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Vivian Gladys’ origin: The Playground

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for violence and mature content.

*This is from my “The Playground” stories. Gacha Club character designs are on my story. Enjoy!*

It had been a week since Vivian Gladys’ little sister, Vicky Gladys, went mysteriously missing at a playground along with Vicky’s friend, Samuel.

Sixteen year old Vivian often teased Vicky for fun, but hearing that she was gone, well, that made her think…

What if Vicky got hurt? What if she was kidnapped?

What if…she and Samuel are dead?

No, Vivian couldn’t think like that. She had to think positive. For her parents.

She called her boyfriend, Evan and told him to come to her house, so they could discuss searching for their younger siblings.


“The legend is just a legend, okay? It’s not real.” Evan said, rolling his eyes at her. They were both in Vivian’s room, talking about their siblings’ disappearances.

Vivian had suggested that maybe the rumored clown and ghost bride that haunted the playground took them away.

At 12:30 A.M. , the time it was at the moment, the bride was said to come out, stalking the grounds of the playground ,searching for children to kidnap and kill. Her real name had been lost to time, but the one thing remembered of her was that she was wed to a clown, thus came the name: “The clown’s bride”.

It was far-fetched and dumb, but it might actually be the truth, who knew?

That was enough for Vivian and Evan to sneak out in Vivian’s car and drive to the playground.


“Yes, but what if it is true?” Vivian asked, for Evan was still a little skeptical, even after they arrived at the playground.

“Look, I’m upset about Samuel disappearing, but there’s no point in searching for them. The police already said they’d try and find them-“

“Oh and how much do you trust them?”


“No. The adults never get anything right. We have to find them, we’re the only ones who can.” Vivian said.

She seemed like the embodiment of confidence, but if one looked real closely at her, really closely, one could see the fear and doubt cracking her, consuming her.

What if Evan was right? What if there really was no clown’s bride and that it was all hopeless-

Two long, skeletal claws grabbed them.

When the teens looked at the person who grabbed them, all they saw was a rotting corpse bride.

And they tried so desperately to free themselves from her grip, but her claws only tightened.

"What's going on?!" Evan screamed. Vivian was at a loss of words, fear pumping in her heart.

But the person only dragged them farther away from the playground, until they were in a dark forest, where an old, rusty carnival waited for them.

“I absolutely HATE children! They SICKEN me! The last time there were kids here, I let my groom deal with them. But now, I'M going to deal with you two." The person laughed.

Vivian knew very well who the person was. She always knew, deep down.

It was the bride.

The bride dragged them into a torn-up circus tent and grabbed a sturdy wooden board.

With a hammer and nails, she began nailing it to a pole holding up the tent.

They were going to run away, but before they could get out through the entrance flap, the bride grabbed them and nailed them to the board.

Then, she grabbed old spoons from the ground and-

“Spoons?!” Vivian laughed.

What were spoons going to do?

"You first, girl." The woman snarled.

She walked up to her and…

“AHHH! STOP IT-“ Vivian screamed.

With only her knotted hands, deformed into claws, she had slashed open Vivian’s stomach.

“Now, you may call me Juliet or "The clown's bride." Anything works. You know, the stomach is my favorite part of the body, because it's squishy and fun to cut open." Juliet said gleefully as she removed some of her organs, to which Vivian cringed.

Why did she have to be so gross?

Evan screamed, watching in horror as Juliet stitched Vivian’s mouth shut with veins from her own hands. Juliet did the same to one of her eyes.

To finish it off, Juliet chopped Vivian’s arm and leg off, the red blood oozing on Vivian’s foot, again, only using her hands.

And Vivian was no more.

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Sun Jun 25, 2023 12:01 am
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alliyah wrote a review...

Yikes! I think this is the most gory of your stories that I've read - and I wonder if you may want to throw an 18+ rating on it. The end is absolutely horrific.

I think this piece could be paced out a little bit longer - make the reader care more about the characters by drawing out the beginning before they are tortured and killed, this would make the end even more impactful.

I couldn't really understand the motivation for the murderer - why was she doing this? Why did she want them to call her "Juliet" or the "Clown's Bride"?

The dialogue towards the end felt a little unnatural - I feel like something more strong than "why did she have to be so gross" / "Stop it" would have been said to this scenario - I'm not sure quite what, but it seems like something more suprised / shocked / scared might be appropriate there. The ending was very scary and vividly described, certainly horrific.

It'd be interesting to know how the characters know about this legend too - who had shared it, who did they hear it from etc.

Overall I think this piece would really benefit from some more exposition near the beginning to tie things together, but it certainly leaves an unsettling and fearful feeling.


vampricone6783 says...

Thanks! I have written Juliet and Christopher%u2019s origins if you%u2019d like to see them.

vampricone6783 says...

You can also read my stories %u201CThe Playground%u201D and %u201CThe Playground: Part Two%u201D.

alliyah says...


vampricone6783 says...

You%u2019re welcome!

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Sat Jun 24, 2023 11:11 pm
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cookiesandcream123 wrote a review...

Hi, vampricone!!

Well, dang -- that ending escalated quickly. O_O I'm... getting a slight suspicion that Vicky and Samuel died similarly at the hands of the clown. I feel evil for saying this, but now I'm really excited to know how the clown murdered them XD. Tag me if you write Vicky and Samuel's origin stories!

Her real name had been lost to time, but the one thing remembered of her was that she was wed to a clown...

Wait, I think I've read her origin story before! I don't think I left a comment, but it's the story where the couple was gonna marry, but some brats threw rocks and knocked down something that crushed them, right? A-ha! If so, I can kinda understand why they hate kids so much. But... poor Vivian did nothing wrong. Yet her death is so gruesome. ;-; (Though, it was strangely creative and fun to read)

...before they could get out through the entrance flap, the bride grabbed them and nailed them to the board.

I was shook here- you managed to write the violent parts so casually. At this part, I was like, "WAIT WHAT?! Nailed as in like, actually nailed them to the board?! *at a loss*" And Vivian was still laughing when she brought out the spoons... I will say her sass is kinda unrealistic after being nailed XD, but maybe that was on purpose to create an off-putting mood. If that was the case, it worked! Definitely felt very shocking and surreal.

There were a couple typos ("Vivan was at a lost of words"... lost should be loss) and some extra spaces between words, but those are just little things. Great story overall! You made the ending really brutal. After reading, I was also at a loss for words like Vivian for a solid minute lol. :D

vampricone6783 says...

Yep, that%u2019s right! You read Juliet%u2019s origin before.

Vicky and Samuel%u2019s deaths are in my story %u201CThe Playground%u201D.

Glad you enjoyed. :)

I'm effortlessly ironic.
— Link Neal