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12+ Language Violence

The story of Phantom Yandere

by vampricone6783

If you read my story:”Eloise” then I’ll let you know that two characters from that story make an appearance. A character from my story “Angelic Demon” also makes an appearance.



Once upon a time,there was a young girl named Antoinette.She was ten years old and she loved her friends and family.

When she was alone,however,she liked to write stories.Creative stories,starring vampires,witches and all sorts of other creatures.

One day,she showed her work to her classmates for show and tell.

They laughed at her and threw stuff at her,but she just smiled and brushed their insults away.

She has been doing that for a while now…

Chapter 1-An Invite to a party

Antionette rolled out of her bed.Time to go to school.

After getting herself ready and reassuring her Mom she would be fine,she grabbed a quick bagel from the kitchen and packed her backpack with all of the things she needed and she grabbed an extra pile of stories she created,just because she could.

When Antionette got outside,her friend Avery was waiting for her.

“What’s with the pile of paper?” Avery asked.

“This isn’t just a “pile of paper” it’s the stories I created.My favorite one is about a demon and an angel falling in love.” Antionette gushed,skipping to school.

“Never mind that.Are you going to do anything to cover those scars on your face?” Avery asked.

She stopped and touched her face.

She was bullied a lot because she was one of the only kids who spent their time writing stories on the computer.People called her a “boring freak” and they beat her up and punched her face.

Antionette couldn’t get rid of the scars no matter what she did. They wouldn’t go away.

Before she could reply to Avery,a girl stopped them in their paths.It was one of her closet friends,Hazel.

She only had four friends,to be exact.Avery,Hazel,Terrance, and Courtney.Antionette didn’t speak to anyone else.

“Hey,do you want to come to my house? I’m having a party there.” Hazel said.

Chapter 2-We’ll be there!

“Sure,we’ll come over!” Antionette said.

“Definitely!” Avery agreed.

“Wait,is this your birthday party?” The girls asked.

“Yes,it is.” Hazel said and with that they went to school.

Chapter 3-Getting ready

It was a long day after school and Antionette was excited to go to Hazel’s birthday party.

She put on a stylish red hoodie,brown shorts,a white belt,white socks and white sneakers.

“Perfect.” She said.

Just when Antionette got outside,a masked individual put a bag over her head before she could think.

She screamed.

It appeared Antionette was being kidnapped.

Chapter 4-Where am I?

Antionette woke up in a cold laboratory,there was a lamp that lit dimly over her and her friends,Courtney,Avery and Terrance.

The masked person left the room and…Hazel walked in?

Antionette tried to say something,but she couldn’t because her mouth was duct tapped and she was tied to a chair.She also couldn’t see very well out of one eye for some reason.

“You’re probably wondering why you are all here.” Hazel said

“That’s because you all have special powers.” She added.

The kids jolted up.Powers? What the heck was she saying?

“How do I know this,you ask? Because my father,the man that kidnapped you,has been studying you for some time.Especially you,Antionette.” She said.

Antionette froze.

“You know how you can write stories? Well,if you utter certain words…those stories can come to life.” Hazel said.

“But I’m not telling you those magic words because I’m going to steal your powers! Also,you guys have powers too-“ She pointed to the rest of the them.

“-but you aren’t as special as Antionette.You’re backups if she doesn’t work.” Hazel said.

Hazel showed Antionette what she looked like on the mirror.

She was almost blind in one eye,but not completely.

Chapter 5-A reason we are here

Hazel untied the bonds holding Antionette and her friends.

Even though Hazel told them why they were in the strange laboratory,she was still confused.Powers? Haze wanted their powers?

“I still don’t understand.We don’t have powers and you’re our friend.Why would you kidnap us?” Antionette asked.

Hazel threw her arms up in frustration.

“You really don’t remember,do you?” She asked.

“No…what do you mean?” Antionette asked, eyebrow raised.

“I’m your SISTER! I was supposed to have your powers to tell stories,but then Mom gifted it to you.By the way,our Mom is a witch and she can give people powers! I was so angry and our father was too! So,he took me away from you and Mom and we live here,hoping to steal everyone’s powers to make ME the most powerful person ever!” Hazel yelled at once.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that me and my friends have magic powers,you were supposed to GET my powers from my Mom, who is also a witch, but instead she gifted them to me, your father is OUR father and you are my sister? How..how is it that you know all these things and I don’t?” Antionette asked.

“UGH! Because Dad made me the only one able to remember! He used his mind powers to make me remember and you forget!” Hazel yelled.

It still didn’t make any sense to her,but Hazel disappeared in thin air,making her believe that maybe all those ridiculous words were true…

Chapter 6-The book of magic

As long as they were here,the kids would try to find answers.

Antionette walked around the laboratory,until she suddenly tripped over something.

“OW!” Antionette screamed.

She looked down.The book she tripped over was titled:The book of magic.

“What is that?” Courtney asked.

“I don’t know,but let’s read it.” Antionette said.

It appeared that the author of the book was her Mom,because it had her name on it.

She opened the book and it said,in her Mom’s handwriting:

Today is the day I get to bless children with amazing powers.This is an exciting day.This day is important because when there is a problem too great for the humans to solve,then these kids will protect them.

