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Laughing Jack and Jason the Toymaker’s wedding

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*I know that Valoween has passed, but I still have a few love stories to share before I get to my original horror content. This is a Creepypasta fanfiction, with Creepypasta characters. Laughing Jack was created by Snuffbomb. Jason the Toymaker was created by Krisantyl. Candy Pop was created by DanceOfAngels. April Fools was created by Promptus. Candy Cane was created by Luna Cayne. Papa Grande, created by Mysticalsorcery, is briefly mentioned. Last, but not least, Laughing Jill and Mary were created by Snuffbomb and SabrinaNightmaren. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. This story will be under my folder titled “Creepypasta Stuff”. I hope that you enjoy!*

“So, when shall we have the wedding?” Laughing Jack asked.

Laughing Jack and Jason were in a circus tent together, discussing their wedding. They tried having it on the day that Laughing Jack proposed, but the ghosts were screaming annoyingly loud, and it threw off the whole mood.

Every single time that they tried, there was the ghosts. The number of ghosts only increased with every kill that they made. They couldn’t get married anywhere else, due to the presence of humans everywhere else. Neither didn’t want to be seen by those that weren’t their victims.

“Why not have it today?” Jason asked.

Laughing Jack threw his claws up in the air in frustration.

“That’s what we always say, and then those ghosts yak it up with their eTeRnAl sUfFeRiNg and whatnot.” Laughing Jack lamented.

He wanted to marry that toymaker doll-obsessed carny with the ghost-white hair instantaneously, but the ghosts were always there to ruin everything.

Whatever would they do?

Jason smacked himself on the head, a new idea hitting him like a pile of bones.

“I’m such a bloody fool! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” Jason asked.

He turned to Laughing Jack, his green eyes shining brighter than they usually did. He grinned the smile that Laughing Jack loved, the sharp-toothed smile that struck terror in the hearts of innocents.

“I build toys, but I can make other things too. I can make a box that will trap all of the ghosts in it for the wedding. Then, when it’s over, I’ll let them out. How does that sound?” Jason asked.

“Oh Jason, it’s wonderful!” Laughing Jack beamed. The prospect of trapping the ghosts…a splendid solution!

But then, everything that Jason created was splendid.

“I’m so glad you agree. I’ll build the box, and while I do that, you can find the ghosts. After that, we can work on the invitations.” Jason said.

“Yes, that’s perfect! I’ll-wait. What did you say about invitations?”Laughing Jack asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, we’ve got to invite people, right?” Jason asked.

“Jason, did you forget that there is nobody on this Earth who likes us? Who would we invite?” Laughing Jack asked.

“Hmm…I’m sure that there are people out there who like us…just a bit…” Jason trailed off.

The two of them thought long and hard, trying to figure out if there was anybody in the world who liked them.

“I guess I could invite Laughing Jill and Mary. They’re alright gals.” Laughing Jack said.

Laughing Jill was a clown creature who looked just like him, except she was female, she killed only abusive parents, never any children, and she disagreed with his hatred of humans. She and him had their differences, but she wasn’t too bothersome. That was why he decided to call Laughing Jill his “younger sister”. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted her at the wedding.

It helped that Mary, her very first human friend and the only child she adopted, was sixteen years old and dead. If Laughing Jack had to say what kind of children he despised the most, it was the younger, living ones. They were disgusting little brats who didn’t deserve a thing.

“That’s a grand idea! I’ll invite Candy Pop, Candy Cane, and April Fools!” Jason said.

“Are you sure you want to invite them?” Laughing Jack asked, narrowing his eyes.

Back in 1952, Laughing Jack was trying to lure the three siblings, Amanda, Kate, and Ryan, into his carnival. But then, out of the blue, three colorful jesters appeared and snatched the children away. Right in front of him, all in the blink of an eye.

He had never tried to kill more than one person at once, but they took his victims! His victims, who he went through all the trouble of getting to know in six months. It usually only took him two months to get to know a victim fully, but he paid the price for being adventurous.

When he got back to his carnival and told Jason about the puzzling jesters, Jason informed him that they were friends of his from back in the 1920s, before he met Laughing Jack. The blue-haired jesters, Candy Pop and Candy Cane, were siblings. April Fools, the pink-haired jester, was Candy Pop’s wife.

Jason used to perform with them at “Papa Grande’s carnival of soul-shockers”, but left after 1930, feeling unfulfilled. Apparently he forgot about them until Laughing Jack mentioned them in 1952.

Jason visited them sometimes, but very rarely, because they always tried to get him to join their carnival again.

