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25 celebratory Christmas tales (Tales 1-13) (Part One)

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*This story will be updated with Christmas tales every day until the 26th. Some are wholesome, some are more dark. They are all different kinds of Christmas tales that come upon my mind. You can check out my other Christmas tales underneath my folder “25 Christmas tales”.You can also check out the tales on my wall if you want. I hope that you enjoy this. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Happy Holidays! :D*

Tale One-Ice cold to the touch

Luciana watched as Declan rode away on his white stallion, spotted with black, off to go find wood for their fireplace. The snow was swirling down, covering the world in flurries.

When his blue cloak faded into the blizzard beyond, Luciana closed the door.

She walked into the living room. Luciana and her husband, Declan, lived in a cabin, far in the woods, away from the world. Life was peaceful, for the most part.

Except for the fact that Declan didn’t truly love her. Not in the way that she wanted. They were just friends. People who cared for each other sweetly ever since they were six, but nothing more.

They were content to be friends, but their parents married them off to each other, just so Luciana wouldn’t be taken by Ezekiel.

Ezekiel. The one who loved her ever since she was thirteen.

A long time ago, when Luciana was young, she discovered a young boy hiding in the corner of her room, the same age as her. He looked just like any other boy, except from his hair to his toes, he was covered in ice.

Ezekiel was a winter sprite, left behind by his family. He wandered for many years, until he stumbled upon Luciana’s house.

The two had become good, close friends and then, more than that.

At seventeen, he told her that he would stop aging once he turned twenty-five. He said that if she wanted to be with him, then he had to kill her.

Luciana had no problems with it, but her parents…they placed a curse to keep him away from Luciana. They made him invisible to her.

For years, she could not see or hear him. For years, she awaited the day she would see his jagged blue eyes, feel his bitter touch.

Years had passed since the curse her parents placed. Declan was out to get firewood, Luciana alone in the living room. It was the Yuletide season, pine and poinsettia garlands decorated the interior and exterior of the cabin. The shades were open, allowing the snow to fall through.

Through chattering teeth, Luciana recited the spell Ezekiel taught her:

“Your frozen claws grace the halls

Your eyes of ice freeze fingers

I call your presence, for your love

Come to me, oh Ezekiel”

The air had gotten slightly colder, more harsh. Long, frozen claws held her waist. A voice whispered into her ear, with blood-peeling breath:

“I’m here, Luciana. I’m here. Everything will be okay. We’re together now.”

Ezekiel held Luciana closer to him. She could see the joy in his light blue eyes, feel her skin bleeding from his touch. It was the bleeding of someone loved. Red was the color of the heart, and oh, how her heart bled for him! He was so alone until he met her, so afraid of even uttering a word until he met her.

So what if it was the price of her life to be with him? He would protect her spirit, her soul.

“I’ve watched you grow as I did, longed to feel the touch of your warm skin. Now, we are together in the season of togetherness. Now, we are whole.”

As her heartbeat began to slow, she closed her eyes and let him embrace her, let the snow and the sprite take her to a beautiful world. To a world with Ezekiel.

He was hers and she was his.

Tale Two-Tis’ the season of stressful evenings

Christmas time. The time of joy, of newfound wonder with the world, and connection with loved ones. A time that is anticipated, a time that most souls rejoice in.

It’s also a time of deep, intense stress. Stress that affects both adults and children. The young ones try so hard to be nice, to never let themselves slip, all for the promise of a toy they’ll forget about months later. What is the point? In the future they won’t care about being nice all the time, not even on Christmas.

Those who are parents and those who aren’t both shell out their wallets for the people they care about. Each and every person has only one thing on their mind at this time of year: To have the best Christmas ever.

So they trudge through the crowds, bear through the screaming and screeching. The parents tell their children to “behave, or you’ll get nothing”. Families put aside their differences all for the sake of the holidays.

But sometimes, all the pretending doesn’t work. Sometimes, things are said that aren’t meant to be said, and bonds are broken because of it.

Bad things start to happen.

A story such as this happened once, on December 19th, 2007.


Ellette wasn’t feeling too great that morning. Her Mom had opened the bedroom door at 5:00 AM, demanding that she should “get up” or they would be “late”. Ellette had brushed her hair, eaten her breakfast, brushed her teeth, and changed into proper clothes, all while trying her best not to say anything that would be considered “snarky” to her family. It was the Christmas family vacation, after all. Everyone had to be on their best behavior.

“It’s 5:30?! What are you doing?! We have to go!” Mom yelled out. Dad and her little brother, Beckham, were still getting themselves ready. On one hand was the handle to Ellette’s suitcase. On the other was her coat. She was bringing both to the living room and she still had to get her hat, gloves, scarf and boots.

Ellette was trying so hard to not lose her temper. But seeing Mom in the living room, with an angered look in her eyes and a scowl about to set in, brought Ellette to her tipping point.

“Mom, we’re all trying our best here! I didn’t want to wake up early in the morning, but here I am! None of us are purposely being slow, we’re just getting ready. Why can’t you see that?!” Ellette asked.

She thought that she was being perfectly reasonable, that she was in her best attitude, but Mom thought otherwise.

“Ellette, are you talking back to me?” She asked, her eyes colder than the ice outside.

Ellette sighed heavily. Why was it that whenever she shared an opinion, she was told that she was “talking back”?

“No, Mom. I’m just saying that-“

“If you’re going to have an attitude, then you’re not going.”

Ellette blinked her eyes, uncertain of what she heard. Dad waited on the stairs, Beckham watched on the living room sofa. Both were ready.

“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You heard your mother, Ellette. You need to be in the Christmas spirit and right now, you aren’t.” Dad said, joining Mom.

“I am in the Christmas spirit! I want to go on a Christmas vacation! It’s Mom who isn’t in the Christmas spirit, she’s getting all upset over-“

“That’s enough from your mouth, young lady. It’s 5:45 now, we need to go.” Mom said, opening the front door.

She held it open for Dad and Beckham, but closed it right when Ellette tried to walk through.

“Wait! You can’t just do that! I have all my stuff ready and everything!” Ellette said, running outside with her suitcase.

But it was too late. The car was already driving away.


Ellette walked back into the house, dragging her suitcase on the ground, absolutely speechless.

They just left her. All alone.

She was so excited to see her cousins again! They would play video games, go sledding, drink hot chocolate, eat cookies, go out to town to shop, look for houses that were decorated in their neighborhood, and watch Christmas movies together.

But they left her…all alone…

What am I going to do? Can I hang out with my friends? No, some are in school and others started their vacation early, like my family. Should I do my homework? Oh wait, I already did my homework. Maybe I can watch Christmas movies?

