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Crybaby and the clown-There’s nobody home (Chapter Eight)

by vampricone6783

*This is a Creepypasta and Melanie Martinez crossover fanfic. The Creepypasta in this fanfic is Laughing Jack, a demon clown who was created by Snuffbomb. Melanie Martinez is a singer and these chapters are based on songs from her album titled “Crybaby” and on her persona in the story, who is “Crybaby”.  This chapter is based off the Melanie Martinez song “Mrs. Potato Head”. This is all a fanfic, so what happens is not canon. You can find Gacha Club character designs on my wall and the rest of the chapters are in my folder titled “Creepypasta stuff”. I hope that you enjoy reading this!*

Crybaby walked into her house, opening the door carefully so as not to disturb anyone.

It had been a long walk, but she had made it home.

“Laughing Jack? Hello? Is anybody here?” Crybaby asked.

No one responded. Her brother must have been at school, and Mom must have been out to get a drink.

But where was Laughing Jack? Wasn’t he supposed to be home?

“Hello?” Crybaby asked, walking down the hall.

She stopped in the living room, to where the TV was blaring. It appeared that he was watching TV while she was gone.

On the screen, a black and white commercial played, showing three girls with blond wigs. All were smiling, all were blond. All were beautiful.

But that wasn’t the only commercial. There was a pill to be taken to keep a female a certain way.

Crybaby stood still, enthralled by the TV. If she were gorgeous and poised, like the girls and women on TV, would people like her more?

The commercials had ended and turned into a movie of a woman who would do anything for her husband. Even get plastic surgery.

Crybaby walked up to the TV. Perhaps she could learn a thing or two about keeping people in her life.

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Mon Jan 29, 2024 1:11 am
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RazzleDazzle says...

That last line is haunting! Ouch. This is a really unique spin on 'Mrs Potato Head' and I really like it!

vampricone6783 says...

Thanks. :>

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