Jun 16, 2024

    Coffeewriter Well done. It’s not easy and it’s really hard but well done. It’s sad people don’t appreciate you for the ‘small things’ you do every single day. It really is a shame. But, at the end of the day, the people you care about most and you, yourself …you know. You know how much effort you put into that homework. You know how exhausted you are after a whole day…and that’s ok. :) It’s ok to cry sometimes, you feel better after, trust me, haha. So, although they might not see it, someone ALWAYS does. Well done and stay healthy!!
    Jun 17, 2024

  • Thinking about using my leg as a slide but feeling very uncertain


    OrabellaAvenue AHHH SHE'S SO CUTE!!!
    Jun 16, 2024

    RavenAkuma So cuuuuute!! ^^
    Jun 16, 2024

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  • When you see two of your notifs before they even pop up in your notifications box. -_-

    Inferno That literally just happened to me. -_-
    Jun 16, 2024

  • 24in24 where I log the terrors of how long it takes me to get a new scene out. YIKESSSS.

  • EllieMae
    Jun 15, 2024

    Kaia!! :D I saw you say you are going on vacation!! Headed anywhere cool? That is so exciting!!

    Kaia Two weeks from now I'll be in the mountains!! :D
    Jun 15, 2024

    EllieMae Ahhh thats so exciting!!! Hope you have a blast!!
    Jun 15, 2024

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  • This is tough advice, but...for novelists especially...

    Spoiler! :
    First drafts, second drafts, third drafts, and even fourth drafts only give you a glimpse into what you can paint with a matter of key strokes. It's the fifth, six, and seventh drafts that bring out the true beauty of what you are writing. Yes, that sounds tough and daunting, but, hey, I KNOW you can do this if you have a will to. You can find the time, you can find the passion, you can find the inspiration, but only if you have a WILL to persevere. Writing is a big challenge, a race of endurance, but if you have the will to sit through hours of editing, rewriting, and planning, you can make a great author.

    Only your fears and hesitations hold yourself back from making your writing everything you want it to be.💜 You got this, friend!!

  • because I KNOW I can make it better!

    -me trying to explain why I'm rewriting a scene I have already rewritten at least 5 times.

  • Um...hi!
    Tw: baby spider

    Spoiler! :

    He just wanted to show me the fly he caught.💕

    EllieMae AWWWWWWWW so cuteeee
    Jun 15, 2024

  • I feel like a horrible teammate this year for the review events. I feel baddddddd...

    EllieMae But you have been the best cheerleader to every single person and that has helped me so so so much!! <3333
    Jun 15, 2024

    fatherfig You are an amazing person to have on the team. Yewis isn't capitalism, we don't base your worth on your work here. We appreciate your work and we appreciate you.
    Jun 15, 2024

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  • Back in September I had 24 classmates. Now I only have 5. I think the remainder of us 6 are the strongest left still crawling our way to the end.

    LadyMysterio YOU CAN DO IT

    Jun 14, 2024

    RavenAkuma Woohoo, we believe in you Kaia!! :D
    Jun 14, 2024

  • Thank you everyone for sharing this!! I meant it as a reminder for myself but I see that others find it very useful!! I'm so happy!! But I cannot claim full credit for it because I got the idea mainly from Pinterest and rephrased it. :D
    Kaia wrote:You cannot ruin what never even existed. So don't be afraid to write a first draft. You have nothing to lose. Just write it. It can have spelling mistakes. It can have funky dialogue. It can have poor description and repetitive words. It can be cringe.
    Go write!! Forget the perfectionism. Forget the stress. Just throw some ideas on the page. It's one step closer to the end. Face your fears. I'm challenging YOU because I know YOU can do this!!
    Now GO DO IT!!

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