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Suicide Note PROMPT.

by ofmonstersandmen1234

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for mature content.

So, this is a prompt where I had to write my own suicide note and about me finding it three days after I committed suicide. Hope you guys enjoy. This is going to be in lots of different parts.

Dear Death ,

Please take me now. My pain has grown unbearable, my life horrible. Take me from this world of hate and horror. Please take me away from this pain. Please spare the agony of this life. I cannot bare it anymore. I hope that you will grant me this wish and that you’ll be kind enough to save me from this place of torment. It is my time. I know it is and, I'm sorry to say that I had enough of this place. It was a good run but, now I'm done with it. Take me under your dark wings and save me from this pain. Free me from all the harm that befalls me on this plain. Take me to the abyss and, let me roam free in the darkness that is so comforting to me. I wish I could say no one will get hurt from this but, I know they will. There is nothing that anyone can say or do that will keep me from this fate. I will meet my maker and die. I know this will set off like a bomb. In my wake, everything will go downhill.

Then the writing goes red like blood….

Dear Anthony,

You’re always upbeat even when you have a concussion. You push through things. You find something to be happy about. I wish I could do that. I wish I could’ve been as strong as you but I obviously failed. I can’t take life anymore. Everything has piled up around me and, everything good that happens to me withers away. I’m constantly in pain. Constantly fighting to make it through the day. The dark forms of demons finally won their battle and, closed in around me. It is too bad that I wasn’t strong enough. Please don’t ever give up being upbeat. You’re one of my best friends. I may not have known you as long as the Alex, Jhosael, Abbey and, Madisen but, I feel like I’ve known you for all of my life. I feel like you’re someone that I’ve grown up with. It’s sad that I’ll never get to see any of my friends grow up but, I had to leave. The hurt and the pain was overwhelming and I cracked under that pressure. It isn’t something that I want people to joke about but, I know someone will.

My soul cries for release and I answered it's pleas. You have an ability that not that many people have. You can make me laugh. You can genuinely make me laugh and smile. You made me remember what it was like to feel the embrace of love and happiness. You made me feel wanted and welcomed. You never looked down on me for being myself like Madisen did. I admire you for being so accepting and caring also sympathetic towards me being gay/bisexual or whatever I am. It was nice to see someone who didn’t care. You barely knew me when I shared that with you and, you accepted me with open arms. I want you to know that I love you, Anthony. I have always loved you and, I know that you will take this harder than anyone else. You helped me remember that the world was once innocent and oblivious for me too. You made me see that the world didn’t swallow innocence, happiness and, giddiness whole and spit it out like it was nothing.

I want to thank you for being there for me when I needed you. I want to thank you for everything that you have ever done for me. It was a good run that I had and, I have some good memories but, they weren’t enough to save me. You showed me that happiness is possible. Love is possible. Everything is possible. I always wondered if you did stuff that a “Normal kid” does today. I guess I’ll never know. When the shit hit the fan you were on my side. I never doubted that you were. Even when you weren’t on my side you had your reasons and, I knew that you had some reasons for it. You’ve become an important part of my life. It’s a really hard thing to do. To become something that means a lot to me is one of the hardest things that a person could do. You did it. Be proud of that. I would say that I would miss you but, I don’t know what comes after death I can’t say this for sure. It is something that you can’t drag yourself down for. You can’t drag yourself down because, of what I’ve done. You need to be able to move past this. You have to move past this. No one will come out of this unscathed so, try to be strong for everyone. Please don’t be so strong that you completely let your emotions go and, become a robot, I beg you. Please forgive me, love. I didn't want to hurt you but, this was the only way out. I'm sorry.

It is my time. I’m out of place and I can’t fit in. I never fitted in this world. I never have and never will. I was born into the wrong time period. The wrong place. It is important to me that you continue on your journey of life. Go places, meet new people make new friends follow your heart and fall in love with someone. Go through your life loving every single moment of it because it will all be gone in the blink of an eye. Fall in love for the very first time and remember that moment. It’s unforgettable. Find someone that you truly love and, get married, have children and, grow old together. Be smart and kind and be yourself. No matter what you do don’t lose yourself to the real world. Don’t lose your innocence and purity to the real world. The world only let’s the light live sometimes. You are one of those times. There is only one little piece of light in the complete darkness of this world and, you’re that one piece. Don’t let that die because of me, please.

There is one thing that I wished I could’ve done. I wish I could’ve been as strong as you. This is my end and, it’s here. It’s always hard to say the first time but, we both know it has to be said. Goodbye. As I write this my hands are shaking and, I’m crying because I know that this is going to have some impact on you. I will miss you. Goodbye, my friend. It feels like I’ve known you my whole life. Goodbye, Anthony.