So why would Jason want to invite them in the first place?

“They’re pushy, but they’ve got just the right amount of malice in them. I’m sure that they’ve put the past behind them and mean only the best.” Jason said.

In his eyes, Laughing Jack could see a longing. It wasn’t as great as the longing he saw back in 1942, when Jason wanted to be with him, but it was a close second. It would his moment to invite the jesters over.

“If you want to invite the jesters, then invite them. I’m ready to put the past behind, only for you.” Laughing Jack said.

“This wedding will be a gorgeous nightmare.” Jason said.

Of course, that was before the actual wedding happened.


Laughing Jack walked down the dirt path, to where Jason stood in a brown Victorian suit with many lavender and blue frills, scarves and sashes aplenty on him. He was a work of art, a living doll.

Laughing Jack wore a sweeping black dress with many layers and decaying roses stitched on it. Jason himself had sewed the dress onto his costume, just like he did with the suit. For a day, Laughing Jack would feel the joy of how infinite the dress seemed to be. To match, he wore a black veil and held a rotten bouquet in his claws.

In broken benches, withered with years of being abandoned, sat the guests. Laughing Jill and Mary sat in one bench, the jesters sat in another. Laughing Jack focused not on them, but on the one person who showed him that he wasn’t alone. Who was willing to give his music-box heart up for him. Who created a box that silenced the souls for a day.

Jason Connor Meyer, the love of his life.

Laughing Jack stood in front of Jason. There had come the time to say their vows.

Jason began first:

“I may build dolls

I may build trains

I may build windup creatures

But never could I build someone as perfect as you

You know about the darkness I have deep inside

You see the world in crimson splashes of red, as do I

I promise to do what I’ve done before

To carry out what I said years ago

And devote my entire existence to you”

Laughing Jack felt his seams twist inside, threatening to break apart from the pure sweetness of Jason’s words, but it couldn’t happen. Not at the wedding.

Laughing Jack spoke his vows:

“Years I spent rotting away in a box

Freed after years of confinement, I slashed at lives

Only to be locked yet again for more years to come

What was I? Why, just why?

Along came you, a lost soul

A lonely one, a vengeful one

You know what they did

You see me not as a monster

You are the one I hold dearest

The one I will never let go

I promise to stay by your side

Until the very end of time”

Everything around them had vanished. Though Jason was in his fake form for the wedding, Laughing Jack could still see the glint of green in his brown eyes. He pulled the veil away and could better see Jason’s bright beauty, his glowing presence.

The two kissed, drowning in each other’s inviting malevolence. The clapping of the audience was a mere buzz, a faint sound in the distance.


The actual wedding had ended, but there was still time for dinner! The dinner in question was plates of organs from humans they had slaughtered. Delicious, bleeding organs which Laughing Jill and Mary refused to eat.

So far, nothing had gone awry. Their wedding was just as they had dreamed it would be, if not even better, because they had spent many years together.

“A shame that the Harris siblings didn’t make it to the menu.” Candy Pop said, fingering the organs on his plate.

Laughing Jack curled his claw over the lung he held. The audacity that Candy Pop had to say such a thing, as if he were anybody.

“They would have made a lovely edition if they weren’t stolen.” Laughing Jack said, gritting his teeth.

Candy Pop laughed at the clown’s words. Jason put a comforting hand on his arm, but Laughing Jack brushed him off.

The absolute nerve Candy Pop had to steal his victims.

“What can I say? A jester like me has to eat.” Candy Pop grinned.

April Fools and Candy Cane giggled, his pathetic excuses of friends.

“You think that you’re so terrifying just because you have multiple forms and eat souls. But you’re nothing. You can’t decide what you are, so you take on multiple forms. Why, you’re not even a real demon! You’re a Genyr who looked at a cursed mirror. It’s not you who is doing the evil, it’s the demon within. It’s Night Terrors.” Laughing Jack said.

Jason had told him everything back in 1952, so after he learned about the jesters, he began to despise them even more. Especially Candy Pop.

Candy Pop’s eyes darkened. Night Terrors was taking over.

Good, let Night Terrors come out and fight me if he dares.

April Fools rubbed Candy Pop’s back and snapped at Laughing Jack:

“You think that you’re so smart, provoking Candy Pop like that. You’re not much of anything yourself. You’re a sack of sadness, posing as something malicious just to feel something, but you’re weak. Look at you, you’re marrying a human. A tasteful human, but a human, nonetheless, and-“

“Watch your words, April. That’s my husband you’re talking to.” Jason growled, eyes turning green, claws coming out, hair going white.