No, it was better to watch movies with people around. To hear her cousins either laugh, cry, or make sarcastic comments about the movie was music to her ears. It meant that she wasn’t alone, that others cared about her.

I can go see my boyfriend.

Did she really want to, though? Did she dare? She hadn’t seen him since summer, when she got lost in the forest and…

He appreciates me.

But what about what he said last time? What he wanted to do? Surely, that was enough to run.

Ellette shrugged off any lingering worrisome thoughts. He was just joking! He wouldn’t do anything of the sort, especially not on Christmas!

It was decided! She was going to see her boyfriend!


The wind whipped at Ellette’s face. Snowflakes blurred her eyes, but she didn’t mind. It was all worth it.

The houses on either side of her all held families sleeping soundly, families not yet waking up to the cold dawn. They were together and that was enough.

Imagine how much fun it would have been to see your cousins again.

No! There was no time to dwell on the past! Her morning may have started off bad, but that didn’t determine the rest of her day.

Ellette trudged on.


She was walking for a considerable amount of time. The sky was still dark as night, so it was still early in the morning. Ellette had made it to the woods and veered off the path, to find him.

But there was no one in sight. It was just her and the trees, reaching up into the sky with blackened claws.

No…no…no! Was he all in my head? Why, why, WHY do all lovely things have to happen in my head?! I was doing so much walking! I hadn’t even stopped for a moment of rest! After all this, I-

A pale hand had grasped around her waist, carrying her into the air.

So he was NOT in my imagination after all! Ellette thought with a smile.

He was real! In all of his pale, gaunt, doll-eyed, sixteen foot glory, he was real!

Vaughn was real!


They were both in his cave. Vaughn had placed her on a ledge, so she could look up at him.

“So what are you doing out here?” Vaughn asked, his raspy voice ringing with a hint of sweetness.

“I wanted to see you! My family left me alone and-“

“They left you alone?!” Vaughn asked, eyes wide with surprise.

“Y-yeah. They left me alone, because of my “attitude” or whatever. I wasn’t even trying to be rude or anything, I just wanted to help.“

Tears began welling in her eyes. Embarrassing, pathetic tears. She was doing so well! She was in a decent mood, she didn’t complain.

“Don’t cry, Ellette. I can help you.” Vaughn said, wiping away her tears gently with his finger.

“Y-you c-can?” Ellette asked. She didn’t expect him to say anything of the sort, only for a conversation to pass the time.

“Yes, I can! I can make sure that you will never have to worry about your family anymore. In fact, I’ll make sure that you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Ellette asked. There was something she was missing, something she wasn’t quite understanding.

“I was lonely without you. You bring color to my life, joy to my life. Now that you’re here…”

He grinned, revealing sharp, bone-white teeth that could pierce her heart like a sword.

“I meant what I said the last time we spoke. I meant it when I said that I would…eat you.”

Ellette’s heart beat rapidly, her eyes bugged into saucers. She tried to run, but he snatched her up.

“Don’t be afraid. I love you. We’re going to be together forever. It won’t hurt after a while, I promise.”

Ellette screamed, her voice ringing high, broken, and frenzied in the air, but only Vaughn heard her.

Then, the screaming stopped and there was only the crunching of bones.


Missing posters of a young girl named Ellette Thompson have been posted throughout town, but there’s not a soul left that remembers her. Time has passed by. The posters have yellowed with age, the black, bold words faded away.

Sometimes, a girl’s scream can be heard in the woods. But that’s just the wind, right? There are no giants, no girls screaming, no family arguments, and certainly no negativity on Christmas.

Isn’t that right?

Tale Three-Candy Cane clown

Calantha smiled as she sang in front of the city of Nigh Velvet. Christmastime was her favorite time of year. It was when she and the rest of the chorus group got to sing carols in the auditorium of her school.

But that year, when she was sixteen, was a special one. It was the year that her school was chosen to sing in the Nigh Velvet garden, for everyone to see.

In her angel costume, singing with some of her closest friends, Calantha couldn’t be happier. She saw her parents and her little sister, Leilani, watching her with eager eyes.

But Cecily wasn’t there.

Calantha tried not to think about it too much. Of course Cecily wasn’t there. If he was seen, then everyone would scream.

Yet, it would have been nice if Cecily was somehow able to hide himself from others, so that he would be there to watch Calantha’s performance…

No. She just had to get on with the show.


It was night. The show had ended. Her family was waiting for her in the car. Calantha was walking through the garden’s many trees, to where Dad said their car was through a text message. Though it snowed, the air was warm with music and laughter, chorus students reuniting with their parents after a successful winter show.

Calantha’s ghost white gown swayed as she walked. She had to adjust her fluffy white angel wings every few minutes so that they wouldn’t fall off. In one arm was a bouquet of fresh red roses, a gift from her parents for her performance. In one hand was her halo, which she got tired of wearing, so she took it off.

Calantha stopped watching. There was a bare tree that wasn’t quite right.

In its branches was a red bundle, as big as Santa’s sack, trying its best to hide.

“Cecily?” Calantha asked, hope in her voice.

The bundle jumped off the tree, revealing that it wasn’t a bundle, but a clown in an oversized red coat.

He had white hair that matched his face, except that it was streaked with red. It almost covered his white eyes with red snake pupils.

Cecily was the Candy Cane clown, at his best energy during the Christmas season.

“I wanted to surprise you, but I guess you found me.” Cecily said with a chuckle. He reached into his pocket and took out a candy cane, which he bit into.

Candy Canes were what kept him awake. When they were out, he ran about.

“Were you watching me this whole time?” Calantha asked.

“Yes, I was! I was watching you sing and wow, can you sing! I heard your voice above everyone else’s. Your lovely soprano voice…”

Cecily spoke while he was still chewing on his Candy Cane, but Calantha didn’t mind. He talked while he ate whenever he got passionate, it was a habit of his.

“Oh! I almost forgot, your present!” Cecily said, rummaging through his pocket.

“Cecily, you didn’t have to-“

“Here! A candy cane, just for you.” Cecily said.

It was a regular Candy Cane Cecily produced from his pocket, one that Calantha could have found in any store, but she accepted it with joy in her heart.

He usually kept the Candy Canes to himself and never shared with anyone, so it was considerate of him to share with her.

“Thank you.” Calantha said.

But Cecily didn’t just say “you’re welcome”. He walked up to Calantha and said:

“I wish I could come out when it’s not just Christmas. One day, perhaps. I just want you to know that no matter how many Candy Canes I eat, you’ll always be the sweetest one.”

