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Nightshade's favorite feline (origin of Nara)

by dragonight9

This story takes place a few months after Nightshade’s banishment from the tree wing village.

This particular night Nightshade was feeling decidedly lonely (though she would never admit it) which brought back memories of the tree wing village. She hated the fact she wanted to go back there after all they'd done to her and it was making her grumpy and annoyed. To get over it she had gone out hunting a bit early. She had snacked on a few Capybara, but she wasn’t feeling all that hungry.

Then she spotted something strange. An animal she had never seen before. It crouched in a tree like a monkey but was about the size and shape of a dragonewt or a young human and had what looked like panther fur covering every inch of it.

Nightshade stared at it from the forest floor as it scanned the ground looking for prey. Thankfully her scales blended into the shadows so she remined unnoticed as she watched. The creature had a panther’s tail and large ears on the top of its head and its face looked slightly like a panther’s snout but it reminded her of the young dragonewt girls that had visited the tree wing village every so often, minus the scales of course.

The only pieces of clothing it seemed to have were wrappings around its flat chest and waist made from some kind of animal skin. The creature seemed to lock onto some prey in the bushes ahead and she got ready to pounce. By this point Nightshade had forgotten all about her grumpiness and annoyance. Now she was excited and curious about this creature.

It would surely be fun to play with for a while. She slowly and silently made her way closer as the creature was completely focused on its prey, not realising that it itself was being hunted. The creature suddenly leapt down and that’s when Nightshade noticed a spear in the creature’s hand, though nothing like the dragonewt’s spears made of stone and metal. This one was little more than a sharpened stick and, though still dangerous, posed no threat to a dragon like Nightshade.

She was now only a stone’s throw away and watched the creature remove the spear from a jaguar. Nightshade planned to move in while the creature was eating but to her surprise the creature picked up the body and began to walk away. In a moment of panic, she took a careless step forward and snapped a branch. The creature dropped the jaguar and spun to face her putting the spear between them. It growled with a look of fierce determination.

Nightshade sighed in relief and smiled. She had been worried it would try to run away, but now she could have a nice long chat with it.

“You must be awfully brave to be out here all alone so late at night.” Nightshade said in a sly yet gentle tone. Her smooth, silky voice carrying clearly to the creature before her as she stepped out into the open and lit up the patterns on her scales. Her eyes spiraling slowly and evenly. The creature seemed taken aback by her words and appearance. The fierce look on its face turned to one of confusion and maybe a little fear, though the spear it carried never wavered.

“Who are you? What are you? And what do you want with me?” The creature replied in a feminine voice that sounded like she was trying to be brave yet still feared the large creature before her.

Nightshade was a bit surprised it could talk. She’d thought only humans, dragons and dragonewts could speak. But she didn’t show her surprise. Instead, she chuckled at the creature’s cute attempt to sound brave.

“No need to fear little panther girl. I am a species of dragon known as a tree wing, and my name is Nightshade. You can relax. I’m not going to hurt you,” She cooed.

The spirals in her eyes speeding up slightly. Nightshade knew that when animals were afraid, they always locked eyes with their predator looking for some hint of an attack. It only made things easier for her though. This panther-like creature had been gazing into her eyes since the moment she revealed herself. Now she couldn’t look away even if she wanted to. Her pupils had shrunk and a ring or two had already washed over them.

“You’re not going to hurt me? Then why…?”

The panther girl trailed off as her body began to relax from the spirals washing over her mind. Nightshade smiled as she reached around with her tail and pulled the spear from the panther girl’s hands. For her part the panther girl could do nothing but continue to stare as her face and body relaxed more and more. Nightshade brushed her talon against the panther girl’s cheek causing her to shudder a bit.

“You don’t have to wonder why. In fact, you don’t need to think at all. Now why don’t you just relax for me as you stare deeply into my eyes,” Nightshade whispered in a soothing voice as she brought her eyes up close to the panther girl’s and moved her tail into a soft pile underneath her.

“Don’t worry. You can trust me, and it’ll feel so good when you do. Yessss. Just…like…that.”

She increased the speed of her spirals faster and faster until she felt the panther girl stiffen with a big happy smile on her face before completely relaxing and collapsing into the soft pile of Nightshade’s tail. A sure sign that she had completely given in.

Nightshade blinked, her eyes returning to normal as she admired her prize. Her front talons and tail stroking its fur and squeezing every part of her body.

The panther girl was soft and supple. Her fur was warm and velvety. This was a true prize, and not the kind to be wasted on a simple meal. Nightshade was feeling a bit hungry though, so she ate the jaguar the panther girl had hunted instead. She didn’t feel bad though, the panther girl had simply lost to a superior predator. Honestly, she was lucky to only loose her catch.

Nightshade propped the panther girl up and sat across from her.

“Now my sweet little creature, why don’t you tell me what and who you are?”

The panther girl smiled gently with half lidded, spiraling eyes.

“I am a panther girl, and my name is Nara,” She replied in a dreamy voice.

Nightshade stroked Nara’s soft belly fur causing her to make a sound somewhere between a sigh and a purr.

