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Back when things were good...

by dm74

This poem is untitled but given what I've been going through lately, I'm trying to remember what made me fall in love with my friend in the first place. I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and reading it just now is helping me feel better and helping me remember why I'm friends with her. It's also helping me have faith that we will get through this. 

I remember the first time;

I noticed your personality,

But, at the start, I saw your eyes.

Those eyes, your smile;

Your comfort, your light.

It’s like a song that resonates; pure and bright.

I had to meet you; see this through.

Were you as nice as you looked?

Or just a beautiful view?

I took a breath, pushed back my fears.

I said hello and saw you were genuine and sincere.

Weeks went by, then a month and more

Our conversations deepened,

opening a door.

I let down my guard, began to trust,

Sometimes it’s hard, but being brave is a must.

A year will pass,

so much will grow.

We’ll be different people;

The future; still unknown.

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Wed Apr 10, 2024 6:12 pm
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KaavyaK wrote a review...

This is a very sweet and lovely poem.

The great thing about this poem is its awesome description of the girl the author is talking about; I can easily visualize the girl's face. The powerful usage of each and every word in this poem is very effective.

Keep on writing more and more poems and do share them with us.
Waiting for more.
Thank you.

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Wed Mar 27, 2024 4:40 pm
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angelinamar wrote a review...

"Were you as nice as you looked?

Or just a beautiful view?"

I feel as though some people may not be as nice as they look and maybe that people who considered not so "good-looking" are the nicest people in the world- but overall I really like this poem and I think you should continue romance poetry, it seems to be one of your many strengths.

dm74 says...

I have a ton of romance poetry in my book Unspoken Melodies. I'd love for you to read that and tell me what you think!

— Magestorrrow