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Greek myth skit

by preston7

Ares- god of war

Aphrodite- goddess of love

Athena- goddess of wisdom and war

Chorus- 1, 2, and 3. Spectators/commenters of the gods


[Chorus en ur.]

Chorus 1: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Chorus together: Whether you have felt the sorrow of rejection or whether you have

                                been spared.

Chorus 1: We will now tell you a story about the first heartbreak

                   in Greek, history and the effects it had.

Chorus 2: It was a true tragedy!

Chorus 3: It was horrible.

Chorus together: Listen, friends, to a story of shattered dreams, which results in the

                               sad but necessary… Rain!!!

Chorus 2: It's a sad story.

Chorus 3: So please don't get too emotional.

Chorus together: And now it begins.

[Aphrodite enters from upstage left.]

Aphrodite: Oh that hunky burly man. I want that war God to stay with me forever!!!

                    He’s hotter than Hephaestus after coming out of a volcano. If I

                     could just make him fall in love with me. Oh why can't I get him to look

                     away from that ugly war mongering goddess of wisdom?!

[Ares enters from upstage right.]

Aphrodite: Hello, hot stuff!

Ares: Aphrodite, it's been a while…

Aphrodite: It's been too long!

Ares: Not long enough. So what do you want?

Aphrodite: Nothing, nothing, just smelling the roses.

Ares: Where are these roses?

Aphrodite: [Indicating herself.]

                    Right in front of you.

Ares: I have a lot of work to do, unless you have something important to tell me, I

          need to go.

Aphrodite: Stay with me Ares, I love you!!!

[Athena en UL.]

Athena: Ares, dinner, now!

Ares: Yeah, I was getting ready, but Aphrodite stopped me for something.

Athena: What do you want Aphrodite?

Aphrodite: I want your man!

Athena: Excuse me?!

Aphrodite: You heard me! You don't appreciate that hot hunk!

Athena: Are trying to start a fight?!

Aphrodite: Bring it on!!!

[Athena and Aphrodite get in a fight tableau (To put it simply, Tableau= Freeze in a


Chorus together: Sorry we have to cut this out. The fight is too bloody so we're just

                               going to cut to the next part.

Chorus 2: Do we have to, I wanted to see them fight!

Chorus 1 and 3: Yes! Fighting is not sophisticated.

Chorus 2: Alright...

Chorus together: War of any kind is vicious, especially when they fight for love.

Chorus 1: The goddess of beauty and love,

Chorus 2: Vs the goddess of wisdom and war.

Chorus 3: It shouldn't be a fair fight,

Chorus together: But all is fair in love and war.

[Tableau stops and Athena and Aphrodite look


Chorus together: Well, that was violent.

Ares: Don't I get a say in the matter?! don't I get to pick the girl?!

Chorus 2: No

Athena: Yes, of course you do! You know who to pick.

Aphrodite: Well, I, But, I love you...

Ares: I want Athena! Take a hint Aphrodite. You and me, it's not happening!

          I would sooner kiss Zeus, then date you!

[Ares exits upstage right.]

Athena: He's mine, I guess you're just not smart enough to realize that.

[Athena exits upstage right.]

Chorus 1: savage.

Chorus 3: That's sad.

Chorus 2: Never mess with Athena.

Aphrodite: Why can't he love me like I love him?!

(She starts crying and runs offstage left.)

[The sound of rain is heard (Aphrodite’s crying causes the rain.)]

Athena: (Runs back onstage with a bow and arrow)

               Get back here princess, I ain't done with you yet!!!

(Athena runs after Aphrodite offstage.)

Chorus together: A broken heart is the worst kind of pain.

[Aphrodite screams from offstage.]

Chorus together: The first heartbreak.

                               The first rain.

                               Sorrow and tragedy.

                               Whenever there is pain of the heart, Aphrodite will cry with you.

                               That's the story of heartbreak and rain.

Chorus 3: It wasn't that emotional, right?

Chorus 2 &1: Stop ruining the moment.

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Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:37 am
BluesClues wrote a review...

Hi there!

So I really enjoyed this skit, in particular the way Chorus 3 is a little less serious about their job than the other choruses. My favorite bit was the fight tableau.

Chorus together: Sorry we have to cut this out. The fight is too bloody so we're just

going to cut to the next part.

Chorus 2: Do we have to, I wanted to see them fight!

Oh, wait, that was Chorus 2. Well, I thought it was Chorus 3 because of how Chorus 3 was at the end, with "it wasn't that emotional" and at the beginning, when the other choruses said "it's a tragedy" but Chorus 3 was like "*shrug* It was horrible."

I also liked your use of "all's fair in love and war."

One thing I think could be strengthened - if you're interested, since I know this is just a skit you wrote for class - is the fact that the rain comes from the strength of Aphrodite's heartbreak and her tears. Yes, you explain that that's the origin of the rain in this line.

[The sound of rain is heard (Aphrodite’s crying causes the rain.)]

However, if I were a person in an audience, watching this skit - instead of reading the script for it - I would have no idea that the rain had come about because of Aphrodite's crying, because that idea is never mentioned in the dialogue or anywhere else that an audience would be privy to it. If you could work this information into the choruses' dialogue at the end so that it's explicitly stated rather than vaguely implied, your point would come across more clearly.

Write on!

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Tue Feb 27, 2018 8:01 pm
Lives4Christ24 wrote a review...

Here is my review.
This is weirdly formatted.
It is mythologically inaccurate, Athena is a virgin goddess and she is not very found of Ares. Ares is in love with Aphrodite. And it should have a higher rating. It has mature content. I don't really like it. Try an adventure skit instead,and read up on Greek mythology.

The person who has no opinion will seldom be wrong.
— Anonymous