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To break the curse

by vampricone6783

*This is from my “Celina and Alejandro” stories. This is underneath my folder titled “The cake curse”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*


On Halloween night, monsters roam the streets of Relson. From the Campbell house is a curse, a curse of cake that turns children into their monsters.

If it were a funny costume, then nothing would happen. If it were a scary costume, then…

Hell would be raised.

Chapter One


Celina nudged Alejandro awake. His red eyes opened to the autumn sunlight. They had much work to do, much scares to make.

But weren’t their parents waiting for them? Didn’t they have another home?

No, everything was fine. They were just where they needed to be.


Chapter Two

Alejandro opened his weary red eyes, the dark circles even darker from he tossed and turned. He never slept the night before Halloween.

“Do we have to scare them? Can’t we just go home?” Alejandro asked.

“Home? Home? What do you mean, we are home!” Celina argued. Alejandro wasn’t making sense. The woods was always their home, he should have known that. He was weird, but never that weird?!

“Don’t you remember?” Alejandro asked, placing a pale, clawed hand on Celina’s shoulder.

Her mouth dropped open. Yes, she did remember, as a matter of fact.

Chapter Three


That Halloween night, when Celina insisted that it was alright to eat the cake slices. When they felt the pain stabbing within them.

Then the claws came out. The sharp, horrid claws, the knife-like teeth, the hazy memories…

They were monsters because Celina HAD to insist on eating the cake slices.

They were monsters because of HER.

Chapter Four

“We’ve got to turn into humans again!” Alejandro said.

“But how? We’re like this forever.” Celina said.

If only they hadn’t eaten those cake slices, perhaps they’d still be human. They would be with their families.

“We go back to Mr. Campbell’s. We eat the cake slices. We save everyone else. We become human.”

“You think that it will work?” Celina asked.

Alejandro shrugged.

“I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.” Alejandro replied.

Chapter Five

Celina and Alejandro walked close to one another, trying their best to avoid the other monsters. A little boy witch named Malik was cackling while petting a black cat. His friend, Silence, was walking haphazardly, for she was a wind-up doll.

“I’m sorry that I made fun of you for being scared. That was completely immature of me.” Celina said. As she watched the monsters stalk or crawl, she began to understand the paralyzing fear that the wicked was around the corner, the fear that Alejandro had every Halloween.

“It’s water under the bridge now. We have to get out of here.” Alejandro said.

Even though no one took notice of them, they still stayed close, even holding hands so as not to break apart.

Chapter Six


So was that what power was? Making all of the little children scream and squeal.

Never before had Celina ever felt the authority of an adult, the respect of a teacher.


Chapter Seven

No one stared at them. It was Halloween, after all. People accepted to see others dressed as monsters.

Celina looked back at the woods, the place they left. She couldn’t believe it. Every year, it always felt so refreshing.

She was in the real world of cars and buildings. No longer was Celina lost in the mystical world of trees and dying animals, she was with noise and people, the welcoming lights of society.

Somewhere, in one of the houses, was her parents.

Chapter Eight

“We can’t stay for long. We have to find the Campebell house.” Alejandro said, gripping Celina’s claw.

“But can’t I just look at the houses a little longer?” Celina asked.

“No, we have to go.” Alejandro said.

Her first time in the human world feeling like a human and she couldn’t look at the houses?

Well, perhaps Alejandro was right. If they went to the Campbell house, then they would become human.

Best to keep on moving.

Chapter Nine

There were houses that already were giving out candy to Trick-or-Treaters. Relson was one of those towns that celebrated Halloween at 1:30 PM and ended at 5:00 AM. Yes, there were children who never slept until the afternoon.

Celina sighed, reminiscing of a time when she was twelve years old, going Trick-or-Treating until 3:00 AM. Her parents told her that she couldn’t handle it and Celina argued, with baggy eyes, that she could.

It seemed so serious then.

“There it is! The Campbell house.” Alejandro whispered to her.

Across from them was a white painted house, a single pumpkin on the front step. There was only one pumpkin that decorated the house, but everyone knew that was the place where the cake slices waited.

Cotton curtains stained yellow over time shut the windows from the world. It wasn’t time yet, but soon, it would open its door and hungrily wait for unsuspecting children to fall victim to its curse.

Very soon, the door would open.

Chapter Ten

Celina and Alejandro walked up to the front door, adrenaline in their veins. Finally, they would have a chance to be human!

