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Five short stories of the changed (Clowns, Magic, Murder, and Lies)

by vampricone6783

*These are five short stories that connect to my “Clowns, Magic, Murder, and Lies” stories. You can find the rest of the stories underneath my folder titled “Clowns, magic, murder, and lies”. These stories all take place in the past. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

1. At home, you’re safe

Philippa lay in bed, staring out the window, which was open a crack. She listened to the sound of tryhards on motorcycles and airplanes flying in the sky. They weren’t frequent, so the sight of the planes and the dull thrum of the motorcycle was peaceful. Cool air flowed into her room.

Jennifer made her feel safe, but even when she was alone in her room, she felt less like a six foot tall clown freak and more like a girl.

It was so rare, though. Almost nonexistent.

Tears slipped down Philippa’s eyes. Just the thought of it made her want to tear off her skin.

No, she wouldn’t cry. Philippa would listen to the sounds of the world.

2. The making of a monster, the death of Sophia and the birth of Violet

Sophia  felt herself being pulled to somewhere else…the clowns screamed…she couldn’t leave…Violet just wanted to leave the carnival…exist as a monster…feast on those unworthy…

The world spun into a dark spiral.

3. Philippa believed her

“Sometimes I wish that I could just…ruin your life to save our circus. But then, that wouldn’t solve anything, would it?” Violet asked.

Philippa nodded sympathetically, soaking in every word of her story. Violet didn’t have a “family failed circus”, but Philippa believed her. As far as Philippa was concerned, Violet was a human, just like her.

Everything was going just how Violet wanted it to go.

4. The truth 

Nova walked downstairs. Mom was watching TV, curled up on the couch.

“So when were you going to tell me?” Nova asked when she made it downstairs.


“That I’m a witch. I found out for myself.”

Mom sighed and said:

“I’m sorry I kept it from you. I just didn’t think that you’d handle it, you were already so frightened of clowns. I didn’t want you to be afraid of anything else.”

“This is who I am. You really thought that I’d be afraid of myself?”

“I don’t know…I was just worried about you…I wanted to protect you…”

“Well, I’m fine now. I know now. It would be nice if you’d help me, since you’re a witch…right?”

“Yes, yes I am. I’ll help you.” Mom said with a soft smile.

Nova wished she hadn’t the truth. That Mom would have trusted at her.

At least she would help Nova.

5. After death

Philippa sat in the corner of her room. The house was overwhelmingly silent. But that was to be expected. Only her ghost lingered.

She felt it, deep within her, that Violet didn’t die. That Violet was something else. That Violet was somehow responsible for Philippa’s death.

And the worst part of it all?

There was nothing she could do about it.

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