I believe Courtney would do well with fire powers and time stopping powers,so I have talked to her Mom and she agrees with me.Avery shall have neck breaking powers and the power to become whatever she wants.Terrance shall have the power to see the future and make whatever he wants fall from the sky.

As for my own children,Antionette and Hazel…Antionette shall have the power to drain the life out of people and cause Hallucinations.

As for Hazel…I have prepared her to have the power to bring her stories to life,but now I am second-guessing my decision.Maybe she is not worthy of those powers after all.

I shall gift Antionette with the power to bring her stories to life.Hazel will have no powers.

Antionette blinked after reading that.

“Wow.Looks like what Hazel said was true.Our Mom WAS a witch and it appears she knew a lot of things.She even knew you guys.” Antionette said,pointing at her friends.

“I know,right? Crazy.” Terrance said.

“NEVER MIND THAT! GET READY!” Hazel yelled from somewhere.

“For what?” Courtney and Avery asked.

“FOR MY BIRTHDAY!” She screamed.

Chapter 7-The birthday

“So what we’re wearing right now isn’t good enough for your birthday?” Antionette asked.

“Yeah! Get ready!” Hazel yelled.

Antionette thought something suspicious would happen,since Hazel wanted to hurt them and steal their supposed powers.

But she listened to Hazel and went outside to get some new clothes with her friends.

Maybe,they could try to escape her while at the party.

When they returned to the laboratory from shopping,Antionette put in her outfit.

It was a beautiful grey and black dress that came with black boots with red bows on them.She had a flower crown with red flowers on it,white and black striped fishnet gloves and she held a grey rose.

She met up with her friends and Hazel after they changed.

Antionette would try to escape this weird place and she would make sure her friends wouldn’t be left behind.

Chapter 8-The demon

So far,it was a normal birthday party with her friends.

But…Antionette noticed that the drinks looked strange.Like…sleeping poison.

She didn’t know how she could tell,but when she looked at the green liquid,it didn’t look right.

She ran to her nearest friend,Avery and told her to put down her cup.

“Why?” Avery asked.

Just as soon as she asked,Courtney and Terrance drank them and fell asleep.

Hazel smiled evilly.

“So your only reason for straight up kidnapping is that you got jealous that you didn’t get powers?!” Avery asked.

“YES!” Hazel screamed.

Then,she punched Antionette in her already bad eye.

Before,she had terrible vision on that eye.Now,she was completely blind.

Antionette realized that if she wanted to save her and her friends,she would have to know the magic words to bring her stories to life.

But she didn’t know the words.

“Please.” Antionette whispered.

And then,from her pile of stories in the corner of the laboratory,a character from her story,an albino hot demon,emerged into the Earth.

“What?! How did you know the magic words?!” Hazel asked.

“I just guessed.” Antionette said.

“Now demon,get all four of us out of this place.” She commanded.

He grabbed Antionette and Avery,planning to grab the other two later.

Chapter 9-Death

The girls were standing in a forest.It appeared that the laboratory was located in the forest.

The demon left to go save her friends,but when it returned,it didn’t have them.

“What happened to them?” She asked.

“They’re gone.They weren’t there.” He said

Hazel came walking out of the shadows,angrier than ever.

“Listen,just because you can escape from me,it doesn’t mean there won’t be any consequences!” She yelled.

“Where is Courtney and Terrance?!” Avery asked impatiently.

“While you guys were being saved,OUR DAD had put Courtney on a plane to Paris and Terrance on a plane to Brazil.That’s right,your friends are being shipped off to other places!” Hazel yelled at Antionette.

They had to somehow get to their friends.They had to find them and reunite with them…

The demon Antionette summoned disappeared and She and Avery were at a lost on how to find their friends.

Maybe they could seek adult help?

The girls were about to run home,but Hazel grabbed Antionette and said:

“Oh no you don’t.”

Antionette bit her hand and Hazel let go of her,but then she grabbed her again,took out a knife and stabbed her in the heart.

Antionette could feel and see blood pooling on her chest,tears were streaming down her face,she sunk into the ground…

…and died.

Or did she?

Chapter 10-Rebirth

Antionette blinked her eyes…

…wait,she was still alive?

She looked down.No.She was clearly dead.

But Avery shakily handed Antionette her phone and she opened the camera app.

The tears and scars that were on her face turned black and she had huge,black and red wings on her back.

“Whoa.” She gasped.

Antionette got up and found a grey cuff necklace lying on the ground and when she found a stray first aid kit from the laboratory,she put on a black eye patch to cover up her eye.Then,she put on the necklace.

She even found the time to put more grey hair dye on her hair.

“So now what?” Avery asked.

“Well,it looks like when I died, I got reborn as some sort of angel.” She said

“I think I’m going to call myself “Phantom Yandere.” “ Antionette said.

“But why? Why are you giving yourself a super hero name?! The important thing is getting on planes to save our friends!” Avery yelled.

“Because I can myself a different name.I chose the name Phantom Yandere because I’m like a Phantom and I care about my friends.So that’s where Yandere comes in.” Phantom Yandere shrugged.


Chapter One-What do we do?

So Avery just stood there,looking at Phantom Yandere in her new form.

“Can I just call you Phantom?” She asked.

Phantom nodded.

“Now what do we do?” Avery asked.

