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The Corpse and the Three Powers

by poisonjupiter13

The Corpse and the Three Powers

As my two sisters and I walked the deserted streets, dark, was quickly approaching. Our feet shuffled along noiselessly as we held our small amulets. Mine shaped like a moon. I am Maddison I have dark blue colored hair, I am 13 years old. My two sisters are Malery and Mary. Malery has bright fire colored hair. She is 12 years old. Her amulet is shaped like the eclipse. Mary has light blue colored hair and is 8 years old. Her amulet is shaped like the sun. Anyway, back to the story. It’s the night of Halloween. The three of us were sick of costumes, so we went in all black and tiger face paint. As we walked along a man in a wizard's costume said to us,

“Help the Three Hates become free!” And he disappeared into thin air.

“Should we help?” I asked.

“I want to see what the Three Hates are!” Maddison said.

“I agree!” Mary said. “Let’s Go!”

After that, the three of us ran to our house and got all the supplies we thought we would need for a long trip.

“Where would we even find Three Hates?” Mary asked.

“Not sure,” Maddison said. “Let’s go to our secret spot and think about it!”

“Good idea!” I said, and with backpacks in hand, we ran off to our secret spot.

When we entered, we saw a little brown leather book on Mom’s old chair.

“What’s that?” Mary asked. We all just stared at the little book.

“I don’t know???” I answered. So Maddison went over to it and opened it.

Dear Malery, Maddison, and Mary,

I’m so sorry I couldn’t say this to you face-to-face. But you have special powers.”

“What!!!” we all said in unison.

“By now I am pretty sure you're going “WHAT?” but calm down. Malery, my darling, you have the power of fire and sun.”

“COOL!!!” I yelled, “Keep reading!”

“Maddison, honey, you have multiple powers, including water, weather, shapeshifting, and invisibility.”

“Awesome!” Maddison yelled.

“Keep reading!” Mary said.

“Mary, my sweet, you have the power of ice. I realize that sounds like you can control when it snows. You’re wrong, only Maddison can do that. Please be careful with your powers. Please… do what the wizard says. Here is where you can find a clue that will lead you closer to the Three Hates. First, you must find my resting place. There only coldness can defeat what lurks in the shadows of the graveyard.

Love, Mom.”

“Are we going or not?” Mary asked.

“Of course we are!” I said. “We better get started.”

“We need to practice our powers before we go,” Maddison said. We all nodded.

After practicing our powers all night we finally got tired. At sunrise I was sleeping with a blanket of fire on me. I wasn’t even burnt or sweating! Maddison was floating in the air, on a bed of real clouds. Mary was sleeping on a large snowflake that was falling and rising with the tempo of her breathing. Up, Down, Up, Down. All of a sudden, Mary woke up from a nightmare about the monster in the graveyard.

“We have to go defeat it now!” Mary yelled as soon as she woke up.

“Ok let’s get…” Maddison stopped when she saw the outfits hanging in front of each of us. Mary’s outfit had a light blue flowy shirt that was almost white. It had snowflake rhinestones, stretchy white jeans, and short tan boots, Maddison's outfit had a dark blue shirt with stretchy black leggings, knee-high dark brown boots, and on the shirt was a big lightning bolt, my outfit had a bright red shirt, ombre leggings with the colors of fire, fireproof gloves, and boots.

We all got dressed and it looked like the outfits were made for us! The three of us grabbed the backpacks that we had packed the night before. We all knew we would have to face the worst.

The graveyard was only a few minutes walk. So we just ran all the way there.

When we reached the graveyard and went to our mother’s grave. We stood alone in the dark. Then we were startled by a voice in the distance.

“Well, Well, Well! Look who it is, the daughters of Mary Ardis. Have you come to fight me?” said a creature in the shadows.

“Yes, I’m going to!” said Mary, the 8-year-old.

“NOOOOO!” Maddison and I yelled.

“Mom’s book said only coldness could defeat…” Mary started but the creature launched for her. She screamed.

“MARY!” Both of us yelled.

But before the monster reached her, he froze in mid-air covered in a sheet of ice. He fell and shattered into little shards of ice. As he shattered Maddison saw a piece of frozen paper lying there on the ground. I grabbed it and melted off the ice. It read, “Your next clue is to go to our favorite beach and defeat the water monster with its own power.

Love, Mom”

“So, what beach is our favorite one?” Mary asked. “What about Mariana Beach?” We all nodded approvingly.

