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Roses will bloom-A picture book

by vampricone6783

*This is a picture book I made some time ago. It’s drawn and written all be. I used color pencils and paper. It’s not perfect, but I decided to share it anyway as a break from my usual type of stories. I will write captions underneath the pictures so that you may see them. I have Gacha Club character designs on my wall. Enjoy!

“Roses will bloom.”

“I was picking roses in the garden.”

“When all of a sudden, the boys from next door kicked their ball in my backyard.”

(Ignore the fact that I wrote “threw”)

“I threw the ball back at them.”

“But seeing those boys play made me think”

“about Katie. She moved.”

“I missed her.”

“But then I got an idea!”

“I will start my rose garden!”

“She’ll come back!”

“I told my parents my idea.”

“and we were off!”

“I picked the prettiest flowers.”

“And then I planted them.”

“But they died the next day!”

“I gave them too much water!”

“But then I got new plants.”

“and Katie came back!”

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Thu Dec 01, 2022 3:27 pm
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jisrahinav says...

First of all, this is a nice story. It is very unique of how you can draw and then write in words. About the story, I love the bond and friendship of the main character and Katie and how this character thought of planning so Katie, a friend will come back. Continue drawing and writing!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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