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The Answer and The Problem

by yoonwoolee12

by Yoonwoo Lee

Whenever I take a minute to observe a stranger's face, I realize I can’t. It’s as if their faces are eaten–as if their minds are narrowed to the screen resting in the palm of their hands. This small, unique device aids and destroys our lives at the same time. It prevents us from appreciating our world, from nature, to interactions with others, and even the truth. It has totally shifted what we’re good at and what we’re capable of doing. It is at once the answer and the problem.

Instead of relying solely on school for new information, nowadays, we can learn everything online. This is something that I find incredible. I don’t have to pay for additional educational resources, like tutors or test prep, instead, endless information is accessible to me, not costing a single penny. Whenever I get stuck on my homework, I have at my fingertips, access to millions of responses from professionals and experienced voices. Not only that, socializing and forming relationships has never been easier; I’m able to game, watch movies, and make plans with friends all in one place. However, while it may seem that technology has improved life for the better, it has significantly changed my perception of reality and made it difficult to communicate effectively in-person with others.

Ever since 4th grade, I’ve been attached to my computer, spending hours on end discovering the new features and possibilities it held. This fascination quickly carried me through the rest of elementary school and throughout my middle school years. At one point, during the pandemic, I was even forced to stare at my computer all day just to attend school. When we returned to in-person school, I was faced with the challenge of carrying on a 1 on 1 conversation with someone else who also spent most of his day online, which made me realize that we both didn’t know how to carry on a proper conversation. Whenever one of us spoke, what followed was a long pause of silence, which now I interpret as the time we usually took to type up and send a message. Because of these long pauses, our interaction felt more like an interview than anything else. It was easy to communicate online because there were a vast amount of things to do between waiting for a response to your message, however, when it came to talking in-person, there was nothing there to really fill the silence and I lacked the ability to do so myself.

Personally, I view communication as an essential life skill. It’s essential when you are giving a presentation during class, or when you are trying to form relationships with others. Without effective communication, it is difficult to be understood, and thereby difficult to connect with those around you in meaningful ways.

Ironically, I find that the internet, which tends to close distances between people, is a big source of disconnection. Because there is such a plethora of rapidly changing information, the internet is home to endless pages of inaccurate or incomplete information. Because of this, it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s fact and what’s opinion, which creates conflict and controversy. With the proliferation of AI in recent years, people can now fabricate all sorts of things, even realistic videos of political figures saying things they’ve never said.

Additionally, I feel that technology has really made it hard for us humans, especially the younger generations, to appreciate our world in general. I feel as though hardly anyone in my age group actually takes a moment to appreciate the nature surrounding us: the air that we’re able to breathe, the earth we walk on, and even just being alive.

Technology teaches us many things, but it also teaches us a dark lesson. It makes us take things for granted because of how easy everything has gotten. Only when my phone dies do I take a moment to look around and appreciate nature. And when I do, I take deeper breaths, trees leave me in awe and it sometimes feels like a part of me just died and was reborn with new lenses. Though technology has become entwined with almost every aspect of our lives, nothing about it is concrete, like the physical sensations of the world and the relationships I have with those around me. Beyond my phone screen, reality awaits.

Overall, technology is great, and that is a fact that I can’t change. It has totally altered my capabilities and I feel that it will continue to do so. However, like David Jones once said, “It is both a blessing and a curse.” It has produced an overabundance of false information and hindered people’s ability to communicate with one another, preventing connection and fostering disunity. Alongside this, we can hardly take the time to look away from our phones to appreciate the world going by around us. 

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Mon Mar 11, 2024 6:59 am
DreamyAlice wrote a review...

Hey there, here for a review!


Articles are rarely seen around the green room, so decided to take a look. Overall I feel articles or writing opinions help us clear our understandings and it was a very relatable topic to write on. Many have been talking about this, and everyone is aware at least to some extent, which is great but being responsible with what is accessible to you is important and for this generation, it is the use of Internet and the AI.

The topic- I like the title a lot, it's simple direct, and summarizes your whole content. The topic is popular, so adding your experiences was a great choice as it gave a personal outlook on it.

Writing Style and Clarity- You never showed any bias and always maintained a neutral stance in your writing. Your title, "The Answer and the Problem," reflected your discussion of the pros and cons of the internet. You weighed both sides equally, highlighting how the internet can be beneficial and how it can also have negative impacts. You had clarity in your style and were direct.

Word choices/Grammar- It's a neat and organized article, it is informative and the word choices hit the right spot. I see no grammatical mistakes so well done!


Whenever I take a minute to observe a stranger's face, I realize I can’t. It’s as if their faces are eaten–as if their minds are narrowed to the screen resting in the palm of their hands.

Now that is a great way to write an introduction to an article, I loved the poetic use.

~Few lil suggestions~

Some suggestions, if you would take but feel free to ignore them as well^-^
So firstly, as you must be aware articles are different from writing stories and poems, they usually don't have the friction that absorbs people. So don't get me wrong, it's a very direct approach to the topic and clear but I think it would work well if you could add some interesting elements. Maybe research more, and add more personal experiences, some metaphors actually really work to get your message across easily and in an interesting way. People usually skim through articles, so try to own it make it in your style, and make it a little more interesting.

Your topic about us disconnecting from the physical world could have been enhanced more, I mean it's a really sad thing, you know. It will add more relatability to your article if you delve deeper into it and add more personal insights.

Please ask away if you think you have any questions, or your reasons, or anything at all you wanna talk about. Talking about their work is one of the greatest pleasures of a writer!

Thanks for posting your article and your opinion, I loved reading it! I hope you are enjoying the site<3


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Fri Jan 19, 2024 3:38 am
Avian wrote a review...

Hello, fellow author! I saw your article in the Green Room and decided to write a review!

I won't call myself an expert on writing articles or essays, but I've written them on occasion. (Though, only when I was forced to for school, but I think it still counts)
Even so, I enjoyed this piece! I like that not only did you focus on the negatives, but you also supported your points by not completely dismissing the idea of technology altogether. Being respectful will always give you more credibility!

You also used personal experiences, which aide in giving us readers a better look at your viewpoint. I think a lot of people had a similar experience after covid, which makes us readers relate to you on a level that only our generation can understand.

I also have a similar perspective on technology. I've recently been glued to my computer, too! You really hit home with the point of trying to hold conversations. Conversations online or through text are so much easier since we have time to think about what we want to say. I'm glad other people feel the same way!

For some reason, I felt that your last few paragraphs felt much stronger than your previous writing. It almost took me by surprise, because the ending of your article felt super fluent and easy, almost as if you hit a writing spree-- which is the term I like to use when I feel super motivated to write and just type, type, type.

As someone who doesn't write many articles or essays, there's not much advice I can give. Howevere, I did notice a few choppy sentences and incorrect grammar, which can simply be fixed by a very thorough reading of your work.

Overall, I thought this was a very interesting piece, and I'm glad you shared your thoughts!

Keep writing! -Avain

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