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And more five short stories-Clowns, magic, murder, and lies.

by vampricone6783

*These five short stories are from my “Clowns, magic, murder, and lies” stories. The first story is from my story “Hayley and magic”. In story four, Philippa is twelve and Jennifer is sixteen. They are both alive in that story. In story five, Philippa is an angel and sixteen years old. Hayley is a ghost in story two. Ryan stays alive in both stories. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

1. Belief of the fae

Even though Hayley was sixteen years old, she still believed in fairies.

Because she saw one. In her garden once.

Only once, but she was determined to find more.

She knew that they were out there.

That’s why she was in the garden, searching for them.

Her thirteen year old brother, Ryan, rolled his eyes at her. Her parents would look at her as if she had so much to learn.

Hayley knew what she was doing.

2. Never truly gone

Sometimes fourteen year old Ryan thought he saw his older sister, Hayley, out of the corner of his eye. Bloody and mangled, but Hayley nonetheless.

She never said anything. She just smiled.

He should have been frightened.

But he wasn’t.

Just because he was seeing her ghost didn’t mean anything would happen to him.

It was comforting to have her around…

3. Not everyone becomes a demon 

Over time, Violet’s victims went through the process of turning into demons and then clowns.

That didn’t happen with the Morisons.The first victims.

Her power evolved over time to become more painful for the people she killed and cursed…

And it was working.

Violet stood alone in her carnival, laughing like the maniacal clown she was.

It sure felt good to raise Hell.

4. The walk home

Jennifer squeezed Philippa’s hand comfortingly as she walked her home. She knew that Philippa was capable enough to walk home herself, but felt as though it was absolutely necessary for the two of them to stay together.

There were kids calling her a demon for her red eyes. She looked like she was about to cry, so Jennifer asked her Mom if she could walk Philippa home.

She said yes, Jennifer could walk with her.

Philippa didn’t seem sad anymore.

Jennifer didn’t understand why people made fun of her eyes. She thought that they were so cool and beautiful. She wished that she had red eyes.

They finally made it to Philippa’s house.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

5. Many things changed, but her hairstyle wouldn’t 

Philippa smiled at herself in the mirror. Her curls were teased to look just like how they did when she was four.

They fit her perfectly for now. She needed to be connected to her happier self.

She looked so lovely.

Gacha Club character:

Hayley (from story #2) (she is an angel, but Ryan automatically thinks of a ghost when he looks at her because her wings are airy, like gas. That applies to all angels in this story. The wings look like mist seen around ghosts):

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Mon Jul 17, 2023 8:07 am
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey vampricone!

I'm back for another short review on these stories. I think they're a little tricky to understand without the context of the full story. I recognise the characters and for some I kind of remember the story or stories that go along with them, I find it hard to connect to any of them because of how short these shorts are.

I liked the tone used for most of them but I do think the short about Violet felt a bit out of place in this collection. Most of the stories were kind of happier in undertone (or at least bittersweet) whilst Violet's felt a bit more evil.

I don't have any specifics to comment on because of the length of this piece, but I hope this was helpful anyway.


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Sun Jul 16, 2023 8:53 am
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foxmaster wrote a review...

Hello, foxmaster here to leave a review!
So... Phillippa is an angel, and Violet murdered her? Hmm... interesting. I wonder what happened to Ryan. But I am confused about what is happening here and why did you add the picture of Hayley if she wasn't involved in these stories?
Some roo for improvements is that these didn't really seem like stories to me, they were 5oo short and not a lot happened in them. Also, the pauses seemed to make this kind of, like, random and (aargh what is that word?) split up to make the story choppy. The charachters are kind of being randomly added in here, too. Also, this wasn't very violent, so I do not really understand why you put that.
What I liked about this, however, was the gatcha club, because that always turns out really cool, and the fairy part, because it added a cool tone to the mood.
Overall, this was kind of confusing and has room for improvements, but I will trh to read some of your other parts to this to catch up on what is happening.

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vampricone6783 says...

Hayley is part of the %u201CClowns, magic, murder, and lies%u201D story, she just has her own additional story called %u201CHayley and magic%u201D.

Nothing happened to Ryan, he just gets visited by Hayley.

Thank you for reading.

foxmaster says...

Ohh ok thanks

vampricone6783 says...

You%u2019re welcome. :)

foxmaster says...


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