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The past always comes back

by vampricone6783

*This is part of my “Clyde the clown” stories. You can find this story and the ones that connect to this underneath my folder titled “The curse of Clyde and other stories”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*



Riley knew that Clyde was killed by his daughter, Davina, and her boyfriend, Eric, for a cult. She knew that he turned into a clown because of his sacrifice and that after Riley’s so-called “friends” killed her, he turned her into a clown ballerina.

She knew that he cared for her the way a father would care for his daughter. She knew that they were trapped in the carnival.

But what of the cult? What of Davina and Eric?

That, Riley would have to find out.

Chapter One

The sun was beginning to rise at the abandoned carnival. Clyde was alone, lamenting to himself of past woes. Riley stayed in her tent, waiting patiently for him to visit her. They always spoke together when they had the time. They were the only companions they had, close friends forever.

A woman’s soft voice sang a lilting melody. No one visited the old carnival, much less sang in it.

Riley stepped outside of the tent, intrigued by the voice.

Chapter Two

“Lost in the afterlife

I wait patiently for you

Won’t you come and join me, dear friend?”

That was the woman’s sweet melody, which got louder with every step that Riley took. In the distance, a pink line glowed and pulsed, like a tear through reality.

Might as well get closer. Riley thought to herself.

Chapter Three

Riley reached out to the pink tear as she got closer. When she and the pink tear were close enough, she placed her hand in the pink air.

It pulsed and burned like small flames, then, it pulled Riley into the light.

It clapped away like the crack of fireworks, shocking Clyde back into reality from his sorrow.

Chapter Four

The world around Riley was in hues of pink. Rose pink, hot pink, carnation pink. Every and any shade of pink.

“Come to me…” The woman’s voice said.

As quickly as it all started, it stopped.

Chapter Five

Riley was in another carnival, except that it was all brand new, lights sparkling cheerily, colors as bright as ever.

Standing in front of her was a clown woman with curly lavender hair, in a blue, long sleeved, medieval style shirt and a yellow tutu. Her head had flowers, bows, and a child’s plastic crown on it. One foot had a pink sock with a single bow and a shiny black Mary Jane shoe, the other had no shoe and was completely bandaged. One of her eyes was a button, the other was pale pink.

She looked like a wrecked doll rotting in the corner of someone’s room, forgotten and dust-ridden.

“It’s a good thing you’re here.” The woman said calmly.

Chapter Six

“Who are you? Where am I? What’s going on?” Riley asked. She already died in a carnival, the last thing she needed was to get lost in another one.

The woman smiled softly, as though she understood Riley’s fear.

“My name is Clarissa and this is just another part of the same carnival. Walk with me. I’ll explain it to you.”

Riley looked back behind her. Clyde wasn’t around. There was no exit.

With no choice present, she joined Clarissa.

Chapter Seven

“I’m his dead ex-wife. Our daughter, Davina, was in a cult and sacrificed us to it. We need to stop it, but…I have no idea how.” Clarissa said.

How could she say that all so casually? As though it all meant nothing?

Maybe being trapped so long in one place took away all terror. Maybe there was only acceptance of said fate.

Riley never wanted to be that way. She never wanted to accept being locked away.

Perhaps the cult could be stopped?

Chapter Eight

“I wasn’t looking for you. I was looking for Clyde. But maybe you can help me find Davina?” Clarissa asked.

If there was a way to free all of their souls, to save Riley from being trapped in the circus, then…

“I’ll do it.” Riley said.

“You will?” Clarissa asked, eyes widening with surprise.

“Of course! We all deserve Heaven.” Riley said with a smile.

With that, they each went their separate ways to look for Davina.

Chapter Nine

“Davina? Davina?! Where are you?!” Riley called out. Nothing answered back but the cheerful calliope music playing in the distance.

Who was she supposed to look for? Another young girl? How was she going to find someone she didn’t know? Why did they split up in the first place?

Footsteps sounded behind her.

Chapter Ten

Riley turned around, to the noise behind her. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw who it was.

Clyde was running towards her, his face filled with worry and fear. She thought that he wouldn’t leave the carnival, but he did.

He came back.

Chapter Eleven

“Why are you here? What happened? Are you okay? Are-“

“I’m fine, Clyde. I just went inside a pink tear in the world and-“

“Why would you do that?!” Clyde asked. He was shaking Riley’s shoulders, much to her annoyance.

“I was bored! Please, stop shaking me and let me talk!”

Clyde let go, but still seemed a tad nervous. That was alright, Riley would explain everything.

Chapter Twelve

“I went inside of the tear and found your ex-wife, Clarissa. She said that she was looking for Davina and I agreed to help!”

“You’re going to look for Davina?!” Clyde asked. His eyes were filled with the burned memories of the past.

“Yes. Maybe it will help us go to Heaven.” Riley said.

She was about to turn around, but Clyde grabbed her shoulder and faced her to him.

“I’m coming with you.” Clyde said, for the first time, certainty in his painted white face.

Off the two went to find a missing, lost girl.

Chapter Thirteen

“Davina! Davina?! Where ARE you?!” Riley called out. She and Clyde walked throughout the carnival, Clyde up front, she in the back.

The carnival itself was alive with lights, but empty of visitors.

What real difference did it have with the “abandoned” carnival? They were both empty of the living, both still trying to stand in a world that did not want them.