He kissed her on the lips, the taste of peppermint entering Calantha’s mouth.

Though it was cold, her cheeks were turning crimson.

Tale Four-The secret room

On the evening of December 15th, in “Spirit’s Steakhouse”, a family was celebrating the holiday season in a room reserved just for them. The adults were deep in conversation, eating the appetizers and drinking champagne.

But the four kids, Zella, Leita, Trinket, and Birch were in a far corner of the room, trying their best to push open the loose wall.

“I swear that there’s a secret room inside!” Leita insisted as they kept pushing.

Though Zella said nothing, she believed Leita. She heard voices coming from the wall, so that must have meant that it was a secret room.

Birch and Trinket wanted to give up, but they kept pushing along, so as not to be seen as the “weak ones”.

Finally, the wall opened up.


Zella and the others stared in awe. They were standing in a Victorian dining room, with windows that looked out into the snowy Earth beyond. On the table sat a woman, a man, an older boy, a little girl, and a little boy. They were feasting together, as any family would, except that they were all transparent, completely see-through.

Why? Zella thought. It didn’t make sense.

The woman took notice of the children and said:

“Come here! Join us!”

Nervously, the four walked up to the table and sat at the empty chairs.

“Why are you see-through?” Zella asked.

“Because we’re dead.” The woman said calmly.

“You’re all dead?” Zella asked.

The woman nodded.

“All dead. My son, Castiel, is a vampire.” The woman said, glancing at the older boy.

Castiel’s face flushed with embarrassment when the heads turned to look at him. Zella smiled. She always knew that vampires existed and my, weren’t they lovely?

“Vampires are real?” Trinket asked, eyes wide with fear.

“Oh yes, they’re very real. But they’re also very rare. Besides, you don’t need to be afraid of Castiel. He wouldn’t hurt you. He’s dead, anyway. Just like all of us.” The woman said.

The children went silent, for they knew not what to say. Being dead was awful, they all imagined, but they didn’t know just how awful it was.

“Forgive me! I forgot to introduce us all. My name is Melania. This is my husband, Llewellyn, and my children, Ottilie, Simon, and Castiel.”

The rest of family grinned at them.

“What are your names?” Melania asked.

“I’m Zella, this is my brother, Birch, and these are my cousins, Leita and Trinket!” Zella said happily.

“Why don’t you stay awhile? It’s been so long since we’ve had guests.” Melania said.

And stay they did.


For a while, the children had nothing but fun. Trinket played with Ottilie, Birch played with Simon, and Zella and Leita talked to Castiel.

Then, voices outside began to yell angrily.

“Run, before they come!” Melania warned.

They ran as fast they could, the voices getting louder, the family chasing them outside.

When they made it back to the steakhouse, the voices had stopped.

The wall went silent. Their family continued to celebrate.

Tale Five-The together toys

Little Musette was at her Grandma’s house for Christmas Day, unwrapping presents with glee. She tore her fingers into the brightly colored paper, discovering toys to play with for years to come.

She sunk her shoulders when she finished unwrapping all gifts, but Grandma smiled at Musette, both hands behind her back.

“I think that you’ll like these.” Grandma said softly.

Musette’s eyes glimmered with excitement. What could be behind Grandma’s back?

“New toys?!” Musette asked happily.

In Grandma’s hands was a jester doll and a fairy doll, both made of yarn, both with stitched-on smiles.

“Their names are Ysabelle and Kix. Something special happens to them at night.” Grandma said with a grin.

Musette didn’t think so, but she thanked Grandma anyway for the new toys.


When night fell, Musette went back home, to her soft, safe bed, holding Ysabelle and Kix in her arms.

She slept soundly for a few hours, but at 10:30 PM, she heard rustling in the darkness.

Musette opened her eyes. She didn’t feel Kix and Ysabelle in her arms. The rustling grew louder.

She scrambled over to the nightstand and turned on the lamp.

Standing in the middle of her room was Ysabelle and Kix, conjoined together, life-sized.


Musette didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t every day that her dolls would come to life and join together.

“We just want to take care of you. We’ll go back to normal when the morning comes and only join at night. We won’t hurt you. We promise.” Ysabelle said sweetly. Her eyes shone with kindness, as did the eyes of Kix.

“You…you just want to take care of me?” Musette asked in disbelief. She never heard of toys that wanted to take care of people before.

“Yes. Only at night. That’s all we want.” Kix said.

“O-okay.” Musette said. It didn’t sound terribly bad, but it was strange, too.

The dolls walked up to her bed as though twisted by a windup. She almost screamed, but bit down the bottom of her lip.

After they finally made it to her bed, they took Musette in their arms and held her in their lap, just as her Mom did whenever she was frightened.

It was comforting.

Tale Six-D’Artagnan

In a house on 237th Marine Lane, there were two friends. Sophronia, who was sleeping soundly, and D’Artagnan, who was wrapping presents in the living room.

D’Artagnan was spending the weekend at her friend’s house, and she wanted to make sure that they had the best Christmas ever!

She asked Sophronia a day earlier if she wanted to go out into the city with her, and she said yes!

So of course, D’Artagnan was all dressed up in her scary elf Christmas costume, complete with sharp teeth and long claws. Sure, it was spooky, but it was different. It held the Christmas spirit, anyway.

In just a minute, Sophronia would wake up and come downstairs! D’Artagnan would leave the presents underneath the tree and tell Sophronia not to open them until December 25th.

It was going to be such a lovely Christmas!


“Why are you wearing that stupid costume? It’s not Halloween anymore.” Sophronia said. Early morning had passed. It was the bright morning, the time when the sun shone in the sky.

D’Artagnan was driving Sophronia through the city, keeping a smile on her face. No negativity would affect her. None.

“I always wear this! It’s my Christmas costume. Say, do you want to hear a Christmas story of mine?” D’Artagnan asked.

“No. All of your stories have something supernatural in them, even the ones that are supposed to be happy.” Sophronia said.

“And that’s a bad thing?” D’Artagnan asked.

“Yes, because the supernatural doesn’t go with everything.” Sophronia argued.

D’Artagnan would beg to differ, but she would not fuel the fire.

On she drove.


After the girls had arrived in the city, they looked at the decorated trees and went to the church, D’Artagnan skipping with her red and green mallet, the jingle bells on her dress playing a sweet melody. Sophronia walked behind her, sulking all the way, never uttering a single word.

That was, until they saw the display windows at the fashion stores. Every year, the fashion stores would have a new theme for the holidays, and D’Artagnan wanted to look at all of the windows.