“Well,I can’t come back home because I’m dead.But you’re still alive.Maybe I should just save our friends by myself.” Phantom said.

“No! I want to come with you!” Avery said.

“Well,since we’re young we need adults to come with us.Go back home and inform your parents and my parents about our friend’s disappearance.I’m sure they could help us.” Phantom said.

“Got it!” yelled Avery.

So Avery did as she was told.

Chapter 2-To Paris

Avery came back,defeated.

“What’s wrong?” Phantom asked.

“They half believe me.They believe in the whole magic powers thing and they believe that you’re dead,but they don’t believe that Courtney and Terrance are kidnapped.” Avery said,panting.

This wasn’t good.They couldn’t have the adults HALF BELIEVE them.

“Alright,that failed.Here’s what I want you to do.I only just got my wings,so I don’t know how to fly yet.I’ll summon a flying surfboard from my story.” Phantom said as she conjured up a flying surfboard.

“Why?” Avery asked.

“Because we’re going to Paris.” She said.

Chapter 3-At Paris

It had been a while,but they were definitely in Paris now.

“So,what is the plan?” Avery asked.

“The plan is to find Courtney and then go to Brazil to find Terrance.” Phantom said.

“After that?” Avery asked.

“The three of you go home.I can’t come home,since I’m dead and this is just my spirit.” Phantom said.

Just as the girls were talking,they saw a suspicious black van zoom past them.

“I think we need to follow that van.” Phantom said.

So they followed the van…

Chapter 4-The place

The van led the girls to a dark forest,there was a small,grey,industrial square that looked like a garage.

The van opened and two masked people in white suits carried a screaming girl out.Hazel was yelling at the people.

Upon closer inspection,the girl screaming was..

“Courtney!” Avery yelled.Phantom clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Why did you shut my mouth?” Avery whispered.

“So we don’t get found.” Phantom replied tiredly.

The masked people carried Courtney inside of the building,Hazel behind them.

“Follow me.” Phantom ordered.

Avery followed her.

Chapter 5-Reuniting

They went inside of the dark building and the men carried Courtney to a dark room.

Courtney was wearing a white dress,she had a dark hat on and her bleeding legs had gray ribbons tied on them.She had no shoes.

Phantom and Avery ran over to her.

“Courtney! We’re going to save you,don’t worry!” They yelled.

“Antionette? Avery? Is that you? Also,why do you look different,Antionette?” Courtney asked.

“Yes,It’s me,Avery.” Avery said.

Phantom frowned.

“I don’t go by the name of Antionette anymore.I’m Phantom Yandere now,but you can call me Phantom.Also,I’m dead.Hazel killed me.This is my spirit.” Phantom said.

“Oh..” Courtney trailed off.

“Well,well,well,what do we have here?” Hazel asked.

Chapter 6-Separation

“Hazel? You again?” Phantom asked.

“Yes,it’s me again.” She responded.

“Why are you here? Can’t you just leave us alone?” Phantom and Avery asked.

“No!” Hazel laughed.

“Daddddd! Those annoying girls are here again,get rid of them!” Hazel yelled.

Her masked father walked in,carrying Avery to another room and locking Phantom to a chair.

Just as they were together,they were separated again.

Chapter 7-Confrontation

Phantom appeared to be in the kind of room police officers put suspects of crimes in for interrogation.

Hazel walked in,smiling maniacally.

“So…you’ve come to save your friend..” Hazel said,smiling.

Phantom said nothing.

“Aw,you’re weak even in death.” She said with false sympathy.

Even though Hazel and Phantom were around the same age (thirteen) Hazel seemed like a complete maniac for her age.

“Avery…is going to die.Today.I put some poison in her,the poison should take a while to set,but it’ll work.” Hazel said.

At the mention of her friend in danger,Phantom broke the chains that held her and pushed Hazel away with her mind.

Hazel’s head hit the wall with a loud THUD and as Phantom was running at the door,Hazel cackled and screamed:

“So you’re tough after all!”

Chapter 8-Avery?

Phantom kept on running,searching for her friends.

Sadly,she couldn’t find Courtney,but then,she heard Avery screaming her name.

She followed the sound,but what she found surprised her.

Instead of Avery lying on the ground,there was a girl with long,greenish black hair,the bangs were covering her face,she was wearing an oversized white hoodie,grey cami pants and a grey knit hat.The same kind Courtney had.

Phantom blinked and asked:

“Avery,is that you?”

She nodded.

Chapter 9-Avery’s new name

“What happened to you?” Phantom asked.

“Well,all I remember is that they put something in me to make me get bangs that cover my eyes and then they made me drink something.I didn’t know what it was,but the next thing I know,I’m vomiting and then I woke up like this.” She said.

Phantom looked down and she held back a puke.She vomited a large amount of blood and organs.

“Uh,Avery?” She asked.

“Yeah?” Avery asked.

“You’re dead.Like me.You vomited blood and organs.They killed you.” She replied.

Avery shivered.

“Ew..” Avery trailed off.

“Well,if I’m dead like you,that means I’m giving myself a new name!” She yelled.

“I’m naming myself Zombie.” She said.

“But why?” Phantom asked.

“You got to name yourself Phantom Yandere,I get to give myself a name.” Zombie said.

