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Dreamt?Great.. Now go do it!

by izziestevens

Tiny steps toward your goal.Baby steps towards your dream project.Taking these steps and feeling happy is one of the most amazing feeling in this world.Different people use different tips to keep themselves motivated throughout their journey of attaining success.Some may look up to their role-models.Some may try achieving inner peace through prayer and meditation.Some have a shockingly competitive spirit.Me?I dream.I dream to be a writer.I dream to write many novels and be recognized.Every night before I fall into a deep slumber,I visualize that my books are being sold at famous book-stores.I visualize myself writing even more books with a satisfactory smile on my face.My day ends happily.I feel even more strength within myself to achieve what I really want.

Lately, I have discovered that what I thought to be a hobby is slowly turning into some kind of a mission.But,I won't lose my mind over it.I won't drive myself insane.I will try my best but I wont' forget to smile and appreciate my effort incase my plan does not work out.Just as walking on your dream path is an amazing feeling,failure can be a bad and a horrible one.But does it really matter if you love what you do?Boy,now I sound confused!In simple words,Do what you love and you will be happy.Follow your heart but do listen to your mind sometimes.Dream what you really want and you will be happy after you try to achieve it regardless whether you get it or not.Just don't go around losing your mind because the little fact that you tried for it is creditable.Dream big!

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Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:21 am
Iggy wrote a review...

Happy Review Day!

Beautiful essay you have here, well written. It was a pleasure to read, my dear! I think you did an excellent job of portraying your dream and goal with many examples. While it was really short, even for an essay (normal high school standards are 5 paragraphs), I felt you summed it all up into two well-detailed paragraphs. Nice work!

Yes, those punctuation errors.. they make my eyes bleed. It was hard to read this, but I managed, but some people don't have the dedication or the patience to read through it all! Spaces. Are. Needed. After every punctuation mark (, . ? !), there must, must be a space. Otherwise, you are grammarically incorrect. Please go through and edit this ASAP! This work is too beautiful to have such imperfections.

Other than that, nice job! It was a (struggling) pleasure to read. :)

For Team YWSDBG,

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izziestevens says...

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions!Will definitely try to improvise. :D

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Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:24 am
dragonfphoenix wrote a review...

Knight Dragon, here to bestow a Review Day review upon your work!

You need to put proper spacing in here. Every sentence butts up against the previous, and the periods are almost lost amidst the close proximity. and somewhere in here you have "incase" instead of "in case" [but now I can't find where it is and that's really annoying me. Oh well I'll find it later].

"Boy,now I sound confused!In simple words," Nooo!!! Don't do that! Don't tell us that, just keep writing. Delete that section/quote, and the article will be greatly improved. Don't tell us the "one sentence summary" of your entire essay. Just keep writing and you'll be fine.

Hope this helps!

— BlueAfrica