“Can’t we just buy something? It is Christmas, after all.” Sophronia said.

“Later, later. Let’s just look at the windows first.” D’Artagnan said. There was so much splendor to see, complete wonderlands all in store front windows!

“I want to buy something. I didn’t wake up early in the morning to frolic in the city with someone dressed like a freak.”

D’Artagnan turned her head away from a display window of a crystalized ice princess. She never heard Sophronia talk in such a tone. It frightened her, honestly. All she wanted was for them to be happy. Why did she want to buy something so early? Christmas wasn’t just about buying things, it was about looking at the lights, seeing the trees, drinking hot cocoa. All with loved ones.

“Why did you come, then? I just wanted us to have fun.” D’Artagnan said, trying not to cry. She hadn’t cried over anything in years and she did not intend to cry again.

“Because I wanted to have fun. The real way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to actually buy something.” Sophronia said.

She stormed into the fashion store, D’Artagnan continued to look at the windows.

No reason to engage with her.


“Are you happy now?” D’Artagnan asked. Sophronia was driving the car, D’Artagnan was in the passenger seat. Sophronia’s perfumes and clothes sat in the backseat, all in neat white gift bags.

“I’d be happier if you weren’t dressed like a homeless Christmas elf.” Sophronia said.

“I’m not a homeless Christmas elf, I’m a scary elf. A monster elf. What part of “demon elf” do you not understand?”

“I don’t care.”

D’Artagnan didn’t comment on that. Sophronia was her friend and friends should never fight. Perhaps Sophronia woke up on the wrong side of the bed?


“No talking. Just music.”


“Just music.”

Sophronia turned up the radio, which was playing Holiday classics. Normally, D’Artagnan would be elated, but instead, she felt alone.

Why was Sophronia acting so weird?


“Where are we?” D’Artagnan asked. They weren’t on the road to Sophronia’s house. In fact, it looked like the middle of nowhere.

“No talking. Just music.”

“I just want to know-“

Sophronia hit the brakes on the car, cutting D’Artagnan off.

She whipped her head to face D’Artagnan.

“What do you want to know, “Dee Arty” or whatever the heck your name is? Ever since we’ve gone to middle school all you’ve ever been is strange. For the holidays, you always have to dress like a child who doesn’t know how to dress, you always talk about monsters and demons, and you get excited over every little thing. It’s annoying! It’s stupid! No one cares! No one ever did care. How old are you, five? You’re sixteen years old and you still don’t have a boyfriend. You ask yourself “Why don’t I have a boyfriend? Why?” You want to know the answer, huh? It’s because of you. No one wants you because you act like a twelve year old. Stop dressing up. Stop talking about monsters, you just sound like a loser. And for the love of the universe, stop getting excited over every minuscule thing. It just makes you look like you’ve never been outside before.”

D’Artagnan was speechless. So that was what her friend really thought about her? That she was annoying? That she was a loser? She just…wanted to spread joy.

Surely, D’Artagnan had imagined those words, right? A type of auditory hallucination?

“Oh, you’re going to cry now? Because I gave you a reality check? Wow, you’re an even bigger baby than you were in seventh grade.”

D’Artagnan wished so badly that the tears would stop streaming down, but it didn’t happen. The sobs rushed out of her eyes and once again, she was a three year old crying in the corner of her room.

“Get out of the car. ” Sophronia said.

“W-w-what?” D’Artagnan asked through teary hiccups.

“I said, Get out of the car! NOW! What are you, DEAF?” Sophronia yelled.

D’Artagnan scrambled out of the car, startled by Sophronia yelling. She had yelled at other people, but D’Artagnan always thought that it was because they didn’t have the patience to understand her.

But D’Artagnan was starting to see things more clearly.

Sophronia stepped out of the car, holding…a gun? No, that couldn’t be right. If it was a gun, then it was a toy gun. All pink and covered in rhinestone heart stickers. Besides, realistically, friends wouldn’t just kill each other. That was the stuff of movies and books.

So why was D’Artagnan shaking like a leaf?

“You like horror stories, right? You like all that jazz about creatures of the night, ghosts howling in the wind?”

“Y-yeah.” D’Artagnan said.

What was Sophronia getting at?

“Well congratulations, D’Artagnan! You’re living one right now. I was hoping that you’d stop acting crazy, but I was wrong. You’re the demon, I’m the human. I will do what I must.” Sophronia said.

“What do you-“



D’Artganan floated through the darkness, her head bleeding from the gunshot, both hands shaking. One of them was holding the mallet.

How could Sophronia just kill her? As though she were nothing? They were best friends for years. Their friendship meant everything to D’Artganan.

It was night. Her ghost floated out the forest and through town, searching for Sophronia. No one would be able to see her but Sophronia. This, D’Artganan knew deeply in her heart.

D’Artganan’s eyes lit up when she saw the house.

Time to make her pay. She thought.


Sophronia woke up to the sound of jingle bells outside her window.

But Santa wasn’t real, right?

Yet floating outside her window, in muted green colors, was an elf with grinning, pearly white teeth.

“Merry Christmas, Sophronia!” The elf shrieked, a maddening glimmer in their eyes.

No…no…this has to be my imagination…right? Sophronia thought.

The elf swept into her room and beat the mallet into Sophronia’s head. As the elf swung it into her, it sang:

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

You think I’m a freak

But you’re the one with fear

I tried spreading holiday cheer

Then you left me to rot

Now my ol’ elf costume

Is all that I’ve got”

Deep down in Sophronia’s soul came a realization:

This is D’Artagnan who is attacking me. Sweet, sensitive D’Artagnan.

Not another word from Sophronia’s lips.

Tale Seven-The Candlestick Kid

Going on a Christmas trip were three teen girls named Sardonyx, Zuleika, and Blodwyn. Blodwyn was driving the car, Sardonyx and Zuleika were in the backseat, giggling and talking to each other.

“What are you guys talking about?” Blodwyn asked, because she was ever so interested in their conversation.

They both went quiet.

“Hello?” Blodwyn asked.

“It’s none of your business, Blodwyn. Leave us alone.” Sardonyx said.

Blodwyn didn’t reply. Sardonyx had her moments, maybe she just needed time alone.

But Zuleika didn’t say anything.

Blodwyn continued to drive, feeling a tad hurt that Sardonyx would treat her like an outsider, but keeping it down so as not to ruin their vacation.


Time had passed since the drive to the cabin, their yearly stop for Christmas vacation. Blodwyn was in the kitchen, making hot coca for all three of them. Sardonyx and Zuleika were talking to each other again.

