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Early Morning Coffee

by yamatri

It's an Early morning story.

I am making coffee.


stove is burning.

And I am pretending.


That I am in love 

with this idea of being alive


I make a point of

Not to look at the knife


Sitting on the corner

top by the stove

 a shiny charmer. 

Whispering to be groped

Its whispers almost made my eyes look up.

But somehow, I escaped with a brimming cup.


Now I am with my friend. 

Trying to pretend

Coffee in my hands and staring at the sky. 

 I am in love with this idea of being alive.

 I am not sure but few lines I think is from book everyone in this room will someday be dead by Emily Austin ( I wrote it long ago so I am not sure where I had taken the inspiration from)

Is this a review?



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Mon Feb 27, 2023 11:58 pm
TheCornDogEnthusiast wrote a review...

This can be read from the perspective of wanted to live, but seeing the opportunity for suicide. Some motivation to keep going, like how they "escaped with a brimming cup". Thsi explains the way to overcome the hate of being alive perfectly, The theme of suicide is a trope I personally love using the trope of wanting to leave the world, but realizing it may not be the answer.
The dark theme is done perfectly and the coffee adds that they're "hanging on by a thread", but that thread is getting stronger.

yamatri says...

thank you for the review, and yeah the "escaped with a brimming cup "
It kind of meant it like -trying to overcome these dark thoughts of killing myself and trying to accept that I want to be alive even though I might sometimes feel like dying I want to be alive

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Tue Feb 21, 2023 5:19 pm
RavenNaal wrote a review...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! The theme of suicide is very deep, and you managed to convey its meaning in a well written and respectful manner. The stanza breaks of space, period, then space really made the text easy on the eyes, so a great addition it was for the readers. The wrap up of the story of, "I am in love with this idea of being alive," was really good, with the character in mention returning back to their life of falsehood. The poem, even though tackling darker and deeper themes still felt vibrant and relaxing to me. I assume it would be because of the image which gave a lot of depth towards the writing, and the continuation of mentions about coffee and the early mourning. Over all a really good poem, well done!

yamatri says...

thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it :-)

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Mon Feb 20, 2023 8:56 pm
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4revgreen wrote a review...

Hey there!

I really enjoyed this poem! It was a brief yet very evocative piece that explored the themes of depression and how it can affect a person in their everyday life.

The opening lines cleverly set the scene for what seems to be a typical morning routine - the speaker is making coffee while the stove burns in the background. However, the tone shifts to a deeper one when the speaker reveals that they are "pretending" to be in love with the idea of being alive. This shows a deeper dissatisfaction or disconnect with their life or current situation, and hints at a longing for something more, perhaps depression or suicidal thoughts are happening in their head.

The line "Not to look at the knife" adds a layer of tension and danger to the scene presented in the poem. It's clear why the speaker doesn't want to look at it, as they may be thinking of ending their life. This creates a sense of unease and foreshadows something ominous to come.

The description of the knife as a "shiny charmer" could be interpreted as the seductive allure of suicidal thoughts or actions. The fact that the speaker is almost drawn in by the knife's whispers reinforces this idea. this moment can be interpreted as a metaphor for temptation or danger lurking in everyday life for someone with suicidal thoughts, and the speaker's ability to resist touching the knife or doing anything represents a small victory!

The final stanza reveals that the speaker is now with a friend, but still "trying to pretend" while holding their coffee and staring at the sky. I really liked the line " I am in love with this idea of being alive" even if the speaker is just pretending, because it means they are trying!

Overall, the poem can be read as a haunting portrayal of the internal struggle of depression and suicidal ideation. It really hit home, but I would have loved to have seen more internal struggle portrayed with the similar metaphor! It was honestly amazing, keep writing :-)

yamatri says...

thank you very much, you got the poem like you read my mind. I am really glad someone liked it, I will definitely try to write more pieces where I would expand more on the subject. thank you once again.

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.
— Joseph Campbell