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Hi! I'm a bibliophilic Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon, Leo Rising, Sagittarius Ascendent, Pisces Lilith who is also obsessed with musicals! Writing has always been one of my passions, so finding such a supportive writing community that (at the same time!) butchers your work to make it better is like a dream come true.

*tosses hair*

Writervid (talking to alter ego): See, the profile turned out just fine!

Alter Ego: Are you kidding? You used commas after every astrology statement you made. Besides, why does the world need to know your life story? I mean, astrological information.

Writervid: I like astrology. And since when is sharing your astrological sign info a bad thing?

Alter Ego: They're going to track you because of it.

Writervid: This isn't 1984. Calm down.

Alter Ego: You're never calm!

Writervid: Shh, I'm acting!

Alter Ego: Also, your profile name sounds super pretentious. You're calling yourself a writer on a literary website. What a snob!

Writervid: I didn't mean it like that! And you're me, so you're just as much of a snob.

Alter Ego: Yeah, but I'm a smart snob. There's a difference. I mean, writer snobs are so insufferable. Look at Jamie from The Last Five Years! He made so many questionable character choices, such as...

Writervid: (as Alter Ego continues talking) I wish I hadn't used my gag on my enemy earlier today, darn...

Alter Ego: Ha! And you love theatre just as much as I do.

Writervid: Yes. But you're a snob about theatre. I'm a snob about writing.

Alter Ego: I don't like that. Totally harsh, writervid.

Writervid: I'm just waiting for you to pull out duct tape to gag me.

Alter Ego: *pulls out Duct Tape* Aw, you know me so well! *starts tying writervid up* *waves at camera* Bye, world!

*Director appears onscreen*

Director: Sorry, folks. It turns out that nothing that actually needed to be said was said, so I'm afraid that while the police, also known as Writervid's Nancy Drew Alter Ego Squad, are tracking down the violent "Alter Ego". Today, I will be covering with you some basic procedures and facts in bullet-list form.

-All of our names are Anna. No, you do not get a last name. Have a virtual hug instead.

-Harry Potter Fanatic. Potterhead. Also, Ravenclaw.

-Our favorite musicals are Hamilton and Les Mis. Another reason for this favoritism despite the killer scores is that we love history.

-Two of our amazing friends here (no, seriously, we all like them) are CupcakeQueen123 and hemi828.

About CupcakeQuen123: She's a fantastic writer and a super-sweet person. Go check her out!

About hemi828: Quite literally one of the awesomest people I've ever met. And that very much shows in her fabulous lyrical poetry, because it's just that good. Go check her out!

And I'm (we're?) brutal when it comes to editing, so if I say that someone's good, THEY'RE GOOD.

-We all be brutal. We would do horrible things to that sentence.

-We share a fondness for Shakespearean insults.

And, that's a wrap!


Student. Writer. And secretly a wizard (shh, don't tell Hogwarts I'm doing magic outside of school!)


A memorandum isn't written to inform the receiver, but to protect the writer.
— Dean Acheson