Weird. I haven’t been included in any conversations. Blodwyn thought as she walked into the living room, a hot cocoa mug in each hand.

“Here’s your hot cocoa!” Blodwyn said, handing Zuleika her mug.

Zuleika smiled at her, but said nothing.

“Where’s my hot cocoa?” Sardonyx asked, narrowing her eyes.

“I’m going to get it right now, just-“

“Why can’t you just give me the one in your hand.”

Blodwyn looked down at the mug. She was going to save that for herself, but if Sardonyx wanted it, then fine. It was just a mug, after all.

“Here, take it.” Blodwyn said, handing Sardonyx the mug.

She’s acting stranger than usual. Blodwyn thought as she walked back in the kitchen.


It was night. The girls were all in their own beds. Zuleika was the only one who was actually asleep. Blodwyn’s eyes were wide open, as she always had difficulty falling asleep. As for Sardonyx…

Blodwyn’s door creaked open.

“Let’s go outside and have some S’mores.” Sardonyx said softly.

“S’mores? But isn’t it too late and too cold?” Blodwyn asked. She was just drifting off into dreamland, all she needed was a few more minutes.

“There’s no snow outside. Besides, there’s always time for S’mores. Come on, I have the marshmallows and sticks waiting outside.” Sardonyx said.

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just let me get myself ready.” Blodwyn said.

“I’ll be waiting patiently.” Sardonyx said.

It’s nice that she’s being nice to me. Blodwyn thought happily.


Blodwyn and Sardonyx were walking outside, in the woods, to the bonfire pit. Blodwyn could see it from how the orange flames danced in the distance.

She asked Sardonyx why they were doing S’mores instead of something more in season, to which Sardonyx replied: “I want marshmallows, let’s go outside.”

Blodwyn didn’t dare argue any further, because she was so tired of being at a verbal war with one of her closest friends. It was stupid. It didn’t make sense.

So on they walked, in complete silence, until Sardonyx said:

“You know, Zuleika is my friend.”

“Yeah. I know. She’s always been our friend.” Blodwyn said.

What was all that about Zuleika? That was an irrelevant thing to say when they were just getting S’mores.

“No, she’s my friend. Zuleika was my friend since birth. You had to come along in second grade and ruin it.” Sardonyx said.

“Do you really care who Zuleika talks to? She’s still your friend, she’s not replacing you or-“

“Yes she is! She thinks that you’re cooler, that you’re nicer. She likes you better than me!” Sardonyx shrieked, tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying? Zuleika doesn’t like me better than you, we’re all friends.”

“No, she likes you better!” Sardonyx said.

They were standing in front of the bonfire, but there were no S’mores.

“Where are the-“

Sardonyx pushed Blodwyn into the flames.


If anyone were to go to the same cabin the three girls stayed in, they might see The Candlestick Kid, a young girl with melting candlesticks on her body, asking through a gooey, waxy mouth:


Tale Eight-Snow Bunny

It was a year since the disappearance of Blodwyn on the Christmas vacation. Zuleika and Sardonyx were seventeen years old. Both had missed her greatly and wished to see her once again.

But Blodwyn hadn’t yet been found. Life went on.

Just as their Christmas vacation would go on. Sardonyx was driving the car, Zuleika sat next to her.

Though there was a vacant seat in the back of the car, Sardonyx and Zuleika paid it no mind.

Both just wanted to have a good time.


After a long drive and a few hours relaxing at the cabin, Sardonyx and Zuleika went out into the woods, Zuleika in her white dress and bunny mask, Sarondyx in her winter Princess costume.

“You know, it feels different without having Blodwyn as the ice fairy.” Zuleika said. Every year, they put on their own Christmas play. The three of them did it ever since they were little. It was a tradition that they would keep until the end of time.

“Yeah. More quiet, right?” Sardonyx asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah…more quiet.” Zuleika said.

Why did Sardonyx have to laugh? Sure, Blodwyn was the chatterbox, but she was still a good friend.

Just for a second, Zuleika thought that she saw Blodwyn, with melting candlesticks on her body.

But she disappeared just as quickly as she was seen.

“What are you looking at?” Sardonyx asked sharply, her eyes growing as cold as the icicles outside.

“N-nothing!” Zuleika replied.

“Good. Let’s keep walking until we find a nice spot.” Sardonyx said firmly.

It was nothing, right?


“You know, Zuleika…” Sardonyx said, stopping in the middle of the woods. It was a great spot to act out the play, so why wasn’t Sardonyx saying her lines?

“Yes?” Zuleika asked.

Sardonyx took both of Zuleika’s hands in hers and looked at her with sparkling eyes full of love. She was gripping Zuleika’s hands so tightly that she felt Sardonyx’s nails digging into her skin.

“You’ve been such a wonderful friend to me. Always so quiet, always so sweet. You’re my little bunny.” Sardonyx said.

“What?!” Zuleika asked, trying her best to yank away from Sardonyx, but the girl wouldn’t let go.

What kind of friend would say those things?

“But you always make new friends. What, with your kindness and your loving nature, who wouldn’t want to be friends with you?” Sardonyx asked.

Sardonyx’s eyes faded into darkness, full of the desire of a monster hiding deep within the Earth.

“But you’re my friend. MINE!” Sardonyx said.

For a young girl, Sardonyx had quite the strength. She pulled Zuleika close to her. Zuleika squirmed under her hold, helpless as a wounded squirrel.

“You’re mine.” Sardonyx whispered.

The blade of a knife pierced Zuleika’s chest. Zuleika screamed, but her voice was muffled by the mask.

In that moment, she could see clearly. Blodwyn was lit up with melting candlesticks, eyes full of fear.

She was Zuleika’s last light.


Together in the woods waited The Candlestick Kid and Snow Bunny. Both weep for their lives lost. If one were to ever go astray in the woods, they would hear the cries of dead girls and know their way.

Never did they want anyone to have their same fate.

Tale Nine-A place to stay

Ezekiel kept walking, in hopes that he would find someone to talk to, someone who would understand him.

A few days ago…or was it all a dream? He wasn’t sure.

Ezekiel pinched his arm, just to be sure. He screamed when he felt the pain, but it was the raspy, screeching scream of a winter sprite.

All of it was real. His parents really left him a few days ago.

He didn’t mind being left out in the cold. He was a winter sprite, a faerie completely made out of ice.

What Ezekiel did mind were the words of his parents, when they found him helping a young human boy find his way back home.

“TRAITOR! Why on EARTH would you ever help a human?! We can’t raise a disgrace such as YOURSELF!”