“Why Zombie? You could pick anything else.” Phantom said.

“Because I look like one and because zombies are cool!” Zombie yelled.

“Okay,okay,I get it.We’re wasting our time here.We have to go get Courtney.” Phantom said,dragging Zombie out of the room.

Chapter 10-Courtney

Phantom and Zombie could hear screaming outside.They followed the noise and found Courtney being dragged away,this time deep into the forest.

They ran off to the darkness of the forest,following her screams..


Chapter One-Deep in the woods

Zombie and Phantom ran to the woods,where Courtney was thrown into a dark box behind the trees.The masked people locked the box.

The girls tried to open it,but no such luck.

Courtney was screaming hysterically in there.

Chapter 2-Terror

The box they put her in was dark and cold,Courtney could just barely hear Phantom and Zombie running to her,trying to save her.

Even as she was screaming,she realized that by the time the girls got to her,it would be too late.

Suddenly,everything went black and silent..

Chapter 3-A terrible surprise



“JUST DO IT!” She screamed at her.

Phantom moved the lid of the box with her powers.

The girls peered inside and gasped.

Courtney was very pale and her eyes were white.

“Courtney?” They asked.They were afraid that she died.

Chapter 4-Upon closer inspection

When they pulled Courtney out of the box,they noticed that she was not only pale and had white eyes,but her mouth was a black,gaping hole,she had one arm and that one arm was a black claw. Her  legs and feet had liquid black cuts on them.

“What happened to your arm?” They asked her,hoping she would answer.

Courtney looked down at the box,where a very bloody,very HUMAN looking arm lay.

“I guess it got sliced off when you pulled me out. I mean,there are a lot of sharp spikes in this hole.” Courtney pointed at the spikes that they didn’t notice earlier.

“Never mind that.We need to get to Brazil to save Terrance.” Phantom said.

“Oh no you don’t!” An achingly familiar voice yelled from out of nowhere.

“OH MY GOD! SERIOUSLY?!” Phantom screamed.

“Not again..” muttered Zombie.

Courtney just screamed..

Chapter 5-Hazel again?!

When they turned around,they found Hazel standing in front of them,no doubt plotting a way to hurt them.

But when Courtney screamed,something happened.

Just like any normal scream,Phantom and Zombie felt that they had to cover their ears.

But when Hazel didn’t,she lay on the ground,stunned.

“It appears your scream can stun people.” Zombie said.

Courtney smiled.

“I don’t want to be Courtney anymore,I want to be known as “The Screamer.”” The Screamer said proudly.

“Look,that’s all nice and fun,but we’ve got a friend to save,so stay back while I summon ghosts from my stories.” Phantom said.

The girls rolled their eyes and didn’t bother to say anything else to her.

Chapter 6-Going to Brazil..

Phantom summoned three ghosts.The ghosts were women in flowing white dresses.(At least,the dresses LOOKED white.One couldn’t tell with ghosts).

“What kind of stories do you write?! You’ve summoned a demon from your stories and now we’ve got a ghost! Do you ever write about anything pleasant,like mermaids or glitter?!” Zombie asked,shocked.

Phantom rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“Eh, I just like writing about the supernatural.Now,each of you hold the hand of one ghost woman.” Phantom said,taking the hand of the ghost woman.

They listened to her,reluctantly.

“Now,to Brazil!” Phantom yelled.

Chapter 7-Terrance

After a while,they finally landed in Brazil.

But then they realized that they had no idea where to look.

“Maybe we could keep searching.In the meantime,let’s talk.” Phantom said as she searched everywhere.

“Are you guys alive or dead like me?” Phantom asked.

“Dead.” They answered.

“I died from poisoning.The masked people poisoned me.” Zombie said.

“ I died from being locked in a box and screaming to death.” The Screamer said.

“Okay.I just wanted to know.Now,we’re all supposed to have powers.I’m supposed to have the power to make my stories come to life,drain the life out of people and cause hallucinations,but I can’t seem to do the last two.You,Zombie,are supposed to have the power to break people’s necks and transform into whatever you wish.You,The Screamer,are supposed to have the power to stop time and use fire.” Phantom said.

“Your point?” The Screamer asked.

“My point is that if I can only have one power after my death,what powers do you guys have? Think.” Phantom said.

“Well, I seem to have the power to make people die or get stunned when they hear my scream.You saw what I did with Hazel.I can’t stop time or use fire.You,Zombie?” The Screamer asked.

“Well, I was just practicing my powers on this possum I found.” Zombie picked up a dead possum.

“And?” Phantom asked,disgusted.

“I can break necks! I tried transforming,but I can’t do it.” Zombie said.

“Why did our powers change?” Phantom asked.

“Maybe it’s because we died and that somehow affected our powers.” The Screamer said.

“Yeah,you’re probably right.What about our parents and my mom? They seem to know a lot about magic,yet they aren’t here with us,to guide us,why? Also,Hazel turns out to be my long lost sister with no powers? She’s got her father,who turned about to be my father,working for her and they’ve got other people working for them.Something isn’t right here.” Phantom said.

“You’re right about that.Something not being right.” Terrance said from behind.

Chapter 8-Misunderstanding

“Terrance! We’re so glad we found you! Now,we’re all together!” Phantom yelled.

