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The mystical book of poems-Seasons and Halloween poems made by me.

by vampricone6783

Seasons poems

Spring-Nature’s kiss

Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.It's a yellow,lemony ball upon us.Laughter can be heard as children run around fields of flowers.It rings throughout the air.

New life blossoms,animals come out of the shadows and into the light,basking in the warm sun and fresh air.Humans join in the fun and wear bright colors,looking like the flowers that grow all around them.

The air is clear,the light is warm,the flowers like polka dots in a child's painting.Spring is the air,and it won't last long.So it's best to come out now,before the sun sets and the creatures come crawling.

Summer-The melody that is Summer

The sun is a balmy orb hanging over the humans.

They don't mind,though.They bring their friends and family over for a fun-filled celebration.

Kids laugh sweetly as they jump in the cool pools.The water feels like a dimension into the unknown.Oh,how it bubbles and sparkles! It competes with the glitter of a unicorn.

The adults talk about their joys and sorrows,drinking a cool liquid that laps on their tongues like the most beautiful spell.The food on the grill is getting a golden brown luster,like gold flakes.

Each sound of laughter goes in the sky with the flames from the grill,joining the melody that is Summer.

Fall-The time for fears

Kids walk on dead leaves that crunch under their feet.They make a sickening sound,like heads are being crushed.They are everywhere,like bad omens.The trees are gnarled,and bare,like claws threatening to grab passerby.

Pumpkins are getting carved into terrifying faces,looking like Satan's children.Fruit is no longer ripe,instead it's rotten,looking like ugly brown orbs.

Fall is the time for fears,the time for laughter and smiles has been replaced by the sound of screams.

Winter-Cold blessings

The snow covers the world in a magical white blanket,the snowflakes gently piling on each other,like fairies racing each other over who lands on the ground first.

Kids are building snowmen,and throwing snowballs at each other.They laugh as the snowballs hit them,it's absurd! But fun.They try to be the first to taste a snowflake,they want the magical thing to glide in their mouth.

The adults talk about life over an open fire,they are warm in these cold times.They roast marshmallows over the flames.

Winter is cold,but it has its blessings.

Dark Halloween poems


Skeletons scare us all,with their leering faces and long,sharp claws.They laugh beneath their wooden prisons,an awful,high-pitched,chittery sound.

No one knows why,but they do.We cannot deny the fact that we too,will become skeletons.We will have leering faces and chittery laughter.It is a way of life.We can't stay the same forever....

..and maybe,the skeletons cry in their coffins,black gooey tears forming on their bony faces.For they are fragile,and will crumble to dust at the slightest touch.

There is so much we don't know about skeletons,and so much we need to learn.

A vampire’s love

They sacrifice everything for their significant other.They will give up their humanity for them,turning themselves into demons of the night,leaving their family and friends behind,forgetting the life they've always known in order to provide for others.

They will starve themselves to death for their significant other,letting their lips dry up and their lungs bleed,they don't want to drink the red liquid,for their love will die in their own blood,and they will haunt themselves for killing the person they loved,cared for,and protected from.

This is a vampire's love,and you would be biased to judge them by what they drink.For they love more firecerly than we ever could.

Demons and their secrets 

Behind those sharp claws and evil snarls,lie secrets.They were a mask of anger and hate,for they are so convinced that if they love anyone they will die,and become nothing but dust.They fear a human's touch,for if they go near a human,they will crumble and die.

No one knows this,and if people do,then they are puzzled out of their minds.Demons hide these things from people,for they don't want to seem vulnerable.

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Mon Sep 06, 2021 12:59 am
Liminality wrote a review...

Hi there vampricone6783! Lim here with a short review.
I thought this was an interesting little collection, with quite a bit of delight in it, as well as some insight, especially in the poem on skeletons.

Subject, Themes, Narrative

The seasonal poems each seem to capture a particular mood for the season they address. The one on fall has a spooky atmosphere, whereas the one on winter has a heartwarming nostalgic sort of atmosphere. I felt a bit jarred by the transition from season to season at times, as each seems to begin and end in a wildly different way. For instance ‘Fall’ ends ominously, saying that “the time for laughter and smiles has been replaced”, but then ‘Winter’ begins suddenly cheery again.

