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About Dragonette

Dragonette has been a member of the Young Writers Society since Nov 24 2010. They have made 613 posts and 30 reviews. Please take the time to welcome them to YWS!


Well, I like animals, reading, using my imagination to create things, YWS, pretzels, and Jesus. My fave books include Percy Jackson, The Great Tree of Avalon and The Hunger Games. And my favorite movies are Alice in Wonderland, The Bridge to Terribithia, Pirates of the Caribbean and Forever Strong. For activities I do bible quizing, musicals, tumbling, and writing.


Farm girl. Oldest child. Homeshool student. Animal Rescuer. Bible Quizzing. Piano. Dancing. And Writing.

It is most unlikely. But - here comes the big "but" - not impossible.
— Roald Dahl