Terrance didn’t return the smile.

“What’s wrong?” Zombie asked.

“You took too long to find me.Did you even care about getting me?” He asked.

“Of course we cared! We just ran into some complications-“ The Screamer was saying,but he interrupted her.

“No.The masked people will find me any minute now.They’ve already locked me up and I just HAD to escape! I couldn’t wait for you guys to come rescue me.” Terrance said,trying hard not to cry.

“Terrance, I-“ Phantom was saying,but he ran away.

Chapter 9-A terrible surprise

They weren’t about to just leave Terrance!

So,they followed him,trying to get him to come with them,but he kept on running.

Suddenly,he fell inside of a trap door in the woods,the door slammed shut on him.

The girls tried to unlock the door,but they were having some difficulties.

Finally,when they opened the door,they found a terrible surprise..

Chapter 10-Terrance?

So when they opened the box,they found Terrance,but he was pale and his eyes had dark circles around them.

“Terrance?” They asked nervously.

It took some time,but then he moved.(Or at least,they thought he did.)


Chapter One-Dead

When the girls pulled Terrance out of the well,he was very pale and not breathing.

“Is he dead?” They asked worriedly.

Suddenly,he sprung up like a zombie..

Chapter 2-So now what?!

After they saved Terrance from the well,he had accidentally sliced one of his arms off from a sharp rock in the well.Not only that, he also decided to put on a teeth mask and some claws and rename himself Ghost,even though Phantom argued that the name sounded dumb.

“I just realized something.We’re all dead.” Zombie said.

“Yes,we know.” The Screamer said,rolling her eyes.

“Wait,something isn’t right here.The four of us are dead and yet we were meant for different powers.Our parents are supposed to be magical,but they aren’t here to help us.My sister,Hazel is still alive after all this and she has help from our father and some other masked people to kill us all.Why?” Phantom asked.

The others just rolled their eyes at her and walked away.

Chapter 3-Falling

Phantom was still very confused with what was going on,her friends didn’t want to think about it,but it bothered her.

Just then,she fell and tripped on a rock,banging her head against the cement.

Of course,it didn’t hurt since she was already dead,but she did drift off into a dream..

Chapter 4-The truth

In the dream,Phantom was a little girl again,so she was known as Antionette.

She and her Mom were at the park,she was hanging out with her friends,but then she heard her Mom talking to her friend’s parents.

“So,have you given them the curse?” One parent asked her Mom.

“Yes,all four of them.They will all die and gain deathly powers.” My Mom replied.

“What if they find out?” Another parent asked her.

“Then, I will simply write a bunch of nonsense in my diary for my daughter to find and I will create a father and a sister,who will be named Hazel,for Antionette.I’ll also create a bunch of masked men to come and help kidnap them.” Mom smiled evilly.

“Then,when they are all dead,we shall tell them the truth and then they can work for us.They’ll be perfect for the alliance.” Mom said.

“Antionette,aren’t you going to play with us?” Courtney (The Screamer) asked softly, oblivious to the world around her.

Antionette (Phantom Yandere) woke up in a cold sweat.

Chapter 5-Talking to friends

“Phantom! Are you okay? You were out cold!” The Screamer yelled worriedly.

Phantom was still shaken by the dream,but she felt like she HAD to tell them what they saw.

“Guys,I had a dream that my Mom and your parents worked together to plan our deaths and give us deathly powers,powers that come after death.In the dream,my Mom said that the stuff she wrote in her diary that I read was nonsense that she wanted me to find and that Hazel,my Dad, and the masked people aren’t real and that they are just her creations.She mentioned an alliance,too.” Phantom said shakily,kind of,but not really,understanding the dream.

“So what are you trying to say?” Her friends asked her.

When she was done sorting out her thoughts,Phantom said:

“I’m saying that my Mom is the leader of a shady alliance.Your parents are working in that alliance and they planned our deaths so that they could make us work for them and do shady things.I’m saying that Hazel,my Dad, and those masked people aren’t real and just like me,my Mom can create anything with just her mind.”

Chapter 6-Where do we go?

“Wow.This is some important information you’ve learned.But now what do we do?” The Screamer asked.

“We go to Mom.” Phantom said.

Then,she spread her wings and carried her friends to her house,where her Mom would be.

Chapter 7-A terrible reunion.

So when they finally reached their house,Phantom found her mother standing in a circle with her friend’s parents.

The circle looked like they were doing witchcraft or something else that was suspicious.

“Hello,Mom. I figured it out.” Phantom said.

Her Mom turned to look at her and give her a sickening smile.

“Well done, Antionette.” Her Mom said emotionlessly.

Phantom gritted her teeth.She didn’t want to be called by her real name.

Chapter 8-A startling revelation

“If you wanted us to join your alliance,then why did we have to be dead? Why couldn’t we be alive?” Phantom asked.

“What does this look like to you?” Her Mom said,gesturing to the ritual they were performing and the circle they were standing in.

“A satanic cult.” Phantom said.

“Exactly.We need you all to be dead,so that I can use your souls for my immortality.” Her Mom said.

Phantom blinked.It seemed that her Mother never loved her and she just wanted to live forever,so she started a cult with her friends and they had children (Phantom’s friends) only to use them for her Mom’s selfish needs.