Goodbye, Forever. Don’t worry. We’ll see each other again.

So, Goodbye My good first boyfriend. Goodbye, my first love. Goodbye, Anthony.



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Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:10 pm
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Kaylaa wrote a review...

This is Kaos here for a review.

Even if you rate it with "Mature Content and +16" it could be wise to leave a sort of note at the beginning or a forewarning. I know, I know, it seems a little stupid, but it's nice to be extra cautious when talking about a subject like this.

Onto the actual review. The letter or note feels incredibly distant and weak to me as I don't think it captures the feeling of being desperate or in pain, really. It hurts for me to review this and say that sort of thing, as it's always been more of a personal thing, but I'm going to be honest.

The idea as a whole doesn't really resonate well with me, due to the topic. The idea of committing suicide should not be your gateway into a story idea. It feels wrong that it's used as a plot device. Other than this, what is the story/what will the story be? Will there be more to it than just this? It feels like a cheap way to get into writing a story, but if you insist on writing it, go on.

The main character is too calm to be doing this sort of thing and writing this sort of note. I don't think anyone would write this long of a note, and it feels like it was an excuse to info-dump everything about the characters into the story without having to do any real effort. Show the reader the information in a different way than this, because it feels poor and weighs down on the story for later on.

This feels like a bit of a prologue, and prologues are easily done wrong. If the reader is looking at it in that sense, this is long and overcomplicated. This should be kept short, simple, and bitter, but none of those are here.

It seems too cliche and poetic for its own good, and I don't think someone would go out like this. It feels too calm, too apathetic. Not showing any sort of strong emotion. You try to make too much out of it. The character doesn't feel /real/ to me. You seem to try and do this with the repetitive line starts or things of those sorts, but it just makes it weaker because of the sentences being incapable to stand up on their own.

Overall, I thought the idea was kind of nothing new, and so far it didn't really have any new spins to it. A story doesn't have to have a super "original" plot for it to be good. The paragraphs are long and drag on too long, cut them up or shorten them to where you have all the weak kinks out of it so that it becomes smaller.

Making it smaller would be a benefit as it wouldn't be something that the reader would be like "Ew, prologue.", and also for the reasons of keeping it short and bitter. You should focus more on setting the tone up in this rather than all the other info-dumping you're trying to squeeze into it, because it turns it to where its flat. I want you to evolve the story if you're going to continue it instead of just using the idea as a plot device, build around the story instead.

I hope this helped.

This was a writing prompt so it wasn't my idea. This is one of my actual suicide notes from some of the first few months after moving to America from Iceland. Thanks for the review. This is all based on my life and, all the people's names stayed the same. Thanks for the help.

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Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:11 am
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Wizard wrote a review...

*Appears after several overly dramatic lightning strikes.

Hey! Wizard here, for a review! Man, I'm really sad now XD

This character really hit home for me. He is very much like me, and I feel as if all of my own negativity has somehow been spread out on this page. I can relate on many levels, such as feeling a great love for a friend who has qualities that you can never hope to reach, but you can still admire and stand in awe at his/her good heart. I too, am bisexual, and I'm still in the closet currently. I fell as if this world is not yet ready to deal with such concepts, and it saddens me that I would get a good deal of hatred for every bit of support I was given if i came out. While I have never toyed with the concept of suicide, I have come close to being suicidal at times. This was beautifully written, and I guess how beautifully depends on how well the reader can relate to the writer of the suicide note. I am among the category who was able to relate a lot.

Good work! Emotional work! I hope to read something from you soon again!

Seeya! -Wizard

*Disappears in a puff of smoke.

Yeah but, it is one of my actual suicide notes from a few months after moving to America from Iceland. Anthony and I are... well.... together now. Takk fyrir. Thanks for the review and I hope everything goes well for you.

Wizard says...

You too, man. Take it easy :)

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Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:46 am
weirdmoodycrazy says...

Okay, I get your idea and It's really amazingly creative but I feel that this could have been done more beautifully. I mean the thought is something I get and connect to but for a normal reader you have to be a bit more specific than this. Try to provide details and I noticed some spelling errors and mistyped words so be sure to proofread before you send your work out ! Nice Work !

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Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:44 am
weirdmoodycrazy wrote a review...

Okay, I get your idea and It's really amazingly creative but I feel that this could have been done more beautifully. I mean the thought is something I get and connect to but for a normal reader you have to be a bit more specific than this. Try to provide details and I noticed some spelling errors and mistyped words so be sure to proofread before you send your work out ! Nice Work !

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