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by froggydocter

Music connects us all

Chapter 1

Time : 7:30

Place: Earth

Date: 2/4/76

“Rose Lilli Strong,” Mama shouts, “Come down here right now!”

I roll my eyes and groan I slowly roll off my bed and onto the floor with a plop

“Rose, what are you doing?” Mama yelled walking down the steep carpeted stairs.

I stood up quick as she walked into my room

“ kweli”(really) mama said in swahili. She had been born in kenya and moved here when she was twenty. She had bughtiful dark skin just like mine. I look up at her

“Here,” she announced giving me the list I groaned

1. Vacuum the living room

2. Do laundry

3. Clean the bathroom

4. Take out the trash

5. Dust the furniture

6. Sweep the kitchen

7. Water the plants

8. Wipe down the countertops

9. Organize the closet

10. Wash the dishes

“ Ok” I sigh

As I check off the list I start to sing a song my Daddy sang to me.

“Hush, little darling, close your eyes,

Dream of butterflies in the skies.

The moon is shining, the stars are bright,

Sleep tight, my love, all through the night.” I sing

Ten years ago

“ Daddy Can you sing me a song?” I ask

“Sure” he said sitting at the bottom of the bed.

He opened his mouth and the best sounds came out

“Hush, little darling, close your eyes,

Dream of butterflies in the skies.

The moon is shining, stars are bright,

Sleep tight, my love, all through the night.

In your dreams, you'll fly so high,

To a world where you can touch the sky.

With every breath, you'll feel at ease,

As you float on the gentlest breeze.

So rest your head, and don't you fear,

For I am always near.

Hush, little darling, don't you cry,

Tomorrow's a day to reach for the sky.

So close your eyes, and let sleep come,

Until the morning brings a new dawn”

Normal time

I wiped my eyes. I had not even realized I started to cry.

“Rose, are you ok?” Mama asked

“ Yeah.” I say

“Did you clean your room?” Mama asked me, inquisitively.

“I dusted, mopped, changed the sheets and carpets, and cleaned my room.” I responded.

“Ok.” Mama was apparently happy with my answer.

“ Can I please get ready now Anna is gonna be here soon.” say

“ Ok”

I ran upstairs and went to my room to study my hair. It is long and curly and blond. I look at my closet.

“ what is this, eww, when did I even buy this?” I asked rifling through my closet. Finally I found something to wear. It was a sweater and jeans, simple but perfect.

Just then, the doorbell rings. Well, it didn’t ring exactly, but the smell of buns dipped in rose sugar wafted throughout the house. I breathe in the wonderful smell. It smells like what my dad used to make before he died.

“She's here!” I shrieked excitedly.

I fling open the door. Standing there is my best friend, Anna. She is an average height, has skin the color of honey, and has her curly brown hair in braids. I met her while we were doing a dance for the ballet studio we both go to. We bonded over our love of it.

We run up the stairs, making the flowers grow a hundred times bigger than before.

We look at each other and laugh, then look back at the humongous flowers on the ground. We then laugh even more, making it hard to breathe.

We walk into my room and plop down on the floor, getting ready to make the costumes for the spring festival.

Unfortunately, we then get sidetracked by the huge unopened hospital lego kit. It’s almost like the plastic bricks were calling to us.

After an hour or two, Mama decided to check up on us and the costumes.

“Hey guys, how is it going with the costumes? Do you need anything?” She opens the door, startling us out of our entrapment that is called legos.

We look up, spooked, and then whip our heads around to the clock.

I look and shriek, “It’s been two hours already!”

We both then look at each other, our minds seemingly connecting for a moment.

“I can write the list down, as well as sketch costume designs if you want.” I say.

“Ok!” Anna says happily, but still worried about the time..

I quickly jot down a list of the things that we’ll need for the performance:

  • Main roles
    • Pink leotard w/ pink lace flowers
    • Draped pink skirt
    • Pink tights
    • Pink lace ribbon
  • Ensemble
    • Pink leotard
    • Small pink ballet skirt with lace
    • Pink tights

After a little bit we started to get ready for bed then my eyes open wide

“ANNA!” I yell

“COME HERE!” I open up my window and slide out.she slid out after I did

“Rose, why did you never tell me that you had a garden? Not to mention a fairy one?” Anna giggles, looking in awe.

