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SkyKnights Part 2

by davidechoe13

SkyKnights Part 2

“Today’s events have caused serious chaos.” The TV reporter said I couldn’t believe my ears. “The explosion on main street was caused the police say we don’t yet know how, or who did this but a calling card was found in the ashes depicting a snake wrapped around a skull it is the only lead yet it is not being very helpful. No deaths have been reported so far but in the search for victims one was never found, a 15 year old boy named Preston Hughes is missing.”

That was about all I could take I threw down the remote and walked to my room I sat on my bed thinking “why him” my best friend was gone. Then it whacked me in the face. “I could be a hero!” This was my chance, the city was in need and I could do something about it, maybe. I didn’t know all the details of how this would work but, I could make it work.

I set to work spring break was coming up and school would be out. I could run around the city and stop bad guys. But I would need a costume a signature weapon and stuff the reality was starting to sink in, it would be way more work than I had ever thought.

“Um, hey?” I turned around to find Martin in the doorway. “look man, I’m sorry about Preston I really am.”

“It’s okay, thanks.” I said then another idea hit me. “Martin do you think I could trust you with something?”

“Yeah, sure I guess.” I told him what I was planning he just kinda stood and listened I layed out in front of him what I had figured out.

Here was what was gonna go down in my head I would sit outside with a police radio that I could get off of eBay. When something came up close to me then I would drop in and stop it.Cake,right?

I skipped school the next day to figure out what all I would need I started saving my lunch money and using it to buy my tools and stuff. After a while I bought a decent pair of walky talkies and a leather belt. I attached to the leather belt several pockets and things which I could use to put stuff in. Martin was doing the same as me he already had a computer and that could get us a lot of places Martin was no hacker or anything but he was a born computer guy I was sure he could figure it out. Every minute of free time at the orphanage was spent in my room working drawing I kept a secret black box under my bed where I kept everything. The whole project was moving like we were meant to do this.

Then came our first attempt at being heroes, I was sneaking out of the window in mine and Martins room. It was about 11:00 there were no adults here except for the receptionist lady who never did anything. Martin had snuck in a screw driver and we had fixed the bars on the outside of our window so when I wanted I could just get out. I stepped out of the window and touched the grass I had never done anything like this before, it was scary, but I kept moving forward.

“Sound check” Martin said through the walky talky.

“Roger that” I replied quietly after you make it out of the building the orphanage really has no security whatsoever on the outside so I ran off in the street just to get out of sight. I pulled out of my pocket a small bb gun it was co2 powered and shot out little pieces of lead so in a tight situation I figured I could get away with it. I also had put a fake silencer on it just because the gun wasn’t very loud so it would look like it was an actual silenced pistol. I made sure it had plenty of lead bb’s and I trudged on. I rounded the nearest street corner and sat down in the shadows. I turned on the police radio and listened several calls were made but they were too far away.

“Anything yet?” Martin asked.

“No, nothing so far what’s up on your end?”

“I’m finishing downloading some maps of the nearby area.”

All of a sudden the police radio cackled to life.

“All units proceed to Westfront 3224 in front of the dog food factory we have a gun fight repeat! We have a gunfight with officers involved!” I jumped up, I knew where they were talking about.

“Martin! I got one” I said into the walky talky I was about to take off when I remembered I needed my mask. I pulled on my old toboggan with eye holes. I knew for a while id look like a robber until I got an actual suit. I was about to run off towards the dog food plant when I heard a scream a few blocks down. I turned in time to see a couple get attacked by a thug. I reacted almost instinctively I pulled out my co2 pistol and shot at the attacker. He turned looking my way and I turned my wrist to show him my gun. The thug backed off a little bit and ran away. I let a brief breath of relaxation before I ran to help the couple. Both of them were fine.

“Thank you sir.” Said the lady I nodded and handed her my calling card that Martin had drawn for me it depicted a sword with two wings on either side of it.

Then kinda in a panic I turned and ran back to the orphanage, with the realization of what I’d just done crashing down on me

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