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by thozhasharo7

Don't run towards success. If success wishes, let it come and surrender at our feet. Let us not be defeated even by success.

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Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:12 am
TheUnnatural wrote a review...

Wow, beautiful, nice, short sentence. I literally want to frame it up on my wall.
It really punches and stares at me, and the picture is a nice addition :)

I hope you make more stuff like this, because we really need more of these in YWS :P

This quote was really meaningful to me, and also the picture.
I liked how it was really vague, like I didn't know if the water was going to wash it away, or what it meant :)

Hope you continue writing, and welcome to YWS!

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Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:03 am
MBrooks wrote a review...

Alright, works like this are always hard to review. As well as the fact that I am really jealous because it never works when I try to put a picture in one of my works. Like, I have tried and failed so many times. So I guess I didn't have much success with it.
I really love works like this also because it leaves so much open to interpretation and I can make up my own mulitple meanings and they can change all the time. Like a regeneration process. It's so great.
So for the acutal words, other than success obviously, I would say that this actually puts emphais on the importance of failure ironically.
Also, that this work is most effective because of how short it is.
Create more like this please.

Poetry lies its way to the truth.
— John Ciardi