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by demib

Have you ever seen, in zoos and animal holding places that they have graves, of animals that they had. Five of them out of ten were probably killed because of a war. The animals did what zoo animals do. Love their keepers and do tricks for the children. When war approached though, the zookeepers needed to protect the people. They killed the animals. The animals were faithful loving tamed kind. Yet they were killed in such a crucial way. They would starve them to death instead of making their death quick and easy. Everyday the loving caretakers would look straight into the dark dropping, dimming eyes of the animals, walking away, with pain showing in their face. Every day the animals would get skinnier and skinnier, till they would use the last of their strength to do a trick they used to get food or treats for. The care takers would see the trick, tears running down their face, sobbing into their friend’s shoulders. It was for bidden to feed the animals. Or to give them water. They got to watch their dear animals fall to the ground dying from starvation, and dehydration. They would be trembling from cold, crying from stress. These animals knew they were going to die. Tears would run from the animals face, thinking why? We loved you guys, and we still do. The next day, they were gone, dead on their floor. The caretakers sobbed crying from the hole that was just torn into their hearts. They would take what they needed from them, making sure that is what put to good use. They would make bait out of them luring other things to them. Bait can be seen two different ways. A dog can be bait. Two countries will be at war. One country will send some sort of animal to the other country on a plane. The other country receiving the animal doesn’t know that it has a bomb in its stomach. Neither the animal nor the country knows when it will go off and where. It will explode killing probably countless people and the animal itself. They used the dog as a bait to carry the bomb to the other country killing it without any agony or guilt in them. They think of the animals as small toys that can be broken and replaced. Replaced by a replica. The animals have feelings. They share thoughts through their own language and yet we think they are expendable. It’s disgusting heartbreaking and horrific. War is between us humans. We cannot use the animals as little tinker toys to mess with. We should fight our own war not using animals like bait for a fish. But yet we shouldn’t put bombs in our own species either. We should be at peace, for were all humans. We have no reason to fight each other. Get along. Don’t use animals or yourself as bait. You can protect your country yes but don’t use animals as ticking bombs. There family to others. Family.

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No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him.
— W. A. Nance