Those were the words his father had yelled at him. His mother voiced her agreement too, louder than his father.

He tried his best to run from them, but they snatched him up and dropped Ezekiel off in the middle of the woods.

As the snow drifted down to the ground, he thought of the coming Yuletide season.

It would be his first year alone on Yuletide. Thirteen years old and he had nobody.

A brown cabin stood out in the woods. It was the home of a human family, perhaps.

But it was still a place to stay.

Ezekiel smiled as he walked towards the house.

Maybe he would be safe there.

Tale Ten-The Christmas fairy

The Christmas fairy, Moonbeam

Waits for the night to come

For the children to sleep

She brings them gifts

She brings them promises

Yet not a soul has thought to ever give Moonbeam a gift

Perhaps maybe she would like to be loved

Tale Eleven-Give the violence a break! It’s Christmas!

Konfetti smiled at the twinkling Christmas tree. She spent all night working on it! Everything was made from things she found in the woods! From broken wire to pieces of paper, lost things were given new life!

Every bit of the house was sparkling with Christmas cheer, except…what was that awful smell?

It was rancid and rotten, like…oh no…he better not…

Konfetti shrugged and walked up to the basement door.

What harm would there be in checking?


The smell was becoming more apparent as Konfetti took a step closer down the creaking stairs. Her cream colored dress with rainbow polka dots swayed, her black boots click-clicked with the wood.

“Hello?” Konfetti asked.

No one answered.

After the last step, she pulled on the string light.

Right before her was clump of flesh, mangled into blood and bones, a festering meat pile of dirtied clothes and miscellaneous strands of blond hair.

Konfetti sighed and put both hands on her hips.

“Pierce! What did I tell you about murdering the humans?!” Konfetti asked.

From the darkness, a clown in a gray, black, and white striped polka-dotted jumpsuit emerged. He held a hacksaw in one hand and a butcher’s knife in the other. Both were dripping with fresh blood. His black lipstick mouth was turned down in a frown, his red eyes were mildly feral underneath his curly black hair.

Konfetti could only imagine how he looked a moment before.

“I tried to be good, Konfetti. I gave a little girl a balloon, but then her Mom pulled her away and gave me such a dirty look, filled with the hatred we get from merely existing. You would have cried!“ Pierce said.

For the first time in years, Konfetti could see tears in Pierce’s eyes.

“I tried to be good! But that look in her eyes kept coming up and…and I did this!” Pierce said, pointing to the body with the hand that held the hacksaw.

His hands shook with fear. He clenched the weapons tightly, as though they were his defense from the world.

“If you really tried, then I’m not mad. But please, try harder next time.” Konfetti said.

“You’re mad?” Pierce asked. He didn’t sound frightened anymore, but she knew the truth behind the knife-pointed tone.

Konfetti walked up to him, a soft smile on her face.

*“No, my love. I’m not mad.” Konfetti said sweetly.

She took his bloodied hand and planted a kiss on it.

“You missed.” Pierce said, dropping the weapons. It fell to the floor with a loud, silvery clang!

Pierce scooped Konfetti up in his arms till they were both face to face.

“You missed.” He repeated. The corner of his lips twitched into a smile, something he was not used to.

“That’s alright. I’ll make it up.” Konfetti said.

She gave him a cotton-candied kiss on the lips.

*The names of the clowns were picked by @AmayaStatham.*

Tale Twelve-The lost dancer

Acacia smoothed down her tutu as she waited for Mrs. Walker to give the signal. It was the Christmas dance recital and she was playing the role of the Christmas fairy!

Her parents were waiting in the audience, anticipating for Acacia to grace the stage.

The little girl was jumping up and down, all rainbow-hot excitement bubbling in her veins.

Wait…what was that shadow? Was there even a shadow?

Acacia walked up closer to the dark form that stood next to the red velvet curtain. Everything backstage was dark, but the shadow in particular was more prominent than others.

“Are you apart of the play too?” Acacia asked once she got close enough.

The shadow wasn’t a shadow at all, but an older girl in a flowing blue Princess gown, adorned with snowflakes. Atop her curly black hair was a an icicle crown.

“You could say that.” The Princess said.

“What’s your name? I’m Acacia.” She said. Sure, the girl looked a little too old to be in the play, but maybe she was new.

The girl smiled. At first, it was a normal smile, but then, it began to grow into a black, moldy smile, the kind that only demons would have.

“I’m the winter Princess.” The girl said.

With icy claws, she snatched Acacia up into the beyond.

No one heard her screams.


Some say that a fairy comes on Christmas Eve, bearing gifts to give. She’s childlike and sweet, she sparkles like a moonbeam.

But many say that there is a certain sadness in her eyes, a deep, indescribable sorrow.

Tale Thirteen-The boy of the snow

Luciana always felt that there was someone with her, even when she was alone. A certain chill would always linger in the air, even on warm summer days.

She felt it ever since she was a little girl.

No one else noticed, not even her parents. Only Luciana felt it.

But on her thirteenth birthday, on the month of December, she would find out the truth, once and for all.

Luciana stood in her room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Besides for the garland strands and the birthday presents (soon to be Yuletide gifts), there was nothing…


Why was the wall slightly covered in ice? Was that a person sitting in the corner of her room?

Luciana walked up to the person, just to see who they were. Maybe it was her imagination. Maybe it was an intruder. If so, she’d just tell them to go away. No big deal. Cast them off to the snow, like they deserved.

Luciana drew back, a small gasp escaping from her throat.

Sitting in the corner of her room was not exactly a person, but a humanoid creature. A boy, about her age, gaunt like a skeleton, but covered in ice and snow. His ears were pointed, which meant only one thing.

He was a faerie. A winter sprite, to be exact.

She heard stories of the sprites, the beings that roamed the woods. They liked offerings. Sometimes it was fruits or nuts, other times it was blood sacrifices. Her parents always warned Luciana not to toy with the fae, or she would pay a hefty price.

“What are you doing here? What do you want from me and my family? I won’t give you any sacrifices, no matter what you say.” Luciana said. Under no circumstances would she let the sprite take anything from her.

The sprite’s eyes widened with surprise, as though he could not believe the words from her mouth.

“I-I’m not going to take anything from you, Luciana. I-“

“You know my name?!”

How long had he been in the shadows, watching her?

“I-well yes, I do. My parents abandoned me when I was young, so I stayed in a place that had shelter.”

“But you’re a winter sprite. You don’t need shelter. Wouldn’t the house’s warmth make you die, anyway? Besides, why would your parents want to abandon you?”

