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Please stay...

by questcrewforever

Monitors beeped around me, my body hot and weak, my baby drawing nutrients from me, killing me…

“You’re here,” A tear slipped down my cheek as Dragon touched my forehead, beaded with sweat, before he turned to leave, “Wait! Please stay!”

“I won’t leave you Trinity,” He smiled, eyes glistening in the dim light.

He put his duffel bag against the window sill, pulling out a necklace with an amazing diamond pendant, placing it gently over my heart, which was when I took his hand and held it against my heart, loving the feel of his fingertips against my skin, providing a relief from the pain.

He sat beside me, putting his hands on my swollen belly… Looking at me apologetically, a sight that made me want to throw myself at his feet and beg for him to stop…

“Please stay with me tonight…” I looked at the chair beside the bed, then back to him.

“I will,” He smiled, raising his hand to my heart before lowering it down to my belly again, “My child…”

He was so bemused…

“Our child… I’m so happy you’re back…” I smiled, glancing at the door to see Mila, Freya leaning against her side.

“Let’s call her Angel…”

I nodded, fighting tears as the man of my dreams smiled at me with such love…

Dragon stood, walking around the bed, and lowering himself into the chair beside my bed. He pulled a spare blanket over him, pulling a lever that raised the foot rest, turning on a side to face me.

“Thank you Dragon…”

“Sleep Trinity… Rest up… I’ll be here when you wake up…”

I closed my eyes, his amazing face the last thing I saw before the long, sleepless nights took their toll on my body.

I opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the light, smiling as I let out a happy sigh, my fever easing, my child calming down.

“Good morning my sweet Dragon,” My smile widened slightly as I turned my head to see Dragon, but I realised there was no pendant on my heart, and the blanket Dragon had used last night was folded neatly and left on the chair, his duffel bag gone too, and before I knew it, tears were sliding down my cheeks.

Then it happened…

The contractions… I was having my child… And Dragon wasn’t there… The father of my child wasn’t there, the father of my child had left me again…

I cried out in pain, the last thing I saw was people rushing into the room, before my vision reduced to a blurry mess.

“Breathe honey, breathe,” A nurse tried in vain to calm me down as I gave birth to my child, vision returning, I was in a completely different room, my best friend holding my hand as I cried out in pain.

I wished with all my heart that Dragon could be here… He’d turned tail and left us as soon as he found out I was pregnant… Left me… Left me with my best friend, little sister and unborn child. Then he’d visited again, promised he’d stay… Then left as soon as we were asleep…

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Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:36 pm
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demib says...

This is a very sad part.. I know the feeling when you ask someone to stay, the minute your eyes are closed, or your back is turned, they leave.. You begin to wonder if it was a dream, or maybe even a hallucination.Your depth in here was deep, and so where your thoughts. Keep writing for i would like to here more from you.

There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
— Bram Stoker