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Dear Jace...

by sugarscherrypop

Dear Jace,

My beloved best friend,

Right now you are scared

Scared of being hated

But do not fret,

For I will accept you.

Coming out is not easy,

Trust me I know

But you are brave

Braver than you'll ever know.

When I miss you,

I play the song

The song you love most.

It seems as if I love you,

And I do.

You are like a brother

One that I'll love forever.

Do not forget

The memories we have,

The choices we made,

And our friendship that lasts.

Let us hope it won't be our last.

Sincerely, Cher "Best Bestie".

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Sun May 07, 2023 7:39 am
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loveissourgrapes wrote a review...

Hello there! This is Ina a.k.a. loveissourgrpes and I am here for another review for a lovely writing piece, which I think is a letter for the writer's friend. Anyways, let's go.

Good introduction, it seems very direct. It tells readers that your friend Jace is scared of coming out and being free. You give advice and tell your friend how much you love Jace. Overall, I think this letter is very sweet and direct. But the ending could be a little bit more emotional. I don't know, because my mindset when I write letters for a loved one, I want the ending to be the most emotional part of the letter. But this letter was very sweet and good. Keep up your writing skills!

Have a good day/night everyone! I'm happy I'm the first to review this! Love to read more about @sugarscherrypop

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