His eyes took on a sorrow Luciana sometimes saw in her own eyes, when she looked at the lake’s reflection.

“I may not be a human, but I feel and think just as you do. I helped a human out of the kindness of my heart and for that, my parents sent me away. They don’t like humans, they find them absolutely repulsive.”

Luciana wasn’t sure if she should believe him, but there was life in his ice eyes. Life that shone and radiated.

“My name is Ezekiel. If it is alright with you, might I stay here, in a place where I know that I’m not alone?” Ezekiel asked.

She could get rid of him if she wanted to. If he was breaking the natural flow of her life in some way, then she could tell her parents and send him off.

But at the moment, he was a soul in need of hospitality. Yuletide was the season of giving, so why not help the boy?

“You can stay.” Luciana said.

Ezekiel smiled. For a flash of a second, he looked human.

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Wed Dec 27, 2023 5:46 pm
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LuminescentAnt wrote a review...

Hey vampricone! I'm going to review these stories for you. I hope you had a merry Christmas a few days ago!

Tale One

Oh my goodness I absolutely loved this story. Probably one of the best stories of yours that I have read so far, amazing job on it.

Luciana watched as Declan rode away on his white stallion, spotted with black, off to go find wood for their fireplace. The snow was swirling down, covering the world in flurries.

Here, the story starts off with beautiful imagery of the horse and also the snow. You also had good imagery throughout the story. The storytelling in this one was really well done, and the plot is honestly so interesting! I loved how you wrote Luciana's thoughts, and conveyed how much she missed Ezekiel and longed to be with him, I felt sad for her, and understood what she felt.
Overall, the whole thing was just wonderfully written, and I just loved reading it so much. I hope you write more stories like this one!

Tale 2

It was interesting at the beginning that the narrator had a sort of Grinchy perspective at the start, saying there was no point in there being so much Christmas joy. It made me wonder who exactly the narrator was, and why they thought this. But nonetheless, I thought it was a nice intro, and a good start to the story.
A story such as this happened once, on December 19th, 2007.
Ellette wasn’t feeling too great on the morning of December 19th, 2007.

Here, I noticed that you said "December 19th, 2007" twice, which I think isn't necessary since you already established the date. You could just say "she wasn't feeling too great that morning."
I liked how you compared Ellette's mom's eyes to ice, because it's always nice to include figurative language, and it also hints to the fact that it's winter. Nice job!
The part where Ellette's mom said that she shouldn't talk back is really relatable for a lot of people, especially since Ellette was thinking, "how was I talking back?" afterwards.
I honestly felt really sad when Ellette's family just left without her. She wasn't even being that horrible, how could they even do that? I could really feel how awful that felt.
It felt a little sudden when Ellette said that her boyfriend wasn't real. Why wouldn't he be real? Maybe you could clarify that a little more.
The ending had such an unpredictable twist, and it was really scary. I was definitely not expecting that, because the story started off pretty normally. I think you did a nice job of having a plot twist.
I haven't read a lot of scary Christmas stories, so it was nice to read this. It was ultimately a chilling and holiday-themed story.

Tale Three

You did a nice job of keeping the suspense about Cecily, like when you said that everyone would scream if they saw him. That really made me wonder what he looked like, which is a good hook for the story since that was said near the beginning of the story.
Also, you set the mood of the party really well, saying that there was a warm feeling of talking and laughter, so Cecily kind of stands out from that.
I have to say, the ending was really freaky when he said, "no matter how many candy canes I eat, you’ll always be the sweetest one." What does he mean by that? Is he going to eat her? And then her cheeks turned red, which was kind of creepy. The ending was not what I was expecting, again, so I think you are good at having unpredictable endings.

Tale Four

This review is going to be a little shorter.
So at the part where the secret door finally opens, how exactly did it open, and what caused it to open? Did they push a brick, or knock on it enough times? Did the door just disappear, or did it slide to the side? Since secret doors are pretty out of the normal, it would help to give more information about this.
At the end, it said that voices started shouting. Who was shouting? Was it the dead family, the alive kids, or the people outside? The story would be very different if the people shouting were different, so knowing that is important.
This was a pretty good story overall, though there wasn't a lot in it, but still interesting!

Tale Five

Not much to say about this one, since it was pretty short. I've got to say, I was not surprised that they came to life, but I was so scared that they were going to do something bad, as life-size dolls that can talk at 10:30 PM aren't always the most trustworthy. I'm so glad it didn't end badly.
One thing though - you said they were conjoined, how so? Like did they have the same body with different heads, or like conjoined twins? It would just help people imagine it in their head.

Tale Six

I think you did a good job of progressing the story, and how at first, Sophronia is just a little annoyed at D'Artagnan, but then she slowly became more and more harsh until it started to become actually hurtful. And then it escalated and escalated until she killed her.
I was really shocked that she killed her. If she was being so annoying, why didn't she just leave? I thought Sophronia's character was okay at the beginning, but in the end, I thought the opposite. That's another thing you did well, having a plot twist and an unexpected end.
I thought it was a little strange that Sophronia didn't panic or anything when she was being attacked. I mean, it's not every day you get attacked by a demonic dead elf, so either you forgot to write that, or Sophonia is just really brave.
I enjoyed reading this story! I didn't expect the end, which is good. I'm not sure if it's a happy or sad ending...but it is an ending. Good job!

Tale Seven

This story started off lightly, and then it escalated until the end. Again, you did a really good job of introducing the conflict, and then there is more and more rising action, until the climax when Blodwyn gets killed. Sardonyx gets more and more suspicious, and so then when she told Blodwyn she wanted to make s'mores, we thought that she was actually nice, so the ending hit harder.
One thing I noticed at the start of the story - when I read the first part, I thought the three girls were little children, until it said that Blodwyn was driving, then I realized that they weren't. It might help to clarify their age at the beginning, maybe saying "three teen girls" or something instead of "three girls."
The ending was really chilling. I can just imagine the Candlestick Kid in my head, and it sounds terrifying. I'm guessing the wax part is because there was wax in the fire? You didn't really explain that in the part where Blodwyn fell into the flames, so it feels kind of weird that her ghost is candle-themed. If you maybe wrote after the part where Sardonyx pushed Blodwyn that there were candlesticks there, it might make more sense.

