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by pandacow

Looming over the moonless night, it illuminated our fear as it hovered over us… Jaded beyond contempt, for it had its fill of despair:

“A God…” A lone voice gulped within the fearful crowd of knights. The wind howled a tune of sorrow,

“Rejoice! For now, I am here.” The God descended slowly from the twilight sky, the blood-filled air swanning Its blackened hair,

“Succumb to your pitiful existence… And lay your arms before me, for my very presence tips the scale of balance to my favor; your chances of victory are as empty as the sky, and as determined as a hallowed husk!” Our minds went white, the link between thought and emotion severed apart, and I could feel my fellow knights’ eyes fill with the God’s ever-growing visage as he continued to descend to the ground. Fear quickly turned to death, as knights toppled to the ground one by one, orchestrating our defeat. We laid down our swords.

I knelt one knee onto the ground, “p-please… Mercy! O’ mighty God!” I tried to keep my composure, but the more I pushed on, the heavier the weight of this fear became. My knee buckled against the rocks on the ground, as they dug holes into my ashen skin.

“Mongrels, you all reek of fear… But most of all, you all reek of ignorance,” he said, his feet finally touching the ground before his heels laid the foundation, and he towered over the remainder of us.

“O’ God of The Between, please have mercy on our foolish ignorance, we should’ve known… War is but a false option- a coward’s last resort!” I trembled, more of my knights began to fall over, and some began to chant ancient prayers in an attempt to fabricate their minds… But I was the strongest because I succumbed to my fear instead of letting it succumb to me, so I don’t die of its unbearable weight.

“Your true enemy is not the opposing side. Your knights across the kingdom of Lavin D’air have fallen... Not to the opposing kingdom, but to your true enemy: The End of All Things.”

“What kind of accursed of a creature must you be to be named a foul title such as that!?”

The towering God smirked, almost as if obscuring my statement, “a God.” My eyes widened within my helmet, the sweat pouring inside them as I did,

“A God!?”

“The Day of Judgement has arrived… Dies Irae. Mankind’s ignorance evoked the Outer Gods to bring forth judgment, thus, unleashing The End of All Things. Ignorance is the divider, catastrophe; the uniter.” He said, and he began to laugh,

“Unite yourselves as one, Mankind. Bring The End itself to its knees, or simply die trying to. Both outcomes are in favor of The Outer Gods.” And he vanished into the twilight, revealing a desolate landscape of War.

“This is the end of men…” I said, crumbling to the ground, and I opened the door to despair.

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Fri May 13, 2022 11:36 am
fantasies wrote a review...

hi! i liked this…it’s intriguing. who is this God? who are the others? is this based off a specific religion?
like the comment below me, it reminds me of Moses.
it’s interesting, and i love the descriptions as well. but it also partially confuses me. what has happened before this? i can only guess war and such, but i am not sure if i’m correct.
i hope to see more of this, hopefully in another story! good job. :)

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Tue May 10, 2022 2:00 pm
Fishr wrote a review...

Hello there!

This was an interesting piece. When I read through, the text reminded me of the Old Testament, specifically Moses, and God giving him instructions. I have no idea why my mind went in that direction; there is no qualms.

The story was not especially riveting. However, this piece of literature has so much potential I think to morph into something very cool and could go in so many directions: macabre, enlightening, higher power, death, life, Lamb of God, Ancient Egypt, Elysian Fields (Greek Mythology), etc., etc. The possibilities are endless. It just needs to be fleshed out.

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Fri May 06, 2022 3:24 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

This must be part two of the poem you made.I think this is disturbing considering it’s the end of the world.But that’s a good thing,because that’s what it’s supposed to be.I’m excited for any new stories which might come from this.I bet they’ll be just as interesting as this one.Maybe the world will be saved or maybe it’s really hopeless.I hope that you have an amazing and fun day and night.

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