“Oh? And what are you going to do about it? You weren’t strong enough to stay in our carnival, what makes you think that you can do anything against me?” April Fools asked.

Jason was on the edge of tearing off her face, Laughing Jack and Candy Pop were prepared to rip the other apart. Meanwhile, Candy Cane, Laughing Jill, and Mary watched nervously, anticipating the worst to come.

“At least Laughing Jack is faithful to me. He’s not having children with human women.” Jason seethed.

It was a secret he kept for his friend, but Candy Pop wasn’t his friend anymore.

April Fools turned sharply to Candy Pop, moving her hand away from his back.

“Is this true?!” April Fools asked, glaring at him.

“It’s only for professional purposes. I only want to spawn more demons and eat the mothers’ souls. They mean nothing to me.” Night Terrors said.

“But that’s even worse! You have to try fighting the demon for me, Candy Pop! Isn’t that what you promised to me?” April Fools asked, creasing her eyebrows in worry.

“Let’s just call an end to this before anything happens to anybody.” Laughing Jill said, standing up from her seat.

“I…I agree with Laughing Jill!” Candy Cane said.

But no, that wasn’t it.

Night Terrors grinned at Laughing Jack and Jason, a sinister glint in his eyes.

“At least my children are alive, unlike Raisa Accardi.” Night Terrors said.

Jason and Laughing Jack froze.

Back in 1947, Jason created a girl doll that looked like a combination of them both. He put a human soul in the doll to give her life and named the doll Raisa Accardi.

They wanted to know why humans loved their children so much, so Raisa was created. No, she didn’t stop them from killing people, but she was a bright edition to their shadowed lives. She served as a Grim Reaper for children, taking them to meet her parents.

Raisa had grown just like a real child. She had no idea that her parents actually killed people, she thought that they were protecting humans.

But the human soul within her wouldn’t shut up and told Raisa the truth when she was ten years old, in 1957. Because Raisa felt bad for the human soul, she gave up her life to free the human.

Laughing Jack and Jason found Raisa’s crumpled body lying on top of the thorns of a bush, deflated like a balloon. If that one human hadn’t opened her big mouth, Raisa would still be alive. Raisa and the human were separate, all Raisa needed was the human’s life. She had a personality all her own, that little girl.

They tried their best to forget her, but sometimes, she lingered in the corners of their minds.

“How do you know that name?” Laughing Jack asked. He didn’t care that it was Night Terrors talking and not Candy Pop. It was the name of his daughter escaping that scoundrel’s mouth.

Night Terrors cackled shrilly, eyes white with cruelty.

“I know everything about every being that has ever existed since the beginning of time!” Night Terrors said.

In that moment, all Hell broke loose.

Night Terrors grew out of his Candy Pop form and turned into his Cluster Form, which was powered by the souls he took, but weakened by the fact that the souls were fighting for control. Laughing Jack had to become a black, smoky mass in order to fight the creature.

Jason and April Fools clawed at each other, disgusted that the other spoke ill about their partner.

“I did not come to the wedding for this! Come on, Mary! We’re leaving!” Laughing Jill declared, taking a hold of Mary’s arm.

“But I want cake!” Mary complained. She had been dead for so long, she hadn’t had a slice of cake in centuries.

“There is no cake for this wedding, only organs!” Laughing Jill informed.

Mary’s face paled at the prospect.

“Can I come with you? I don’t want to come back home just yet.” Candy Cane said. She felt quite terrible for giggling with Candy Pop in the first place and just wanted to have a glorious, fun-filled day.

“Certainly. Come along, Candy Cane. We’re going home.” Laughing Jill said.

While the three of them joined hands and disappeared in clouds of black and pink sparkles in order to get away, the others fought vigorously, screeching and cursing into the air, an ominous presence of absolute hatred hanging above them.


The moon had eaten the sun. Candy Pop and April Fools had left, badly injured, but Jason and Laughing Jack were not spared from rough wounds. They were too powerful to kill each other, they could only scratch and slash.

Jason was unlocking the box that held the ghosts, Laughing Jack stood behind, watching him, thinking of Raisa’s body crumpled in the bush.

The ghosts floated out of the box, eyes awash with misery, but their cries weren’t bothersome. Instead, they were musical.

Jason turned to Laughing Jack and sighed defeatedly.

“I’m sorry that I invited them over. It was my mistake. I didn’t know that it would turn out like this. I won’t talk to any of them ever again, I promise.” Jason said.