‘Skeletons’ was my favourite in terms of narrative. I hadn’t expected the turn in “..and maybe,the skeletons cry in their coffins”, so it was interesting for me to read. I like the mystery that is built up around skeletons, despite there also being concrete details there about how they cry and laugh.

‘A vampire’s love’, as well as ‘Demons and their secrets’ have the same general narrative as skeletons, but I found them a bit more predictable.

Language and Imagery

Some of the images in the seasonal poems made me smile, for instance, “a yellow,lemony ball “, “like polka dots in a child's painting” and “a golden brown luster”. The last one in particular makes the food sound delicious. I felt a little jarred reading the inferno imagery in the summer poem, as it seems to imply a very destructive connotation but the rest of the poem seems very cheery. I also noticed there seemed to be a lot of similes being used one after another. Do you think there are other ways you could describe something like a snowflake besides similes?

In terms of favourite lines, I really liked: “Winter is cold, but it has its blessings.” – it’s simple but somehow sweet.

As for the spooky poems, the image “an awful,high-pitched,chittery sound” was really vivid to me and made me imagined the kind of sound effects video games usually give to skeletons. The line “We cannot deny the fact that we too,will become skeletons.” also made me feel spooked and was delightfully ominous.

The last two pieces feel a lot more like a short story rather than poetry. They kind of remind me of flavour text in a game, or a wiki entry for a fantasy series.

They will give up their humanity for them,turning themselves into demons of the night,leaving their family and friends behind,forgetting the life they've always known in order to provide for others.

This is all literal, without much of a rhythm, so it gives me the impression that it’s exposition for some other story.

Structure and Sound

Some of the tense changes I found kind of confusing to read. For instance, in “Flowers are blooming and the sun shines.”, “Flowers are blooming” is in present continuous tense while “the sun shines” is in present simple tense, yet they are both bound by “and”.

Behind those sharp claws,evil snarls,and ugly claws,lie secrets.

I wasn’t sure why ‘claws’ was repeated twice here?

There were some sound devices here and there that I liked.
Skeletons scare us all,with their leering faces and long,sharp claws.

The consonance and assonance in “sk(eletons), sc(are) . . . l(eering) . . . l(ong) . . .”, as well as the partial rhyme between all/claws was really neat.

Kids walk on dead leaves that crunch under their feet.

I liked the rhythm in this line. There seemed to be some regularity there with “kids walk” and “dead leaves” both being pairs of stressed syllables, so there was a beat that carried through this part of the poem.

That’s all

Hopefully some of this feedback was helpful, and feel free to ask for clarification or extra feedback on anything.



vampricone6783 says...

Thanks for you review! I fixed the %u201CDemon and their secrets%u201D poem and made sure claws wasn%u2019t repeated twice.

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Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:31 pm
RandomTalks says...

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Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:31 pm
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RandomTalks wrote a review...


RandomTalks here with a short review!

So, I am no master at poetry, but this feels like a prose, so I am guessing this is a prose poetry? I could identify certain poetic devices, and the words have that alluring twist to them that one can only find in poetry.

I really liked the ones about the seasons. The imageries you use are so vivid and colorful that I can imagine the bright picture you paint in front of us in each stanza. I really liked how you included these real life situations like camp fires and carving pumpkins. Each imagery is associated with the typical characterestic of a particular season, and I really liked reading them. It also helps people to relate with the poem and infuse their own personal experience or memory into the text.

I liked the dark halloween poems as well. I think it is impressive how you tried to humanize these creatures that are often shunned by society. You try to bring out the better side of these creatures and give them a voice and I think it fits well with the overall hopeful theme of the poem.

I am not going to comment on the grammatical aspects of the poem. I really liked reading this and I am going to leave it at that.

Keep writing and have a great day!

I exist as I am, that is enough
— Walt Whitman