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Douma, a Despicable Villain (Demon Slayer)

by cookiesandcream123

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

*Mild spoilers for Season 3 & Douma's backstory*

In Demon Slayer, it would make sense for Muzan to be the worst. After all, he’s the big bad boss; the one whose blood transforms humans into demons!

However, there is one demon who is arguably more messed up, and that is Doma, Upper Moon Two. Most of the fandom seems to have a love-hate relationship with him (including me, to a huge extent -_-), but agree that he’s evil yet fascinating. Don’t be fooled by his cheerful behavior, because it hides a rotten soul underneath.

At a First Glance

So far, Doma has appeared twice in the anime: (Voiced by Miyano Mamoru, who also voiced Light from Death Note.) Once in Gyutaro’s backstory, and again in Season 3, during the Upper Moons’ meeting. There, he basically trolls everyone and takes nothing seriously. Which is what he does 99% of the time, though it’s obvious that he exudes power.

Akaza punched him twice out of anger, ripping off his jaw and skull, but Doma just regenerated and looked amused. He acts very friendly and outgoing. They're best friends.. I guess...

True Personality

On the inside, though, Doma is pure evil. He’s a two-faced sadist and doesn’t care about anyone. He was also clinically apathetic and couldn't feel emotions. He just tries to hide it by acting friendly. His backstory isn’t tragic like some other demons’, either, as he only became a demon for fun.

Worse, under the guise of being human, Doma leads a cult where he lures in people – usually women (since their flesh usually gave more power than men's) – so that he can eat them. Yet he still calls himself kind-hearted.

To him, humans are pathetic creatures and he is above them all.


So, what about his past?

Doma was born with rainbow eyes and unnaturally pale hair, as well as a great intelligence. When he was a child, his parents exploited these traits and claimed that he was a “divine being.” They established Eternal Paradise, a cult that worshipped him. Thus, many people in suffering came to ask him for advice.

Unbeknownst to them, Doma was just a child who felt zero empathy. He didn’t even believe in gods, karma, nor the afterlife. At best, Doma only felt pity for the cult followers – and eventually, for all humans – because he believed they were fools, falling for such lies.

Doma’s mother later killed her husband, then herself, after finding out he had affairs with other women in the cult. Doma felt nothing after witnessing his parents’ deaths, and only complained that their blood made his room messy.

When he was 20, he met Muzan and agreed to become a demon, just for the sake of it.

I’ll admit, Doma is fascinating. Unlike a few others’, his backstory doesn’t even try to justify his crimes; it only explains his origins.

His mentality is also intriguingly twisted. After he turned into a demon, Doma believed that by eating humans and letting them become part of him, he was "ending their suffering” – like a god or Buddha of some sort. After all, he thinks humans are weak, contemptible fools, only clinging to false hopes in a life of misery. Doma claimed it was his purpose to end them. Thus, he sees himself as a savior and kills without remorse.

Perhaps years of being treated like a god has gotten to his head. But again, this doesn’t excuse any of his actions.

In summary, while Doma might seem like the most charming, charismatic, and human out of the Upper Moons, he’s a true demon. Even Akaza detests him. Muzan is evil, but his motives are generic – greed, power, killing people who won’t obey him... Compared to Doma, he’s still very stable. 

There is more to Doma’s story, but anime watchers will have to wait. He’ll likely be more relevant in Season 4. Though interestingly, we have seen a character who is similar to him: Kanao, Shinobu’s adoptive younger sister. But despite the fact that she could no longer feel emotions, she grew up to be a caring demon slayer.

This does pose a question: If Doma grew up with people who truly loved and taught him well, would he be different now? Could he distinguish between right and wrong, and find purpose in actually helping others?

I think there’s a chance. But unfortunately, this is the Doma we get -- an absolute demon who feels no shame for his crimes.

What do you think of him? Is he pathetic and misled, or is he a villain worse than Muzan and deserving to lose his head to a nichirin blade? Or both?


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Mon Apr 24, 2023 5:33 pm
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SkyJayde wrote a review...

Heyo! I’m gonna review your piece.

Now before I begin:
I love this character review and the character. This review you’ve made is great. It gives a little more insight to Doma while also learning what your opinion about him is.

Now let’s begin:
*this review is gonna be short*

First, I love the photos you’ve included, especially the one where he’s a little kid. He looks so innocent and cute ☺️ . The fact that he’s always smiling in each and every photo does go along with him being apathetic.

Second, it’s interesting how Doma didn’t seem to give a damn about his parents dying in front of him along with how he believes humans are foolish creatures that he could just lure in and murder.

Third, to some extent after reading this I’m reminded of similar characteristics in one of my own Story characters (Rei from Just Clowning Around) which is also interesting.

Overall, you did a great job on this article/essay about Doma. Keep up the great work!

cookiesandcream123 says...

Ikr, my eyes were like, exploding with stars when I saw some of those pictures ahshfhsklfd T-T Yea, we both know there's more to my opinion on him... but I held back so I wouldnt sound like a simp lol. (im failing ik)

Agreed, Doma's both messed up and interesting. Some ppl say that his character is born inherently evil, and well... Idk, it's up for discussion. I think the cult did make his God Complex(?) worse though.

Nice! What are some similarities u see between him and Rei?

cookiesandcream123 says...

Srry back...
I can't believe I said my eyes exploded with stars while seeing his pictures ._.

cookiesandcream123 says...

I mean I do like him, but to say such a thing- nooo why am i boosting his already narcissistic ego

SkyJayde says...

Sounds like someone has a little love-hate relationship with Doma. Although he would be so proud to hear someone speaking of him in a somewhat good way. The similarities I see between him and Rei is the apathy and the lack of remorse they feel when committing murder. They also both think their gods who are supposedly %u201Chelping%u201D when they commit their evil deeds.

cookiesandcream123 says...

Ah, I c I c.. It does seem like Rei has specific targets. And he was trying to avenge his parents, right? So Ig it is a defendable motive..

cookiesandcream123 says...

Well actually Idk how far Rei has gone x_x

SkyJayde says...

You%u2019ll know pretty soon (when I post the third or fourth chapter.)

cookiesandcream123 says...

(hey, I'm back..
Also the 12 age rating was so off *skull emojis* especially with how badly I explained everything-
I..I feel sorry for all the younger minds I might've exposed this to)

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Mon Apr 24, 2023 2:15 pm
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NadyaStatham wrote a review...

Hey @cookiesandcream123

I'm happy I inspired you to write this article/essay about Doma.

I don't like anime to be honest, but this essay was well written and very fantastic so I decided to check it out. I didn't know anime also had interesting things such as, Doma. You did an great job bringing forward your opinion about the character and what he really is. Also how people see him and also feel about him.

I think it's very sad that he grew up like that and had to witness his parents kill each other and themself.

Overall, This was very nicely written and very informative for someone like me, who doesn't know anything about anime and that kinda stuff. I enjoyed reading it, your writing style is also very very nice which makes reading more fun.

Magically yours,

cookiesandcream123 says...

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I agree, I think it's tragic that he witnessed his own parents' suicide. Even though he didn't care and or feel sad, I think being exposed to that violence must've affected him in some way... though, who knows? Maybe he would've turned evil even if they were alive.

Thanks for leaving a review!! Btw, just to clarify, not all anime characters are this problematic XD Doma is just especially messed up!

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