“Over here!” Clyde cried out.

Chapter Fourteen

Riley followed Clyde’s voice, excited at the prospect of finding Davina, of saving their souls, of…

“What happened to her?!” Riley asked, eyes wide with shock.

She stopped in front of Clyde and Davina, who were standing in front of one of the rollercoasters. Davina’s skin was discolored, her eyes were completely pale white, her mouth was open in a black, hollow smile. She wore an olive green dress tied back with a matching bow. Atop her head was a purple bow, as big as those found on porcelain dolls.

She had puppet strings attached to her body.

Chapter Fifteen

“What is this?” Riley asked, gesturing to the puppet girl.

“I only did it because of what she did to me. I wanted to let her know what being controlled felt like. What being used felt like. I loved her and she took that from me.” Clyde said.

Yet his eyes drifted off to Davina, with hints of deep regret.

Chapter Sixteen

“We need to find Eric. He’s the one who was leading it all. He’s the one who was getting at her mind.” Clyde said.

He sounded genuine, but how could Riley trust him? He killed his daughter and turned her into a puppet. What if he didn’t care at all?

Davina seemed to shake herself into reality, then faced Clyde and asked in astonishment:


Chapter Seventeen

“Yes, I’m here. I need to find Eric. The only way I can do that is if you help me. So, are you going to help?” Clyde asked.

“Help? Help?! Dad, you killed me! I wouldn’t-“

“You killed me first! You started this mess! So, if you want to fix it, you’re going to help-“

“Are you the reason Clyde does nothing every day?” Riley asked. He stared off into space, with no soul in his eyes. All because of something that completely altered his life forever.

Chapter Eighteen

“He does nothing? Really? Sounds like what he did his entire life!” Davina said.

“How could you say that about your own Dad? He’s dead because of you and some stupid cult. The fact that you even have the audacity to-“

“Girls! We have to focus. Eric must be found.” Clyde said, cutting off Riley.

Riley and Davina stopped talking, but gave each other brief glares before following Clyde.

Chapter Nineteen

For a while, it was just the two girls silently following Clyde. Then, a woman’s scream was heard, followed by a boy’s laughter.

It sounds like there are demons laughing with him. Riley thought as they chased after Clyde.

Maybe there were demons laughing with him.

Chapter Twenty

After a while, they finally made it. Right in front of a young boy, who stood above Clarissa, curled into a ball, surrounded by dark clouds.

“Eric?! Eric?! Why did you do it?! Who are these demons? Who...who?” Davina asked.

“Who? Who? My parents! Corrupted by dying! All they wanted was a carnival.” Eric said.

“Eric, please. You took my life. You took our lives.” Davina pleaded.

But Eric only laughed, all life from his eyes leaving him.

The pain of dying, of being changed, of having everything taken away from them.

Riley and the others plunged at him, claws out, faces feral.


All had been free except for Eric, who was dragged deep down in Hell.

Clyde and Clarissa are on friendly terms, but it will take a while for them to connect with Davina again.

But Riley was the happiest because she did have to worry about a single thing anymore.

She was free.

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Fri Feb 23, 2024 9:11 am
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

hey vampricone, happy Friday! I'm back for another quick review this morning.

I like the prologue in this one. It introduces the story well and reminds us of the situation Riley's been in. I did think the pacing for the first few chapters was a bit fast, I would have liked to slow down and get some more description, particularly of all the different shades of pink.

Riley reached out to the pink tear as she got closer. When she and the pink tear were close enough, she placed her hand in the pink air.

It pulsed and burned like small flames, then, it pulled Riley into the light.

It clapped away like the crack of fireworks, shocking Clyde back into reality from his sorrow.

For example all of this happens really quickly, and I don't think we get the full impact of all of it!

How could she say that all so casually? As though it all meant nothing?

I like how yo called this out, because it did feel surprisingly casual!

“I only did it because of what she did to me. I wanted to let her know what being controlled felt like. What being used felt like. I loved her and she took that from me.” Clyde said.

If he knows this why did he agree to look for her, why didn't he try to deter Riley?

I definitely feel like we could have a lot more here. The plot is really good, but everything happens so quickly I don't get as much chance to get invested in the characters, and the plot twists are less shocking than they should be which is a shame because you've got some really good ones. I'd like to see more description, more conversation between the characters and more of what Riley's feeling too. This is a great start, but I think you can build it out to be even better!


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Thu Feb 22, 2024 7:40 pm
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keeperofgaming wrote a review...

This is interesting. Demons held them down, leaving them trapped.
The story and context slowly unfolds, but it happens in a systematic great way. Eric makes a deal with demons which kills everyone, but because of his deal, he is dragged to hell.
It is interesting however, that Clyde went to heaven after what he did to Davina. Frankly, most people would see that action as hellworthy, but I suppose that there is something I don't understand about your world.
Though, the pink tear is also interesting, the idea that these people can manipulate reality, but still be defeated is an interesting concept. And the fact that the demons were unable to claim anyone but Eric was fun. It showed that they can't really win in the end, which promotes the characters as intelligent and freer than many other series would portray them.
Not only all of that, but the grammatical structure and the placement of the different section breaks allows it to be more atmospheric and calmer, while simultaneously giving a fearful and foreboding feeling.
All in all. Thanks for writing this.

You're a hairy, wizard!
— EllieMae