“It’s nice to meet you Nara. Now what are you doing here so late at night and where do you live?”

“I am hunting for my village. We live deep in the normal forest northwest of here.”

Nightshade knew there was a difference between the center of the jungle where the tree wing village was, and the majority of it where she was now, yet it hadn’t occurred to her that the residence of the outside jungle would consider it to be the normal part.

“Do you think anyone would come looking for you if you didn’t return for a few days?”

Nara laughed in a far of way. “Only a foolish hunter would get themselves caught. We don’t send out search parties for foolish hunters.”

Nightshade chuckled too. “Well then foolish hunter, why don’t you just rest for a bit, and I’ll take you back to my home. Then we can have some fun,” Nightshade said coiling her tail around the panther girl who sighed in content and closed her eyes. Nightshade smiled as she leapt into the sky. Tonight, had been a good night.

Nightshade landed on the platform outside her house and walked into the single empty room. Her house was still fairly barren for now, but she knew enough to fashion whatever she needed. She sat down in the middle of the room and curled her tail around, so Nara was facing her, still passed out and wrapped up in her tail.

Nightshade smiled as she rubbed Nara’s fur with her tail and pet her head with her talon. She looked so cute laying there, and the way she snuggled into her claw while she was asleep was adorable. She could see why the other tree wings didn’t eat cute things. Although their definition of cute was quite a bit more lenient than hers. I mean, who thinks ant eaters are cute? Regardless, she still didn’t know what to do with her new pet.

“Maybe she’ll give me some fun ideas,” Nightshade muttered. She slowly uncoiled her tail and left Nara laying on the floor. Where she curled up as if cold and reached for where Nightshade’s tail had gone. So much for the fierce jungle warrior. Nightshade mused. Then she leaned down and whispered in Nara’s ear.

“It’s time to wake up Nara. It’s rude to keep your host waiting.”

Nara groaned and sighed in response, but she slowly sat up wiping her eyes and looking about in confusion for a moment. Then she saw Nightshade and yelped skittering backwards.

“Where am I? Who are you? Wh-What, are you?”

“Aww. You don’t remember me?” Nightshade asked in a slightly hurt tone. “Perhaps this will help a bit. See anything familiar?” She asked in a sly voice as she let a few spirals of color flow through her eyes.

Nara’s eyes widened for a moment and her face started to relax, but she quickly closed her eyes and turned away.

“You… You did something to me. Your eyes…” She trailed off as her body visibly relaxed for a moment before she shook herself.

Nightshade chuckled to herself. She didn’t realise that even the memory of her eyes was enough to relax someone. Perhaps she could help her along…

“They are quite beautiful aren’t they. So pretty and relaxing. Why, you could almost just let…”

“No! Please stop! I don’t want to be that helpless again!” Nara cried. Her body trembled as she began sobbing. Nightshade was taken aback.

She felt bad for a moment. Just a moment. Yet it was the first time in her life that she regretted something she’d done. Feeling a bit awkward she laid down on her front talons and leaned around to see Nara’s face. The sad look of fear and helplessness she saw there made her feel sad and a deep pain grew in her chest. And so, for the first time in her life, she apologised, and really meant it.

“I…I’m sorry Nara. I was lonely and thought it’d be fun to play with you for a bit. Besides, my hypnosis makes you feel good right? You just seemed so happy to be under my spell earlier and… well…” She trailed off, unsure how to justify what she’d done.

Before that moment Nightshade had never thought hypnotising people was wrong and she had never admitted to anyone that she was lonely, but now that she said it, she realised it was true. She did want company of some kind, even if it wasn’t dragon company. Nara sniffled and wiped her eyes with one paw before peaking nervously with one eye.

“It… It did feel nice.” She admitted. “But I hated it too. You took over my mind and made me tell you things I didn’t want to. I couldn’t enjoy something like that… when I didn’t…

“Ask for it.” She muttered the last bit turning away again, but this time out of embarrassment.

Nightshade perked up. “Then it’s ok when you ask for it, right?”

Nara hugged her knees to her chest. “I…guess so…I mean. How can I trust you after what you did?” She asked doubtfully.

Nightshade stood with a friendly smile. Even though this girl was wary of her, she still wanted to experience how good it felt to be under hypnosis again. Meaning there was a chance she would stay of her own free will for the chance to be hypnotized again. Then Nightshade wouldn’t have to worry about her trying to escape!

“Don’t worry. I’d never hurt you. I just want to play with you. Maybe squeeze you in my tail and stroke your soft fur but mostly just play with you. You have the most adorable face when you’re hypnotized and watching you fall into trance is just so much fun. I promise you’ll enjoy it. Maybe even more than the first time.”

Nara wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic. “I don’t know… You might make me do something I don’t want to again.”

Nightshade sat up and thought for a moment.

“Well how about this then. I won’t make you tell me anything you don’t want to. I promise to keep you safe while you are under my control, and I’ll even let you leave the house if you want.”

Nightshade took a breath to continue but she was interrupted.

“Wait. What?! You weren’t going to let me leave?!” Nara asked in shock.