Laughing Jack could hear him, but his words were faint. He felt like falling, like breaking apart completely. The rest of the world went blurry, his head was spinning and shaking.

“Jack? Hello? Can you hear me?” Jason asked, voice rising in panic.

Jason’s fear didn’t help much, because then Laughing Jack could feel his fear combined with his own, twisting together within him.

“It’s fine…you…didn’t…know…I…I…I-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Laughing Jack stared back at Jason, not daring to speak again. He didn’t want to laugh. He was trying to talk, but the only sound that came out was contorted, despairing laughter.

“Jack, what’s wrong? Is there something you want to tell me?” Jason asked. He ran over to Laughing Jack and took a hold of his claws.

Laughing Jack didn’t know how to explain it, but he could feel more laughter awaiting to come out. He bit his bottom lip until he felt it die away.

“There’s something I never told you. I thought that I would never have to say this, but I guess that I’m wrong.” Laughing Jack said.

“I thought that we were going to tell each other everything. What’s this that you haven’t said to me?” Jason asked, furrowing his brows.

“I know, I know! We made a promise. But I really never thought that this would happen! You that fight I had with Night Terrors? I couldn’t just conjure up that form like he can! It takes time, it takes energy. I have to think of things that have hurt me, like when Isaac left me and…Raisa’s death.”

Talking about Raisa felt like choking on wood.

“I have another form that comes if my hatred for humans and the world takes over. My Negative form. In my Negative form, I lose all color. I become completely white. I become unable to speak, only to laugh.”

Laughing Jack stared at his left arm, where one black stripe had already died into a barren white.

“Jason, if I can’t talk anymore, what am I going to do? How will my victims understand me? How will you understand me?” Laughing Jack asked.

He tried not to think about his other form, just like tried not to think about Isaac and Raisa, but the past would come creeping in his mind in hours of loneliness.

“That is far from us right now. You needn’t worry about it. If you ever become Negative, then I’ll still understand you. I’m no ordinary toy maker. You think that all of my creations speak in the intelligible human languages? No, some of them speak in demonic tongues. I have a gift, I will hear you. Your victims are weak enough to trust a magical clown, I have no doubt that they will understand you.” Jason said.

“And I too think about Raisa. She will always stay ingrained within us, won’t she? If I could go back in time and create a function in her that would block out the human, I would. But there’s nothing we can do but make the humans pay and stay by each other’s side.” Jason said.

Laughing Jack supposed that he was right, but still, he wished that things had turned out different.

“I’ve got just the thing to cheer you up.” Jason said.

Laughing Jack doubted it, but he would wait to see if it was something he’d find worthwhile.

Jason reached into his pocket and took out a bloody eyeball, one that still held human shock.

“Now, would you like to eat this eye?” Jason asked.

Laughing Jack beamed and snatched the eye from his claw. Jason sure did know him well.

He chewed on the eyeball, relishing its squishiness and softness, bringing Jason close to him as he ate it.

He didn’t need an eventful wedding. All he needed was the strikingly melodic screeches of the ghosts, an eyeball in his mouth, and Jason in his arms.

That was all.

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Stickied -- Fri Feb 16, 2024 6:26 pm
vampricone6783 says...

Raisa Accardi and the Harris siblings was created by me.

I made Papa Grande’s carnival. There are canon stories of Papa Grande and the jesters (maybe even Jason, I’m not sure) of being in a carnival, but I believe that the carnival has a different name in those stories.

Laughing Jack really does have a negative form, but it’s just him being all white. It’s supposed to be “him in the future”, but there’s real information on it, so I made stuff up.

I’m not sure if I want to ship Laughing Jill with Candy Cane or if I just want them to be friends. Let me know in the comments!

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Fri Apr 05, 2024 6:33 pm
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AftonFamily09 says...

My friend wanted to read and leave a review lol! So heres what they wrote,
"Other than the odd intros to the flashbacks. I would say this is a good book. And quite frankly I'm interested if there's a second part. There were some odd parts to transitioning to the conflict but other than that id give it a 8/10!"

vampricone6783 says...

There are two parts that come before this.

1. %u201CWhen Jason the Toymaker met Laughing Jack%u201D
2. %u201CLaughing Jack%u2019s surprise for Jason the Toymaker%u201D

In addition to learning more about the characters, there is my story %u201CCandy Pop%u2019s curse%u201D and my essay %u201CThe differences between Laughing Jack and Laughing Jill%u201D.

All of this is under my folder titled %u201CCreepypasta stuff%u201D.

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