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by thestraycat

Do you still remember the last time you got hurt and cried? Can you still recall those mornings that you don’t want to wake up in bed because all you think about was the tremendous pain you felt when someone lied, cheated, embarrassed or maybe abandoned you for no apparent reason? Well, that’s heart-piercing, isn’t it? The last time I’ve checked, some dumb-founded girl jumped on the LRT train station because of it and that’s just terribly shocking!

Fear is the mere complexion of our hideous thoughts about things we are not sure of; an emotion that somehow locks away our hopes, compels our minds to loneliness, and brings about in peril both the ones inheriting it and those who are lavishing it. In a sleight of hand, fear could sometimes drive us to take paths that seemed comfortable to our own advantage which we expect could ease our way across the wilderness of pain but unfortunately, ends up dragging us down to a place we can never find a way out. As we all know, everyone does have their own fears. Each one of us struggles to get rid of them or shall I say, to think of a way to avoid them. Thus, many of us had been running and hiding from the things we are frightened of, hiding behind some mask or eventually behind the huge walls that we ourselves built just to place our own shadows away from grave danger. But, we might not realize that these fears could probably hinder us from achieving genuine happiness. We might get so focused on not getting hurt or mastering the who’s-the-numbest-of-all award without knowing that we are becoming different from the person we once were, the old cheerful optimistic us; and the next time we look at the mirror, we won't be able to distinguish the reflection staring back at us.

In everyday of our lives, it is impossible for us to not experience challenges nor encounter things and happenings that could get us into trouble. More specifically, it will be outrageous enough to say that never in our life that we accidentally fell in love and at the same time got extremely hurt. Even little graders do have some crushes and mentions moving on if they realize that the boy/girl they want doesn’t like them back. And believe me, it is stressful. Yes, being in love is like everything around you seems to be in complete shape and harmony. It’s like you are spell bound to a person you are in love with, that you don’t care about his/her flaws because all you can see is the good side of that person. Every time you will see him/her, your heart tends to beat faster and butterflies are rolling inside your stomach which makes you uneasy and unexplainably uncomfortable but honestly, that moment would complete your day and you won’t miss a second playing in your mind every detail in backwards.

However, there seems to be a dim side twin fact about love because once you fell for it, there’s always a ninety-nine percent chance that you will get hurt. You will experience fights, quarrels, disappointments, heartbreaking words, failed promises and dishonesty. Pride and jealousy always come at hand because each side struggles to get the upper hand and proclaims him/her to be the right one. But the worst part is, once you reached your limits you might likely give up, give up in which you know in yourself that you can’t no longer hold on. And the only thing that you want to do is to walk away, gripping that hatred and bitterness in your gut, and for you to forget, you will drown yourself in strenuous work where you thought emotions can never interfere. You will work, encounter friends, have a new life but the thing is, whenever you’re alone, you will always remember the pain, the pain that left a scar in your heart and it always feels fresh like it was just yesterday when those tragic memories took place. Yet, these scars will make you strong, cold, unbreakable, but at the same time, fear will eat you up. This fear might cause you to lose trust to anyone even yourself. You might develop unexplainable mood swings and you will seldom show care and affection to other’s feelings. For an instance, whenever someone attempts to knock on your door and offer his/her love, you won’t probably lift a finger to turn the knob and take a risk.