“Great! Let’s Go!” I said. We walked to the bus station and hopped onto a bus going to Mariana Beach. About 15 minutes later we arrived. We walked down to the beach and noticed no one was playing in the water or lying beneath the blazing hot sun like usual. Then we saw it, a water monster. He was about 60 feet tall.

“Hello!” Maddison yelled. “What’s your name?”

“I am Dephiluus! Poseidon’s evil twin brother!” he said. “Who are you?”

“I am Maddison! I’m the daughter of Mary Ardis! I’m also your worst enemy!” Maddison cried as she shot a large geyser of water at his heart.

“Ouch!” he screamed. “You're strong but you can’t defeat me with water. I am water!”

“Maybe. But I have more than just the power of water!” she said. She summoned a gust of wind and flew towards his heart. Still flying, she turned into an elephant. She blew a big gust of wind through her trunk. The evil god fell and almost disintegrated, but he stayed to play. She turned invisible and blew him down so hard that he evaporated. He left his trident on the beach.

“Don’t touch it!” She ran up to it, wet and in human form again. She put her hands over the top of it. The trident began to glow, and speak in their mother's voice.

“Find the nearest volcano. There you will find the good twin brother of Hades. He will tell you how to find The Three Hates. Hurry you have two days till the full eclipse.”

“Should we go?” Mary asked. “It’s obvious that Malery is going to have to use her powers to defeat it!”

“We kinda have to!” Maddison said. “Mom left this for us to complete! I want her to die proud of us!”

“I agree! You two defeated your monsters so easily! How hard can mine be?” I said.

“But Mom’s note said that he’s a god!” Maddison said.

“But yours was too, Maddison,” Mary said.

“Yeah, but I had to use ALL of my powers!” Maddison replied.

“Ok, we have two days! We need to get going! What’s the nearest volcano smart alec!” I said. Two minutes passed before Maddison realized that we were both staring daggers at her.

“OH! Right, Mount Toothache is the deadliest volcano in America,” Maddison said, “It’s a two-minute walk.”

“Great! So we could have been there by now?” Mary asked. Maddison nodded and we started walking towards the volcano.

“It should be right around…” Maddison started but stopped when she saw a large fire monster.

“Hello!” I said. “I’m Malery! Who are you?”

“I am Niceys! Hades’ good twin brother!” Niceys said. “I’m afraid I don’t have the information that you seek, but if you can send me back to the Underworld the lava will spell out a letter from your mother!” He shot a ball of lava towards all three of us. Maddison grabbed Mary and put up a force field of water. The lava sizzled like bacon on a frying pan,

“Get to safety!” I yelled. “Go! Hurry!”

“No! We are not going to leave you!” Maddison yelled.

“You’re our sister! We cannot leave you here to die!” Mary cried.

“Fine,” I yelled. I began to shoot the god with fire and sun.

“Ouch that hurts!” Niceys cried.

“Sorry! But I really want to dispose of your brother,” I said. I shot him with another fireball and disintegrated him. A note made of lava appeared.

“Maddison give me a boost!” I yelled. A big gust of wind lifted me up.

“Girls, I'm so proud of you for coming this far in the journey. Go to The Shrine of the Corpse. There you will find my ghost and we may be able to talk face-to-face. I love you.”

“Great! So Maddison, what's The Shrine of the Corpse?” I asked.

“Well, legend has it, this Shrine is the first greek Shrine of Hades, God of Death. So, they say the corpse is the one with the Three Powers. They say that the Three Powers were the three offspring of the women. I’m guessing the Corpse is Mom, we’re the Three Powers!” Maddison replied.

“So why are we so special to the Shrine?” Mary asked.

“We are so important because the Corpse and the Three Powers

are Hades mortal enemies,” Maddison replied. “Follow the Maddison Express to the Corpse.”

“HAHAHA!” Mary said. “I’m not a little kid anymore!”

“You are to us!” I sighed. “All Aboard!” Mary grimaced. We all started walking the way Maddison went.

When we reached The Shrine of the Corpse, we saw Hades with a staff made of bones. In front of him stood or should I say floated our mother. She was dressed in all white, the outfit she had died four years ago. Beside a throne of dead bodies sat a large bird cage. Inside were three old ladies with hatred on there faces.

“The Three Hates!” Maddison mumbled. We all nodded.

Our mother began to plead with Hades about something. She got down on her knees and spoke so quietly only Hades could hear her. When she stopped, Hades nodded. Mother began to float towards us.

“My children, I’m so proud of all of you! Please listen closely and don’t speak a word! You are most likely wondering why you have powers. Your Amulets store all your magic. Hades said if I died, you girls could have my father's amulets.” She began.