Phantom and her friends were done talking.They had to fight back.

Chapter 9-Fighting

So,Phantom had summoned a demon from one of her stories to fight her Mom and her minions,her friends used their powers to fight back too.

Soon,they were dead.

“Now what? What do we do now?” Ghost asked Phantom.It was the first time he spoke to her.

“I guess we fight crime now,like superheroes.” Phantom said.

“You mean vigilantes.Superheroes don’t kill villains and they are approved by the law.We just killed our enemies and we are definitely not approved by the law to fight back.We’re vigilantes.” Zombie pointed out.

“Thanks,Zombie,for correcting my mistake.But what would we call ourselves?” Phantom asked.

“I know! Since we’re all undead and we have these powers,let’s call ourselves…The fallen ones!” Everyone squealed happily.

“That sounds like a great name.The fallen ones.” Phantom said,smiling.

Chapter 10-Finally! Some time to relax!

“But I still don’t get it.Why would my Mom start a cult in the first place? WHY was she evil?!” Phantom asked herself,puzzled.She and her friends were walking in the forest.

“I don’t know,maybe because your Mom was evil and wanted us to do evil things with her! Can you just not worry for one second?!” Ghost asked,annoyed.He heard her talking to herself.

She nodded.Ghost was right.She needed to stop worrying.

Phantom took out her phone.

“Let’s pose for a picture.” She said.

She set up her phone to snap a picture,but the picture was not what she expected..

..Instead,everyone was yelling at each other or making weird faces in front of the camera.

She smiled.The picture was perfect just the way it was,in all of its imperfection.


Chapter One-Her Mom’s story

Phantom was standing in her old middle school.She used to go to middle school before she died..

But it looked different.Older.Older as in an older style.

She checked the year on a nearby calendar cheaply tacked to a locker and her eyes widened.

The year was 1985.

She saw a young girl about her age walk in the school with her friends.The girl looked a little bit like her.

Phantom didn’t know how,but she knew the girl was her Mom when she was her age.

Her Mom.Mom who had magical powers,started a satanic cult,pretended to be a good Mom to Phantom and used her powers that created hallucinations that made it LOOK LIKE other people killed her and her friends.

But she knew better.Mom murdered her and all her friends and planned to use their souls to achieve immortality.

In her rush to kill Mom and her friends,she never asked her WHY she wanted to achieve immortality.

Phantom watched her young Mom get punched in the face by bullies and bleeding so hard.

Phantom touched the scars on her face and her black,gooey tears that were permanent.

She knew how it felt to get beat up.

She had bullies when she was alive because she was energetic and loved telling stories and they made beat her up for it.

When she died,she cried tears and magically,her scars turned black and her tears were black and never leaving her face.

At that moment,she felt a path of guilt for Mom.

Her friends picked  Mom up.

“I’m weak.Humans are weak.” She muttered.

“Why are you talking like that? You ARE a human.” Her friends said.

“You don’t understand.I’ve seen higher powers.I want to achieve immortality because then no one will hurt me anymore.” mother said calmly.

Her friends just looked at her like she was crazy.

Phantom woke up in a cold sweat.

Chapter 2-Phantom talks to Zombie

Phantom was shivering.Zombie had to hold her up so she wouldn’t fall from her own stress.

“I-I had this dream-I think it was a vision-about my Mom.” Phantom said,but Zombie shushed her.

“It‘s fine.You’re here now.” Zombie said.

Yes,she was here now.But that meant nothing.

This wasn’t supposed to happen to her and her friends.They weren’t supposed to be dead and have powers.

Yet,here they were.Never being able to grow up and have new lives.

Phantom looked at Zombie.While she thought of friends,she realized that she never knew what Zombie’s face looked like without her bangs and the last time she saw her hands was when Zombie was alive.

“Zombie,what happened to you when you died? I know my Mom poisoned you,but why do you cover your face with your hair and why do you wear an oversized hoodie?” Phantom asked.

Zombie stepped back.

“See,when the poison killed me,it made me more inhuman.So,this isn’t going to be pretty.” Zombie said.

She pushed back her bangs and revealed rotting,black eye sockets.

She pulled up her sleeves and showed sharp,gray claws.

Phantom didn’t react.Zombie quickly pulled her bangs and sleeves down.

“Thanks for letting me know!” Phantom called out to the embarrassed girl.

As Phantom was walking,she had another blackout.

Chapter 3-Changing

In this blackout,Phantom saw her mother,as a teenager,bruised badly.

But her Mom wasn’t crying.

She had this look of power on her face.

Then,she looked DIRECTLY AT Phantom.

“Listen,I have been bullied because of my creativity,very much like you have been.It’s only right that I learn these powers.” Mom said to her,smiling.

“But how?! How did you get so powerful?!” She screamed at her.

“Because,child,as soon as I learned that humans are better off without their silly and complicated emotions,I wanted power.Power to stop these people who hurt me,power because I DESERVED IT!” She yelled maniacally.

“You can have some of that power,too.” She added quietly.

Phantom thought about what it would be like to have MORE power,unlimited power,how UNSTOPPABLE she’d be.

Then,she realized that while power could help people,it could also hurt people.

Before she could say no,her Mom blasted her with a black,dark energy and she felt herself changing..