“Yes, but don’t worry I’ll take good care of you. Besides, I just said I’ll let you leave if you want anyways. In return, all you have to do is be a good pet while you’re here, promise to come home every once in a while, and let me pet your fur. Oh, and you can’t tell anyone else about me, but you can bring a friend to visit if you want.”

“I’m not your pet.” Nara growled slightly. Nightshade shrugged.

“I caught you fair and square. Any other predator would have eaten you but I am letting you be my pet. I’m even letting you come and go as you please. As you should know, a predator can do what they please with their prey.”

Nara groaned. It was clear she didn’t like it, but she wanted to accept.

“If you promise I can go back to my village whenever I want and that you won’t hurt me… then I guess it’s ok.” She said hesitantly.

“Great! So, what do you want to do first?” Nightshade asked excitedly.

“Um… well… I should be getting home soon. I have quite a ways to go if I want to make it back in time.” Nara explained awkwardly.

“Oh,” Nightshade sighed, disappointed.

“I could stay a bit longer, but in return you’ll have to fly me most of the way and… um… maybe you could… hypnotize me again?” Nara asked meekly.

Nightshade smiled as she lowered her face to Nara’s level. Nara’s eyes locking on hers with nervous expectancy.

“Certainly,” Nightshade cooed in a soft, soothing voice as spirals began to flow through her eyes. Nara’s nervousness melted away and she sighed as wave after wave of euphoria enveloped her mind and body.

Nine years later

Nightshade woke on her panther skin bed and yawned. She rubbed her face into the soft fur and smiled. She had refrained from hunting panthers since meeting her friend the panther girl Nara, but after finding out that they hunted panthers too she had immediately fashioned this bed for herself. It reminded her of Nara and kept her from feeling lonely even when she was away for a few weeks.

Her head perked up as she heard the muted sound of soft, heavy paws climbing up her tree. She smiled with delight as Nara came into view. She had matured quite a bit. She was now just as tall as an adult human and her tail was long enough to barely reach the ground. She was fit too. Her soft fur barely hid her strong muscles.

She had also matured as a female. Her face was beautiful yet still very cute, and her breasts had grown such that the clothing around her chest could barely contain them. They bounced slightly when she walked and though they were great for attracting potential mates Nara complained all the time about how much harder it was to be stealthy. Even so, Nightshade could tell she was very proud of her appearance.

“Hello Nightshade. You seem to get bigger and more beautiful every time we meet.” Nara said. Her voice had also gained a lot of feminine alure though she didn’t seem to notice. She also happened to be correct. Nightshade had grown to nearly twice the size she was when they first met.

Standing on her hind legs she was nearly twice as tall as Nara, if not more, and her tail was long enough to extend the length of her body and still have enough length to wrap Nara from neck to ankles. Her hypnosis was also much more powerful.

“I’ve been waiting all week for the chance to come see you again.” Nara said excitedly.

“I have been eagerly awaiting your return as well my pet. Are you ready to have some fun?” Nightshade asked with a mischievous smile. Nara leapt across the room into Nightshade’s waiting arms.

“Yes please!” She said excitedly as she gazed up longingly into Nightshade’s eyes. Nightshade laughed as colors began to flow through her eyes.

“Well! Since you asked so politely, I suppose I have no choice but to oblige.”

Nightshade smiled lovingly as colors blossomed in Nara’s eyes. The panther girl half purred half moaned while Nightshade stroked her velvet fur. They had done this so many times, yet it never got boring.

There were a few memorable moments though, and Nara had helped her discover many of the effects of her hypnosis as well as new ways to bring creatures of all sorts under her spell. Without a doubt she now had the most powerful hypnosis of any female tree wing. Possibly ever.

None could resist her.

And why would they?

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Wed Feb 22, 2023 9:02 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Interesting. Nightshade has a new friend now. I hope that Nara is alright with this. It seems like she is, but there’s still another chapter to read. At least Nightshade is no longer alone and Nara seems to be fine. I wonder if she still gets to see her dragon lover. Probably not. The Tree Wing village must have taken him away from her.

I wish you a wonderful day and night.

dragonight9 says...

thanks for the review. If you want to know more about Nightshade's lover, read my three part story "An adventure with Nightshade"

vampricone6783 says...


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Mon Feb 20, 2023 1:49 am
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foxmaster wrote a review...

Hello! I am here to leave another review!
I really loved this. However, I found an error. In "the Origin of Nightshade," you write that she got banished from the Rain Wing tribe, but in this short story you write she was banished from the Tree Wing tribe, so you need to fix that.

I like the character of Nara. She sounds like a strong and compelling character, I really liked her. It was very interesting when a the first time she gets hypnotized but the next time she's like, "What are you doing? Stop that!"

It is also interesting how Nightshade actually apologizes for hypnotizing someone, and how she gets attached to Nara.

The "Nine years later" part is also really interesting, I liked it.

If I overlooked anything, please let me know. And I am also going to be continuing "Wetfire" but I am also starting a novel called "Stolen Magic and Potions" but the parts of the chapters are pretty short (as they are split in two)

Keep up the good work


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