My fairy garden is two long, narrow rows of trees on the border, with a small shed and a gate at the back. Flowers are almost everywhere, as well as vines spiraling over the trunks of the tall, brown trees. The air is clear of pollution, but with a light pink tint. It’s the most beautiful sight in the world, and no one can change my mind.

As we finish climbing out the window, we jump into the fairy garden. Anna looks astonished, with the crystal clear water and the tiny houses for any elves who decide to stay a while.

“This is where I go to calm down,” I say, “ever since Nina died.” I drop my voice down to a whisper when I say the last part.

My big sister died in an accident on the highway a few months ago. She dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and possibly taking a group of kids with her if it ever becomes safe.. I still wish that her dream had come true, I wished all of her dreams had come true. I miss her with all of my heart.

Tears start to well in the corners of my eyes, so I stop talking, trying to get the water to go away.

“The store is just this way…” I trail off before I can finish changing the subject.

“What the heck is that?”

Anna and I look outside of the fancy gate, and towards the town. The entire town, heck, as far as the eye can see, is covered in green-black goo. More of it was falling from the sky.

Chapter 2


Day #34986551296

Location: middle hyperspace


“Brook, can you please stop ignoring me?” I say, agitated.

Brook is my best friend, who also happens to be half robot.

“Are you there?” I repeat.

“Oh, sorry, I was rebooting.” Brook responds, way too human-like for a robot.

“Ok, sorry.” I smile at her, apologizing.

We both laugh, her weirdly human laugh echoes in the halls. Our laughs echo louder as we run down the hall to get to the market in time. We run through the hall, and the glass tunnels, racing to see who can get to the market first.

We live in Enchana, a floating city in the middle of a solar system. It is part of a mission for the UPPER (United Planets’ Partnership for Education and Resilience). My mom and dad worked there for years. One day when they came home a group of people who did not like their work came to our house. I shudder and keep running

Brook and I ran to get to the market in time, as well as racing.

“How long Franki!!” Brook asks.

I look at Franki and think about who she was based on, my sister Camela, who died in the first mission to the station. She is almost too human, her eyes the exact same as the last day I saw Camela. She has the long blue braid and the amazing scar she got as a little kid playing with baby tigers. I still smile thinking about her.

We run as fast as we can through the market to get to CHIVE (Children's Healing, Improvement, Voodoo, and Elixirs) in time for our first class of the day. Healing is really fun because I know that they are helping people. Next we have MAT (Mathematics, Algebra and Trigonometry.) I hate MAT. It is one of the worst classes of the day I bang my head on the desk. Then I go to FART (Fitness, Athletics, Running, and Training) . I go over to my dance group. It is the only livable thing in FART.

I look out the window at the vast nothingness that stretches before us. I sigh. Sometimes I forget that my Family is never going to come back from the fire. I hear the bell ring. It is the bed bell, the bell that tells us that it is time to sleep. I go back to my room. I sit on my bed and try to remember a time that I was with my family and here at the same time, I couldn't. I started singing

Hush little baby, don't you cry

Close your eyes and rest, my sweet butterfly

In the arms of love and care

Dream sweet dreams, without a care

May the stars above guide you to sleep

As you drift off in slumber deep

Let your worries and fears disappear

And embrace the peace that's near

Know that you are loved and adored

By the ones who hold you close and adore

Sleep soundly, my little one, so dear

For tomorrow is a new day, without any fear

So rest well, my darling, as the night grows still

And let the gentle breeze carry you until

You wake up to a new day, full of light

And your heart is filled with love so bright

I started to cry remembering the way that my sister sang to me.

Chapter 3 Rose

Me and Anna are in shock.

“What- how.” I gasp I have no clue what to do. We ran back into the house. We could not even breath and our faces were red .

“ We should call our friends.” I said.

“Yeah.” she replies

We call our friend Mary but she doesn't answer.

“ Ok, this is weird.” she said

We ran down the stairs and skidded to a halt in front of the Tv

“The course of this weird phenomena is unknown and is being investigated. Please for your well being do not leave the house.” he ended his monotown raint. CRACK

“What was that?”a whisper my mom said as she was leaving for work.

“ Whatever it is, it is in the kitchen.” anna said

We snuck towards the door and then we saw it . It had a head made out of a buffalo skull and the body of a house that went to the gym too much but it stood on its hind legs. It looked at us

“Run!!!” I screamed

We heard the clicking of hives behind us. It became loader and loader.