Alejandro turned open the knob, but he didn’t need to. The door opened quite easily.

They didn’t know what to make of it. Why wouldn’t the door be locked? Was it a trap? Were they in danger?

But they were already in danger when they ate the cake slice last year, so what more danger could they be in?

Off they went into the house.

Chapter Eleven

For some reason, Celina thought that the inside of the house would be dark and dingy, like the basement in a horror movie.

But the inside was painted with clear blue walls, decorated with pictures of smiling people framed by dark brown oak.

Most of the photos were of a boy and girl, a different age in each one, wearing the most extravagant, over-the-top Halloween costumes.

She followed the path of the pictures, ever so intrigued. She never saw anyone else leave the house except Mr. Campbell.

But did he have a family, once?

Chapter Twelve

The photos of the children extended from zero to sixteen years old and then…it stopped.

“I can’t find the cake anywhere, I guess I’ll have to look for the recipe!” Alejandro called out. Where was he? In the kitchen?

It didn’t matter. He would find the recipe, she would solve the mystery.

What were the letters on the long table with the single vase of dried, yellowed roses, reeking of rank mildew?

Chapter Thirteen

Celina picked a letter up from the desk, wincing at how it stuck to her fingers like honey. What was on it? Spilled coffee with mold? It was disgusting.

The letter read:

My children, can you read these? Can you see these? I have tried talking to you with the oujia board, but you have not responded.

Are you alright? Are you in Heaven? Are you in torment? What can I do to save you if you need my help?

Please give me a sign.

-Your loving father.

Celina dropped the letter. Mr. Campbell was trying to contact his children. Somehow, it connected to what happened every Halloween.

She just had to read more letters.

Chapter Fourteen

Another letter read as followed:

I want you to come back home. You didn’t deserve this. Those kids shouldn’t have done that to you.

You were just being happy and celebrating a holiday. They hurt you because they have no heart.

What can I do to help?

-Your loving father.

Celina’s heart beat with a cold dread of the conclusion to come. Alejandro was rummaging through the kitchen, searching for a recipe for the magical cake.

Where was Mr. Campbell? Shouldn’t she have noticed him?

Perhaps he went out for the day. Either way, it was nothing to worry about. Celina was so close to finding the absolutely wretched truth.

Chapter Fifteen

A news article lay folded on the table. Celina picked it up, ignoring how it smelled like spoiled milk.

October 31st, 2009


In the small town of Relson, twin siblings Marguerite and Merle Campbell attended the Blaine family house for a Halloween party.

A wall portrait had accidentally fallen on them both, crushing their bodies. No one knows how it happened. Questions are being asked of those who attended the party.

Condolences are sent to the parents.

“That’s not the entire story.”

Celina froze. The newspaper fell from her hands.

She knew that voice very well. The voice of the man who had cursed them, had changed them.

Mr. Campbell was right behind her.

Chapter Sixteen

“They didn’t just die from the fallen portrait. Something that big wouldn’t just fall.” Mr. Campbell said, taking a step towards her.

“My children told me that the people attending took it down and dropped it at them. They were the only ones their age who dressed up and they were the laughingstock of their school.” Mr. Campbell said.

His eyes were filled with petrified anger, zombified insanity.

Celina took a step back for her own safety.

Chapter Seventeen

“I gave them the cake slices so they would know what it would feel like to be a monster.”

Mr. Campbell placed a hand on Celina’s shoulder. She felt his nails dig into her skin like sharpened, demon claws.

Wait. She was a monster.

“That’s awful, but it’s not my fault.” Celina said.

She pulled his arm away and ran off to the kitchen, running with inhuman speed and grace.

Chapter Eighteen

Alejandro held a worn piece of parchment paper in his left hand. He grinned when he saw Celina make it to the kitchen.

“You’re not leaving! Not when they’re in trouble!” Mr. Campbell screeched.

Celina took Alejandro’s right hand and out they ran.

Chapter Nineteen

Trick-or-Treaters stared at them as they ran down the sidewalk in a frenzy, away from the Campbell house.

Celina could have sworn that two adolescents, a girl in a ghost bride costume and a boy in a dark, muted angel costume, smiled back at them on the street before fading into dust.

But Alejandro made no comment on it whatsoever.

Chapter Twenty

After miles of running, Celina made it to the woods. Alejandro stayed behind in an abandoned kitchen with the recipe, working to make the cake.

The monsters had left to scare the humans. It was just her and the animals, who were indifferent to her presence.

