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Ch2:- Should I tell her?

by sulagna

The whole night I couldn’t sleep . I was just thinking what to wear the next day?

“should I wear just a jacket and ginse? or should I wear something else?”

I turned my body to the other side facing my wardrobe and then I realised that it was school tomorrow! I can only wear my uniform and nothing else.

“ok George ! you need to sleep!” I told myself.

But as i closed my eyes...........the only thing I could see was her.

The way she’ll come running to me and then sit behind me and hold me tightly!

Oh this is fantastic!

Then anyway I went to sleep.......

The next morning I quickly had my shower,and was combing my hair whrn my mom entered and asked, “ Is there any party or something?”


“oh ok.......but I have never seen you getting ready so quickly without being told to do so.....ok good boy!”

Then I ran downstairs had my breakfast and went straight to her doorstep ready with my cycle.

I just winked and saw her waving at me , “Heyy !George! are you dreaming?”

“umm was I ?”

“Umm ya ok lets go ...we are late!”

She sat at my backseat and I was waiting for the moment she would hold me tightly............but no!

She didn’t . She just held her seat tightly all the way to school.

As I reached school she went to her friends and started talking to them.

And I was left behind . “ Like really?! Not even a thank u?!”

Oh no! Again it just came out !

She turned and came to me.........and said,

“Thanks George! For the ride....you are pretty good at cycling!”

And then she went in with her classmates........

Her each and every word was as sweet as honey...........

It was English period, and miss Roseo entered and we wished her in our usual manner. I don’t like her that much but something after this made her my favourite teacher.

She grouped us so that we can work on a project of summary of a poem.

And yess you can guess! I and Melain were grouped together along with Sana but she was not present that day.

“Hey George! Today you can work with Melain and Sana will join you from tomorrow!” the teacher said

But “Who was waiting for tomorrow?!” I giggled

In the maths period as our teacher was absent we went into the next class which was empty so that we can discuss about the author.

We seated ourselves into the chairs and as she was saying........I was just looking at her lips , moving ,her each and every gesture made my heartbeat faster.

Heyy wait! We were alone in that room....and so it was the right time to confess!

“Should I tell her about my feelings?”

“what would be her reaction?”

“Will she get shocked? Or she knew it and was enjoying till now?

After thinking for a long time I decided!

I won’t tell it to her. If I do that then there won’t be any fun watching her at her window, staring at her gestures, finding ways to come close to her....

Then we went for our next class.

I think so I made a wise decision. What do you think?

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Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:53 pm
Geeversal wrote a review...

Hi Sulagna,

Reviewing here. I think this was a good topic for a story. The feeling of having a crush on a friend back in school is all too familiar.

I think you do a good job of setting up the story, however, there are points where you can go into George's head and give us a better insight on how he is feeling during certain moments. One example where you do this is here:
"I was just looking at her lips , moving ,her each and every gesture made my heartbeat fast."

This helps me jump into George's head when he's talking to Melain. I wish you did this a bit more throughout the story.

I also wished you gave more back ground on why George likes Melain. is it just becauses sh's pretty? or is it because they grew up together. i know this is chapter 2 so you maybe did it in chapter 1 haha.

Last, there's a lot of grammar issues but those can always be fixed! Most important thing is you have an interesting set-up for a story.


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Thu Mar 18, 2021 5:31 pm
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ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

Hello. Here for a review.

The beginning was really nice. It shows about your life and it's actually a problem many faces- what to wear?

Ginse should be jeans.

Huh! That's great! It shows me school love. I had never been in love but my friend told me about how it is. I really related this and her telling.
It's really difficult to confess it to someone.

Was a great read. Thanks

sulagna says...

Thanks for the review.....

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— Paul McCartney