“Outside!” I yelled

We ran through the goop, as it fell onto my skin. It stings. I gasped and looked down. My skiing had started to Grow blue and like stars had landed there. My curly hair is suddenly blue and I feel wings. I looked over at Anna. She suddenly has red hair and is throwing fire at me. I gasp and run but suddenly I am next to her.

“It's ok.” I tel;l her. “ It is just me.”

She sighs, “ Why do we look like this?” she asks.

“ I don’t know.” I filtered “it seems that that stuff is doing this to us.” I say pointing up at the sky. And at the goo that sat there. We heard a grunting.


Chapter 4

There is this memory of the wind blowing around my hair. I hear screaming. I try to move but my body is still. I can't move a mussel. My body is frozen from the screaming oh the screams. They haunt me. My family. My brother, my mom, my dad.

“Elskan er allt í lagi með þig.”(baby are you ok) My counselor Kias said to me she had long black hair and

“Já ég bara... skiptir ekki máli”( yeah I just … never mind) I said back

Just then a bell I had never heard before rang.

“um hvað er það.” ( um what is that.) I yelled

“ó nei þú þarft að hlaupa,” ( oh no you need to run) she said “farðu í escape pods og settu stefnu á næstu lífvænlegu plánetu” (go to the escape pods and set a course for the closest livable planet)

I had no idea what was going on but I ran as fast as possible to the door

“hvað með þig”( what about you) IU asked

“ go lang” (justr go) she said

I ran as fast as possible to get to the airlock as i ran I looked around people were looking around for the problem I was as confused as there were as I ran I saw Brook

“Brook,” i yelled “ come here now”

“ What.” she asked

“ kais said that I need to go to the escape pods right now”

Brooks looked at me and we exchange a look and we both know that we need to go.

As we reached the airlock IO looked behind me and saw all of the children that were screaming and crying

“Everyone Get into an Escape pod.” I screamed

The commotion continued to be load but it died down

“ just get in” i yelled

“ there is no time 

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 3:30 pm
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yourlocalsatanist wrote a review...

this is so amazing, I love the characters, and the work you put into it is astonishing. I hope you put another chapter in it and keep up this good work. Overall love this so much words can't describe how good it is. I love how it isn't cluttered and it has space so it is easier to read and I love how it isn't in bolds all the way through. it gives the reader a simpler thing to read and I love that. thank you for publishing this amazing work.

froggydocter says...


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11 Reviews

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 3:30 pm
yourlocalsatanist says...

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11 Reviews

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 3:27 pm
yourlocalsatanist says...

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 1:46 pm
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froggydocter says...

“No child should feel alone. Or ashamed. Or worthless. They need to know that their circumstances are not their fault.”
― Rex Ogle, Free Lunch

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 1:16 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the review?

Top Graham Cracker - Rose and Anna are two girls getting ready for the Spring Festival, in which they will perform as ballet dancers. Meanwhile, Franki and Brook are in space, taking their classes. All of a sudden, strange green goo comes into Rose and Anna’s neighborhood…

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - I think that you could make the other chapter titles in bold like in Chapter Three so that they can be spaced, but that’s just an idea. You don’t have to listen to this.

Chocolate Bar - I like the magical/sci-fi feel of this book. My favorite parts would have to be the fairy garden that Rose has and how Rose and Anna’s appearance started to change as they ran through the goo.

Closing Graham Cracker - It sounds like there’s going to be a lot that is planned for the characters. The beginning is intriguing, I’ll make sure to check out the other parts when they come.

I wish you a fantastic day/night!

froggydocter says...

thanks for the feed back

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Wed Jan 17, 2024 12:41 am
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froggydocter says...

“No child should feel alone. Or ashamed. Or worthless. They need to know that their circumstances are not their fault.”
― Rex Ogle, Free Lunch

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Tue Jan 16, 2024 5:07 pm
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froggydocter says...

this is so cool. I really like the amount of work you put in. I like the charicters too. You need to put another chapter in.

yourlocalsatanist says...

this is so amazing, I love the characters, and the work you put into it is astonishing. I hope you put another chapter in it and keep up this good work. Overall love this so much words cant describe how good it is

yourlocalsatanist says...

i am so sorry i didnt mean to reply to yours

froggydocter says...

thank you so much i worked really hard on this

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