Celina shoved the cake slice in her mouth, without hesitation. The chocolate crammed its way through her throat desperately, plunging her into sugary oblivion.

She was done hiding.


Alejandro gave everyone the cake slice to bite into for humanity. Celina crept into the Campbell house and slashed Mr. Campbell away with a shining kitchen knife.

Everyone is happy now. The monsters are humans and with their families. Mr. Campbell is dead and with his children who died from horrid peers and his wife whom he killed in a rage.

Nobody is a monster. Everyone is happy.


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Tue Apr 02, 2024 6:20 pm
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angelinamar wrote a review...

They traveled back to the Campbell house, the place where everything went wrong. They snuck inside, avoiding the monsters' gaze. They found the cake slices and cautiously took a bite. At first, nothing happened. But then, slowly, they started to feel normal. Their claws retracted, their monster forms faded away. They were human again! Afterwards, they quickly left the Campbell house and headed home. Their parents were relieved and overjoyed to see them. The curse of the cake had been lifted, and Halloween night would never be the same for Celina and Alejandro. They learned to be more careful and to never trust cake from a cursed home. But most importantly, they learned the value of family and that home is where your loved ones are. Overall, this was a thrilling and suspenseful story that kept me on the edge of my seat. The idea of a cursed cake that turns children into monsters on Halloween night is quite unique and intriguing. The plot flowed well and the flashback added an interesting layer to the story. The relationship between Celina and Alejandro was also well portrayed. Their love and concern for each other was evident, and it was heartwarming to see them stick together through their transformation. The only suggestion I have is to add more details and descriptions to the setting and characters to help the readers visualize the story better. But overall, this was a great read and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you for the read. I hope to see more soon! :)

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Sat Mar 30, 2024 3:06 am
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farq4d wrote a review...

Hey there, I'm just dropping by for a quick review:

I've seen you posting a lot of different stories on YWS, but I have never had the chance to read one. So when I saw this one in the green room, I jumped at it immediately.

Here's what I know after reading the story:

The story's main two protagonists are Celina and Alejandro. Because of a mysterious cake served at Mr. Campbell's house, the two protagonists have been transformed into monsters. It seems like they have been transformed into monsters for a year. They wake up on Halloween, seemingly having forgotten who they are and who they used to be. Alejandro has to remind Celina what happened last Halloween, when the cake painfully transformed them into monsters. They realize that in order to turn back to humans, they have to eat the cursed cake once again. So the two go to the house where they ate the cake last time. They discover Mr. Campbell's motive for using the cake to turn kids into monsters. They manage to get away and share the cake with other kids who had been turned into monsters. The story ends with Celina sneaking back into that house to kill Mr. Campbell.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this story. It was easy to follow. You do a really great job with your dialogue. All of it is punctuated correctly. Each time there's a new speaker, you've made sure to break up the dialogue with a new paragraph, making it even easier for the reader to follow the story and what the different characters are saying.

A couple things I would consider working on, but these are just suggestions so take them as you see fit :) :

First, in the very beginning of the story, we're told that the curse is a candy curse, but for the rest of the story, it's a cake curse that makes children turn into the costumes that they are wearing. But for the rest of the story, it seems like the cake curse solely turned the kids into monsters. I don't know if that means that every kid who ate the cake was wearing a monster costume, or if that means that it doesn't actually matter what kind of costume the kids are wearing. If you are going for the latter, I would consider adding a kid who got transformed into a funny costume, like you mentioned. But if not, I would consider restating the introduction to say that the cake just makes the kids into monsters period. Personally, I think that the cake making kids into monsters period makes more sense in the context of the story than the cake making the kids into their costumes. This is because of the way that the world is built in the first few chapters: Celina and Alejandro have been transformed into monsters and they think their only purpose is to scare other kids. The two have essentially forgotten who they are because of the cake curse.

Another thing, I would have loved to see more description of what Alejandro and Celina looked like as monsters. We get some description of what Alejandro looks like, but that's mostly just limited to what his eyes looked like. I was so curious to know what Celina looked like, what type of monsters the two were, whether or not they turned into the same monster, how closely their monster form resembled their costume, etc. Your descriptions that you do have in your short story were really great, so it would just be great to see even more of them in this way!

But that's all I got. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your story. I'll have to look for your Celina and Alejandro stories, because it seems like there might be some interconnected lore I might be missing. Thanks for sharing this to YWS and keep writing : )

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