Tale Eight

I was excited to see that this was a continuation from the first story, because since the last one didn't end in the happiest way, I was curious what was going to be in this one.
I noticed something while reading - when Zuleika saw Blodwyn as a ghost, it was a little sudden. She wasn't shocked or in disbelief at first, it was as if she had seen Blodwyn's ghost before. If she hadn't seen Blodwyn as the Candlestick Kid before, maybe she would think something like, "in the distance, she saw a figure that looked somewhat like Blodwyn, covered in candles" or something. That's just an example though.
Again, I did not expect the ending. I guess Sardonyx is really evil, because she killed two of her friends brutally. And I was really shocked by what she said at the end. You do a nice job of describing villain dialogue and making them seem really cruel and add to the story.
Although the end was sad, this was a good sequel, adding to the story in terms of character.

Tale Nine

This story is so sad. Ezekiel was kicked out of his home just for being kind to the wrong person. Ezekiel's emotions were conveyed really well in this story, the reader can empathize with him and understand how alone he felt on a supposedly festive.
It's good that he found a place to stay. It would be even more sad if the ending wasn't a happy one.
I liked this story overall, it was nice and short and wholesome. It wasn't scary, which is good, after having a few scary stories.

Tale Ten

This was a sweet poem. The Christmas fairy is kind of like Santa, but more magical, and nicer sounding. Her name sounds cooler, too. The end is sad though. It's as if Moonbeam is writing the poem, because the poem expresses how lonely she feels, delivering gifts but never receiving any back.
It couldn't help but feel like this poem needs a little more imagery in it. What does the fairy look like, how does she deliver the presents, and how big is she? Or you could even describe what the childrens' faces look when they see the presents, and their reactions to them.
Overall, this was a nice poem, reflecting on how some people give but never get back what they deserve, no matter how kind they are.

Tale Eleven

I liked the introduction. It showed us a little bit about Konfetti's character and what kind of person she is. Then us hearing about the horrible smell was already kinting at what it was, but it also tells us about the characters and also the environment of the house, that someone can just casually kill someone, and it would be okay.
The description of the body was really gruesome, but it was also really detailed! Pierce's appearance was also written well, and was elaborate. Your imagery in this story was well written.
It's funny and also not that Pierce and Konfetti can just casually talk about killing people as if it's like doing laundry. If you made a whole series about Pierce and Konfetti doing bad things as if it were totally normal, I would read it.
The ending is...sort of romantic? I've never seen killer clowns in love, so it's interesting to read. Even after Pierce killed the human like he wasn't supposed to, Konfetti still likes him.
There wasn't a lot of exciting points in this story, but I liked it. Konfetti and Pierces characters are interesting, and it's intriguing to read about them.

Tale Twelve

Ooh is this one linked to Tale Ten? That's so interesting!
I like how you described Acacia's excitement. She couldn't wait to go out on the stage, so when she was taken, it made us even more sad for her.
I also think that Acacia gradually discovered the winter princess was written well. At first, it's a shadow, then a girl with an icy dress, and then a demonic princess. It slowly escalates, just like in your other stories.
The visual description in this story was pretty good. I liked how you expressed what the winter princess's dress looked like, as well as her demonic smile. Other than that, I think it was okay that you didn't describe a lot of other things visually.
I think it was a little quick that she became the Christmas fairy so fast. She just met the winter princess, got kidnapped, and then she became the fabled fairy. This is probably just a writing style choice, so you don't need to change it if you want to keep this writing style.
I liked this story, because it was a prequel for tale ten. It was interesting to learn how the Christmas fairy became the Christmas fairy.

Tale Thirteen

I absolutely love this story. This is a great prequel to the first story, because I was wondering how they met. It also ties off the other prequel about Ezekiel, Tale Nine.
I liked how you started the story, saying that Luciana always felt a chill, and I think you wrote that really well.
The description of Ezekiel's appearance was pretty elaborate. It was important to describe him, since you don't really see a winter sprite every day.
You also wrote the dialogue in this scene nicely. At first, Luciana was skeptical, and then she realized that Ezekiel was actually in need of help and kindness, so she brought him in.
The ending is just so heart-warming. I love Luciana and Ezekiel's relationship, and it's such a wholesome thing to read. This story might be one of the best of yours I have read.

I hope that review was helpful and not too long. I really did enjoy reading these, and I hope you write more of them in the future. Happy holidays, and keep writing!

vampricone6783 says...

I%u2019m glad you liked these. :>

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Mon Dec 04, 2023 11:12 pm
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APoltergeist wrote a review...

Trying out teatiime Bubble Tea Method! :>

Tea Base: The first impression. What did I think about this when I read it first?
I was enthralled by the vivid descriptions, but a little put off by the sheer length of the post. It's quite a lot to swallow at first, due to the fact that every day it gets longer and longer but it was certainly a delightful read. As I read, I found myself drawn into the plot and characters of each and every short story and then found myself a mix of sad (for it had ended) and excited anew to read the next. It's a very intriguing concept here of adding a section each day of December and I'm finding myself very excited to see what you put out as the days go by.

Add-Ons: What could be added, what could be changed that would improve this work?
Hmm. Overall I'd say this story is quite good and anything I say is probably going to be nitpicking.

“It’s 5:30?! What are you doing?! We have to go!” Mom yelled out. Dad and her little brother, Beckham, were still getting themselves ready. On one hand was the handle to Ellette’s suitcase. On the other was her coat. She was bringing both to the living room and she still had to get her hat, gloves, scarf and boots.
Here, I would simply reduce the amount of italics in it. Those are typically used for emphasis and while I do see what you were going for, after a while it sort of loses its 'pop.'

Another thing I saw was;
He kissed her on the lips, the taste of peppermint entering Calantha’s mouth.
Instead of entering, which seems a little odd in this context, perhaps try a different word such as 'permeating,' or 'seeping into'. Entering just seems to break the flow, but this is just my opinion and well, I'm not the best of poets.

Other than those, I don't see any immediate concerns and it was quite a thoughtful set of stories. Very enjoyable!

Toppings: What I loved about this work, What do you think was so genius?
Oh, your dialogue was just superb! Dialogue is one of my favorite things to look at and yours is amazing. The way you wrote the darker, more horror-oriented characters is just- mwah. *chef's kiss.*
“I wish I could come out when it’s not just Christmas. One day, perhaps. I just want you to know that no matter how many candy canes I eat, you’ll always be the sweetest one.”
Aww, I loved this line. It's so sweet! It's a very cute pickup line, one that I will be trying on my girlfriend whenever we meet up again. I love the little insight it gives us into Cecily's personality. Very sweet guy!

Straw: Finish off your drink! Any other quips or questions?
Christmas stories have, and always will be, some of my favorite stories to read. This is amazing, keep up the great work!

chrysanthemumcentury says...

oh em gee you used my method

APoltergeist says...

Yessiree, I sure did! :)

People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.
— Albus Dumbledore