Yes, it alright to get angry or hate someone when he/she did you wrong. We always have the right to let go of things, leave and probably find a place where we could forget and be alone. But it isn’t right to imprison ourselves from that terrible experience that had once breaks us apart. It is not right to let our own fears suck us from within that we don’t even grab a chance to start a new life. We deserve to be happy! Time is short to dabble on such terrible things that could only leave us suffering and grieving. Maybe, that person who had done you wrong is just someone who came into your life to teach you some lessons, a stranger that comes along the path to give you some wisdom, wisdom that in time might be helpful as you continue your remarkable journey. It might be a challenge to hone us to become someone who is stronger, wiser and more mature until the right person for us comes along. We must not let our own fears stop us from gaining things that we deserve to have, from realizing our dreams that we should be chasing, unravelling and achieving, and from noticing people that needs our love, attention and appreciation. We must not fear to encounter again some difficulties or heart piercing challenges because it’s all part of living. As a matter of fact, the world is bound with it and it is definitely our choice if we will let them bury us into the abyss of loneliness or get some life and live with it to the fullest. We must not deprive ourselves from achieving happiness by shutting the door close every time a person walks by or a friend offers a shoulder to lean on but rather give them a chance because he/she might be the right one and it loosens the burden when you share it with someone. The most important of all, we should learn to forgive. To tell you, it is not really easy to forgive someone especially if that person gave you an immense destruction that cost you your trust but forgiving him/her could not only help yourself to lighten things up but it also lets you to accept things about your past and the things you are not sure of to happen. Forgiving someone could make your mind envision a whole new world, a world wherein faith and optimism comes in rhythm and love seems to be a door for a new set of adventures. To put this in perspective, to forgive is to eradicate fear from our hearts, it is to wash away the pain and doubts tainted from the battles of the past and replace them with hopes, hopes wherein one day our wounds will heal and we could never tell, we might no longer remember the feeling anymore.

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Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:42 pm
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Deanie wrote a review...

Hey there!

Since ImHero has already talked to you about grammar and spelling, I think I will stick to talking about the message.

I felt like this belonged more in the category of other, because it was like you were telling us a lesson than an essay. But that's just category-wise, because this was a very good message.

When I first read the title I thought it would be about fear as in fear. And I wondered how you were going to do that because fear is, in general, a very individual and personal thing. But I like how in the beginning you started to talk about fear, and what it means to be afraid. And then you used the idea of heart break and how much fear is often related to pain. And you ended with the idea that forgiveness can help eradicate fear and pain. But not forget it, but teach us for in the future.

I think that was a beautiful message and you brought it along well. As for structure and layout, sometimes some paragraphs were a bit too big and could be split up more. But I liked it and it was good work. Interested to see what you'll do next! ^^

Deanie x

thestraycat says...

Oh thanks Deanie! I'm so glad you like it. Don't worry, I'll be doing some more articles and poem :)

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Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:25 am
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ImHero wrote a review...


This is good mortal! I would like to point out that your ability to transition to a good medafore at your end paragraphs are pretty good. The last paragraph could have been split up and you could have used a good medafore to keep the readin interested. I am no means an expert but I attempted to pick out some errors in your writing, if they are wrong then please ignore them.


As we all know, everyone does have his own fears. Each one of us struggles to get rid of them or shall I say, to think of a way to avoid them.

:his own should be their own, his implies one person while you are referring to "everyone"

We might be so focus on not getting hurt or mastering the who’s-the-numbest-of-all degree without knowing that we are becoming different from the person we once were, the old cheerful optimistic us; and the next time we look at the mirror, we could no longer distinguish the reflection staring back at us.

:focus to focused, The tenses of these words don't always make sense in relevance to your message
:be to get: again tenses don't make sense to me
:degree to award, it just sounds nicer and fits better
:at to in, looking into a mirror sounds more deep to me
:we could no longer to we wont be able to

It’s like you are spell bounded to a person you are in love with,

:spell bounded to spell bound or spell-bound, no need for the ed at the end

drown yourself to strenuous work where you thought emotions can never interfere.

:to to in, drown yourself in strenuous work or to it?

ys remember the pain, the pain that left your heart a scar a

:heart a scar to a scar in your heart, in this case you are saying you are leaving a scar like a physical object

This fear might cause you to lose trust to anyone even to yourself.

:even to yourself to even yourself, already said the to makes it sound more redundant also could use a comma

You might likely develop unexplainable mood swings
:might likely to might or are likely, likely simply means more likely than might haha if that makes sense. you should choose one.

YWS ImHero

thestraycat says...

Thank you for reading for reading my article and for this suggestions. I really appreciate them. Now I know what my mistakes are:)

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents!”
— Little Women