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Kindle your creativity

by dhyan

Learn how to respect your initiative. It’s something we always forget to do. We take others ideas and vitiate our own. No doubt, ideas of others can be worthwhile, but why not try implementing our own first. How would we find out if our ideas were good enough, before even trying them out? But by trying them out our chances of gaining confidence on ourselves increases. If our idea fails, then we learn something. If on the other hand we succeed, we gain confidence. And confidence takes us a long way in life.

So, learn to accept your creativity. Use it and soon it will become an experience worth sharing. And as they say, speaking from experience is always powerful.

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Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:41 pm
valdez wrote a review...

this poem was good and had a very powerful meaning behind it I hate when people steal my ideas and Im sure you do to thats why you wrote this piece and probaly why I got hooked We have similar perseptions on the topic.I like how you started the poem with (learn how to respect your intiative) it really got me hooked on wondering how you were going to adress this idea later in the poem which you did do but it was more dont copy rather then get out a be creative Which I think the poem wouldve been better by trying to make people be original and have fun whilst writing their own stories then feel guilty writing some one else's The only other problem I found was that it was a tiny bit short and you tried to adress alot in one and a half paragraphs when you couldve brought this poem out and explored more ideas within it besides that the poem was good and happy writing

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Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:13 am
Annaclare wrote a review...

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Tue May 20, 2014 7:00 pm
trevorcofer wrote a review...

You're right, when people take advise from people, they want people who have had real life experiences, not just knowledge. I believe that people in today's world are not embracing their differences in the right way. They are either forcing their differences upon everybody, and complaining when someone objects. Or they are hiding behind something so their differences cannot be shown. You're right again, that it is very easy to take someone's work that they have spent time on and put effort into, and use it wrongly. But it is so much more rewarding when someone creates their own work and is able to be proud of themselves and reap the benefits.

Just my thoughts,

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Sun May 04, 2014 6:38 pm
Kelpies wrote a review...

Good advice! I mean, before I started writing my self confidence was nill. And when I discovered my talent and how I could take my creativity without embarrassing myself, it grew. I now know that I can write something worth reading, that I can be an artist without being a dork. I will never forget how this works, and I will never forget that I am talented.

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Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:09 pm
Kassiani wrote a review...


Okay. So, first of all, I agree with some of what Sunshine said. It is short, and kind of abrupt; I would've liked it to be longer, detail more of what you mean and how we, the readers, can take this advice and really make use of it. Yes?

On the flip side, there were plenty of positives. I saw no big errors with spelling or grammar or punctuation, with the exception of one missing question mark (I'll get to that in a sec). The topic is solid, and it fits the title well. I've never read a piece like this on here (though honestly, I don't usually read something of this genre), so I'll give you props for originality. It was powerful and carried a forceful bite to it, a knowingness. This is good. It was eloquently-written and you seemed to know what you were saying. So, though short, it carried a large meaning to it that I think you conveyed well.

Getting back to a critical standpoint, I have only one (very, very minor) nitpick.

but why not try implementing our own first.

Change the period at the end to a question mark.

I'd like to see you expand on these ideas a bit in an essay/article, perhaps. Tell us more about this, explain how we can "learn to accept [our] creativity," et cetera. Just some things I would've liked to see in this. I think an article/essay version on the same topic would be incredibly helpful to most everyone on here and nice to read.

Get what I'm saying?

Beyond the shortness and the fact that you left me wanting more (a good thing and a bad thing), there's actually not much I can critique. Everything flowed nicely together and it wasn't boring. The topic was good. Wording was pretty terrific.

Good work. Keep writing. (And if you do write an article/essay expansion of this topic, I'll be eager to read it.) ;)

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dhyan says...

Thanks lucrezia. An honest and worthwhile review. I will learn a lot from it. I will expand on this topic in the near future. Then just repost it or edit this post. I usually start writing without planning. I think this is why my writing always seems incomplete and with no purpose.

Thanks again,

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Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:43 pm
Em101cats wrote a review...

I totally agree with this, and I found NO MISTAKES whatsoever. Great job, and this whole entire thing is entirely true. I loved it and I loved the way you spoke the way you felt. You put meaning into it without hiding the main idea from everyone with weird... I dunno... with too many figurative language. You told us from the start to the end what you felt and how we all on earth could improve, and I love it. Love it, love it, love it! Great job!!!!!

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dhyan says...

Hey thanks!

Glad you liked it. People like you keep me going. What is writing without readers? Nothing.

Thanks again

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dhyan says...

Hey thanks!

Glad you liked it. People like you keep me going. What is writing without readers? Nothing.

Thanks again

Em101cats says...

You're welcome! I'm always glad to tell good writers how good they are. And you are one of the best! And great job being creative too. I have not seen anything like this yet. Great work!

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Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:41 pm
Sunshine wrote a review...

Okay, hi. You asked me to review this over PM and I'm here to do that for you.

This is short. That was the first thing I noticed. Despite eloquent word choice and ideas, the shortness definitely limits the discussion. You seem to want to slam a lot into a little area. Just make it longer! Address each point separately and be persuasive! MAKE people want to go out and be creative.

I don't get inspiration from this. Maybe instead of writing just on initiative, why not expand the list for other things you can do. Or, if you want to, gather evidence. Make clear why you believe my creativity should burn as an everlasting flame. Adding more will clear your ideas from a muddy puddle with shiny words at the bottom to a clear puddle ripe with Sunshine.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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dhyan says...

So sorry it didn't it didn't inspire. You are completely right! I did rush it and it too short. I was just so eager to write something and be criticised. But thanks for the review. You will be one reason I'll succeed in life.

Thanks again.

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