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The best of them

by kostia

Warning: This work has been rated 16+.

The army fights for its country

the soldier fights for his home.

The king fights for his family tree

and the father fights for his son

The best of us fight for all countries

and for any cause.

Attempting to aid all parties,

Without cowrdice or flaws


We fight proudly too.

with all our might

For everything that was true

but never came to light

"You must be nobel people then,"

a filthy beggar spoke,

"Gold will be appropiate for your poor men.

It will buy you some oblivion to smoke!"

We hardly need any gold

We have no country or a place to call home

We are the remains of a broken time,

a hungry world.


Hopes and dreams? Oh we wouldn't dare

We have no tommorow on sight.

It is our burden to bare,

our duty to make things right!

You are brave people then!

a civilian spoke

Your bodies might bend

but honnor and glory you will provoke!”


What is the honor for?

War can not be won by manship

We are only men, knocking on death's door,

because life is not a cause to worship,

not anymore.


To try it, would be the greatest defeat.

There never was glory in killing

And in dying alone on the street,

not one worthy feeling.


We only have our unfortunate fate to blame,

May the years show mercy upon us

We were cursed to always be brave

May the doormen let our peccant souls pass


It seems you are a loyal force”

a peasent said

You need pleasure, bars and whores,

They shall keep your guilt fed!”

Pleasure we can feel not anymore

Only sorrow for the graves we make

We are guilty of living in times of war

But we always moarn the men we take

We drink in their names at night,

But never pray

We have no God or fright

nor a price we can afford to pay

May the years show mercy upon our human race

As we rest under our beloved ground,

on death's cold embrace,

Let our sacrifice be profound.


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Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:08 pm
WritingPrincess wrote a review...

Hi, it’s Princess here to review your poem! Please don’t be offended or feel you have to change anything if you don’t want to - everything I say in this review is simply my opinion.

To begin, I’d like to say this is a really good poem with a really serious theme and you have shown that theme well throughout the poem. About the length of the poem - although it is quite long, none of it is fluff or nonsense. Good job on that.

The first stanza is really good. It’s a really interesting way to start a poem, and you certainly made it work.
The second stanza is also very good and I have no comments on it.
“with all our might” - I think this would sound better with an extra word is in, maybe “for all of our might”.
The fourth stanza was good, but parts of it didn’t make sense, such as “your poor men”. But I liked the concept of speech in it!
The fifth stanza was also very effective and worked well, but I was confused by “a hungry world”.
The sixth stanza was good and I have no comment on it.
In the seventh stanza, I was confused by the last two lines. What do you mean by “your bodies might bend”?
I liked the phrase “knocking on death’s door” in the eighth stanza. I also liked the added on line at the end.
I didn’t really understand the first line of the ninth stanza but the rest of it was really good.
In the tenth stanza, I was quite confused by the last line.
I really liked the eleventh and twelfth stanzas and I have no comments on them.
In the thirteenth stanza, what do you mean by “no God or fright”?
I really like the fourteenth stanza, especially the last line, “Let our sacrifice be profound.” This closed the poem really well.

Overall, I think that with a bit of development and a few edits, this poem would reach its full potential and be an amazing poem. Once again, please don’t be offended or feel you have to do anything in this review as it is all just my opinion. I hope this was helpful and have a good day!

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Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:13 pm
Anma wrote a review...

Its a good poem, I love the first part about soldiers and fathers, son. The topic is very cool, I love what you did it on. I feel like its a little long though, and its mostly the depressing parts of war. Maybe try to put positive things
unless its all about the harsh things.
when I saw the title I really wanted to read it but at first I was like no, but when I saw you had no comment or review on it I felt I should.
Keep up the good work!!

kostia says...

Thank you for your comments.
I don't believe there is anything positive about war. Otherwise I would have included it.

Anma says...

Well I depends, there can be good things about war even know its a bad thing. Like the outcome of it if you win or not. They learn stuff very useful in life, they can fight, and there leadership goes up a ton. Yes there is a lot of blood and violence in it but you also have to remember what they fight for. If they accomplish there goal to protect there love ones. War is a consistent thing in life but I feel we do it to try to stop other wars from happening. There will always be violence, and hate in the world, no one will be able to change that. May I ask you a question??? Have you ever gone to basic or went to a military school, or joined the army at all??? You do not have to answer if you do not want to.

kostia says...

Well that is a romantic notion. However I wanted to capture the harsh realistic part of war. I really stand by what I wrote, there is nothing good into war. I understand what you mean though. At times it is a necessary evil, but still evil.

And to answer your question, it is obligatory in my country.

Thanks for your comments!

Anma says...

Okay, no problem

Anma says...

Ohhhhh... makes more sense. I do agree on most of what you put though in this poem. It's really good, have a nice day. :)

'They are afraid of nothing,' I grumbled, watching their approach through the window. 'Together, they would brave Satan and all his legions.'
— Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights