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E - Everyone


by emjaccrn

I never saw myself as the type of person to enjoy the rain,

I guess I've gotten used to loving the cold.

Lately, not a thing has been the same,

I guess everything else is growing old.

You're my old, my forever.

You're my sun and happy weather.

When I'm up late, you're the rain,

The cause, relief, and all my pain.

When I wake up every day,

The first I smile has you to blame.

Even if things aren't the same,

You're my always. You're my rain.

I never imagined water so calming,

But I never picture the stars just right.

I guess this was after I started falling,

How the light is faded, and dark is light.

You're my light, you're my love.

You're my stars, bright up above.

You're my poems and pretty words.

You're my constant as seasons turn.

You're the smile when everything burns,

You're the lesson I've yet to learn.

You'll leave me in the rain and dirt,

But, for now, I can't feel hurt.

Blue-eyed, blue skies.

Hot summer nights.

You're the joy of summer light,

You're the happy of summer rain.

You're the happy within the pain.

I know things won't stay the same,

But let's pretend and sing to the rain.

And thunderstorms will pass away,

Day after day,

Change after change,

Break after break,

Ache after ache, 

It still always rains.

It still will be calm.

Water droplets sing their song.

I've loved you so much all along.

Seasons change.

In winter, it rarely rains.

Snow isn't the same.

You just aren't the same.

I still love you

As winter passes through.

It isn't the same, but I already knew.

It smells different, like cold and snow,

Not like grass, it had to go.

Water is ice, a different glow.

Water is nice, not the snow.

Less cold days,

It starts to rain,

You've changed.

I thought with the rain, things were the same.

I thought you'd smile with summer awake.

I thought you'd stop leaving the days.

I thought you loved the rain like I did-

Well, like I do.

Did? Do?

Was it just you?

You wrote every song the rain would sing to.

You always loved the color blue.

You always loved the rain's tune.

You never loved like I did you.

Maybe rain just reminds me of you.

Water drips,

Raindrops tick,

Teardrops slip,

You ruined it.

You made it great.

I still hate snow,

I hate when summer goes.

I hate tomorrow.


Who knows.

Probably cause I don't know.

Things used to be forever.

You used to the happy weather.

Sun can shine and let me cry.

I stay up late and hate the night.

I hate the stars and how they shine,

I hate their light,

I hate your rhymes.

Rain sings the songs you used to write,

Please, rain, please pass by,

I can't stand this one more time.

Rain hits the roof keeping time,

I can't feel it.

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Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:30 pm
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lemonboi wrote a review...

Wow this is amazing. You have a great sense of rhythm and I think I could actually see this as a song I would put on my playlist. You actually took me on an emotional roller coaster and at first I was like, this is so sweet and now I'm freaking crying. Personally, I love the rain and this just took it to a whole deeper level. Seriously! I needed this too. Now I'm gonna be thinking about it all day and wishing it were a song, hehe. I know this is a messy review and it isn't all that great, but before I go, can I just give you a hug? *hugs* I've been there. <3

Well, thank you for writing this and I hope one day you become an actual rapper, or singer because this is pure talent! I would be the first one to buy your album...

emjaccrn says...

I'm literally about to cry. You're so nice, thank you.
The rain metaphor sorta came from one night when I was texting a girl I wasn't exactly dating, but I was in a fling with. There was a thunderstorm and I started thinking of her with rain. When we 'broke up', it sorta changed my perspective, and I actually pulled this poem together in less than an hour based off a diary entry or two since my teacher wanted my submission for a competition done by the next morning.
You're so kind, and I do write songs and raps a little, but it's not exact;y my area of expertise.
Thank you, again!

lemonboi says...

Thanks! And it's really no problem! How is this NOT your area of expertise tho? It took you ONE HOUR to make this?! I wish i was that good!

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Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:36 pm
MacyNightwell wrote a review...

I'm kinda new here, but I wanted to leave a comment anyways... This is one of the best poems I have read in a long time. I like the repetitive words from line to line, as well as the way the mood changes throughout the poem. It has really good rhythm, as any good poem would. I enjoyed reading through all the analogies. Overall this is an amazing poem.

emjaccrn says...

Thank you! You're so kind!
I actually struggled with the rhythm a bit, but I decided to listen to my brother when he told me not to change it. I'm glad I did!
Thanks again for the positive review!

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