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belt and pants

by piercenosser


All I do is sag and sag and sag. My life is so low at the moment and I need my friend.” My owner is going to hate me soon if I keep doing this”, it said. Being pants is not the easiest job. You don't always fit onto the person who owns you, and I've had that problem a lot. Then, I found a friend that has made my life so much easier. He keeps me from being low and sagging all the time He does great things for me, and I am so grateful that I found him, But I won't get to see belt until my owner comes to wear me right now I just sit in his closet it gets pretty crowded in here my owner has a lot of clothes all kinds of shirts, joggers, and is pretty dirty in here right now and smells bad there are a lot of dirty clothes that he just sat on the floor of his closet that he should have picked up. All I ever hear is his tv because he never closes his closet, his bed and nightstand are right by the closet as well. I have been here for about 2 months now he bought me dicks sporting goods and belt buckles. Then brought me home and put me in his closet where I was cramped with all these other clothes. To describe me and my belt I would say that I am a Nike jogger black large in size with a Nike symbol on my left side, for my belt I would say he is also a Nike design but he is a belt grey with a metal belt buckle.

Now I just sit here and wait for my owner to wear me. I think I hear him eating and watching football. That's usually what he does. He loves to eat pizza. I can smell that delicious food from here. He is just out there smacking on some pizza he needs to chew with his mouth closed. Oh, I think he is coming now. I hope he is ready to put me on. He was talking on the phone about going out and doing some errands today. Here he is, he's gonna put me on. I hope he doesn't forget about the belt. Ok, he didn't. That's good. Hey, pants where are we going to ? said belt”, “you know I am all the way in the back of the closet said belt”.Oh, we're just going to do some errands belt I said. “I think he said he has to go to the grocery store and then go and get some Steak n Shake said the pants” I don't know why he would go buy food and then buy fast food but he is. I am glad that I'm not sagging today, that is always the worst. Well, that's why I'm here pants to keep you up when you're feeling down. Well, you may need to work really hard on that because I think this kid is coming to pants us. He is really short and he seems to be wearing yellow. It's ok I will hold on tight said belt. He's pulling hold on our owner and pushed him away the kid seems scared now he ran off. Yea I got you pants I won't ever let go if we together said belt. Thanks, belt I said now we can see why our owner came here to do these things. So far all I have seen him do is get food and stuff but he also got a bike and a basketball hoop so I'm hoping he is going to get more active and wear us more. “Wait, why is he going to the clothes section said belt”, “I don't know said the pants are.'' Oh no, he is looking at belts. What if he is willing to replace the belt I hope he wouldn't do that. He is looking at all these different belts hung up in rows in the men's clothes section they smell like new leather and are in many different sizes,He has put belt down while he tries these on he put on first a belt that was red and green I think it was a Gucci belt I thought it was over but then I realized my owner couldn't afford that, then he tried on another belt this one was more affordable but as he tried it on it didn't fit. Finally he tried on a belt similar to the one he has my best friend who I think he was willing to replace it was the next series made of belt and his owner tried it on belt was devastated at the thought that maybe he is obsolete or not needed or not important but with the luck that we had he decided he did not need another belt because he already has the belt he needs and that's my best friend.”Wow, that was very close said belt”, “I think he is about done he is checking out now said the pants” I don't know how he is going to get all of this home but he better find a way this came to a cost of 300 that's a lot. He is getting to the car now he put everything away now we just need to go home and enjoy the rest of the day.

Now he is home and putting everything away I think he is going to watch his movie after this he likes to watch the flash on Netflix I think it's a good show, in my opinion, I think he finished putting stuff away. I had fun with you today belt it was almost a bad day but luckily you were there to save it. Anytime pants I'll be there to keep you up when you need it said belt. Thanks, belt now let's watch this show it's getting pretty good it's about to hit the conclusion. And the pants and belt stayed united their whole lives and although we learned the lesson that all things don't last forever the owner stayed with belt and pants his whole life too.

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Thu Jan 14, 2021 11:42 pm
EtherealGarbage wrote a review...

Hey there!

I really like how this is from the point of view of a pair of pants. That's really cool, and I haven't seen that in all the things I've read before.

I don't really think the word "owner" works because it makes me think of an animal like a dog. Maybe something like "wearer" but I'm not even sure if that is a word that'll be correct, so you can pass on this if I am wrong here.

Also, I'd suggest making your paragraphs smaller. Usually a new paragraph is formed when a new thought of action happens in the text, so in that whole middle part, there can be some edits made to minimize how much anyone would have to look if they were reviewing this piece.

That's about all, sorry for the short review. I really do like this a lot, and I'd love to see how much you can improve it in the future if you choose to.


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Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:40 pm
Haileyg21 wrote a review...

Hiyo! its Hailey! And heres my Amazing review for an Amazing Post.

This is super good. I love that its in the View point of the pants.

I love this line

'Now I just sit here and wait for my owner to wear me. I think I hear him eating and watching football.'

It give this so much more expression when you gave the pants human sense's . I would love to see more of your writing and Have to say your really good.

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