Chapter 4-Lashing out

Phantom woke up feeling different.She struggled to grab a mirror because of her claws.Wait,her claws..

It appeared she had sharp teeth, gray skin, and really sharp claws.One claw was white and the other was gray.Her hair was black with white streaks,her eyes were red snake eyes.She had a fluffy,gray tail.She had a halo that dripped stars and other constellations on her head.She still had her wings and outfit on.

She looked terrifying.She was bigger,too.

Surprisingly,she didn’t care.

“Wow Phantom,you look-“ The Screamer was saying from behind her,but she slashed her face.

Chapter 5-Her powers

Phantom.exe didn’t care.She was so tired of worrying about and protecting her friends.

She left their headquarters (It wasn’t a headquarters,really.More like an abandoned shack in the woods) and burned the place to the ground.She didn’t care about who was in it.

Phantom.exe got a terrible idea…she would summon her friend’s worst fears..

Chapter 6-Summoning their fears

Phantom.exe knew everything about her friends.

For Zombie,she would make it look like she was locked in a room with poison.That’s how she died,after all.

So when Zombie came running out of the burning building,she summoned her worst fear and Zombie was on the floor,crying,not knowing that it was all fake and she was actually just lying on the forest floor.

Next,Phantom.exe summoned a giant gray box for The Screamer.She died from getting locked in a box and screaming to death.

After that,for Ghost,she just summoned darkness.He was the last one she and her friends had gotten too and he died alone,in a dark well.So,she made it look like he was trapped in a void.

She flew away from them…

Chapter 7-Alone

Phantom.exe was finally alone!

She thought of what she did to her friends and everything that happened to them.

They were the only ones who were there for her..

…Why did she hurt them?

…Maybe it was because of her Mom…

..She could feel herself shrinking down to her normal size.

When she got back to her normal self,Phantom was no longer Phantom.exe.

Now,she was alone…truly alone…

Chapter 8-But not really alone

She saw figure walk towards her….they were….her friends?

“Guys?” She asked.

They all sat next to her, surrounding her with their love.

“The spells you put on us didn’t last long.” Zombie said.

“We know that wasn’t you.” The Screamer added.

“We’re here for you!” Everyone exclaimed happily.

Phantom smiled.Her friends would always be there for her.


Chapter 9-Talking

They walked back to their headquarters (her friends rebuilt the building) and Zombie asked Phantom:

“What happened? You looked different for a while and now you’re back to looking yourself.You were acting different,too.Why?”

“I don’t know…I just…can’t really handle…being…dead.I saw my Mom…she was like me…but she chose evil…she zapped me and made me this way..” Phantom was saying.

“But your Mom is dead.So how could she make you evil?” Ghost asked.

Phantom had a realization.

“It wasn’t my Mom.It’s just my own fear and frustration getting to me in the form of my Mom.That’s what made me Phantom.exe.” She said.

“Can you control your other form,your Phantom.exe form?” The Screamer asked.

“I’ll have to figure that out.”Phantom replied.

Chapter 10-Testing out her new form

Now that they were in their headquarters,Phantom decided to test if she could control her Phantom.exe form or not.

She took a deep breath and imagined that she became Phantom.exe.

It worked! But just as it worked,the dark thoughts came in her mind.

She blocked out the dark thoughts and only focused on being present,in the moment.

“Guys! I think I can control my Phantom.exe form!” She squealed excitedly.

“Yay! Does that mean you can turn into Phantom.exe whenever you want?” Her friends asked.

“Yes,I think so.” Phantom.exe said.


Chapter One-Doing nothing

Phantom sat in her room, in her and her friend’s headquarters.In reality, it was just an abandoned shack in a forest for and her undead friends.

She was doing the most boring thing in the world.


Just staring at a wall.

You can’t really do much when you’re dead.

Although,she went on a ton of adventures while being undead.

Phantom sighed.

“Can something happen already?! I’m so freaking bored!” She said to herself.

Just as she said that,Zombie screamed:


Phantom smiled.

“Well,speak of the devil.Something’s finally happening.” Phantom said,not caring what it was.She was just glad to be rid of her boredom.

Chapter Two-A portal

Phantom went downstairs.Her friends were staring at a portal.

“What is it?” Ghost asked.

“It’s a portal,duh!” The Screamer replied to him.If her eyes weren’t so white and pale,people would have noticed that she rolled them.

“I know it’s a portal! I just want to know what it’s doing here!” Ghost snapped.

Then,the two of them started fighting.

“Okay,break it up you two! Stop fighting and let Phantom figure this out!” Zombie yelled,breaking them apart with her arms.

Everyone looked at Phantom.

Phantom said nothing.How did she become the leader all of a sudden?!

She looked at the portal.

“I have no idea what it’s doing here,but it’s here for a reason.Maybe we should get in it.” Phantom said.

“Get IN the PORTAL?! Are you crazy?!” Her friends asked.

“Well,you asked for my advice.This is it.Take it or leave it.” Phantom said.

“Well, I guess she’s right.Let’s get in it.”

They said.

The four of them jumped in the portal.

Chapter Three-Carmine

The four of them woke up in a hospital room.A woman in a black dress walked up to them and introduced herself as Carmine.

They just blinked at her.

“What is this?” They asked.

“I’ll explain later.” She said.