“Who is your father?” I asked.

“Hades! Don’t be alarmed. I would have to sacrifice myself sooner or later. If you defeat Hades and free the Three Hates, the Gods will let me live as a human again. Then we can live happily ever after! So, please win, you only get one shot at this. Talking to him won’t defeat him only your powers can…” She stopped.

“Five minutes is up, Mary!” Hades said.

“Yes, father! Good luck girls!” She said, then floated back to the god. She waited for the fight to begin.

“So, you are the Three Powers. The offspring of my daughter Mary Ardis. Let the fight begin!” Hades shouted.

Chaos began. Hades shot a large ball of fire at us. Maddison deflected it with an equally sized water ball. Mary did her part by shooting blocks of ice at him, which seemed to hurt him the most.

Then all of a sudden, the earth started to shake. Skeletons rose from cracks in the earth. I made a sword of fire somehow with my hands. I swung and five skeletons went down. I finally put the strategy into my sword skills. Maddison and Mary kept shooting water and ice at Hades.

“Ouch! That hurts!” Hades cried.

Finally, we disintegrated him. The cage that held the Three Hates melted around the three old ladies.

“Thank you for setting us free!” One of the old ladies said.

“Anytime,” Mary said.

“Girls!” Mother floated towards us. “I’m so proud of you. The gods shall let me be…” Suddenly, a bright lighting bolt struck our mother. I screamed. So did Maddison and Mary. Then we realized that she was ok. Then the light disappeared and she was human again!

“MOM!” Mary cried and ran towards her.

“Hello girls, it’s nice to be back!” She said.

Then we walked into the sunset and disappeared into the light.

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61 Reviews

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Reviews: 61

Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:15 pm
Awru wrote a review...

OK so I will be reviewing your story.First off I absolutely loved your idea the corpse and 3 powers and how the girls had cool powers and stuff.But reading this story was like watching a fast forward movie you just jumped from one scene to another which was not how this amazing idea should be potrayed.I know this was supposed to be a short story but it should not have been these kind of mythological ideas should be taken nice and slow in the form of chapters.So the reader can understand and enjoy the ideas.I myself absolutely adore mythology and read quite a lot about it.Poseidon and hades do not have twin brothers unless you wanted to change that and I guess by 3 hates you mean 3 fates.The fates are hades slaves who help him it is highly unlikely that he will ever capture them and I agree with silver you cannot just go and kill the immortal god of underworld one of the big three so quick LOL.You also should have done more description of characters,scenes and emotions rather then just a lot of dialogues.Also in starting you should have told more about the girls,their family.Last but not the least the girls just found about their powers despite having those amulets I mean didn't they ever felt surge of powers and also they found about their powers and mastered it in one night impossible.Also there mother sacrificed such sacrifices usually do not end in people coming alive again.Try to keep the mythological facts straight cuz these traditions are loved or change it entirely at least that is what i think.
Again the idea was great but the story was super fast.
I do not mean to discourage you.You should always welcome healthy criticism and improve the little mistakes.I know u were all excited about the website and wanted to post immediately (which reminds me WELCOME TO THE FAMILY:)XD)but you have to take your time.Let those fabulous characters grow slowly and beautifully,let the plot unfold itself instead of forcing it and you will see an amazing story.

peace out

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105 Reviews

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:03 pm
silvermoon17 wrote a review...

Too much people shouting, screaming, telling other to keep going on.. this feels as if people are shouting in my head all the time.. I feel as if I’m having a tumor.. but once you get used, the dialogue runs more smoothly, plots start unlocking, and although the story is fast forward with the power thing; at least it gives some taste and stakes for this story- I’ll say it, it gives this thing style. Now don’t get me wrong for the shouting, but half of your story is just that- and keeping up with that is hard and unsettling.
For hades, I’m quite disappointed. Yes, he is a character- but has so very little personality traits you could give me two different characters and ask which one is the hades for you story, and I wouldn’t find it. By that I mean no peculiar physical portrait, no description whatsoever- basically, everything that made hades hades is absent. And the fight, which is supposed to be the main conflict, the climax in this story- lasted less than two lines. Just swing a fire sword and some snow balls and the god of death shall disentegrate. Oh and, for why the Hates are locked up; could you make an effort there? Or on their backstory? The one of the girls? Their relations with the world outside? Huh?
But it’s a shirt story, and I respect that.

I wish literally anything else I ever said made it into the quote generator.
— CowLogic