Chapter Four-A chance to live

“So you’re telling us that you can give us the power to live again? Why are you doing this?” Phantom asked.

“Because I didn’t have a chance to live with my daughter.So I want you guys to have a chance to live again.” Carmine said.

“Why? What happened to you?” They asked.

“That’s not important.The important thing is that I’m going to help you.” Carmine said.

Chapter Five-Marcie

As the five of them started walking out of the hospital,they spotted a young girl in a long,pink dress.The girl looked like she was fifteen years old.

“This is my daughter,Marcie.I visit her sometimes.She’s also going to help you live.” Carmine said,showing them her daughter.

Marcie told them to follow her and they did.

Chapter Six-A potion to live

Marcie took them to her house.Then,she lead them to her bedroom.

Marcie handed them a potion.

“Take it.It will help you live.” Marcie said.

“Why are you doing this?” They asked.

Marcie didn’t say anything.

“Alright,stop with the theatrics.We listened to you and your weird Mom without any explanation given to us and now you expect us to drink a strange liquid?! Tell us right now what is REALLY going on here!” Phantom yelled.

Marcie sighed.

“So it’s like this..” Marcie began saying.

Chapter Seven-The reason for the help

“So you’re saying your Mom wants to help us because when we take the potion,we won’t live,we’ll officially die,as in not exist and she’ll live to be with you.What’s in it for you? Why’d you agree to what she was doing and then told us about it?” Phantom asked.

Marcie said nothing.

“TELL US!” Phantom yelled,turning into her Phantom.exe form.Her Phantom.exe form was her, but bigger, gray, and monstrous.

“Calm down,Phantom!” Her friends yelled.

She calmed down,only for them.

“I agreed to this because I never met her and I thought that if I could make her live, I could finally get to know her!” Marcie yelled.

“I think I can work something out..” Phantom said.

Chapter Eight-Phantom’s Plan

“CARMINE!” Phantom called out.

Carmine appeared as if by magic. (In reality, she just walked from one room to another).

“Carmine,we know your plans now.Talk to Marcie.Once you get to know each other,you can pass on.” Phantom said.

“What about us? How will we live?” Zombie asked.

Carmine started talking to Marcie.Phantom turned to look at them.

“We’ve helped someone.Now,we’ll be blessed to live.” Phantom said.

Sure enough,they were starting to become more human..

Chapter Nine-They live again

When they were done, they realized that the act of kindness worked and they were human now.

The four of them left the house and went outside.

“What should we do,now that we’re human?” Zombie asked.

“You guys can go by your human names.I don’t want to go by mine.After all,my evil Mom was the one who gave it to me.” Phantom said.

“If you’re not going by your human name,we won’t go by ours either! It’s unfair!” Zombie yelled.

“Hmm..from now on,I’ll be known as Isabella.” Phantom said.

“I want to be…Skylar.” Zombie said.

“I’ll be….Alexis.” The Screamer said.

“Now,I’ll be known as Lucas!” said Ghost.

That was what they would be known as forevermore.

Chapter Ten-What now?

What would they do now?

Well,they got adopted by different families and visit each other all the time.Their lives are wonderful.

Isabella no longer has scars on her face! Isn’t that wonderful?

But the teens still have powers.They just don’t show it..

I made the characters in an app called:”Gacha Club.” You can go to my wall to check it out.

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MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi vampricone6783,

Mailice here with a short review! :D

That´s a pretty long part, so I´m going to review only the first eight chapters of this story. Keep in mind to post maybe the chapters in separate parts, so that the reader has a better overview of the story in general.

At first glance, you're creating a good kind of worldbuilding here by continuing to create more background for the various characters, and giving them a "life". I think you've done that well and it always gives the feeling of watching a kind of "special" of a series where you get a bit more background information.

I also like your direct approach and division. A lot is done through dialogue, which creates a very dynamic narrative. It gives me the impression of watching a kind of play and immediately experiencing what is happening.

One thing I noticed while reading, and I've noticed this in other stories of yours, is that your writing sometimes seems a bit brisk. Not only in the directness of the story, but also in the expression of the text. There are a few capitalisation and lower-case errors as well as the forgetting of spaces, etc.... I would advise you to read through the story again after the end in order to minimise this source of error. This is very obvious to the reader and sometimes restricts the flow of reading.

I also noticed that some of the chapters are a bit short and I wondered why they were a separate chapter at all. I think if you're going to redistribute it a bit you could always put it at the end of a chapter to give a good cliffhanger for the next part.

In summary, it was already exciting and I like how a lot of things open up here in the world you create. I think your stories are more like the life stories we get here. In the end, I would just advise, as at the beginning, to publish the chapters individually or in pairs, rather than as one gigantic block.

Have fun writing!


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Hi there friend!

Sorry I don’t have time for a full review, but I wanted to tell you that I’m blown away by the art that you included in this.

I can tell that you work very hard and the art just adds a lot story instead of just text. Thank you for adding that. Anyways I just wanted to stop by and thank you for that and what do you know that I’m impressed by your art skills as well. I hope to see more of this in the future and I’ll eagerly be waiting to read more of you’re working in the near days to come.

Wishing you all of the best! And sending a virtual hug! <3 <3 <3 <3

Ellie :)

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